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A Quick Guide to Gathering Effectively in Fortnite

Resource gathering is an integral part of the Fortnite experience. You will often find yourself in situations where you need resources to build certain structures, or even gain access to powerful new items. So, you’ll want to invest time into becoming familiar with this part of the game as soon as possible.

Below are a few tips for being effective at gathering in Fortnite.

Time Your Swings

When harvesting a resource, you’ll notice that a meter shows up at the center of your UI. Basically, if you’re able to time your swings to hit the sweet spot, you will harvest much faster. By getting better at this, you’ll be able to gather more materials over time, increasing the value of your inventory.

Outlander Heroes Are Efficient

Outlander type heroes are well-suited for gathering, allowing them to be much more efficient. It is recommended that you pick an Outlander if you think resource farming will be a big part of your game experience. As a quick note, combat-focused heroes are great, but are usually the most popular among the player-base.

Loot Everywhere

As important as resources are, the best way to get ahead is to find rare items. These are found by scavenging the environment, especially when you get lucky and find a special container. Inside can be a variety of useful items, including weapons. Always be on the lookout for these.

Cave Dive

Don’t forget to head into caves. These are a great place to find ore, which is an important resource for a variety of items. Quartz Ore, Fornite Ore, and Fortnite Coal are just a few of the resources you’ll find in caves.