The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind,Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, The PC Cheats

Morrowind: Elder Scrolls III


Cheat mode:

During play, press ~ to bring up the console. Type player-> followed by one of the codes below.

setflying 1                     Flight mode 

setsuperjump 1 Super jumps

setwaterwalking 1 Walk on water

setwaterbreathing 1 Breathe underwater

setlevel Set player level

additem gold_100 /strong> Add indicated amount of gold

setfatigue Set maximum fatigue value

setmagicka Set maximum magic value

sethealth Set player health

setstrength Set strength value

setintelligence number> Set inteligence value

setwillpower Set willpower value

setagility Set agility value

setspeed Set speed value

setendurance Set endurance value

setpersonality Set personality value

setluck Set luck value

setblock Set block skill level

setarmorer Set armorer skill level

setmediumarmor Set medium armor skill level

setheavyarmor Set heavy armor skill level

setbluntweapon Set blunt weapon skill level

setlongblade Set long blade skill level

setaxe Set axe skill level

setspear Set spear skill level

setathletics Set athletics skill level

setdestruction Set destruction skill level setalterration Set alteration skill level setillusion Set illusion skill level setconjuration Set conjuration skill level setmysticism Set mysticism skill level setrestoration Set restoration skill level setenchant Set enchant skill level setalchemy Set alchemy skill level setunarmored Set unarmored skill level setsecurity Set security skill level setsneak Set sneak skill level setacrobatics Set acrobatics skill level setlightarmor Set light armor skill level setshortblade Set short blade skill level setmarksman Set marksman skill level setmercantile Set mercantile skill level setspeechcraft Set speechcraft skill level sethandtohand Set hand to hand skill level setreputation Set reputation level

centeroncell Place character in the named cell

coc " " " " " " " centeronexterior Place character in the exterior cell grid

coe " " " " " " " filljournal Show all entries to journal

fillmap Show all the towns on full map

fixmeJump 128 units away from current location

help Show shorthand for most commands

showvars or sv Show variables

stopcelltest or sct Stop cell test

testcells or tc Test cells

testinteriorcells or tic Test interior cells

testmodels or t3d Test models

toggleai or ta Toggle AI

toggleborders or tb Toggle borders

togglecombatstats or tcs Toggle combat statistics

togglecollision or tcl Toggle collisions

togglecollisionboxes or tcb Toggle collision boxes

togglecollisiongrid or tcg Toggle collision grid

toggledebugtext or tdt Toggle debug text

toggledialoguestats or tds Toggle dialogue statistics

togglefogofwar or tfow Toggle fog of war

togglefullhelp or tfh Show ownership and script name

togglegodmode or tgm Toggle God mode

togglegrid or tg Toggle grid

togglekillstats or tks Toggle kill statistics

toggleloadfade Toggle load fade

togglemagicstats or tms Toggle magic statistics

togglemenus or tm Toggle menus

togglescripts Toggle scripts

togglestats or tst Toggle stats

togglesky or ts Toggle sky

toggletexturestring or tts Toggle texture string

toggleworld or tw Toggle world

togglewireframe or twf Toggle wireframe

display tpg Toggle path grid

members sg Show selected actor's group

showscenegraph or ssg Show scene graph

twa Toggle water

tvm Toggle vanity mode

tso Toggle script output

*Some of the previous cheats, such as setmagicka, can lead to your computer crashing if given too great a value. Have fun!*

Bound Item Cheat:

Want to keep a Bound item? Cast the Bound spell and enter your inventory. Now unequip the Bound item and put it in your inventory. Then take it out and throw it on the ground until the time expires. The items won’t disapear, so you can then grab it and keep it.

Resist negative equipment effects:

To resist the harmful effects of otherwise awesome equipment, cast a Resist Magicka 100% for 1 second spell on yourself, and equip whatever you want during that one second. The only item that can’t be resisted is the damage from the Mantle of Woe, but check out the next cheat to beat that.

Immortality, simple but expensive:

Enchant exquisite clothes, rings, and amulets with a constant restore health effect. If you stack up about 10 points, you’re a god. Over 25 points can counteract the Mantle of Woe, and only 5 can fix you up if you’re a vampire. Have fun!

Powerful Weapons

On Solstheim near Thirsk, is a treestump on the right side of the building facing the door. In the treestump is a powerful, enchanted sword that does 10-50 damage, and ebony arrows with "Drain 5000 Health on Hit"

Sword of White Woe:

Go to the eastern guard tower in balmora and go upstairs until you see a hlaalu guard standing next to a big chest of drawers. Jump on the bed next to the chest of drawers and look on top of the chest of drawers, and there you will see the sword of white woe.You can kill the guard, steal the sword and get your bounty removed at the south wall cornerclub, or if your lucky the guard occasionally walks away from the chest of drawers enough for you to grab the sword unnoticed.

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