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Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris: New Max Character Level and Power Level Caps

Curse of Osiris raises the max character level and power level cap in Destiny 2. It didn’t take too long for players to max out the original ones, so people who have been with the game since the beginning will be excited to know that the ceiling on levels has been raised. Unfortunately, this isn’t a huge push upward, which will disappoint fans that like to log into Destiny 2 regularly, but it’s a step forward.

A lot of dissatisfaction has been expressed by the community about the endgame, so working towards the new light level cap might help it feel like there’s more to do in the game.

What’s the New Level Cap in Curse of Osiris?

Initially, Destiny 2 character levels were capped at 20. By that point, you had enough experience to unlock every ability for your Guardian. When you hit max level, the focus switched to raising your power (light) level by getting new equipment.

The original level cap from Destiny 2 felt a little low. However, the first Destiny’s max level for the base game was 20 as well. Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris raises the max character level to 25. Hopefully, the increase will unlock new abilities for Guardians or new subclasses. The higher cap is somewhat pointless if there’s no meaningful reason to raise your character to 25.

What’s the New Max Power Cap in Curse of Osiris?

The endgame for Destiny 2 (and the first Destiny) is all about increasing your power level. In the original Destiny, this was known as Light Level, and it depends entirely on the stats of your equipment. The stronger your gear the higher your power level will be.

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The max power cap in base Destiny 2 is 305. Again, this was criticized as being a little too low, since it doesn’t take that much time to get there. Curse of Osiris adds a bit more of a ceiling by raising the power cap to 330, with the possibility of hitting 335 with Legendary Mods equipped to your gear.

The most significant issue with the max power level in Destiny 2 isn’t the cap though; it’s the fact it depends so heavily on RNG to increase. Bungie stated it would be making adjustments with Curse of Osiris and in the coming weeks that would make equipment more predictable to earn. This may include the Powerful Gear Engrams that give you the gear you need to increase your power level. I would love to at least the ability to choose what type of item I would like when decoding these. It’s frustrating when you’re looking for a new Titan Mark, and it gives you some weapon you don’t want to use, or another Fusion Rifle.

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