Box art - Tomb Raider: Legend

Tomb Raider: Legend PS2 Cheats

Cheat mode:

Codes get unlocked by performing certain tasks during the game. A message with the code will appear once you complete the task. The codes cannot be enabled unless they are unlocked first.

No textures:

Hold L1 and press L2, X, Circle, X, Triangle, R1 during game play.

Draw enemy health:

Hold L1 and press Square, Circle, X, L2, R1, Triangle during game play.

Unlimited assault rifle ammo:

Hold L2 and press X, Circle, X, L1, Square, Triangle during game play.

Unlimited grenades:

Hold L2 and press L1, Triangle, R1, Circle, L1, Square during game play.

Unlimited shotgun ammo:

Hold L2 and press R1, Circle, Square, L1, Square, X during game play.

Unlimited SMG ammunition:

Hold L2 and press Circle, Triangle, L1, R1, X, Circle during game play.

Bulletproof Lara:

Hold L1 and press X, R1, Triangle, R1, Square, L2 during game play.

One shot kill:

Hold L1 and press Triangle, X, Triangle, Square, L2, Circle during game play.

Wield Excalibur:

Hold L2 and press Triangle, X, Circle, R1, Triangle, L1 during game play.

Wield Soul Reaver:

Hold L2 and press X, R1, Circle, R1, L1, Square during game play.

Alternate Costume:

In Japan, when you get to a room with a hanging dragon in it, you'll find a big red box. Throw it on the ground to break it. You''ll get a gold statue that gives you a new costume.

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