God of War II PS2 Cheats


In the beginning of the game when the Collossus throws Kratos into the bathhouse before you dive down and learn how to use the grapple, break all the screens to get one box of rage and a mini game with 2 girls in the hot tub. If you complete the game you get a whole lot of rage!

Unlimited combos and life:

Collect the Urns of Power to unlock the infinite Rage of the Titans. As long as you have the rage on, you'll have infinite life and combos. Try to get to 2000 to see "Impossible!".

Completion Bonuses:

Challenge Of The Titans:

Beat the game on any difficulty to unlock this mode in the treasures section.

Arena Of The Fates:

Get a Titan rank in Challenge of the Titans to unlock this extended version of the challenge mode.

Titan difficulty:

Beat the game on any other difficulty.

Bonus Play:

You can replay the game with all your weapons and armor you beat the game with by saving and selecting bonus play. Unfortunately, you can only bonus play on a difficulty level you've already beaten.

Unlockable Costumes:

AthenaBeat the game on Titan mode.
Dark OdysseyBeat the game on God mode.
General KratosCollect 20 Cyclops eyes with context sensitive moves.
God Armor (2x all stats!)Receive God ranking in Challenge mode.
God of WarBeat the game on any difficulty level.
HerculesBeat the game on Titan mode.
Hydra ArmorBeat the game on any difficulty level.

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