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Assassin’s Creed Origins Guide: Best Abilities for Warrior, Hunter, Seer Skill Trees

Under the abilities tab in Assassin’s Creed Origins, you’ll find more than 50 ability upgrades that you can choose for main character Bayek. This is much more expanded and different than what you will find in all of the previous Assassin’s Creed games. Origins trades the action-adventure genre almost entirely to evolve as an action-RPG.

As such, leveling up your stats and upgrading your abilities should be your primary focus. In fact, Origins requires it at times, as there is extensive grinding necessary at various points in the story to access a higher level quest. You gain these ability points to upgrade your skills through leveling and completing a few extra objectives like tombs.

Assassin’s Creed Origins: Best Abilities for Warrior Skill Tree

Bayek’s ability tree in Origins is divided up into three different branches: Warrior, Hunter, and Seer. The first of these – and one of the most important – is the Warrior tree. This is your traditional combat skill tree, where you will find upgrades for fighting, your Overpower special ability, and more. Here are the best abilities for this tree from most important to least important.

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Charge Heavy Attack: There is no ignoring how important this skill is. Even if you are a veteran assassin, you will inevitably have to fight enemies at some point. As the story progresses, you will encounter even more powerful enemies that employ a tower shield. It is an insane challenge to fight these foes without this ability, as it allows you to knock them on the ground and go to town slicing and dicing them.

Regeneration: This is a simple ability that allows you to regenerate health during combat. Though it doesn’t regenerate that fast, it can save your life in tense, lengthy battles like assaulting a garrison or fortress.

Parry: Depending on your playstyle, you may have the opportunity to equip a shield. If so, this is a necessary skill. It is your typical ability that allows you to deflect an incoming attack and counter the enemy with a strong attack.

Extend Combo: As you fight, you will have those moments where if you could have just hit the enemy one more time in your combo you would’ve killed them. This ability extends your combo so you have the better chance at killing an enemy quickly and safely.

Kill Loot: This is more of a quality of life improvement more than anything else. Time is of the essence as an assassin, and this ability saves you time and damage by automatically looting any enemy that you kill with a melee attack.

Assassin’s Creed Origins: Best Abilities for Hunter Skill Tree

The Hunter skill tree is for those that prefer a long-ranged assault with your bow or even assassinations. It also upgrades Senu your eagle companion for scouting and even in combat. Here are the best abilities for that tree.

Chain Assassination: This is a key ability for mastering your assassinations. It allows you to assassinate a target and then throw their weapon at a nearby target, assassinating both in a single instant. This is extremely useful for situations where there are multiple guards and you have little options.

Hunter’s Instinct: This upgrades Senu to be able to see the path a target, person, or animal will take. It is not only useful for tracking a specific person you are after, but it lessens the annoyance of having to find a specific animal you need to hunt for materials.

Eagle Harass: Senu can now harass an enemy of your choosing and she will also stun enemies while you are fighting. This is great for when you are outnumbered and need some help.

Assassination Loot: Like the melee kill loot, this is great for never having to worry about looting an enemy you just assassinated, saving you time and allowing you to keep in the shadows.

Assassin’s Creed Origins: Best Abilities for Seer Skill Tree

Assassin's Creed Origins

The Seer tree is your catch-all category. It has merchant upgrades, assassination skills, and various other types of upgrades. It is essentially the miscellaneous group, but it does contain some key skills that we highly recommend.

Dawn & Dusk: This should not only be your first upgrade in the Seer tree, but your first skill overall in the entire game. Its ability is simple, allowing you to wait at any time – outside of combat – for it to turn to dawn or dusk. It saves you time and more easily allows you to go after a target at nighttime, which we recommend doing almost always.

Smoke Screen: An essential assassin tool that gives you the option to throw down a smoke bomb with the press of triangle or Y. If you find yourself overwhelmed or caught with your pants down, this can save your life in a pinch by distracting enemies so you can get away safely.

Fire Bomb: The fire bomb tool is useful for not just the obvious reason of being a sort of grenade, but also for environmental help. It can light up oil urns to explode nearby enemies or even as a distraction.

Animal Taming: Go from Assassin’s Creed to Far Cry with this skill. Egypt is full of creatures to tame like lions and crocodiles, allowing you to use them to assist in combat and even distract guards so you can complete your objective. It would be higher up on the list if not for being nestled deep in the Seer tree and requiring another skill – Sleep Darts, which isn’t that useful – before being able to do it.