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Sea of Thieves Mysterious Stranger: Who is the Mysterious Stranger?

Original: Having a strange moniker and looking equally odd in appearance, many players are wondering just who is the Sea of Thieves Mysterious Stranger? This odd fellow can be encountered early on in the game as soon as you start the game in the back of the tavern you start in.

The Sea of Thieves Mysterious Stranger is aptly named, not giving you much to go on regarding his purpose and who he is. His appearance certainly lends itself to being that of a ghostly character with a very important reason for being there. However, there are some details we can share with you. Let’s get started.

Who is the Sea of Thieves Mysterious Stranger?

Simply put, we do not yet know who the Sea of Thieves Mysterious Stranger is exactly. Like we mentioned above, we suspect he is someone otherworldly that will play into the Legends and backstory for the overarching game. However, we don’t necessarily need to know who he is to have an idea of what his purpose is.

What Does the Sea of Thieves Mysterious Stranger Do?

Regardless of his identity, the Sea of Thieves Mysterious Stranger does play a vital role in the overall progression of the game. Upon greeting him for the very first time, he will note that your reputation isn’t high enough. That essentially ends the conversation there and leaves you to figure out what he means.

He is, of course, referring to your reputation level with the three factions in the game: the Merchant Alliance, the Order of Souls, and the Gold Hoarders. Specifically, the Sea of Thieves Mysterious Stranger wishes for you to have at least level five reputation for all three companies before speaking with him again.

Speaking with the Sea of Thieves Mysterious Stranger upon completion, he will give you various rewards for obtaining those levels and even higher ones. However, we believe that that isn’t his only purpose. We believe he will play into the endgame in some way once you’ve reached the max levels, but we have yet to progress far enough to find out. Check back here to know once we do. Good luck!

Update 1: We have figured out that the Mysterious Stranger will grant you rewards leading up to level 50 reputation for all three companies. At this point, you will receive the Pirate Legend status. This is a sort of endgame goal for the game. Check back for more info on Pirate Legend status soon as we continue to play alongside you.

Image Credit: Prima Games