Radical Heights Console Release: Will the Game Come to PS4 and Xbox One?

Radical Heights just hit early access on PC today, but players want to know if it’ll have a console release as well. The game is the latest title from the developer of Lawbreakers, and with how poorly that did, it’s not hard to wonder whether Radical Heights will ever come to PS4 and Xbox One. It might be too early to know anything for sure, but we have everything you need to know about a Radical Heights console release below.

Is Radical Heights Coming to Xbox One or PS4?

As the game just released in “X-TREME Early Access” on Steam for PC, it might be too early to be thinking about a console release just yet. Developer Boss Key took a massive hit with the complete failure of Lawbreakers, and the studio is likely playing it cool for now.

It’s likely that Radical Heights will follow a similar model to PUBG and Fortnite, with an initial early access period on PC, with console releases later on (if the game is successful). The target date for a full 1.0 release of Radical Heights is currently set for sometime in 2018. Once the full version hits PC, we’ll likely start to hear some official word on potential console releases of the game.

It’s evident that Radical Heights is trying to cash-in on some of the success that PUBG and Fortnite have seen with its battle royale-style gameplay. However, this game is entering the market to compete against two well-established brands and a host of other smaller games who are looking to nibble on the battle royale pie. Lawbreakers was Boss Key’s first game, and with how poorly it did it’s obvious that the studio is struggling when it comes to finding an audience.

For now, if you’re hoping for Radical Heights on PS4 or Xbox One, the best thing to do is keep your fingers crossed and hope the game does well on PC. So far, Steam reviews have not been favorable, but there’s a chance that with some development time the game could be a surprise hit.