Box art - Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

A Quick Guide to the Musical Easter Egg in Attack of the Radioactive Thing

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s newest Zombies map is Attack of the Radioactive Thing, and it’s a kitschy new addition to the swath of other Zombies maps introduced in the previous iterations in the series. In addition to featuring horror queen Elvira, it forces players to work together to escape from what’s essentially a zombie movie rife with radioactive shamblers.

There’s no shortage of fun Easter eggs to be found in the game as well, including another special song created just for this particular Zombies map. It joins the ranks of songs like “Pareidolia” from Shangri-La, “Beauty of Annihilation” from Der Riese, and “The One” from Shi No Numa.

The song in question here is called “Brachyura Boogie,” and it’s got a pretty familiar tune that you might recognize from a Halloween party or two, starring Elvira’s vocals. If you want to find it and hear it in-game, you’re going to need to collect several vinyl records. You don’t have to be a hipster to enjoy the sound of a good vinyl, after all.

Find Record #1 – Snack Shack

Head over to the Snack Shack and look across from the building. You’ll see some equipment here beneath a tarp. Search around the tarp to find a vinyl record.

As with the rest of the records in-game, you’ll have to use the Interact prompt to look at each record. You won’t be asked to look at the record or see any other type of special button inviting you to look at them, so make sure you’re taking the initiative to do so. You’ll activate the records after doing so. Each record has a special black circle that will change color once it’s been activated.

Find Record #2 – Trailer Park

Head to the trailer park where you can see an RV. You’ll be able to go into one that’s available for you to explore. Check around inside it near the dinner table and look underneath it. You’ll find a record here.

Find Record #3 – Power Station

Go to the Power Station and look for a pile of wheels near the shed you found the Power Switch in to turn the power on. You’ll see another record here.

Find Record #4 – Seaside Market

Run over to the market and check by the cash register. You’ll find a record floating around here in one of the shelves.

Find Record #5 – Motel

Go to the motel and search around for a smaller area where you see a big bunch of garbage cans. Find the open one that’s completely empty and without a lid and search in it. You’ll find a record.

Once you’ve gotten all the records, you’ll be able to play “Brachyura Boogie” and hear Elvira get her groove on. Of course this isn’t the first time Elvira has used her vocal powers for good. She’s sang on plenty of “monster” hits over the years, including “Monsta Rap” on her own collection of Halloween-themed music and “Here Comes The Bride,” an ode to the lovely Bride of Frankenstein. So this should totally have been worth it to hear a brand new track from the Mistress of the Dark.