Box art - Miitopia

Miitopia – The Best Personality Types and What They Do

In Miitopia there are seven personality types. Each has its own perks, which are described below:

  • Kind – Will protect allies about to die (Doesn’t work on AoE attacks) and share their healing items. Great for tanks. However, they’ll rarely try to convince weak enemies to leave and you won’t get exp. If they couldn’t convince them, the enemy will attack them.
  • Energic – Potentially deals extra normal damage and clumsily damaging themselves.
  • Laid-back – When using a skill, it has a chance to either double its power or half it’s power and mp cost. So brilliant but lazy. Sometimes when they’re attacked, they’ll hide behind others which makes them angry.
  • Cool – They have a chance to dodge attacks but sometimes they’re too cool for skills and will normal attack instead with an increased power.
  • Stubborn – Will sometimes perform the same action twice. If an enemy attacks, there’s a chance they’ll auto-guard it. However, they’ll sometimes refuse healing which will anger others.
  • Airheaded – When normal attacking, sometimes they’ll forget who they were going for and just randomly attack someone with increased damage. Rarely, they’ll just start dancing with an enemy and cause both of them to waste a turn.
  • Cautious – When using a skill, sometimes, they’ll want to stretch and wait until the end of the turn to cast with (I think) 2x the damage. That’s also their downside.

Laid-back and Kind are considered the best of the group, although you may want to pick what best fits your characters from a social perspective in order to make dialog as interesting as possible.