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Elex Hacking Guide: How to Hack Even the Most Complicated Passwords

Being that Elex is a massive post-apocalyptic open-world RPG filled with the wonders of magic and technology, there are hours upon hours of exploration to be had. From the lush wilderness to the frozen wastes and everything in-between, there is a lot to see and do in Elex.

Like any other RPG, that exploration includes having the delight of finding secrets and treasure abound. But, Elex makes collecting the most valuable rewards difficult by placing them behind a locked wall. Be it a chest or locker, you will encounter several containers that require a specific password to unlock them.

To get to the booty inside, you unfortunately can’t just smash it open. Instead, your only option is to simply guess the password until you get it right through Elex’s hacking gameplay system. With all of the potential combinations of numbers, this can become quite challenging. However, there are a couple of perks you will want to immediately get that will make your job much easier.

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Elex: Best Hacking Abilities


Hack: This is your base skill that you need to hack. The more points you spend on this ability allows you to hack stronger passwords. The actual hacking itself has you figuring out the four numbers. If a selected number is green, then it is the perfect fit and red means it is completely wrong. Yellow indicates that the number is in the combination but not that specific place.

Hold Your Horses: This ability is important for anyone struggling to figure out the combinations in the short amount of time. It gives you more time to figure out the password based on the level of your character. This allows you to have more time to try all of the different numbers and placements.

Professional Hacker: This ability is best used in conjunction with Hold Your Horses. The higher the level of your character, the more chances you will have at trying different passwords. This, together with more time, will make even the most challenging passwords a breeze through near-limitless trial-and-error.