Box art - Destiny 2

Destiny 2 PC Goes Live at 10 am PDT, Features 4K Resolution and Uncapped Frame Rate

Destiny 2 PC will go live at 10 am PDT on October 24th, with it also featuring 4K resolution support, an uncapped frame rate and 21:9 triple monitor support.

The PC port will be released nearly two months removed from the game’s initial PS4 and Xbox One launch, though it’s set to boast a number of improvements over its console counterpart. Along with the aforementioned performance and visual upgrades, Destiny 2 PC will also boast custom key bapping and an adjustable field of view, among other things.

Activision’s statement to press reads: “Destiny 2 on PC is optimized to take full advantage of the PC platform and features 4K resolution support, uncapped frame rate, full mouse and keyboard support with custom key mapping, text chat, adjustable field of view, a detailed PC settings screen, 21:9 and triple monitor support, and HDR. Destiny 2 PC is playable on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.”

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Many have been holding out on purchasing the console version of the game in order to wait for Destiny 2 PC’s release, with Bungie delivering a slew of improvements made possible by the platform. Before heading into the game, feel free to join our notorious GameRevolution Destiny 2 clan, which has spent the past two months handing out engrams to its members like they’re going out of fashion.

Where can I buy Destiny 2 PC?

With Destiny 2 being published by Activision, it won’t be available on the likes of Steam or GOG. Players will instead have to head over to, which also houses the likes of Overwatch and World of Warcraft, in order to purchase the game. Buyers can pre-purchase it, though the game’s servers won’t go live until 10 am PDT.