Box art - Pyre

Best Control Scheme for Pyre on PS4 or PC

Supergiant Games’ Pyre releases later tonight, and it fortunately comes with infinitely customizable options as far as control schemes, and it also gives you three different default schemes from which to choose if you play on PC with a Mouse & Keyboard. The thing about those is that they’re not good. So, even if you play on the PC, rather than the PS4, you’ll want to use a controller. The PC version has native PS4 controller support, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

After hours upon hours of playing, here are the best controls to use for Pyre:


In case you want a text-version, here are the controls below:

  • Pass\Switch: R1
  • Aura Cast: Square
  • Jump\Evade: X
  • Sprint: L3
  • Salute: Triangle
  • Lock On: R2
  • Switch to Next: L1
  • Switch to Prev: L2

The one thing you should do regardless of whether or not you follow this to a tee is map sprint to L3. This will make it replicate any sort of first-person shooter where clicking in the joystick makes you run. More than that, this makes it so you only have to press one button (the joystick) to sprint, whereas every other set up requires two buttons.

The other optimizations are intuitive (mapping X to jump is standard for console games) and they make it so you don’t have to move your fingers much. You can jump right into an Aura Cast by moving from X to Square, which is easy enough, and you can simply rest your right index on R1 to make it work more easily.

You can feel free to mess around with Salute, Switch to Next and Switch to Prev., but believe me when I tell you that you won’t be using those buttons all that much. You will want to leave circle unmapped so you won’t have to make any dramatic thumb movements (or effect any sort of claw-hand grip).