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Call of Duty WW2 Headquarters Empty: Where is Everyone Else in CoD WW2?

Call of Duty WW2 Headquarters mode is a new addition to the series. It’s a social hub where you can hang out with other players in between games. Unfortunately, for many people playing CoD WW2 the headquarters is always empty. Given how much Sledgehammer and Activision played up this new mode, and the fact it was working when the game came out, it’s annoying that you can’t use it as intended. If you’ve wondered where everyone was in your Call of Duty WW2 headquarters, read on below.

CoD WW2 Headquarters Empty: What’s the fix?

The launch of Call of Duty WW2 hasn’t exactly been smooth. There have been a ton of connection issues and errors gamers have been dealing with since it came out Friday. For the last two nights, the game’s multiplayer has been unplayable for one or more platforms. Especially hit hard was the Xbox One version, with Xbox Live being inaccessible to those trying to play the game.

It seems like Sledgehammer and Activision have got things running a little smoother now, but one of the things they may have had to do is to disable Headquarters mode connections temporarily. As of writing, matchmaking is working for Call of Duty WW2 multiplayer and Nazi Zombies games, but perhaps to avoid strain on the servers Headquarters matchmaking has been taken offline.

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Headquarters mode being down is especially frustrating because a few of the Daily Orders you can get, which give you rewards when you complete them, are dependent on being able to interact with other players. If you’ve taken the order to commend another player or beat another player in 1v1, you might as well abandon them for now. You can’t complete them without meeting with others in your HQ.

For now, it seems like until the Call of Duty WW2 server situation gets under control we might not have access to the full benefits of Headquarters mode. If past Call of Duty launches are any indicator, expect it to be a week or so before the bugs get ironed out.

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