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Monster Hunter World Platinum Fish: Where to Find This Rare Fish for the Quest

In a game with exciting creatures and numerous quests to complete, the Monster Hunter World Platinum Fish is but one of many different monsters for you to hunt down. Unlike the other beasts that you slay or capture, the Platinum Fish is one that must be carefully caught using your fishing pole.

Unfortunately, the Monster Hunter World Platinumfish can be one of the hardest fish to find in the game. This is made worse by the fact that there is a quest that requires you to catch one. Thankfully, we’ve scoured the game’s gigantic open world areas and have discovered the best place to find the Platinumfish.

Monster Hunter World Platinumfish: Where to find This rare fish for the capture quest

Monster Hunter World Platinumfish locations map

To find the Monster Hunter World Platinumfish, you must first be in the Elder’s Recess area of the game; the same area where you meet with the Piscine Researcher. After you’ve met with the researcher, work your way to the eighth area of the Elder’s Recess. It is here that the best spot for finding the Platinumfish is located.

In area eight of the Elder’s Recess, there is a camp. Make your way to that camp and you will see a small body of water near it. That is the best location to find the Monster Hunter World Platinum Fish. Finding the Platinum Fish is easy enough, but catching it is a whole other ball game. Let’s get started.

Monster Hunter World Platinum Fish: How to catch the platinum fish for the quest

In order to catch the Monster Hunter World Platinumfish, you must complete a few steps first. In this small pond of water on the eastern side of area eight, you will see several fish swimming around there. For the best chance of getting the Platinumfish, we recommend first clearing out the pond of the other fish around by catching them with Fake Fodder.

Once you’ve cleared out most of the fish that you aren’t looking for, then you should switch to a better bait like the Goldenfish Bait or a Bait Bug. You can also catch a Platinumfish by using your Capture Net, but this requires perfect aiming and timing.

The annoying Monster Hunter World Platinum Fish is elusive and will attempt to escape, so be prepared. Good luck!