Box art - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

An Explanation for the Jump Bug in CS: GO

During Counter-Strike: Global Offensive‘s PGL Krakow 2017 tournament, you have likely heard about a jump bug. Not only has it made an impact on the tournament, but professional players and fans alike have been talking about it frequently.

What It Does

This bug allows players to jump peek over objects without being seen. This provides a significant tactical advantage, particularly for Counter Terrorist players defending positions.

How It Works

Players to crouch mid-jump will be able to see at the same height as if they didn’t crouch, but their player model will show as crouched mid-air for other players preventing them from being seen when behind tall cover.

How to Do It

Simply crouch immediately after jumping.

Where It’s Most Effective

Although this can be used on a variety of maps, it has been most relevant on de_inferno’s B-site banana wall, and A-site’s quad boxes.