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Monster Hunter World Deviljho Location: Weakness, How to Fight, More

After such a long wait since its initial announcement (or at least it felt that way), the first major new monster has arrived and we have the Monster Hunter World Deviljho location and more for you in this guide. The Deviljho is the hottest new addition to the game’s content, giving you access to a brand new hunt filled with surprises and more.

If you’ve gotten bored with the game’s current offerings, then this Monster Hunter World Deviljho location guide is absolutely for you. In addition to helping you find where the Deviljho is, we’ve got the Deviljho’s weakness, how you should prepare, and how to fight it. Let’s get started.

Monster Hunter World Deviljho Location Guide

The Monster Hunter World Deviljho location is kind of a complex one to explain. Unlike other beasts, the Deviljho isn’t necessarily confined to just one specific location at any given time. Instead, it will take some patience and perhaps a bit of luck to locate the Deviljho in your game.

This is because the Monster Hunter World Deviljho location is randomized and ever-changing. To find it, you must go on a high ranked expedition and there will be a small unspecified chance of encountering it. But first, you must have completed the Pink Rathian quest. Whenever you go on an expedition in any region (as far as we can tell), you have a chance of seeing new ??? tracks while exploring. If you see that, then the brand new monster Deviljho is there.

Monster Hunter World Deviljho Weakness Guide

Now that you know how to find it, let’s talk about the Monster Hunter World Deviljho weakness. The weakness of this monster is thunder-based attacks, so we recommend bringing your best stunning type weapons that can charge up and take this baby down fast. That is the only Monster Hunter World Deviljho weakness.

Monster Hunter World How to Fight Deviljho

As for Monster Hunter World How to Fight Deviljho, this is a pretty engaging but easy enough process. Given your expected experience at this point, you shouldn’t have to worry too much. The Deviljho is a lot like the Bazelgeuse in how it acts, but with the speed of Tobi-Kadachi.

For Monster Hunter World How to Fight Deviljho, we recommend the best defensive armor that you have that protects against Dragons, as that is its element. We also recommend fast weapons to match the speed of the Deviljho’s onslaught. While fighting, your best bet is to trap or stun the monster and then attack it from behind for massive damage. This is because, unlike some monsters, the Deviljho will fight back then. That’s how you Monster Hunter World How to Fight Deviljho. Good luck!