Box art - Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

The Best and Worst Jobs of FFXIV: Stormblood

Now that Square Enix has shown off how each job will play in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, the community has begun dissecting how rotations and skill usage will be affected. Generally speaking, we have a good idea of what it’ll be like to play each class, and with that we can gauge just how positive or negative the upcoming changes will be.

Below is a qualitative list of what we believe to be the best and worst jobs in Stormblood.

The Best

  • Astrologian: The Astrologian will retain its high in-demand toolkit while receiving some new options for dealing AoE healing and even damage. Its healing rotation will now have some neat new options that allow for a variety of meaningful choices. Many White Mage mains are considering switching over Astrologian.
  • Bard: The removal of Wanderer’s Minuet cast times is controversial to some degree, but the improvements to songs are profound. This job will be in high demand throughout Stormblood assuming its potencies aren’t negatively affected.
  • Black Mage: Previously one of the most unnecessarily complex DPS jobs to play, the changes to Enochian will make this a much more enjoyable job to play. Its skill additions are somewhat underwhelming, but Triple Cast will put on a light show.
  • Dark Knight: While the Dark Knight  might not have the mitigation of Paladin, its new skills have made it very enjoyable to play as an off-tank. Mana management is much less cumbersome than before, and it has high damage finishers that give it the climax that it once lacked.
  • Ninja: The Ninja’s revamp is an example of a huge success. It has been trimmed to be far more cohesive, with less burdensome skills. Its utility is also king of the melee DPS with Trick Attack and enmity manipulation.
  • Paladin: New offensive and defensive options for Paladin are hugely beneficial to the job. It will now be able to block magic, one of its greatest shortcomings in Heavensward. This job will be highly sought after, and considered the top mitigation tank.
  • Red Mage: Although this job has been built with simplicity in-mind, it’s flashy, and does feel like something new. Players who are at lower skill levels are likely to fall in love with its hybrid of ranged casting and melee attacks.
  • Samurai: We aren’t too sure if its rotation will be fun to use in the long run, but we do know it is by far the highest DPS in the game at current potencies. It’s also the most mobile job in the game, which slightly makes up for its lack of utility.
  • White Mage: Yes, the Lillies mechanic isn’t any good. However,  the White Mage is in  great spot. Not only can it heal for almost forever without running out of mana, its damage output potential rises far above the Astrologian and Scholar.

The Worst

  • Dragoon: The ramp up time of the new Dragoon is far too lengthy to be effective in most encounters. In addition to this, almost all the complexity of the job has been done away with in its revamp. This job is a shell of its former self, in addition to being by far the lowest damage melee DPS in  the game.
  • Machinist: Although the removal of cast times while under the effects of Gauss Barrel are for the best, the addition of the Heat Gauge is taxing. This is  not  only the lowest damage class in the game, it can’t compete with the Bard in terms of utility. There is absolutely no reason to bring one to a group if you have another choice.
  • Monk: Monk is capable of dealing tremendous damage, there’s no doubt about it. Sadly, the rotation is a mess. This is by far the least enjoyable melee DPS to play in its current iteration.
  • Scholar: This job is in bad shape right now. While White Mage can heal for long lengths of time without running out of mana and deal incredible damage, the Astrologian has unequaled utility. The Scholar doesn’t necessarily excel at anything anymore, being more dependent upon on its pet than ever before, and being the least effective healer.
  • Summoner: Yes, it finally has a proper  summon in the form of Bahamut. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been enough. The changes to this job have left many of its players upset.
  • Warrior: Not only is Warrior by far the least effective tank, but its rotation has been obliterated by its revamp. The job is in such bad shape that a large number of Warrior mains have either rerolled to another job or quit altogether. Avoid this job at all costs.