Rugby League 2 Xbox Cheats

Cheat Mode:

Enter one of the following codes as a created player's name. Repeat to disable the effect.

Master Code:

Enter Darren Unlockyer as a name to unlock all bonuses.

Big hands:

Enter Jumbo Mittens as a name.

Big heads:

Enter Planetoid as a name.

Small heads:

Enter micro noggin as a name.

Big muscles:

Enter Dale P Pugh as a name.

Thin players:

Enter Crash Diet as a name.

Fat players:

Enter Cakemaster 3000 as a name.

Fat players (alternate):

Enter Cakemaster 3001 as a name.

Players have tire in body:

Enter Junkinthetrunk as a name.

Disable bullet-time kickoffs:

Enter There is no spoon as a name.

Thanks to Revolution readers i_am_so_cool and fakeNbake!