Sonic Rush Adventure FAQ/ Walkthrough



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Sonic Rush Adventure FAQS/Walkthrough

Version 0.98: 11/22/07 (Happy Thanksgiving!)

By Angnix

[email protected]

Friend Code: 064535-752843

Wii#: 7035-3047-5500-7479 (in case you like Miis)

(Note, e-mail me a code and I might add you)

Also I play on Random sometimes...





You may or may not have noticed the things I said in my last guide update.

For example:

"Sorry, I haven't been in the mood lately to work on this much."

Yes, I got so depressed I couldn't work on this guide for a while. I am

now finally coming out of it.

I'll try to keep up with updating it now, I'll be fine. I know certain

people that look forward to my updates, I promise, I'll get better!

Thanksgiving did help. Nice turkey, so much left over, I know what I'll

be eating the next few days @[email protected]

Oh, and where I am living now, I don't even have internet access and when

I get it, it won't even be high speed, so sorry if I can't race much online.


Help Me Out!


If you help me with this guide, your name will go in the Special Thanks

Section forever.

The more you help out with this guide or give me suggestions, the better

it will be!

Current Help: Guide Accuracy mostly. Look for errors (even spelling and

grammar mistakes, I'm apparently known for them.)

Also, specific Unlock Details for the Sound Test and Movie Theatre, I.E.

what Mission unlocks what particular Sound Test item or Movie Theatre

Scenes, I don't remember them all.


Thanks Too:


A special section honoring those who have helped me with this guide!

People I have raced so far, there's those who's skills are greater than

mine, I salute you :D

Light the Hedgehog- Scoring Error

Chaos Gamma- Inconsistencies in Vehicle references in Chaos Emerald


AL into the Future- Water Cannon mistakes

bigboss223 from GameFAQs- Found out you can wipe the ink blot away at the

end of the Coral Cave Boss. Sonic Rush Adventure Guide, nice source for Basic Info (Link in

next section)

Skorchic- Posting link to IGN guide.

pkmnfreak75- Correction to Boost Section where I accidentally left in

Sonic Rush Special Stage info.

BlackStarX- Disconnecting during a race will earn you an instant loss and

loss of points.

You only gain Tension during Two Player if you are in Second Place.

Bendilin- Viking Cup stages change after you upgrade a ship.

wario58- Posted a great tip on GameFAQs about the Glove item in two-

player, if it's used on you and you hit a checkpoint further ahead, if

you quickly die you will restart at the further checkpoint again.


Useful Web Links:


A new section I thought of, web links you might find useful:

Sega of America's official site, contains lots of info, screenshots and

the World Leader Boards!

Same website as above with more of a European flavor, if the above

website was a Hershey's bar, this one is a Cadbury Dairy Milk.

A direct link to the worldwide leader boards in English. See who's the

fastest in each level and in what general area of the world they are from,

or search your best friend's friend code and see how they are doing! messageboard for this game, I'm here a lot.

IGN online Guide for this game, many useful things, including a



Legal Notes:


This guide cannot be placed on any site without my permission. Sonic

and all related characters copyright Sonic Team/Sega.

Sites with permission to post any of my FAQS: (This is the major site I update to)




Wow... just wow. Back at E3 2004 when the Nintendo DS was announced, it was

also announced that a Sonic game would be created for this new system.

Then we got Sonic Rush. I fell in love with the game, and also Blaze

became my new favorite character, yay! Then a year later came Sonic the

Hedgehog Next Gen... well... yeah, Blaze is back, but now her story is more

confusing than ever... then came Sonic Rivals for PSP I never picked up...

But now the game I've been waiting for 2 years now, Sonic Rush Adventure!

Arrr... let the fun begin!

New to this Version:


Small after Thanksgiving so I'm actually falling asleep update.

I added details for the Coral Cave and Haunted Ship Boss, Separated the

Act and Boss Sections, created sub-sections for Two Player with

corresponding table of Contents/Numbering Changes, and added a section

for Harder Mission Tips and put in a walkthrough for Mission 95.

What I'm Adding in the Future:


I would appreciate any outside info for any of these sections! Ordered in

rough importance (yes, I did change the importance, for anyone that


More tips for some of the harder Missions

Sound Test/Movie List/Unlock info

S-Rank Tips/Time Bonus Times, number of Rings for Max Bonus

Full Unlock Details


Table of Contents:


1. FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions

2. Story

3. Characters

4. Character Moves, Tricks, Combos, Tension Gauge and Boosting

4.b. Common Gimmicks

5. Item Boxes

6. Gameplay Tips and Sonic Newcomers Guide

7. Story Mode Walkthrough

8. Southern Island

8.1. Menu

8.2. The Places and People of Southern Island

9. Materials, the Sea Chart and Ships

9.a. Materials

9.b. The Sea Chart

9.c. The Sea Stages

9.d. The Ships

9.d.1. Wave Cyclone

9.d.2. Ocean Tornado

9.d.3. Aqua Blast

9.d.4. Deep Typhoon

9.e. Upgrading Ships

10. Acts

10.a. Plant Kingdom

10.b. Machine Labyrinth

10.c. Coral Cave

10.d. Haunted Ship

10.e. Blizzard Peaks

10.f. Sky Babylon

10.g. Pirate's Island

10.h. Hidden Islands

10.i. R Hidden Islands (Time Attack/Two Player only)

11. Bosses

11.a. Plant Kingdom Boss

11.b. Machine Labyrinth Boss

11.c. Coral Cave Boss

11.d. Haunted Ship Boss

11.e. Blizzard Peaks Boss

11.f. Sky Babylon Boss

11.g. Pirate's Island Boss

11.h. Final Boss

11.i. Extra Boss

12. Hidden Island Locations

13. Emeralds

13.a. Chaos Emeralds

13.b. Sol Emeralds

14. Missions

14.a. Medal Locations

14.b. Flag Locations

14.c. Harder Mission Tips (Mission 95 Walkthrough for now)

14.d. Missions List

15. Ranking

15.a. S-ranking Miniguide

16. Tension and Points List

17. Time Trail

17.a. World Leader Boards

17.b. Viking Cup

18. Two Player and Connecting

18.a. Nintendo WFC and Friend Settings

18.a.1. Online Score Prediction

18.b. Race

18.c. Collect Rings

19. Questions?

20. Version History


1. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


There are just certain questions that keep coming up again and again and

again about this game I want to make clear at the beginning.

Remember, there is more guide after this section!!!

Questions Contained So Far:


My data wasn't saved!

Where do I find such and such Emerald?

I'm stuck! Where do I go next?

Where is my Friend's Code?

How do I unlock Mission 18?

How do I unlock Mission 100?

I need more Materials! Do I have to sail out again?

Why can't I sail out to Sky Babylon?

Q1: My data wasn't saved!

A: Unlike Sonic Rush, most of the game data is not saved automatically,

please choose the Save option from the menu often.

Q2: Where do I find such and such Emerald?

A: That's already in this guide later on, I see it a lot on the


Q3: I'm stuck! Where do I go next?

A: In a future update, I'll do a walkthrough. There is already a

Walkthrough in the IGN guide, see the Web Links Section.

Q4: Where is my Friend's Code?

A: You will not receive one until the first time you connect to WiFi.

Then at the Vs. Machine, look under "Nintendo WFC," then "Friend

Settings," then "Confirm Friend Code."

Q5: How do I unlock Mission 18?

A: You need to complete Mission 3 first, then talk to Setter again to get

18 unlocked.

Q6: How do I unlock Mission 100?

A: You need to complete the first 99 Missions.

Q7: I need more Materials! Do I have to sail out again?

A: No. Go to the Menu Screen and choose "Stage Select" and you can replay

any Act/Boss you have encountered at sea again, and earn more Materials.

Q8: Why can't I sail out to Sky Babylon?

A: I'll admit, I messed this up in the previous versions of my guide.

Indeed, you can't sail out to it, even after beating Hidden Island 2 and

finding it the first time.

I guess because it floats in the sky, and the game developers thought it

was stupid to be able to land there?

Anyway, you don't need to sail out to it again, as explained in the

question about, use "Stage Select", or "Sea Chart" from the menu when you

are at Southern Island.


2. Story:


(From the Sonic Rush Adventure US Website)

One day a mysterious energy signal appears on Tail's radar, and he

quickly grabs Sonic to go and investigate. As they fly further and

further across the ocean, a sudden storm comes up and blows them way off

course. Soon after, Tails loses control of the plane and they go into a

tailspin over one of the islands.

The two of them emerge from the crash just fine - but very lost - so

they set off to find some help. Soon they meet an excitable raccoon named

Marine, who tells them they've landed on Southern Island. She never stops

talking for a second, and she is all in a tizzy that her dreams of

sailing around the world have been shipwrecked. Tails is a wiz at fixing

things and he offers to help her rebuild her ship, in the hopes that it

might help him and Sonic find a way back home.

While Sonic explores the island for Materials, Tails starts building and

soon produces four ships. With these fast-action vessels, Sonic has a

blast racing across the high seas where he discovers not only hidden

islands, but also a sneaky band of pirates on a hunt for (you get three

guesses): a)new boots b)a juicy pineapple c)treasure.

You guessed it, these tricksters, led by the notorious Captain Whisker,

have piles of loot in their sights and they're not going to let anyone

get in their way - especially not Sonic the Hedgehog! Though he's fast

and they haven't been able to slow him down yet, they aim to put Sonic

out of the race for their precious jewels.

Strangely enough, as Sonic races through the chaotic world, Blaze appears.

What has brought her from her alternate dimension? It's up to you to

unravel the mystery!


3. Characters:


(From the Sonic Rush Adventure US Website)

Sonic the Hedgehog:

Any time something seems off, Sonic springs into action, as no doubt a

bigger catastrophe is brewing. When he and Tails crash on Southern Island,

he has the nagging feeling that it isn't an accident that they've landed

there. If they don't act fast, he fears they might never get home - but

that's before he realizes there are much bigger troubles to worry about.

Blaze the Cat:

Blaze hails from royalty in an alternate universe and she's never without

her purple cape, which thinly disguises her ability to use fire - they

don't call her "Blaze" for nothing! When cornered by an enemy, she will

throw off the cape and create a fiery inferno or shoot fire from her

hands. She is the keeper of the Sol Emeralds and it's a task she takes

very seriously. When she hears of the thieving pirates, she travels

through the dimensions to investigate. She is as surprised to see Sonic

as he is to see her and when she tells him her tale, they both realize

there is far more at stake than they thought!

Miles "Tails" Prower:

This brilliant two-tailed fox is Sonic's best friend and a very skillful

mechanic. When he and Sonic become stranded on Southern Island, Tails

constructs ships that they hope will get them off the island. As Sonic

brings him new Materials, he builds four widely varying ships. With these

vessels, Sonic explores the surrounding islands - where he uncovers a

whole heap of trouble!

Marine the Raccoon:

Marine is a lovable raccoon from Southern Island with a passion for the

sea. She makes everyone call her Captain and she builds the ship of her

dreams so she can sail around the world. However, on the SS Marine's

maiden voyage, Marine realized she forgot to add one vital part to her

ship - the brakes! Tails offers to help her rebuild it, and she is so

excited she doesn't know whether to laugh or cry - so, instead she just

talks a lot. Sonic and Tails can't understand half the things she says,

but she's a lot of fun to have around.

Captain Whisker:

This surly pirate captain is used to encountering foes on the high seas,

but Sonic presents him with some unique challenges: not only is he fast,

he's also more fearless than most! The captain has a short temper,

especially when he's being tested, but luckily his crew is fiercely loyal,

and he's able to evade Sonic and keep up his search for the treasure.


The right-hand man of Captain Whisker, Johnny is a big talker who doesn't

like to lose - ever. He is most comfortable at sea and he is always

seeking worthy opponents to race, but few are brave enough to challenge

him until Sonic. Has Sonic met his match?


4. Character Moves, Tricks, Gimmicks, Tension Gauge and Boosting:


Whale Point is the in-game tutorial for moves you can play again any time,

but here is a detail description for them all.

The two playable characters are Sonic and Blaze of course, Blaze unlocked

after Zone 3's boss battle. From that point on, you can choose to play

any level in the rest of the story as Sonic or Blaze! Compared Sonic Rush,

there are a few differences in how the tricks are scored and how many

bars you get in your meter, but other than that and a couple of visual

differences and the fact R up tricks take longer, if you are familiar

with doing "Advanced Tricks" and using the R and A button instead of the

B, you'll do fine.

Sonic and Blaze only have a few minor differences in moves and the same

button combinations, so I'm doing this as one section with Sonic and

Blaze specific stuff clearly labeled.

In Act Moves:


Boost Start: At the very beginning of an Act when not playing it as part

of a Mission, or if you did not just previously die in that Act and start

at the beginning again, press Y just before the word Go! appears to have

a faster start.

Press and hold right or left: Run right or left, keep pressed and you

will gain speed. After a while you will go into Boost Mode, when you go

into Boost Mode, you will have a burst of wind with Sonic or fire with

Blaze and after images appear, Boost Mode is discussed later.

Press down: Pressing down while standing still will cause you to crouch

down, useful in dodging some attacks. If you crouch down long enough and

you are on the bottom screen, the view will eventually change and you can

see what is below you.

Pressing down while moving will start you spinning, useful for attacking

enemies. Doing this with Sonic is a good way of getting around loops if

you don't want to go into Boost Mode, but Blaze's spin is slower and that

would just slow her down.

Press up: Pressing up while standing still will cause the character to

look up, eventually the screen view will change so you can see what's

above you if you happen to be on the top screen.

A or B button: Spin(Sonic)/Axel(Blaze) Jump, use to jump or to attack an

enemy. Sonic spins into a ball while Blaze turns into a fiery top.

Press and hold down + A or B button then release: Spin (Sonic)/Burst

(Blaze) Dash, used for attacking enemies or to instantly increase speed

for getting up slopes, if you press the A button once and then release

both buttons, you will get the most powerful Spin, if you keep holding

down then release the A button, the character will eventually rev down a

little and then releasing down will result in a less powerful Spin.

Sonic's Spin Dash is faster and lasts longer than Blaze's Burst Dash.

A button, then R button: Jump Dash and Homing Attack (Sonic)/Burst Hover

(Blaze), both moves are go for moving to the right or left in a sudden

burst. Sonic's Jump Dash is fast and short, Blaze's Burst Hover is slower,

lasts longer and she can glide for 3 seconds and even change direction

from right to left in the air. Sonic can attack enemies with Jump Dash,

in fact if you are close enough to an enemy with Sonic and press R even

in mid-air Sonic will use Homing Attack and head right toward the enemy,

but Blaze can't with Burst Hover. With Homing Attack, you can also attack

multiple enemies in a row.



These are special mid-air maneuvers using the A, B and R button, they are

almost exactly the same as in Sonic Rush except for a point calculation

difference and the stars that determine the gain on your meter. There are

several kinds of tricks that can be preformed in certain situations,

usually after jumping off a spring or on a rail, etc... Tricks generally

give you extra points (maximum of 20,000 per Act) and help fill your

Tension Gauge which I will discuss in the next small section, but tricks

differ in points/tension and sometimes won't give one or the other. If

you use the same spring or other trick object more than once, the amount

of points/tension you get will normally go down until eventually you will

get none, and you can only get Combos the first time you touch an

individual trick item or if you switch trick items, so it's best to keep

moving quickly.

R button + Up Mid-air Trick: Hop Jump(Sonic)/Axel Tornado(Blaze). Similar

to the same trick from Sonic Advance 2, 3 and Rush, (though in SRA it

takes a bit longer) it can be used after jumping off a spring, being

launched off a ramp or out of a cannon, or after being propelled through

a boost hoop, after certain Gimmicks (discussed below) or in general

situations where you are in the air after bouncing off some sort of

Gimmick or other level object. Used to jump higher up, most effective if

used during the highest point in your jump, useful in reaching areas you

cannot normally get to. R button tricks are also used during Advanced

Tricks described later. The differences between Sonic's Hop Jump and

Blaze's Axel Tornado are:

Sonic: Doesn't go very high and can't attack enemies.

Blaze: Much higher and faster than Sonic's and can attack enemies.

R button + Left or Right Mid-air Trick: Same bonus and same situation as

the other R button trick. Humming Top(Sonic)/Jump Step(Blaze), this

propels the character sideways real fast, good if you want to go more

sideways into an area, unlike in the Advance games you don't need to face

the direction you want to go. The differences between Sonic's Humming Top

and Blazes Jump Step are:

Sonic: Propels Sonic very quickly to the side and can attack enemies.

Blaze: Can't attack enemies, but Blaze can "phase" straight through

enemies, basically go through them without harming Blaze or the enemy

(True in Sonic Rush also, I keep forgetting to mention this).

R button Rail Trick: Points and Tension. Just hit the R button while

grinding a rail, you can only hit R a maximum of three times in a row on

most rails and get up to 1700 points. Unlike in Sonic Rush, you can't

infinite trick off Rails. (Note, I don't know if the bonus can go higher

than 1700 on a long rail, I haven't seen that yet.)

A button Springboard Trick: Points. Off the edge of a springboard (I call

these ramps in my earlier guides. Same concept as in the Advance series

and Rush, but not only are you launched forward but you also get Points.

You can follow this up with any of the B button tricks described below.

A button end of Rail Trick: Points and Tension. Off the end of a rail,

press the B button and you can then follow that up with more tricks.

B button and Advanced Mid-air Tricks:

Points and Tension. Press B a bunch of times to do tricks on the way down

during the same situations you would use an R button trick described

above. Tension and Points bonus go down if you trick off the same object

more than once, so keep moving.



New to Sonic Rush Adventure, you will notice stars and a number appear in

the right-hand corner of the screen. You get 1 star for each time you

press the B or A button when tricking, the number of stars corresponds to

an extra bonus you could earn on your Boost Meter.

But there's a catch... in order to earn those stars and a huge boost on

your meter, you have to follow the B button tricks with either an R or A

button trick, discussed below, and the stars will go to your meter! But

if you don't press R or A, then your stars will go away!

If you hit a different trick item, like for example one spring after

another, then you can keep your star count going even longer, but this

doesn't work if you keep hitting the same spring or other trick object!

Tension Bonus: About 3 Bars for each Star (I'll have to check this out

later, I think the bonus increases)

If you want to get fancier add in the A button and R Button Tricks and

try Advanced tricks. In general A button is pushed last and finishes off

the trick and can send Combo Stars to your meter, and is usually done

near the ground, you can only push A again if you do an R button trick

right afterwards, but you can only do one R trick in the whole sequence...

here are a few Advanced trick button combinations, the Double Advanced

gives you the most points and tension and works best with Blaze, but

slows you down the most.

Unlike in Sonic Rush, you don't have to press B at least two times before

pressing A.

Advanced: B as much as you can, than A

R button Assisted Advanced: R button trick, B as much as you can, then A

Advanced and a Half: B, then A, then R button, then B button till you hit


Double Advanced: B at least two times, than A, then R button trick, then

B a few times, than A before you hit ground

Tension Gauge:


The gauge on the left hand side of either the top or bottom screen is the

Tension Gauge. You get Tension by doing Tricks, hitting a checkpoint,

hitting one of the Tension Item Boxes or Defeating Enemies, you lose

Tension by using the Super/Fire Boost or getting hit and losing rings.

You start off a zone or at a checkpoint with the gauge 100% full, but it

can go up to 300%. All white bars means you have zero tension, then it

fills up from bottom to top with blue bars to 100%, between 100 and 200

it fills up with orange bars, then past 200 to 300 red. Look in my new

Tension and Points List to find more specifically what certain things

give you what amount of Tension.

Boost Mode: When you are in Boost Mode, you travel extra fast, there are

a few ways to enter Boost Mode. The easiest way is to tap X or Y if you

have a little Tension, this will activate Super/Fire Boost, a more

powerful boost than this for a split second and that will activate Boost

Mode. Another way is to run, preferably downhill, if you run long enough

you will burst into Boost Mode, the more Rings you have, the sooner you

will burst into Boost Mode. You can also achieve Boost Mode if a speed

booster propels you forward or if you hit a horizontal spring at high

speed. Boost Mode cannot harm enemies like the Super/Fire Boost can,

discussed next.

In Sonic Rush Adventure (Maybe only in Two Player Races, I don't see it

in single player games), for every second you are in Boost Mode you get

bar on your Super Boost Meter, explained below.

Super (Sonic)/Fire Boost Mode: On top of the regular Boost Mode left over

from the Sonic Advance series, there is a new more powerful Boost.

Anytime you have Tension, you can use the Super(Sonic) or Fire(Blaze)

Boost where you gain a lot of speed and can defeat enemies, kind of like

Boost Mode but more extreme, but using this reduces your Tension quite a

bit. When the gauge is at 300 percent, for a short period of time the

character glows and the gauge blinks and you can do a Full Boost where

you are Invincible and even faster. Here is the complex part... if you do

not activate the Full Boost within 5 seconds of the gauge/character

starting to blink, the tension gauge and character stops glowing and you

will just be at 300 percent but doing just one more trick will make the

character glow again and you can keep it glowing by getting more tension

also. But if you do use it but don't gain more tension while using it,

then you will be only able to use it for the remainder of the 5 seconds

after gaining the tension to keep it glowing and after you used it the

Tension Gauge goes back down to 200 percent. But then again, if you use

this Full Boost and you continue to defeat enemies and do Tricks you can

maintain the Full Boost until 5 seconds have come by without gaining more

Tension, afterwards the Tension Gauge going down to 200% of course. This

type of boosting is helpful if you want to travel fast, defeat enemies,

becoming more invincible and even helps you push heavy objects much

faster (in this game the Mine Carts).

New to Sonic Rush Adventure: You get a 1 bar (5%) bonus for every second

you are in Two Player Multiplayer!

Extra Zone Specific Moves: I'll discuss this in the Extra Zone section to

help prevent spoilers.

Sailing: For now, discussed the Boats Section, though I might change

things around in future versions of this guide.


4.b. Gimmicks


Devices throughout the acts that propel you forward someway. Some

gimmicks have to be operated a certain way and sometimes hints in the

form of a little symbol telling you what button to push pop up.

Common/Hard to Use Gimmicks (There are more in the Act Descriptions):

Thin Floors:

Floors that look thinner than normal can often be jumped or tricked

through to get to the higher level.

Thick Floors/Doors:

Can be smashed by either Jumping or Super Boost to get to new areas.


Found in several Acts, you flip over this gimmick, and for a short period

of time the B button appears, pressing it at that moment will send Sonic

or Blaze through the air. Sometimes, the same summersault will launch

Sonic and Blaze different places.


Found in Plant Kingdom and similar Hidden Islands, you need to hang on to

it, and jump off at the greatest point of the swing.

Hang glider:

Found in Machine Labyrinth and similar Hidden Islands, pressing up will

sent it upward at a pre-determined height, then it will slowly decent. Be

careful! Pressing the A button or running into something will make you

crash! This is a gimmick that takes getting used to. You can also Boost

while using the Hang Glider, if you get on it while Boosting sometimes,

this may be a glitch however..

Mine Cart:

Found in Coral Cave and similar Hidden Islands, first push it to get it

going, it's much easier if you Super Boost into it. The Mine Cart goes

forward automatically, but you can slow it down by pressing Left, and you

can also Jump, but that's it. During the 3D underground areas, all you

can do is jump.


Found at the beginning of Blizzard Peaks Act 1 and Hidden Island 12, the

snowboard goes forward automatically. You cannot go backwards at all,

remember that, but you can still Boost when using it.

Anti-gravity devices (Gold Balloons):

Found in Sky Babylon, they operate kind of similarly to the metal

platforms in Sonic Rush's Altitude Limit. Hanging on to one, you can

steer right or left, but you can't control how fast the device goes up.

If you crash into something, you have to try to land where you got the

device in the first place, because another one will soon appear to

replace it.

Water Guns:

Found in Pirate's Island, when you stand in front of it, the cannon

automatically goes up and down. Press A when the cannon is pointing in

the direction you want. These water jets can kill enemies, and the water

jet turns into a rail you can grind on. Watch out however, the water jet

eventually disappears!


Found in Pirate's Island, the Dolphin automatically goes forward. You can

go in any direction and pressing backwards will slow the dolphin down and

pushing forward speeds it up. If you run into a wall you will fall off

your dolphin, a good general tip is when you have a choice, go the

upwards path, you won't fall into a hole if you mess up up there. There

are various hoops you can go through, you will earn a Combo when you go

through, them, but you must hit the Green hoop at the end to earn it! The

Green Hoop will also spring you high up into the air.

Timed Gate: Found in Pirate's Island and also Hidden Island R-3.

Basically you can only pass through the gate before the time displayed

above it, afterwards a waterfall comes down and blocks that route.


5. Item Boxes:




Same as in Sonic Rush, but no balloons and now with a nice trick


5 Rings

Random Rings (Ring symbol with question mark): 1, 5, 10, 30 or 50 Rings.

Barrier (Green Bubble): Protects you once from losing a life or losing

Rings/Tension when hit.

Magnet Barrier (Electric Bubble): Like Barrier but also draws in nearby


Invincible (muti-ray star pattern): Become immune from attacks that would

cause loss of Rings for a short period of time. Cannot save you from

being crushed or running out of time. For some reason can save you from

drowning in this game.

High Speed: (arrow pointing down and to the left): Allows you to perform

tricks faster for a short period of time.

Tension Bonus (Up pointing arrow): Increases Tension by 100%

Max Tension Bonus (fire burst): Completely fills your Tension Gauge

1 up: One extra life.

Sea Stages


Either touch or shoot the item boxes.

Repair (white gear): Repairs your ship by a certain percentage

Boost up (white burst): Increases the Boost power of the waterbike.

Random Ring Bonus: Same as in acts

Score Bonus (S): Increases your score by a certain amount

Two Player


Random Ring Bonus: Same as in normal game play

Slow (half-circle with two crescents): Slows down opponent for a short

period of time

Max Tension Bonus (One arrow pointing up, the other down): Your Tension

Gauge becomes Maximum while your opponent's goes down to zero.

Confusion (exclamation point): Sends your opponent out of control for a

short period of time

Attract (hand): Brings your opponent to the area where you are, just

behind you.


6. Gameplay Tips and Sonic Newcomers Guide:


For Sonic Newcomers:

Many things in this game are very familiar to people who play a lot of


games both new and classic and very familiar to you if you played Sonic

Rush, but now I will for those that haven't played a Sonic game up until

now. Most of the general info below can be applied to almost any normal

Sonic game from Sonic 1 made all the way back in 1991 to the present.

Know your enemy:

Dr. Eggman, also called Dr. Ivo Robotnik, an mad scientist with dreams of

taking over the world. Since the first Sonic Game, he has been trying to

get his hands on the powerful Chaos Emeralds.

If Eggman gets a hold of the Chaos Emeralds and controls

them properly, he could take over the world.

The mad doctor traps innocent small animals inside robots often called


to try to stop Sonic from ruining his plans. That is the reason why small

Animals pop out of his robots when you destroy them.

Running and Spinning:

Speed is the focus of a Sonic game usually, and often the faster you run,


more points you earn. Read the moves section to find out the fine art of

spinning various ways. But be careful! You are vulnerable to Badniks when

you run, so you need to spin jump or spin in general to kill them!

Basic In-Level Things:

Some basic things have been in a basic Sonic level from day 1...

Springs: Bouncy things that send you through the air, but not spinning,


don't hit enemies.

Loops-de-loops: Sonic had always been running through crazy loops in the


Spikes: Whether they are just stationary or they are going in and out of

the ground, ouch they hurt!


Mysterious, floating, spinning gold colored Rings seem to hang out


in the Sonic World. Collect 100 of them and you earn an Extra Life and

they are worth points also. But a Ring is more than a random thing to

collect. If you are hit by a Badnik, spikes, boss or something else that

isn't Instant Death (explained below), then you loose all of the Rings

you are holding and Rings go bouncing around everywhere, but at least

you didn't die! Try to pick up as many Rings again as you can, because

the dropped Rings will start to fade away.

But if you are hit by one of these objects and you have no Rings, you

will die!

Item Boxes:

You will also find tv monitors (in some games bubbles)you can smash.

These give you various things, the most basic item box items are:

Rings: It's nice when you can smash a monitor and get lots of Rings at


instead of having to collect a lot of single Rings.

Shields (Barriers): These nice bubbles protect you from losing your Rings


time, but then you loose your shield. Sometimes shields do other things,


attract Rings.

Invincibility: Stars or a rainbow burst (depending on game) protect you


everything that would cause loss of Rings or death without Rings for a


period of time.

Remember, you can still die from Instant Death things, explained below.

Super Shoes: In most games allow you to run faster. In this game, the

Speed Up item increases the speed of your tricks and in general the Super

Boost replaces this in Sonic Rush and Rush Adventure.

Look in the game's Items section to find out about Tension related items

in this particular game.


As explained in the Rings sections, a Ring is the best way to avoid

loosing a


If you have extra lives, then you start at either the beginning of the

level or If you touched a Checkpoint you start there. If you don't, Game


There are certain things that will kill you instantly no matter how many


you have or even if you have an Invincibility item, they are:

Bottomless pits, fall into the nothingness at the bottom of the screen

and you

are dead.

Crushing: The pressure of being pressed against two objects is just too


Drowning: Sonic can only live 30 seconds underwater and he can't swim!

(This game specific, Blaze lasts 45 seconds). A countdown begins from 5

when you are close to drowning, either get out of the water, or find

rising air bubbles from the ground and breathe one in.

Special Stage and Chaos Emeralds:

The most mysterious objects of them all, in most games you can enter the

Special Stage to try to earn them (see Emeralds section for this game).

Chaos Emeralds have mysterious powers and in the Rush series so do the

very similar Sol Emeralds... not much is known about them, but often

something very special happens when Sonic has all 7... If you do not

collect all of the Chaos Emeralds and you beat the game, you get a

message to go and collect them all and what turns out to be sometimes a

not-so-good ending to the game.

General Tips:

Typical Sonic games stuff such as Crushing and Drowning are instant death,

keep at least one ring because if you don't have one ring you will loose

a life,

100 Rings=one extra life, to prevent drowning breath in air bubbles,

don't step

on spiky things, etc...

R button Tricks are even more important in this game than in the Advance

series and Sonic Rush, so master them!

Learn how to do Tricks and use your Boost, but actually you can beat this


without them if you want to, but you won't get S-ranks!

Don't go too fast, this game has quite a few horrible holes and other


things you can get into, especially if you use the R button too much...

but once you learn this game really well you can speed right through it.

(Though Rush Adventure has fewer bottomless pits than Rush.)

Silly Easter Egg: Poke Sonic or Blaze when they are on the bottom screen

to see what happens...


7. Story Mode Walkthrough:


This is a brief description of Story Mode and where to go. For Tips on

Sea Stages, Acts/Bosses and other things, see their respective sections.

When you start off, you can play as Sonic only.

Whale Point-

Complete Training and Gather Blue and Iron Material.

Marine's House-

Talk to Tails a couple of times so he builds the Wave Cyclone.

To Plant Kingdom-

Sail out with the Wave Cyclone to Plant Kingdom, it's to the West.


Found after completing Plant Kingdom and then will show up on Southern


To Machine Labyrinth-

Sail out with the Wave Cyclone, you will start at Plant Kingdom and draw

a line to Machine Labyrinth, the Southwest.

Building the Sailboat-

After completing Machine Labyrinth you need the sailboat to continue, you

need Five Green and Five Bronze Material. If you don't have enough, open

the Menu and use Stage Select to replay Plant Kingdom and Machine

Labyrinth Acts and Bosses.

Sailing West from Machine Labyrinth

The First Chaos Emerald/Hidden Island 1-

Head West from Machine Labyrinth, you will encounter Shallows, so keep

redirecting your course around them. Eventually you will hit the first

Chaos Emerald race, see the Emeralds sections for more details.

Continuing on, you will hit Hidden Island 1.

Hidden Island 1/Coral Cave-

Get to the Goal of Hidden Island 1 in order to gain access to the Coral

Cave Zone.

Unlock Blaze-

Complete Coral Cave to unlock Blaze. From now on, you can play any

Act/Boss with Sonic or Blaze.

Building the Radio Transmitter-

You need 5 Green, 5 Bronze Material and 1000 Rings, replay levels until

you have enough.

To Kyloks' Island/Haunted Ship-

After the radio transmitter is build, sail East with the Ocean Tornado

from Southern Island to Kyloks' Island. Now Kylok will appear on Southern

Island. Continue sailing East to find the Haunted Ship Zone.

Building the Hovercraft-

You need 1 Blue, 1 Iron, 2 Green, 2 Bronze, 5 Red, 5 Silver Materials,

might take some replaying of levels in order to complete it.

Choice of Path, North or West?

To Blizzard Peaks and Sky Babylon-

Now there are two places you can go! Head North from Haunted Ship to

reach Blizzard Peaks to unlock Norman after beating that level, or

Southeast to Daikun's Island (Daikun then shows up on Southern Island),

then to Hidden Island 2, and after beating that head to Sky Babylon.

Both of these Zones must be complete to continue on!

Building the Submarine-

Now you need 1 Iron, 1 Green, 1 Bronze, 2 Red, 2 Silver, 5 Aqua, 5 Gold

to build the Deep Typhoon. Replay levels/Hidden Island till you got them

all and then sail North to Pirate's Island... and you find the door is

locked! You need to find the clues...

The Three Clues-

There are three Hidden Islands you need to find, or at least replay again.

Some of the characters on Southern Island will give you clues, but here

are the locations as I give them later in the guide:

Hidden Island 3: Aqua Blast, Haunted Ship, Two to the right and 3 up.

Hidden Island 4: Wave Cyclone, 1 Left and 3 up from Hidden Island 2 (next

to Sky Babylon)

Hidden Island 5: Wave Cyclone, Haunted Ship, About 3 down.

Unlock the Door!-

At Pirate's Island, use the stylus to turn the clue pieces so they match

the clue pictures. Now you can play this Zone!

Final Boss-

Sail north from Pirate's Island to reach the Final Boss!

Extra Boss-

Collect the Chaos Emeralds and Sol Emeralds (see the Emeralds section for

directions and the Boss section for tips).


8. Southern Island:


Marines home sweet home is your base of operations!

Navigate the island by pressing either the directional buttons or tapping

with the stylus. On the top screen appears a picture and description of

your destination and little icons at the bottom with pictures of who

happens to be there, different characters appear in different locations

as you find them and progress through the game. Also when you build new

ships, docks for those ships appear on the island too.

You can even change the appearance of Southern Island if you clear

certain missions!


8.a. Menu


Anywhere on Southern Island, you can access the Menu by pressing the Y

button. On the top is a mini version of the sea chart, the ships you have,

number of lives and Tails to give you helpful hints. Also number of Rings

appears at the top of the bottom screen.

Stage Select- You can choose any Act, Boss or Hidden Island you have

already cleared, so you don't have to sail out to them anymore. A picture

of the Materials you can earn appears below the level picture and Tails

tells you also.

Sea Chart- View all the Acts, Chaos Emerald Locations (Johnny) and

Hidden Islands you have found so far.

You also use this to stage select, but you will go back to Act 1, then go

to Act 2 and the Boss for that Zone in order for a Zone.

But you can't use it to go back to Chaos Emerald locations, you have to

sail out to them again or when you unlock Viking Cup with Norman, you can

play them from there too under the Wave Cyclone section.

I talk about the Sea Chart a bit more in the Materials/Ships section of

this guide.

Save- Very important option, this game almost never autosaves please save



Shows what items you have picked up and number of Rings you have, three


Materials- self explanatory, what materials do you have, see the

Materials section later on.

Emeralds- All of the Chaos and Sol Emeralds you have collected.

Medals- Medals are found in certain Missions, there is one for every Act.


8.b. Places and People of Southern Island:


Marine's House:


Front Room: Marine, Tails and eventually Blaze

Marine- The keeper of the Missions! Choose Missions from her option menu

to see a list of all Missions unlocked. You get Missions by clearing

certain Hidden Islands or other things, or after completing certain

things then talking to someone on Southern Island, refer to the Missions

section for more info.

Tails- The master of the Materials! If you want him to build a new craft

or something else, or later on upgrade your crafts, first talk to him,

then choose the second menu option to get instructions on what Materials

you need. Grab Materials by completing Acts and Hidden Islands, there's

more about this later in the guide of course.

Back Room: Setter, Versus Machine, Time Attack.


I guess he lives there too, he's your options menu and gives you some

missions, here are his options:

Talk: If you complete certain Acts, Bosses and Islands, if you talk to

him he might give you some Missions. If you clear his Missions, he will

build things on Southern Island.

Change Player's Name- Defaults to the name in your Nintendo DS settings,

but you can change it to something else for this game.


Boss Difficulty: Defaults to Easy, but you can make them harder by

choosing Normal

Time Limit: Defaults to off, but if you want to make it harder, turn them

on to give yourself only 10 minutes to complete an Act.

Clear Data: Erase everything and play the story from the beginning! (I

haven't done this yet, don't know if it clears wifi data also. I have

heard it does not)

Versus Machine- Your portal to the world of Wifi, I wrote a separate Wifi

section for this guide.

Time Attack- Your portal to the world of Time Attacking and the World

Leader Board. There is of course a section about this also.

Whale Point:


Training for the Act levels, not very necessary if you are very familiar

with the game Sonic Rush, but it's there in case you need it. Completing

it earns you one piece of Blue Material and one piece of Iron Material.

Seagull Beach:


Muzy: Appears after defeating the Final Boss.

Taik- He might give you a Mission, then when you clear it talk to him

again and you will get a new sound (all missions work like this)

Sound Test- Different sounds unlocked by completing some parts of the

story and completing Muzy and Norman Missions.

Ship Docks:


First you have to build them as part of the story, then a new dock


Hop on the vehicle to go exploring or choose Training to practice using

the ship, explained later, or talk to any characters standing there after

you have found them during the story, here are all the characters:

Wave Cyclone:

Kylok: Appears when you find Kylok's Island in the story (Before Haunted


Apparently loves movies. Talk to him to grab his missions, and then by

completing them, you can unlock the cutscenes and 3D movies from this



Complete his missions, and he will add animals to roam Southern Island.

Ocean Tornado:

Gardon: (I think appears soon after completing the Ocean Tornado)

A very important character, he gives you the Sol Emerald missions which

you need to beat to unlock the Extra Ending, an explanation of which is

in the Emeralds Section.

Norman: Appears after beating Blizzard Peaks

Talk- He will give you four Missions on the vehicles, they are pretty


Viking Cup- Four levels you can time attack with each of the four ships

and for the Wave Cyclone you can also Time Attack the Chaos Emerald

stages. See the Viking Cup section in the Time Trail section for more


Aqua Blast:

Colonel: (I think appears soon after completing the Aqua Blast)

Doesn't give Missions, but at certain points in the game he'll give you

info or an island decoration... for a price...

Dakun: (Appears after finding his island in the story, before Sky


If you clear his missions, he will build you something on the island.


Something else appears after you get all the Chaos and Sol Emeralds... what

could it be... not telling right now, I will in the future when I have the

Extra Zone section complete.


9. Materials, the Sea Chart and Ships



9.a. Materials


Simply put completing Acts, Bosses, Hidden Islands and Whale Point will

earn you Materials that Tails can use to build ships, a radio tower, and

upgrade the ships later on after Final Boss, discusses later. What

act/boss you play and your ranking determines how many material and what

type you receive. Often to continue the story, you will have to repeat

levels that will give you the materials you need. When you pick a level

on the Sea Chart or Level Select, a picture of the materials you can get

appears below and Tails tells you.

Acts and Bosses Materials:


Give you one type of Material depending what Zone you are in, the number

determined by Rank:

C rank- 1

B rank- 2

A rank- 3

S rank- 4

Material Types:

Plant Kingdom- Green

Machine Labyrinth- Bronze

Coral Cave- Red

Haunted Ship- Silver

Blizzard Peaks- Aqua

Sky Babylon- Gold

Pirates Island and Final Boss- Black

Hidden Islands and Whale Point Materials:


What you get doesn't vary by Rank and is the only place you can get the

rarer Blue and Iron Materials.

Whale Point and Hidden Islands similar to Whale Point:

One piece of Blue and one piece of Iron Material

Hidden Islands similar to a Zone:

Usually one piece of Blue or Iron Material, plus two pieces of Material

of the zone it resembles, see below.

Hidden Island Materials:

Whale Point: Blue, Iron

1. Blue, Iron

2. Blue, Iron

3. Blue, Iron

4. 2 Red

5. Blue, Iron

6. Blue, Iron

7. Iron, 2 Green

8. Blue, Red

9. Iron, 2 Bronze

10. Blue, 2 Bronze

11. Iron, 2 Red

12. Blue, 2 Aqua

13. Iron, 2 Aqua

14. Blue, Iron

15. Blue, 2 Silver

16. Blue, Iron


9.b. The Sea Chart


After your ship is built, you go to that ship's dock on Southern Island

and you can choose to take the training lesson, or set sail for another

Island or Emerald Race, or just to go where you want to! But to get where

you are going, you need to know how to use the Sea Chart!

There's a version of the Sea Chart in the Menu that you can tap to just

look at location names, or instantly go back to any island you have found.

Mark your course!

Any orange dots on the map you can use as a starting point, they appear

on some islands you have already visited and vary in location by Ship.

Use the stylus to draw a route where you want to go. The bar at the top

shows how far you can draw, it changes color to red when you start

running out of route!

You can make the route any length you want, and as straight or as curvy

as you want. This will affect how long the sea stage is, and how curvy

the route you will take will be!

Green Dots are Islands you have found, but can't launch out from.

Orange Dots are Islands you have found, but can launch out from. Begin

drawing with the stylus from these.

Sometimes during story mode, there is a certain place you have to launch

off from, but there are certain places that will become permanent places

you can launch out from, these vary by ship.

I have listed all the starting off points for each ship under each ship's


You don't have to sail out to islands once you find them, if it's a stage

then use Stage Select, or look at the complete Sea Chart in the Options

Menu to start at Act 1 and play the Zone in order.

Return to Chaos Emeralds again through Norman's Viking Cup if you want to

instead of sailing out to them.

During the Story, places you are suppose to go to continue are marked

with orange flags, but you can explore out from these if you want to.

Areas you have not visited are covered in Dark Blue, but when you travel

the places you have been become clear. If you look closely, you might see

Zones hidden in the Dark Blue, and lighter blue spots that indicate

shallow water, Hidden Islands and Johnny(Chaos Emeralds) like to hang out

here... Chaos Emeralds are marked by Johnny's head and if you already

completed it you can replay them again in the Viking Cup when you get

that later on, or sail out to that location again.

If you run into places you can go with a ship because you could not see

them in the Dark Blue, you will be asked to set another course in another


Pink areas are places you can't go to in that ship. Also sometimes Tails

will say you simply can't go that way with that ship, just try again with

a new ship or try a new course.

Brown areas are the Shallows, the Sub and the Ocean Tornado can't go


White areas are ice flows. You need the Aqua Blast or the Sub to travel

to these areas.

Purple areas are foggy. You can't see anything or shallow areas through

the Dark Blue here, so that means you need to head out into them and

search more thoroughly for possible Hidden Islands. So a Dark Blue area

on the map that looks empty at first might in fact end up being covered

in Fog!

Now you have charted your course, time to set sail!


9.c. The Sea Stages


Arr, it's time to set sail on the high seas! There are four different

types of sea stages corresponding to the four ships, but before I get

into details for the four ships, here's the Basics!



Different enough for the four ships I'll discuss them separately later,

but you either steer the ship with the stylus, or the ship automatically

steers, and you can also Boost/Attack enemies with either the buttons or

the stylus also.

Taking Damage:


At the top left of the Sea Stage is a blue bar that represents how much

damage you can take. Getting hit by enemies, or their ammo, small

islands/rocks, or bombs or other things will cause varying amounts of

damage, and this bar will go down. If the bar goes all the way down, you

will find yourself back at Windmill Village!

You can repair Damage with the Repair Item Box by a certain precent, but

it varies, and you can't tell how much of a repair you will get until you

hit it/shoot it.

Upgrading your ship doubles the amount of damage you can take.

Scores and Combos:


You receive Points for each enemy you defeat, bomb or projectile you

destroy, or Ring you pick up in the Sea Stages.

At the end of a stage, you get to see how many total points you have

collected, along with the number of Rings you grabbed, number of Enemies

you destroyed, and the Max Combo, the highest number you managed to get

your Combo meter to read!

Combos in the Sea Stages are earned by shooting/hitting enemies/bombs or

Rings in a row. The higher the Combo, a multiplier is added when you get

points for getting an enemy/Ring, for example you will start seeing 2X200

instead of just 200 for a particular score, they go up by intervals of 50,

so if your Combo Number is between 50-100, you get a X2 Bonus, 100-150 a

X3, etc...

Sailing Conditions in Different Areas:


The area choose to sail in can greatly affect the Sea Stage, though these

are general rules.

Sometimes for example, it might be foggy in the middle of nowhere, or

sometimes you might see islands in the middle of the ocean, but in


Shallows- So shallow, the Ocean Tornado and the Submarine can't sail here.

When on the Wave Cyclone or Aqua Blast, there are various small rocks and

Islands sticking out of the water that will try to get in your way.

Open Sea- Not much out there, it's nice sailing generally, except for all

the enemies...

Purple Fog- The purple fog is mysterious and makes it harder to see, you

can't really tell on the Sea Chart what kind of area you are about to

sail into. Sometimes fog appears in other places too.

Ice Flows- The Ocean Tornado and the Wave Cyclone can't handle Ice Bergs,

but the Sub can go under them, and the Aqua Blast is a hovercraft that

came more safely navigate them. There's no difference with the Sub levels,

but with the Aqua Blast, the ice becomes an obstacle like the small

islands in the Shallows.

Sea Stages Item Boxes:


Either touch or shoot the item boxes.

Repair (white gear): Repairs your ship by a certain percentage

Boost up (white burst): Increases the Boost power of the waterbike.

Random Ring Bonus: Same as in acts

Score Bonus (S): Increases your score by a certain amount


9.d. Ships


There are four Ships that Tails builds for you so you can sail to new

Islands. Talk to Tails in Marine's House, then talk to him again and see

what Materials you need to build that ship, explained below.


9.d.1. Wave Cyclone:


To Build-

One Blue and One Iron Material after Whale Point

Sailing Out Points-

Southern Island, Plant Kingdom, Machine Labyrinth, Coral Cave, Kylok's

Island, Hidden Island 16, Haunted Ship, Daikun's Island, Hidden Island 2.

Your first Ship, this water bike is fast, but it can't go very far, and

it can't head into iceberg laden waters or find underwater entrances. You

use this ship to grab the Chaos Emeralds, so learn it well!

See the Emeralds section for more specific Tips on how to Grab the Chaos

Emeralds and where to find them.



Moving Back and Forth-

Slide the stylus left and right in order to move Sonic forward and to

change directions. If you take the Stylus off the screen, you will slow

down and eventually stop.


The amount of Boost you have appears in the upper-right hand corner of

the screen and only applies to this ship. It's kind of similar to the

Tension Meter in the Acts, but is just one simple bar.

You start with 30%, and you earn More Boost by grabbing Rings, performing

Tricks off Ramps, and defeating Enemies/plowing away Purple Bombs, which

in this ship you can only destroy with Boost or by jumping off a Ramp.

Activate Boost by either tapping the Stylus on the screen twice, or

holding the R or L buttons down, I personally find it much easier to just

use the R and L buttons for this.

Similar to in Acts, Boost allows you to travel faster, and you can plow

through enemies/bombs unharmed, but the meter goes down quickly when you

use it. But just like in Acts, if your meter is full and your character

is glowing, then you can keep up your boost forever if you keep getting

Rings/Tricks/Enemies in rapid succession (Though I think in the Chaos

Emerald races this isn't true)

Trick Ramps:


Ramps have arrows going in a certain direction painted on them, when you

hit a ramp, you are launched into the air, and a series of arrows/dots

appears, just slide your stylus along them the direction the arrows are

pointing to do a Trick, this will help increase your Boost Meter. If you

don't do it just right, you will fall back down into the water and earn

no Boost Bonus.

Sometimes, more than two sets of arrows will appear, and sometimes the

Ramp has a Question Mark and you don't know what will appear!

When you have just tricked and are surrounded by the yellow swirling

energy, you can hit enemies/bombs unharmed.

Sometimes Purple Bombs will block a Trick Ramp, you will have to use

Boost in order to throw the bombs out of the way first.



In a future version of this guide, I might detail all the Sea Stage

enemies, but anyway, for the Wave Cyclone the only way you can defeat

enemies is to plow into them with Boost, or hit them when you are

surrounded by the yellow energy after Tricking off a Ramp. Defeating

Enemies increases your Combo and gives you points, though they can slow

you down significantly.



It's best not to activate Boost until it's completely full, because the

Boost doesn't last very long at all, and unlike in Acts is hard to keep

up if your Gauge is not full to begin with.

Boosting through Purple Bombs is a good way to avoid them, but if you are

trying to Time Trail via the Viking Cup, or trying to grab a Chaos

Emerald, they can slow you down too much and it's best to avoid them.


9.d.2. Ocean Tornado:


To Build-

5 Green and 5 Bronze Material after Machine Labyrinth.

Sailing Out Points-

Southern Island, Plant Kingdom, Machine Labyrinth, Coral Cave, Kylok's

Island, Hidden Island 16, Haunted Ship, Hidden Island 2.

This sailboat can go far and has three different types of weapons for

battles, but it can't go into very shallow water or ice burgs or find

underwater entrances.



Fire a Weapon-

Stylus! Tap your stylus where you want the weapon to fire. Weapons take a

short time to reload. Use Weapons to attack enemies and to grab Items and

Rings and destroy other things for Rings.

Switching Weapons-

You can either tap the three weapons with the stylus at the bottom of

your screen, or use the D-pad as so:

Left- Guns

Up- Cannons

Right- Flamethrower

The Guns


6 Shots before reload, the Gun's bullets are small yet precise, but they

cannot harm larger enemies at all. They are best for destroying small

enemies and destroying enemy bullets coming straight at you.

The Cannon


Three cannonballs before reloading, they deal a lot of damage, but are

slow to fire and it's hard to hit smaller enemies and bullets fired at

you with them. They are best for quickly destroying huge enemies.

The Flamethrower


Deals some damage to all enemies and covers a large area, but it's not

the best for precise attacks, such as destroying missiles coming at you.

Best for grabbing lots of Rings/Items and if there are lots of things on

the screen.



There are several types of enemies in this stage, I'll detail them all in

the future, but they fall into a few different categories:

Small- Best destroyed with the guns.

Large- Guns are useless against them, but these enemies often fire things

back at you, so you need to be ready to switch to the guns in order to

defend yourself. The Flamethrower can also destroy them, but it takes


Enemy Projectiles- Many varieties, but basically if you see something

fired at you, hit it with the Guns before it can deal damage!

Kamikaze- A few small enemies will plow themselves directly into you,

destroy them with the Guns before they get a chance!



If you are just trying to get through this Sea Stage, then I suggest

going on the defensive, use the Guns to shoot incoming fire, and the

Flamethrower for wide Damage, only use the Cannons on the larger ships if

there are just plain too many larger ships, or you are going for a large


Shooting at small islands and buoys will increase your combo, and once

they are destroyed Rings will pop out of them, just like with the Enemies.


9.d.3. Aqua Blast:


To Build- 1 Blue, 1 Iron, 2 Green, 2 Bronze, 5 Red, 5 Silver Materials

after Haunted Ship.

Sailing Out Points-

Southern Island, Plant Kingdom, Machine Labyrinth, Coral Cave, Kylok's

Island, Hidden Island 16, Haunted Ship, Blizzard Peaks, Daikun's Island,

Hidden Island 2.

A pretty fast hovercraft, it can go almost anywhere, even over ice, but

it can't find underwater entrances.



Moving Back and Forth-

Similar to the Wave Cyclone, move the stylus back and forth.

Charge/Shooting enemies-

When you have the stylus on the screen, the Charge Meter on your right

fills up rather quickly. When you take the stylus off the screen, you

will fire a shot that can destroy enemies or at least deal some damage to

large enemies directly in front of you. The longer you keep your stylus

on the screen, the greater the charge and the larger and more powerful

your blast will be.

Remember you cannot aim the blast, it's directly in front of you.


Defend yourself with swirling yellow energy by either twirling the stylus

around, or using the R or L button. When you defend, you can deflect any

objects/enemies for a few seconds, but you do slow down.



Pretty similar to the enemies with the Wave Cyclone, you can destroy them

with Charge or Defend.



Use the Charge when there is a large amount of enemies in front of you so

they will throw less projectiles at you. Defend when there is too much

stuff coming at you for you to effectively destroy with Charge.


9.d.4. Deep Typhoon:


To Build-

1 Iron, 1 Green, 1 Bronze, 2 Red, 2 Silver, 5 Aqua, 5 Gold after Blizzard

Peaks and Sky Babylon.

Sailing Out Points-

Southern Island, Plant Kingdom, Machine Labyrinth, Coral Cave, Kylok's

Island, Hidden Island 16, Haunted Ship, Blizzard Peaks, Hidden Island 2,

Pirate's Island.

Elite Beat Agents.... never played this DS game myself, but I hear these

stages are very similar to that game.

This submarine is long range and can find underwater distances and go

under ice, but it can't go into the shallows.



Work that Stylus!

You only use the Stylus in this stage. Tap the stylus preferably when the

circles turn while around the enemies. If an arrow is on the enemy, you

need to follow the enemies' motions for a while before a shot is fired.

Also tap Rings and Item Boxes to receive them when they are closest to

you, Item Boxes also get circles around them.

Basically, the timing of tapping the stylus corresponds to the beat of

the Music. When you tap at the correct time, you will see the word

"Great!" but you can also get scores of "Good", "Ok" or Miss. (I'll have

the points list later).

If you miss an enemy, they will either just go away, or worse they will

attack you! Different enemies seem more likely to attack than others.



If you are not really going for a huge score, try just tapping the stylus

like crazy when loads of enemies appear to destroy as many as you can,

though trying to keep up with the beat also works really well, though

with loads of enemies it gets a bit confusing which one to attack first,

but remember you can attack before the circle turns white often.


9.e. Upgrading your Ships:


After you beat the Final Boss, if you gather more Materials Tails can

improve your ships even further! The upgrade cycle is Wave Cyclone, Ocean

Tornado, Aqua Blast, Deep Typhoon, then one more time in that order. Your

Ship is able to take more damage, and I think increases in Speed. If you

upgrade, you can get the Chaos Emeralds a lot easier!


10. Acts


Gain new Acts and Bosses to play as by Exploring around in the various

ships! There's a grand total of 7 Zones with two Acts and a Boss each, 16

Hidden Island Acts, and the Final and Extra Boss!

You can always go back to a specific Act or Boss after you have found

them in a ship by hitting Stage Select, or you can go to a Zone with the

Sea Chart, or sail out to that Zone/Island again!

(But you can't sail out to Sky Babylon, after beating Hidden Island 2 the

first time, go back with Stage Select or Sea Chart under menu)

In this game, there are 7 regular Zones, plus 16 Hidden Islands and the

training stage Whale Point, plus the three R Hidden Islands lap courses

only found in Time Trial and Two Player, and the Sea Stages discussed

separately. Some of the Hidden Islands are similar some of the Zones,

while others are like Whale Point and can almost be thought of as another

Zone. The Acts for each Zone share common Gimmicks and Obstacles, here's

a brief description of each and Tips for each! Bosses have their own



10.a. Plant Kingdom


Plant Kingdom plus Hidden Island 6 and 7.

Material: Green

A lush tropical forest with Giant Mushrooms, reminds me of something like

Sonic and Knuckle's Mushroom Hill, or Sonic Heroes' Frog Forest.



You need to hang on to it, and jump off at the greatest point of the



Very bouncy, you can trick off them like a spring, it's best to bounce

direction from one mushroom to another.


Giant Trees grab you with their arm and spring you high up in the air.

This Gimmick takes a while, so it's a good one to skip if you are trying

for Time Trials.

Flippy things-

What else could I call them? Red on one side and green on the other, when

you are flipped over to the top, jump to get up to a higher area.

3D Part:

Plant Kingdom 1,

You are on a set of three vines, just press right or left to jump from

one to the other, make sure to jump to another vine to avoid purple mines,

or to grab Rings.



Try to dive-bomb you from the air, no problem if you happen to be Super

Boosting, or if you are not, they generally miss you if you are running,

if you are bouncing off stuff, you might want to consider using an R-move

to attack.


They charge at you, but Super Boost or a good Spin Dash will take care of



Appear out of nowhere and attack you when you are running on top of water,

taken care of easily if you Super Boost (X/Y).


For the S-rank, find the shortcuts, general at the top of the level. Easy



10.b. Machine Labyrinth


Machine Labyrinth Plus Hidden Islands 9 and 10.

Material: Bronze

This bronze steam machinery seems pretty high-tech!


Hang Glider-

Pressing up will sent it upward at a pre-determined height, then it will

slowly decent. Be careful! Pressing the A button or running into

something will make you crash! This is a gimmick that takes getting used

to. You can also Boost while using the Hang Glider, if you get on it

while Boosting sometimes, this may be a glitch however.


In most Sonic games, steam is harmful, but here it's a Trick Object that

pushes your high in the air!

Steam Pinwheel-

You automatically go around in a circle, jump off it when you are facing

the direction you want to go.


They are automatic, but keep pressing B to earn Trick Points while going

through them.


Mecha Skeletons-

These crazy robots have long arms with wrenches, if you get too close,

they will swirl those arms around and hurt you, so they have quite a wide

attack radius! Try to jump on them, or just Super Boost.

Rocket Pack Skeletons-

Have a funky Rocket Pack, they move up and down in the air and try to

block their way, R trick them, or Super Boost them!

Blue Shorts Fat Robots-

Spray a jet of Steam at you, trying to push you backwards, often into

something unpleasant, jump over them from afar, or just Super Boost as



Lots of Trick Points possible, but you need to still try to find the

shortcuts, which like always are mostly the high routes.

Hidden Island 9: Hard, cause it's all Hang Glider, try it with Blaze, she

can float a bit and can help you out if you accidentally fall off.


10.c. Coral Cave


Coral Cave plus Hidden Islands 4,8 and 11

Material: Red

A sparkling, watery cave full of coral, and also sparkling Gems, the Mine

Carts show that it used to be mined for Jewels, reminds me of something

like Lava Reef from Sonic and Knuckles, but watery instead of lava.


Mine Cart-

First push it to get it going, it's much easier if you Super Boost into

it. The Mine Cart goes forward automatically, but you can slow it down by

pressing Left, and you can also Jump, but that's it.

Pulley with Hook-

Huge Pulley with a Hook and rope at the end, it sends you down and then

up, you can trick off it like a Spring. The little known fact is you

should hit R before you reach the hook when you are on the pulley, cause

for some reason that part counts as a Rail and you can help fill your

Tension Meter.

Wooden, umm... arm thing...-

Run into it and it will simply take you up to another level in the Act,

you can't trick off it.

Rocks suspended with Coral-

Falling Rocks are instant death, so stay clear so you can use them as a

platform. If it's red Coral suspending the Rock, then you need to either

Jump, R-trick or best of all jump while Super Boosting into the coral to

make the rock fall.

If the Coral is Green, it falls on it's own, you just need to stand back

so you don't get crushed!

3D Part:

Mine Cart, all you can do is jump over Purple Mines and Lava areas, jump

for Rings.


Angler Fish Red-

Their little angler lure thing charges up with a huge Electricity Ball!

Boost or Spin Dash them.

Angler Fish Green-

Shoot out two energy balls toward your direction, easier to jump on than

the red ones.


They can point their claws up and shoot out electricity, don't try to

jump on them, instead Spin Dash or Super Boost of course.


Similar to the Pterodactyl enemies in Plant Kingdom


Remember to slow the Mine Cart by pressing Left if you want to slow down

when jumping over tricky holes.

Hidden Island 4: Some evil parts with the falling Rocks, toward the end,

try to use R-up at the last moment to grab the right ledge before two

rocks fall on you!

Hidden Island 8: Mine Cart Holes, keep your finger on Left to slow

yourself down when trying to jump over multiple holes.


10.d. Haunted Ship


Haunted Ship plus Hidden Island 15

Material: Silver

The souls of pirates still haunt the wrecked remains of their once

glorious ships! It's good to see a creepy-themed level in a Sonic game...

don't be scared... the flaming skills won't pop out of your DS and grab

you... or will they, mwahahahahahahahaha!


Blue Ropes-

Much of the level is dominated by them. You bounce off them and you can

trick, these are the reason why it's a good Blaze Zone.


The rope twirls around until the Gimmick eventually throws you off

sideways, you can trick off it. This Gimmick takes a while and is a good

one to skip during Time Trials.


There's a few here... there's some hanging from ropes, if they are Dark

Brown, they will come down and capture you and go back up in the air! If

you keep pressing A, you can break free. Usually a hindrance, though

sometimes can take you to a higher area. It's best to avoid them during a

Time Trail.

Small Breakable Barrels-

Often contain Springs or Items.

3D Part:

The Cannon! You go through a series of hoops, each hoop has either the A,

B or R button on it. If you press the corresponding button when the

button turns Orange when you hit it, you can earn Combo Stars, but if you

press at the wrong time or the wrong button, you loose your Combo.



If they see you, they will throw a bone at you. Just Jump or Boost into



Appear and disappear, they try to throw little black cannonballs at you.

If they are visible, they can be killed!

Blue Flaming Skulls-

They try to attach to you, if they do, they slow you horribly down, to

the point where you can barely run or jump. Get rid of them by activating

Super/Fire Boost.


Since this is a very Vertically oriented Zone with lots of Blue Ropes and

other trick objects, Blaze does well here if you keep R uping to higher



10.e. Blizzard Peaks


Blizzard Peaks plus Hidden Islands 12 and 13

Material: Aqua

Snowboarding and Sonic go way back to Sonic 3. Snowboarding, Ice Cycle

Hugging and Avalanches date back to Sonic Adventure. And if Sonic 06 was

disappointing for the fact that Blaze didn't get a snowboard like Sonic

did, then cheer up! That Avalanche tried real hard to get Sonic and Blaze

in Sonic 06... make sure it doesn't succeed this time!



Goes forward automatically. You cannot go backwards at all, remember that,

but you can still Boost when using it. Like the Mine Cart, Press Left to

slow it down when try to jump over tricky holes and junk.

Random Snowboard Fact, they were invented in my home state, Michigan, and

you thought we only gave the world cars and cereal...

Ice Sheets-

They look like thin sheets covered in snow, but if you simply hit one,

they will bounce you in the air, but make sure to hit them from above or

the side.


Send you sliding seeming out of control back and forth through them down

their entire length. You can trick from them, but you can also escape

their grasp completely by R-tricking when in the air! This is highly

recommended for Time Trials.

Long Blue Springy Vines-

Basically grab one, and it will eventually send you up into the air. Kind

of takes a while, might want to try to skip them for Time Trails.

Ice Cycles-

When you hit one of these, you end up spiraling down them, either jump

off to anther ice cycle or just jump off before you get too low and it's

too late.



They try to fire little energy blasts at you. Hit them once, and you just

expose a little robot inside, it's best to Super Boost.


Skeleton Robots riding large orange hang gliders, it's best to Super

Boost when you see them, they are a bit hard to get out of their way if

you are in the air, then use an R trick to attack.


An air obstacle, they sort of just spin when they get near them. This is

a case for Boosting while in mid-air or using a well-placed R-trick.


An easy one to Super Boost through, though if you want an S-rank, you

need to stay at the top of the level.

Remember to slow down the snowboard by pressing Left.


10.f. Sky Babylon


Material: Gold

Umm... am I the only person that automatically hears the worlds "I'm Gonna,

I'm Gonna, I'm Gonna" to this zone's theme? Basically, it's an obvious

reference to the Sonic Rider's series, which involved the ancient Sonic

World Babylon Civilization, look into it yourself, but there's an

interesting story connection. Anyway. If you are familiar with Sonic

Riders, this place indeed does resemble the Babylon Gardens, with a

similar color scheme and the same sort of plant growing on the same sort

of pillars.


You can't sail to Sky Babylon with any ship, cause it floats in the sky!

First find it during the Story by beating Hidden Island 2, then go back

to it again with Stage Select or Sea Chart under the Menu Options.


Gold Balloons-

They operate kind of similarly to the metal platforms in Sonic Rush's

Altitude Limit. Hanging on to one, you can steer right or left, but you

can't control how fast the device goes up. If you crash into something,

you have to try to land where you got the device in the first place,

because another one will soon appear to replace it.

Purple Ropes-

Pretty much the same thing as the blue ropes in Haunted ship, but there's

far fewer of them.


Not so much of a Gimmick as an Obstacle, most of the time, it hurts Sonic

but can't hurt Blaze, but Sonic can Super Boost past it.

Purple Crystals-

Have sparkly stars surrounding them, if you touch the stars you start to

float and you will eventually float on top of them. You are pretty

vulnerable here, all you can do is move left or right until you are out

of the stars again, but they do take you to higher areas.


Mecha Skeletons-

They carry a small knife and try to cut you if you get too close (Not

kidding) jump or Super Boost.

Floating Bots-

Don't do much but try to get in your way when using the Golden Balloon

Gimmick, there is also a couple of places where you can just simply hit

them in a row (don't use Homing Attack with Sonic) for a shortcut.

Blue Robots-

Shoot out a small cannon ball with the launcher they are carrying.


Blaze has an advantage here because she's immune to Fire, but Sonic is

faster in this level overall.

The Gold Balloon hard parts just take practice, they are kind of touchy,

only slightly adjustments first before you get the hang of them.

Act 2 (at least for me) was hard to S-rank. I ended up taking all the

shortcuts I could, the highest route with Sonic, and even going out of

the way to grab extra Rings. You have to get through the Act with about

100 Rings preferably, and about less than 2 minutes, 20 seconds! And with

full Trick Bonus. That's not easy...

More of a two-player tip, one of the cheapest deaths ever is your

opponent using a Slow/Confusion while you are on a crumbly floor, try to

jump off it, or with Blaze float, or well... basically you're messed up

most of the time...


10.g. Pirates' Island


Material: Black

First thing that popped into my head when I first saw this level:

Soleanna Castle Town... what's that you might say... it's from the widely

agreed-upon kind of awful Sonic 06 game for X-box 360 and Playstation 3.

That game, and Sonic Rivals for PSP also brought in some very confusing

story elements when it comes to Blaze and Eggman Nega... and if you only

had the DS you might have though this was just a cut and dry sequel... Bah,

I don't want to discuss it right now... but anyway, it's Venice-esqe, like

Sonic 06's Soleanna, that's all you need to know.



The Dolphin automatically goes forward. You can go in any direction and

pressing backwards will slow the dolphin down and pushing forward speeds

it up. If you run into a wall you will fall off your dolphin, a good

general tip is when you have a choice, go the upwards path, you won't

fall into a hole if you mess up up there. There are various hoops you can

go through, you will earn a Combo when you go through, them, but you must

hit the Green hoop at the end to earn it! The Green Hoop will also spring

you high up into the air.

Water Gun-

When you stand in front of it, the cannon automatically goes up and down.

Press A when the cannon is pointing in the direction you want. These

water jets can kill enemies, and the water jet turns into a rail you can

grind on. Watch out however, the water jet eventually disappears!


Slings you into the air sideways. Careful, if you try to jump or trick

too soon, it will not work properly, and you have to walk away then

approach the Catapult again to reset it.

Little Water Fountains-

Look funky and can move back and forth, but in reality are just Springs.

Timed Gate-

Basically you can only pass through the gate before the time displayed

above it, afterwards a waterfall comes down and blocks that route.


Red Robots-

Try to throw cannonballs at you.

Green Robots-

Have some sort of gun, but it fires at your feet basically, a crummy

attack, pretty easy to smash these guys.


The Dolphin parts also just simply take getting used to. That's about all

I can say.

For the shortest routes, the Water Guns should always point up, Go the

upper path with the Dolphins, and also R-trick to a higher Rail if you

see it.


10.h. Hidden Islands


Whale Point, Hidden Islands 1,2,3,5,14 and 16

Material: Blue and Iron

The Zone specific Hidden Islands usually give you at least one piece of

Blue and Iron Material also, see the other Zone Descriptions for tips

about them.

It's a Tropical Island Paradise! Reminds me of when I lived in Corpus

Christi a couple of months... palm trees... sand... salt water... yeah... I miss

the tropical seas...

This Zone's has all the Gimmicks of Sonic Rush's Leaf Forest except the



Spiraling Spring-

Same as in Sonic Rush's Leaf Forest Zone. Spirals upward until you

eventually hit the spring in the middle. You can shortcut this Gimmick by

just jumping off the vine early.


Same as in Sonic Rush's Leaf Forest Zone. Hangs off curves, it springs

you high into the air.


Barrel Throwers-

Tiny Robots that throw little barrels, best to Spin Dash or Super Boost


Purple Giants-

Large Robots that try to hit you with a ball and chain. They take three

hits to defeat, it's best to Super Boost through them three times, but

defeating them takes up precious time and it's best to just Boost past


Floating Bots-

Same as in Sky Babylon.


Most of these are relatively simple, I might give more specific tips

later on.

Does Hidden Island 16 seem familiar to you? If it does, that means you

have Sonic Rush, this game's predecessor. If you don't and you like this

game, get Sonic Rush, story links with that story and it makes a lot more

sense, but if you want to keep sane and you have played Sonic 06 and

Sonic Rivals... don't try to connect the plots... seriously, the conflicting

Blaze storylines is headache-inducing...


10.i. R Hidden Islands


These three Looped Stages are similar to Zone X in Sonic Rush, and 2

player in the Classic Sonic 3, they are loops (the stages is sort of

circular, you go around in laps) and you have to complete 5 laps to

finish. They only appear in Two Player Mode and Time Trail.

In Two Player the item boxes are the same as in other Two Player Modes

but without the Attract Item.

In Time Trial, all Item Boxes are Tension and Max Tension.

There is only a certain way to get through each R Hidden Island, R-1 you

basically have to avoid the springs, but here's how to lap R-2 and R-3:


An odd and confusing lap stage, Basically the Goal is on the bottom of

the stage, but to get back to it, you first have to go above it, then go

a very specific route, or you will keep going around in circles but never

touching the checkpoint again!

From the checkpoint, when you get to the two small floating platforms,

ignore them, make sure to jump over the small hole beyond (If you are

using Boost you should automatically Boost over it) and then continue.

Now you will literally run above the checkpoint. Now you need to make

sure to jump over the next large hole, you don't want to end up at the

bottom of the course here. Just before the ground curves down, see the

orange hoop? Jump for it! Now jump over the next hole, if you hit the

spring, which leads to an item box, make sure to fall straight down

afterwards, it's actually best to jump over it, then just follow the

course to the checkpoint!


Pretty simple... but toward the end out of a loop-de-loop, you end up going

downwards straight into a hole! Basically you jump off to the right very

soon after going through the loop to land on a spring so you can continue

the lap.

There is also a secret shortcut, starting from the checkpoint, don't jump

and fall down into the lower room, then jump over the spring instead of

on it, and you skip a huge part of the loop, but there's a Timed Gate

down there, you can only use that shortcut in the first 24 seconds you

are doing that level.


11. Bosses


The Bosses in Sonic Rush Adventure are very similar to the ones in Sonic

Rush, except the boss is on both screens, the boss has a life bar instead

of a set number of hits, and you can hit the boss about 3-4 times in a

row. They are all 3D in some form or the other. Sometimes you still can

only more in two directions but the boss is animated in 3D, other times

you can move in a circle around it. During a Boss battle, there are no

Tension Gauge or Gimmicks, so all of your Boosting and Tricks are gone.

In general the bosses start out with a couple of attacks that are easy to

dodge, but later on pull out tougher attacks and the earlier types of

attacks get faster or might change a little. Also not all bosses are

attacked directly, often you have to do something first just to reach the

boss or you have to attack the boss either using or shooting back

something it attacked you with.

In this game, Bosses are auto set to Easy, you can go to Setter and

change it to Normal if you want. Some Missions, including the 4 Sol

Emerald Boss ones, are harder versions of these bosses.

Easy Mode changes different things about the Boss to make it easier to

hit, I'll detail this later.


Try to keep Rings floating around the field because the more you are hit,

the more Rings scatter when you lose them and they are harder to pick up.

If you pay attention, you can tell what attack the Boss is gonna dish out


Spin-dash first, then jump out of it to run quickly during Bosses. You

end up running faster this way than if you simply just speed up running.


11.a. Plant Kingdom Boss:


Short Description:


It's called the Ghost Rex. It's scary looking, but it's similar to the

Leaf Forest Boss from Sonic Rush, that is, when it lowers it's head, jump

to attack.

Also this boss has a move where it rushes directly at you, if you stand

in the way, you will be hurt. If you attack during this time, you can

keep it back and keep it from doing this.

Final Hit: The Ghost Rex falls down, just hit it in the head one more


S-rank: All 12 Rings (time info coming later)

A few more details/strategies:


Part 1 of the battle, above ground-

Head Slam/Bite:

The rex first stands there and looks menacing, then lowers it's head with

a bite. Sometimes the head hits on the side.

In both situations, avoid by just simply moving out of the way, but not

too far since you have limited time before the head comes back up again.

Rushing Attack:

Pretty much explained in full in the Short Description. This is actually

when you can get the most hits in, it seems to be about 9-11. Attacking

quickly and getting in this number of hits before it pushes you to the

other edge in fact is the only way to prevent this attack from inflicting

damage on you.

Part 2, below ground-

The battle switches when you take away exactly half of the bosses' health.

Now the head slamming attack can be stronger, with the Rex's head going

to the upper screen. But truthfully, treat this attack the same, this

isn't even strong enough to instantly kill you.

Also, there will be a quicker version of the bite attack that is harder

to avoid, try not to stand in one place too long.


11.b. Machine Labyrinth Boss:


Short Description:


It's called the Ghost Pendulum. If you have Sonic Rush, think Night

Carnival. First only the smaller pendulum is there, but soon it's joined

by two more. Jump at them so they hit the top of the boss when they are

not spiky, but you might not hit it hard enough. Hit them from below for

the most force or Spin-dash before hitting the pendulums, but if they

don't make it to the top and are still moving, hit them again and they

often will. Try to hit them again soon after it hits the boss and it

still has lots of momentum to it.

Overall, you will do better if you keep the pendulums moving, i.e. hit

them in rapid sucession.

Watch out for the little rhino bots and the thing that comes down in the

middle, when the stages gets dark, jump!

Final Hit: the boss falls to the ground, just hit it again.

S-rank: All 12 Rings (time info coming later)

A few more details/strategies:


The Pendulums:

All Pendulums are hit the same, it's best to hit them from directly

underneath, or if you hit them with lots of speed, like out of a Spin-

dash or if you were running quickly before jumping into it, but overall

hitting from the bottom works best and is most repeatable. A trick I

should mention, spin-dash first, then jump out of it to run quickly

during Bosses.

Spikes appear relatively infrequently and only during Part 3 of the boss,

but can be a pain if you jump first, then the spikes appear before you

are about to hit the ball, doesn't happen much, but something to look out


Part 1/Little Green Pendulum-

Appears first. Easy to hit boss if you hit it from directly below, or

from the side when it has some motion to it already. Deals only the

smallest amount of damage to the boss.

Part 2/Yellow/1/8th Damage to Boss-

Appears when you deal about 1/8 damage to the Boss. Usually also hits

boss if hit from directly underneath, but not if there isn't a good

amount of speed to your jump also. Does about twice the damage of Green.

Overall, very worth going after this one.

Also during this time, the spiky circular thing starts to sometimes fall

from the middle of the Boss to the ground, when it hits, a shockwave is

produced you have to jump over. The darkening of the stage is your clue

to get prepared to jump when the time is right.

Part 3/Red/1/2 damage to boss

Red is kind of hard to hit, you usually have to hit it two or more times

in rapid succession to get a successful hit, but as you can imagine, it

does twice the damage of yellow. It might not be worth it to keep going

after the red one, when you would do more damage over the same length of

time by just using the green and yellow one.

Also during this time, the Pendulums will sometimes flash red and sprout

spikes... obviously, don't touch.

And finally, the little Green Robot will also appear, further

complicating the boss. All you can do is destroy it so it doesn't get in

your way.


11.c Coral Cave Boss:


Short Description:


It's called the Ghost Kraken. It's a giant squid. The key to this boss to

attack the tentacle that is light green in color. Sometimes it squirts

ink to cloud the view or even at you to slip you up.

Final Hit: Covers the screen with Ink so you can't see anything. But look

at the corners of the screen and you can see well enough, or the funny

thing is you can wipe the ink off the touch screen!

S-rank: All 12 Rings (time info coming later)

A few more details/strategies:


Every single time you hit the Kraken, even the tentacles that don't count

as a hit to the boss, you will make it more angry and change color. When

the Kraken is angry enough, it will turn red and will then force you into

an underwater attack, which is harder to dodge, so in the beginning try

not to hit the other tentacles except the light blue one so you will not

go underwater more than once during the entire boss battle.

Above Water Attacks-


Tentacles circle, just chase down the light green one, the number of

tentacles can vary.

Tentacle Smash:

The boss will try to smash you with two or more tentacles, just avoid the

impacts, pretty easy to do and you should have an opening for a hit. The

attack is harder later on in the boss

Ink Trap:

The boss will squirt out three blobs of Ink at the ground. If you are

covered in ink, you will get hit and can't do anything about it. But if

you avoid the ink, the boss will slam it's tentacles down right on top of

the blots, before it does this, stand by a blot next to the light green

tentacle (you can safely walk on top of the blots) to score some hits.


boss will try to pinch you between the light green tentacle and another

tentacle, jump just as it is about to hit you and score some hits in the



Remember, the Kraken submerges when angry and will only perform two

attacks underwater before surfacing again. When underwater, two of the

tentacles act like pinball bumpers, so you are now in a confined space.

Also before an attack, the boss might cloud the area with ink, though in

reality you should still be able to see well enough to hit the boss.

Other than that, the Boss will try to get you with Smash and Merry-go-

Round explained above.


11.d Haunted Ship Boss:


Short Description:


It's called the Ghost Pirate. It has a variety of attacks, but the most

important is to attack the spooky red thing. Sometimes it's in the Ghost

Pirate's chest, sometimes it's up on the upper level, get to the upper

level using the skull and rope gimmicks on either side.

Final Hit: The red thing floats around randomly, chase it down and hit it.

S-rank: All 12 Rings (time info coming later)

A few more details/strategies:


Overall, when the red thing is in the Ghost Pirate's chest, attack from

behind since all of Ghost Pirate's Attacks are directed in front of him.

You might have to change levels in order to do that, for example use the

rope to get to the top so you can drop down behind him.

When the red thing is up above, attack it like crazy and avoid the

pirate's attacks as said above.

And the red thing can be hit at any time, even when changing positions.

You can attack the Pirate when the red thing is not in his chest and he

might collapse for a while, but it won't do any damage.

Specific Attacks-

Sword Swipe/kick:

It's best to stand back, or better yet sneak in behind him.

Fire Balls:

Jump over them then attack the Pirate, or attack him from behind.

Flame Pillar:

This thing you cannot jump over and goes all the way to the top of the

screen, you will have to get behind the pirate if you have to attack him.


He will break apart, and try to swoop at you, actually a good time to get

in a hit if you time it correctly.


The pirate starts doing this when half of his life is gone. He will shoot

way up in the air, and comes down hard on the bottom level with a

shockwave. It's best to stand on the top level until this attack is over,

but he can hurt you on his way down, so get out of the way!


11.e. Blizzard Peaks Boss:


It's called the Ghost Whale. First dodge and destroy the little green

robots, then when it gets near hit it's head to open it's mouth... explore

inside and reach the red thing at the end before time runs out! Hit the

blue devices in the whale to give you more time on the clock.

S-rank Tip: When it is save, Spin-dash in the Whale to gain speed. If you

spin-dash then run, you will run faster.

Final Hit: You are blown out of the whale a third time, then just hit

it's head again while its laying on its side.


11.f. Sky Babylon Boss:


It's called the Ghost Condor. It's way up high in the air and you are

running along a track. Avoid anything red... and hit anything Green to

boost you up to the level of the boss and try to land on one of the

platforms up above so you can then hit the boss. Watch out, you get all

the Rings you can have at the beginning. Dodge the charging attack by

moving quickly from one side to the other.

Final Hit: The boss lowers, hit the head again to finish it off.


11.g. Pirate's Island Boss:


It's called Whisker and Johnny. Similar to the Zone 7 Boss of Sonic Rush

sort of, but you are fighting Whisker and Johnny at the same time. Attack

then any time they are just standing still not doing anything. There are

higher platforms, but you can only switch to higher levels if Whisker and

Johnny are already up there. Watch out for random saws, you might want to

switch levels. They have separate Life Bars and you have to take out both

of them to win.


11.h. Final Boss:


It's called Big Swell or the Ghost Titan or "Mr. Tickler." Like the Final

Boss of Sonic Rush, it's a multi step process to hit the Boss. See the

cannons to the right or left surrounded by Force Fields? First of all,

try to get the boss to direct it's attacks toward the cannons, the force

fields will eventually go down.

Second, the cannon will fire at you, attack it, try to dodge the bullets

and a red rimmed hole will appear.

Now jump in the cannon! A moving target marker will appear, try to match

it up as best you can with the Bosses' head. If you hit it well, you can

hit the boss multiple times, but if you don't, the boss will shrug you

off and you only get one hit.

Also, if you see any red torpedoes, go for them, because they will go

directly to the Boss and get in a hit.

Another interesting tidbit, if you attack the force fields directly, you

can do damage to them also, but it hurts you in return! Kamikazeing like

this saves time, but makes it a lot harder to keep Rings in the long run.

Final Hit: There are two lasers that fire out from the head of the Boss!

Stand perfectly in the middle under the head to avoid them, then when the

head lowers, simply jump up and hit it.


11.i. Extra Boss:


It's called the Egg Wizard, and you get to play as Super Sonic and

Burning Blaze!

Unlock by getting all Chaos and Sol Emeralds, see the Emeralds section of

this guide for more information.

You get to control both Super Sonic and Burning Blaze, who share Rings

which like in all Super Bosses deplete one per second, and you can switch

between them as you wish by just pressing the R button, their controls

are very similar, so I've explained them together, with differences

explained for each:

D pad: Move in any direction on the screen.

D Pad + A or B button: Dash in any direction. This allows you to travel

faster in any direction in a short burst.

X or Y Button: Attack, just pressing the button gives you a weak attack,

while pressing and holding charges up your attack, your attack is fully

charged when the character starts to glow. If you are hit during this

charging process, your concentration will be messed up and you will not

succeed in landing an attack. Sonic and Blaze differ slightly in attacks:

Super Sonic-

A shield appears that deflects objects the boss throws at you, the more

you charge it, the bigger and more powerful it is. Smaller objects like

the Dragons and the blue/green blasts just need a tap of the button,

while larger objects such as Large Missiles and the Meteor from the boss

need a full charge.

Burning Blaze-

A tap gives you a small fire ball, while charging increases it's size.

The bigger fire balls hit the boss easier and do more damage of course.

R Button: Switch character

In general, Attack with Sonic when there's lots of objects, Blaze any

other time. I find it easy enough to S-rank with just Blaze, just

remember to grab Rings, cause you need 50 of them for the S-rank!

I'll expand this description in the future.


12. Hidden Island Locations


Some Hidden Islands you encounter in the story but other ones have to be

specifically sailed to with a certain ship, or at least a recommend a

certain ship below.

Tip: Like real Islands, Hidden Islands are usually surrounded by an area

of shallower water which appear as light blue spots on the map, but the

ones in purple areas of fog are completely hidden.



Rough Locations list based on the "squares" on the sea chart. Some of

these need a certain ship or at least I recommend a ship. Try to draw as

directly to the light spot as possible. The Starting Points are the

orange dots you start you stylus at, if you don't remember where these

specific Starting Points are, refer to the Sea Chart in the Menu.

There are also various Maps online, including one of GameFAQs, and one in

the IGN guide.

1. Encountered during the story.

Next to Coral Cave, complete it to unlock this Zone.

Ocean Tornado, navigate around the shallows to the left during the story,

you will also hit a Chaos Emerald race along the way.

2. Encountered during the story.

Next to Sky Babylon, complete it to unlock that Zone. Get originally with

the Aqua Blast, 3 to the right of Daikun's Island

3. Encountered during the story.

Aqua Blast, Haunted Ship, Two to the right and 3 up.

4. Encountered during the story.

Wave Cyclone, 1 Left and 3 up from Hidden Island 2 (next to Sky Babylon)

5. Encountered during the story.

Wave Cyclone, Haunted Ship, About 3 down.

6. Wave Cyclone, Windmill Village, two down and one over (corner of four


7. Aqua Blast, Windmill Village, two Right and 3 up.

8. Wave Cyclone, In the purple fog, Kylok's Island, About three down and

a little to the left.

9. Aqua Blast, Purple Fog, about 3 up from Plant Kingdom

10. Wave Cyclone, Machine Labyrinth, about 1 Left and 3 Down (in the

corner of four squares near the bottom of the screen)

11. Wave Cyclone, Coral Cave, Two down and one left.

12. Submarine, one up and three left from Pirate's Island.

13. Aqua Blast, Hidden Island 16 two the left and 3 up (extreme upper


14. Wave Cyclone, Two the right and three up from Hidden Island 2 (Next

to Sky Babylon)

15. Wave Cyclone Extreme Lower Right corner of the screen, purple fog,

get there from Hidden Island 2 (next to Sky Babylon)

16. Aqua Blast, From Coral Cave one to the right and 3 up.


13. Emeralds:


14 Emeralds? This is unheard of, right? Not really, in Sonic Rush, Blaze

just got them automatically and the lock-on Sonic 3 and Knuckles from the

Genesis days comes to mind. Sonic has to find Johnny out on the open sea,

while Blaze has to clear certain Missions given by Gardon. Different

enough they deserve their own sections. Grab them all to see the Extra

Zone and find out the true ending of this game!

You can always check how many you have in the Menu, in the Items section.


13.a. Chaos Emeralds


You find Johnny in certain places in the middle of the sea, it doesn't

matter which vessel you are using, but once you run into Johnny you have

the option to challenge him on the spot to a race in the Wave Cyclone, or

just go back there later.

A big red X does appear on the map if you complete a Johnny race, but you

can always either go to Norman, Choose "Viking Cup" and scroll down on

the Wave Cyclone Screen to find the Chaos Emerald races to Time Attack

them, or you can sail out to that spot again to re-challenge Johnny if

you so choose.

Same controls as just sailing around in the Wave Cyclone, but here are

some differences:

When Johnny Boosts, yellow energy Rings appear behind him, catch these

for a burst in speed without having to use your Boost. You might want to

save your Boost until later or at least until the Boost Bar is filled up,

so you might want to do this for awhile. Be aware, you create these

energy rings also that Johnny can use.

Johnny will sometimes throw missiles and stuff at you, and touching him

is bad.



Like Hidden Islands, Johnny loves to hide out in light blue spots.

Using your Boost early doesn't help, it's best to keep in Johnny's wake

and collect Rings and Trick Ramps to fill up your Boost, then use it when

it is full to get ahead of him, especially at the end of the race.

Boosting into Purple Mines will prevent damage, but slows you down,

remember this especially in the Purple Chaos Emerald race.

If you have beating the Final Boss, go back to Tails and upgrade your

Wave Cyclone, if you continue you can have two upgrades! This will make

it a lot easier to gather the Chaos Emeralds.



Given by the "squares" on the Sea Chart defined by the black grid lines,

head for the light-colored spot. Of course, you have to unlock the

starting points mentioned below before you can head out to a race and

starting points differ by ship, I have given you just one Ship for each

Chaos Emerald to make it easier to describe, but it's possible to reach

them with more than one ship.

Also, these coordinates tell you where they are, you want to try if you

can to draw a straight line to the pale blue spots instead of just

following the squares with the stylus, and they are sort of approximate

because orange starting dots are often on the corners of squares.

As with the Hidden Island locations, the Chaos Emerald Locations can also

be found on Online maps.

Chaos Emerald 1 (Red):

You will encounter this one as part of the story when trying to get

around the shallows in the Ocean Tornado in the Coral Cave area (Zone 3).

It's in front of Coral Cave, and later appears above it.

Shortest: Wave Cyclone, From Hidden Island 16, 1 Right and 1 Down, or 3

Right and 2 up from Hidden Island 1

Chaos Emerald 2 (Blue):

Wave Cyclone, From Windmill Village, about two to the right and two down

(draw straight line).

Chaos Emerald 3 (Yellow):

Wave Cyclone, From Machine Labyrinth, about one to the right and three


Chaos Emerald 4 (Green):

Wave Cyclone, From Kylok's Island, one to the left and two up.

Chaos Emerald 5 (White):

Wave Cyclone, From Hidden Island 16, One square to the right, then two up.

Chaos Emerald 6 (Light Blue):

Wave Cyclone, From Hidden Island 2 (next to Sky Babylon), One square down

and one to the left.

Chaos Emerald 7 (Purple):

Ocean Tornado, From Haunted Ship, stay out of the shallows...

One square right, two up, three right.


13.b. Sol Emeralds


These are Missions, since I have not detailed all Missions yet, I

detailed them below and here are the basic instructions:

First of all go to Gardon that appears on the Ocean Tornado's Dock. Talk

to him, and if you have already cleared the Bosses and Hidden Islands

listed below, he will give you the Sol Emerald mission that goes along

with it. Then talk to Marine and pick that mission out of the list and

clear it to instantly gain a new Sol Emerald. If you cleared more than

one of these bosses or Hidden Islands below, keep talking to Gardon and

he will give you more missions. You can only play as Blaze during all of

these Missions.

All of these Missions are defeat a harder version of the Boss, or get to

the Goal with only one life.

REMEMBER! He will skip around in Sol Emerald number if you have not found

a Hidden Island before a certain boss for example, but he'll give it to

you once you met the requirement.

(I'll add mission-specific tips later)



Sol Emerald 1 (Red):

Mission 4- Zone 2 (Machine Labyrinth) Boss Hard

Sol Emerald 2 (Blue):

Mission 7- Hidden Island 6 one life

Sol Emerald 3 (Yellow):

Mission 10- Zone 3 (Coral Cave) Boss Hard

Sol Emerald 4 (Green):

Mission 13- Hidden Island 12 one life

Sol Emerald 5 (White):

Mission 17- Hidden Island 8 one life

Sol Emerald 6 (Light Blue):

Mission 86- Zone 7 (Pirate's Island) Boss Hard

Sol Emerald 7 (Purple):

Mission 88- Final Boss Hard


This is hard enough I'll give a tip right here. It's easy to keep Rings

on the field, because some of them are out of reach normally! But use

Blaze's floaty R move after hitting the boss to grab them later on in the

battle, cause you are most likely to loose Rings...


14. Missions


Most Missions are gained in this fashion, after completing Acts, Boss or

Hidden Island, go around and talk to certain people on Southern Island,

and they might give you a Mission or even more if you keep talking to

them. These Missions are added to a list kept by Marine in her house. All

Missions you only get 1 life to complete them, but you get infinite tries.

There are 100 Missions in total. Sol Emeralds are also Missions, so look

in that section for info about them.

After Completing a Mission, you either get a reward by talking with the

person that gave you the Mission again after you complete it, or if it's

an Item (Metal or Sol Emerald) you get it right away.

See the Southern Island Section of this guide for a general idea of what

Missions the different people give and where they are located, here are

types of Missions and some general tips.

Mission Types:


Get all the Sol Emeralds: See that specific section

Defeat the Boss Again: Harder Version of a Boss

Reach the Goal: Get to the end of an Act or Hidden Island with only one


Collect the Rings: Collect a certain number of Rings in a certain period

of time. I recommend faster Sonic.

Reach the Goal within the Time Limit: A Time Trail, get to the end in

that time period.

Find the Medals: An arrow appears that points in the general direction,

find a treasure chest in-level and get rewarded a Medal that appears in

your Items section.

Do a Trick: Do a certain amount of A-button tricks in a certain amount of

time, it only seems to count if you get a Star for the trick, but not if

you keep the Stars. Blaze is better at tricking.

Get a Combo: The explanation is confusing, get up to a certain Combo

number in your Stars. Blaze is better at tricking.

Defeat the Enemies: Defeat a certain number of Enemies in a certain

period of time. Use Sonic, his Homing Attack does wonders.

Defeat the Boss or Reach the Goal with 1 Ring: You start with just one

Ring... that's all you get.

Pass through all the Flags: You have to hit every single numbered Flag in

order. There is a time limit between each Flag!

You do get a reward for completing all 100 Missions... I'll give you a hint,

Mission 100 is unlocked after completing the first 99.


14.a. Medal Locations


Certain Missions require you to find a Medal before a certain period of

Time is up. All of these Missions have Marine's picture.

These Medals are contained in a Treasure Chest just like the one at the

end of a level. There's an small arrow that moves around the edge of the

screen that shows you in general what direction the Medal is in, so you

will know instantly if you passed one!

When you get a Medal, it's displayed in your Items Menu, though I don't

think they really do anything but look pretty.

Anyway, some of these Medals are very tricky, here are general locations

for each of them, read these over and help me improve them if need be!

There descriptions for now are pretty general, the arrow will narrow down

the location for you, so I didn't feel a full walkthrough is needed plus

frankly, I'm busier than when I wrote guides in the past!

24: Find the Medal in Plant Kingdom, Act 1 within 2'00"00.

It's at the very bottom of the level, under a rail, it's easy to fall

down when you see the arrow pointing down and either jump THROUGH the

rail or fall down through it.

28: Find the Medal in Plant Kingdom, Act 2 within 2'00"00.

Blaze Recommended.

On top of a loop-de-loop. With Sonic, you will have to stay at the very

top of the level to eventually catch hoops that will send you up here,

but with Blaze you can also do an R up trick off a large mushroom to get

to this same area if you fall to the bottom of this level.

33: Find the Medal in Machine Labyrinth, Act 1 within 2'00"00.

This is a tough one.

There is a point in the level where you are shot straight up in the air

after a very long tube, then you normally hit two hoops that send you

through a thin floor to more level above and out of reach of the Medal.

Start trying to press R and left while still in the tube! If you can pull

off this R trick before you hit the two hoops, then you will hit the

Treasure Chest!

36: Find the Medal in Machine Labyrinth, Act 2 within 1'30"00.

It's on one of those funky circular things that have steam shooting out

one side, when the Arrow points down after falling into this area, go

left instead of right on the first funky circular thing so you call fall

down onto the Medal.

41: Find the Medal in Coral Cave, Act 1 within 2'30"00.

Near the end of the level, there's a room with a green bouncy thing on

the floor. You will see two lines of rings above it, one going right and

one going left. Jump clean over it to find the Medal instead of bouncing

on it.

44: Find the Medal in Coral Cave, Act 2 within 2'30"00.

There is a large hole you fall down in this level with a green bounce at

the bottom (the arrow will be at the bottom right of your screen at this

point,) fall down the LEFT side of this hole, this might go against what

the arrow says, but this will take you to the correct area after running

over a stretch of water.

49: Find the Medal in Haunted Ship, Act 1 within 2'30"00.

It's on the normal path of the level near the end, it's more of a Time

Trial than anything, Blaze does best in this level if you Trick with her


52: Find the Medal in Haunted Ship, Act 2 within 2'30"00.

Blaze recommended.

Immediately after the first cannon bit, hit the summersault Gimmick, then

make sure to land on one of the floating platforms, then jump on them (to

the left initially) one after another to get to the higher area with the

Medal, or if you are playing with Blaze, you can do an Up R trick after

hitting the Gimmick.

57: Find the Medal in Blizzard Peaks, Act 1 within 1'00"00.

Kind of hard because it's on the snowboard. Not long after the first

half-pike and going up a very tall hill (use an R trick after going up

the first time to get out of flipping back and forth for a long time),

you have to jump to hit one of the ice Gimmicks that bounces you upwards

after hitting it. Try slowing down the snowboard first by pushing Left in

order to time the jump correctly.

62: Find the Medal in Blizzard Peaks, Act 2 within 2'00"00.

Blaze recommended.

Tip: to get a faster time, when you are flipped in the air off the little

curved ice, use a sideways R trick.

The first half-pike, stay in it till about the end, then do an R up trick

to get to higher in the level off of it to find the Medal.

66: Find the Medal in Sky Babylon, Act 1 within 3'00"00.

Blaze recommended.

Floating gray platforms above a rail, jump off the rail onto a platform

and follow them up to the higher area with the Medal. If you go too far,

it's easy to just go backwards on the rail to get back up there.

70: Find the Medal in Sky Babylon, Act 2 within 3'00"00.

Blaze recommended.

Near the end of the level, There's a room with a crumbly floor, then a

room with enemies, you will literally see it on the other side of the

wall eventually. There's a place where you can bounce up and go through a

hole on the LEFT side of the wall, then go to the left till you fall into

a room that has the Treasure Chest at the end.

80: Find the Medal in Pirate's Island, Act 1 within 2'30"00.

Sonic recommended for Speed.

After the second Dolphin ride, the next water cannon should be pointing

up when you fire it.

84: Find the Medal in Pirate's Island, Act 2 within 3'00"00.

Blaze recommended.

After the second Dolphin ride, either do an R up trick after the dolphin

flips you up in the air after the green hoop to catch the rail above, or

if you have Blaze, you can also use an up R trick off the spring below in

the water to this rail.


14.b. Flag Locations


All Flag Missions are Muzy Missions. You get a countdown in the top right

corner of your screen, if it goes to zero before you hit the next flag in

order, you are dead! Of course, there's also a convenient counter to tell

you have many Flags you picked up and how many are left.


You have to go fast, but Boosting will speed you up too much, try just

regular Boost Mode.

Press Left to slow down the Snowboard/Mine Cart

For the ice levels, shortcut the half-pikes by using an R trick after

flipping of it.

58: Pass through all the flags on Blizzard Peaks, Act 1 in order.


1. Don't jump on the very first Rail, the flag is under it.

2. You have to jump off a small ledge to reach it.

3 and 4. Straight ahead after 2.

5. After the first half-pike.

6. After the blue vine that bounces you up, use an R up trick to reach a

higher rail with the Flag on it.

7. After 6, when landing press Left to slow down so you don't land to the

right of 7 and don't trick off this rail0.

8. When you climb the hill after 7, slow down by pressing Left, then at

the top of the hill jump to hit a bouncy Ice gimmick to get higher, this

is the same place the Medal was in this level.

9-13. Regular level route after 8, jump over holes, and you might want to

keep a finger on Left to slow you down!

14-16. Soon after 13, slow down by pressing Left, then jump on the rail

you see before going way down to the spring, because these flags are on

that rail and you are more likely to miss 14 if you R trick off the

spring below.

17. After hitting the next spring, don't trick when landing, just press

to the right very slightly so you will not pass by it.

18. After 17, jump into the Hoops before you go around the bottom of the


19. When you hit the spring below 18, don't trick, make sure you land on

the bouncy ice gimmick to bounce up on the rail with 19.

20-23. Normal level after 19, make sure to Boost to get past the


91: Pass through all the flags on Hidden Island 8 in order.


1-5. Normal path through level, 4 and 5 in the Mine Cart.

6-15. Make sure to jump over all holes you encounter in the Mine Cart,

especially slow down after you hit Flag 5 in order to jump that next hole,

don't go too fast, try doing it with Left pressed down.

16-20. Normal level path.

21-26. Same instructions as 6-15 (wow, I'm lazy today... heh!)

27-29. Found after the 3D underground Minecart section, there aren't any

flags down there.

92: Pass through all the flags on Hidden Island 12 in order.


1. Jump on the first rail.

2. After 1, try to jump on the next rail, but then jump off it BEFORE

hitting the Item Box in order to jump on the one above it, though

sometimes you do make it if you hit the item box.

3-5. Jump off the tops of the three small hills after 2 in order to sail

through the air and catch these three flags.

6. Don't trick off the spring after 5 to land on it.

7-8. Jump quickly when you grab 6 to get 7, then do the same for 8 on the

higher platforms, or fall down below and don't trick off the springs and

only push forward slightly to land on them.

9. Next rail after 8.

10. Land carefully after grabbing 9, push left to slow down.

11. Jump for it off the next rail.

12. Next rail after 11, jump to the next higher smaller rail then jump


13. Land carefully down below once again.

14. Jump over the next two holes, do this while pressing Left.

15-17. Once again, no tricking off next spring, but to grab the next two

you MUST jump quickly and carefully over the next couple of holes, press

Left to help you.

18. Watch carefully, you have to jump at the right moment off the hill to

grab it.


14.c. Harder Mission Tips


Most Missions are pretty straight-forward, but some of them can be quite

a pain. The Medal and Flag Missions are completely explained above, but

here are a few more missions that deserve special treatment.

Mission Included So far:


95: Reach the Goal of Hidden Island 16 within 1'00"00


This is one of the hardest missions... though since Hidden Island 16 is

really Leaf Forest Act 1 from Sonic Rush, I knew how to do it two years

ago... Anyway, here's a nice walkthrough to follow, it's best to use Sonic,

and I've done faster myself.

Use Y button Super Boost from the beginning and Super Boost as much as

possible, also Trick off Springs to keep your meter nice and happy. Hit

first spring, then use R sideways to land on the rail.

Off the next ramp, use Up and R to land on top of the huge Loop. Hit next

spring and hit all the hoops in the air.

Now hit the spring on the other side of the rock and continue the natural

path from there, try to shortcut the spiraling vine Gimmicks by jumping

off then and onto the springs in the middle early.

Off the first bungie you hit, use an Up R to get on the higher path, you

will have to land on a small platform if you are Sonic and jump off it

before it falls to continue on.

Now at the next checkpoint, try this. Use Super Boost (Y) and jump with a

good amount of Speed right at the checkpoint. You should be able to

either get on top of a Loop that has an Electric Shield on it, or even

hit the rail past it, then continue the natural route.

At the next spiraling vine gimmick, try jump down to the lower route

instead, I think it's a bit faster.

Try this route a few times, or even figure out other little ways to shave

off time, and you should make it under 1 minute.


14.d. Missions List


I have added more Unlock Details if I know it (I still don't remember

them all, I would like help here). The Character is the Character who's

picture appears for each Mission, in general you need to have defeated

the particular Boss/Act shown and then Talk to the Character before you

can play that particular Mission.

In the future, I might add the full Description, but I don't know if that

is necessary, will take a long time to type, I did this as quickly as

possible for now.

In the two sections above are Medal and Flag Locations. I'll do tips for

some of the other harder Missions in the Future.

1.Defeat the boss again.


Plant Kingdom Boss

Decoration, Dinosaur

2.Reach the Goal.


Hidden Island 9

Decoration, Waterfall

3.Reach the Goal.


Hidden Island 10

Decoration, Flower Bed

4.Get all Sol Emeralds.


Machine Labyrinth Boss

Sol Emerald 1 (Red)

5.Reach the Goal.


Hidden Island 7

Decoration, Coconut Tree

6.Collect the Rings.


Plant Paradise 2

Movie Gallery, (3-11 I think, needs to be confirmed)

7.Get all Sol Emeralds.

Character: Gardon

Hidden Island 6

Sol Emerald 2 (Blue)

8.Reach the Goal.

Character: Setter

Hidden Island 14

Decoration, Coconut Tree

9.Collect the Rings.

Character: Kylok

Machine Labyrinth 2

Movie Gallery

10.Get all Sol Emeralds.


Coral Cave Boss

Sol Emerald 3 (Yellow)

11.Defeat the boss again.


Haunted Ship Boss

Decoration, Lighthouse

12.Collect the Rings.


Coral Cave 2

Movie Gallery

13.Get all Sol Emeralds.


Hidden Island 12

Sol Emerald 4 (Green)

14.Reach the Goal.


Hidden Island 13

Decoration, Bigger Windmill

15.Reach the Goal.


Hidden Island 16

Decoration, Coconut Tree

16.Defeat the boss again.


Sky Babylon Boss

Decoration, Seagull circling above the island

17.Get all Sol Emeralds.


Hidden Island 8

Sol Emerald 5 (Light Blue)

18.Reach the Goal.


Hidden Island 11 (Also, first complete

Mission 3, then talk to Setter again.)

Decoration, Prettier Flower Bed

19.Collect the Rings.


Haunted Ship 2

Movie Gallery

20.Defeat the boss again.


Blizzard Peaks Boss

Decoration, Whale appears in waters around island

21.Reach the Goal.


Hidden Island 15

Decoration, Watchtower

22.Reach the Goal within the time limit.


Plant Kingdom 1

Sound Test 3

23.Collect the Rings


Plant Kingdom 1

Sound Test

24.Find the Medals


Plant Kingdom 1

Medal I

25.Do a Trick.


Plant Kingdom 1

Sound Test

26.Get a Combo.


Plant Kingdom 1

Sound Test

27.Reach the Goal within the time limit.


Plant Kingdom 2

Sound Test 4,5

28.Find the Medals.


Plant Kingdom 2

Medal II

29.Defeat the Enemies.


Plant Kingdom 2

Sound Test

30.Defeat the boss with only 1 Ring.


Plant Kingdom Boss

Sound Test

31.Reach the Goal within the time limit.


Machine Labyrinth 1

Sound Test 6

32.Collect the Rings.


Machine Labyrinth 1

Sound Test

33.Find the Medals.


Machine Labyrinth 1

Medal III

34.Do a Trick.


Machine Labyrinth 1

Sound Test

35.Reach the Goal within the time limit.


Machine Labyrinth 2

Sound Test 7,8

36.Find the Medals.


Machine Labyrinth 2

Medal IV

37.Defeat the Enemies.


Machine Labyrinth 2

Sound Test

38.Defeat the boss with only 1 Ring.


Machine Labyrinth Boss

Sound Test

39.Reach the Goal within the time limit.


Coral Cave 1

Sound Test 9

40.Collect the Rings.


Coral Cave 1

Sound Test

41.Find the Medals.


Coral Cave 1

Medal V

42.Reach the Goal with only 1 Ring.


Coral Cave 1

Sound Test

43.Reach the Goal within the time limit.


Coral Cave 2

Sound Test 10,11

44.Find the Medals.


Coral Cave 2

Medal VI

45.Reach the Goal.


Coral Cave 2

Sound Test

46.Defeat the boss with only 1 Ring.


Coral Cave Boss

Sound Test

47.Reach the Goal within the time limit.


Haunted Ship 1

Sound Test 12

48.Collect the Rings.


Haunted Ship 1

Sound Test

49.Find the Medals.


Haunted Ship 1

Medal VII

50.Defeat the Enemies.


Haunted Ship 1

Sound Test

51.Reach the Goal within the time limit.


Haunted Ship 2

Sound Test 13,14

52.Find the Medals.


Haunted Ship 2

Medal VIII

53.Reach the Goal with only 1 Ring.


Haunted Ship 2

Sound Test

54.Defeat the boss with only 1 Ring.


Haunted Ship Boss

Sound Test

55.Reach the Goal within the time limit.


Blizzard Peaks 1

Sound Test 18

56.Collect the Rings.


Blizzard Peaks 1

Sound Test

57.Find the Medals.


Blizzard Peaks 1

Medal IX

58.Pass through all the flags.


Blizzard Peaks 1

Sound Test

59.Do a Trick.


Blizzard Peaks 1

Sound Test

60.Reach the Goal within the time limit.


Blizzard Peaks 2

Sound Test 16,17

61.Collect the Rings.


Blizzard Peaks 2

Movie Gallery

62.Find the Medals.


Blizzard Peaks 2

Medal X

63.Defeat the boss with only 1 Ring.


Blizzard Peaks Boss

Sound Test

64.Reach the Goal within the time limit.


Sky Babylon 1

Sound Test 18

65.Collect the Rings.


Sky Babylon 1

Sound Test

66.Find the Medals.


Sky Babylon 1

Medal XI

67.Reach the Goal with only 1 Ring.


Sky Babylon 1

Sound Test

68.Reach the Goal within the time limit.


Sky Babylon 2

Sound Test 19,20

69.Collect the Rings.


Sky Babylon 2

Sound Test

70.Find the Medals.


Sky Babylon 2

Medal XII

71.Defeat the Enemies.


Sky Babylon 2

Sound Test

72.Defeat the boss with only 1 Ring.


Sky Babylon Boss

Sound Test

73.Do a Trick.


Hidden Island 3

Sound Test

74.Reach the Goal within the time limit.


Hidden Island 3

Sound Test

75.Collect the Rings.


Hidden Island 4

Sound Test

76.Defeat the Enemies.


Hidden Island 5

Sound Test

77.Get a Combo.


Hidden Island 5

Sound Test

78.Reach the Goal within the time limit.


Pirate's Island 1

Sound Test 21

79.Collect the Rings.


Pirate's Island 1

Sound Test

80.Find the Medals.


Pirate's Island 1

Medal XIII

81.Reach the Goal with only 1 Ring.


Pirate's Island 1

Sound Test

82.Reach the Goal within the time limit.


Pirate's Island 2

Sound Test 22,23

83.Collect the Rings.


Pirate's Island 2

Sound Test

84.Find the Medals.


Pirate's Island 2

Medal XIV

85.Do a Trick.


Pirate's Island 2

Sound Test

86.Get all Sol Emeralds.


Pirate's Island Boss

Sol Emerald 6 (White)

87.Defeat your Rival.


Pirate's Island Boss

Sound Test

88.Get all Sol Emeralds.


Big Swell

Sol Emerald 7 (Purple)

89.Reach the Goal with only 1 Ring.


Hidden Island 6

Sound Test

90.Get a Combo.


Hidden Island 7

Sound Test

91.Pass through all the flags.


Hidden Island 8

Sound Test

92.Pass through all the flags


Hidden Island 12

Sound Test

93.Collect the Rings.


Hidden Island 14

Sound Test

94.Defeat the Enemies.


Hidden Island 15

Sound Test

95.Reach the Goal within the time limit.


Hidden Island 16

Sound Test

96.Reach the Goal.


Wave Cyclone

Sound Test 57

97.Reach the Goal.


Ocean Tornado

Sound Test 58

98.Reach the Goal.


Aqua Blast

Sound Test 59

99.Reach the Goal.


Deep Typhoon

Sound Test 60

100.Clear All Missions.


Decoration, Sonic Head on side of Volcano


15. Ranking:


From what I can tell so far, this still is identical to Sonic Rush with

only a couple differences, for example the elimination of the Speed Bonus,

so this is Rush's info slightly tweaked.

For each Act and Boss, you get a Ranking to tell you how well you did

based upon Score. Your Score is totaled at the end of the Act or Boss and

doesn't actually appear on screen during the Act or Boss, you only get to

see how well you did at the end. For the Acts Score is the total number

of points you received for Time Left (the amount of points you get for

certain amounts of time differs by Act, but max is 85000 and it goes down

in intervals of 5,000 points for every 10 seconds from there (not

confirmed for SRA), Tricks (Max you can get is 20,000), and Rings left

(Maximum 5000 for both Acts and Bosses, though the amount of Rings needed

for Max Bonus varies). Bosses are scored based on Rings and Time Left.

The Rankings are strangely similar to Chao Raising Rankings, the Highest

is S, then A, B and C.

Acts, including Hidden Islands:

S Rank: 100,000 or more points

A Rank: between 100,000 and 80,000 points

B Rank: between 80,000 and 50,000 points

C Rank: less than 50,000 points


S Rank: 50,000 or more points

A Rank: between 50,000 and 40,000 points

B Rank: between 40,000 and 30,000 points

C Rank: less than 30,000


15.a. S-ranking Miniguide:


What do you get for all S-ranks? I don't know yet for this game, but S-

ranks get you more materials, but the principles are the same as in Sonic

Rush as far as I can tell despite a few scoring differences, and using

the same principles I have been increasing my ranks in this game.

S Ranking Acts General Tips:

S-ranking Acts and Hidden Island Acts is the same as S-ranking them in

Sonic Rush. There is a balance between Speed and Tricks, if you just rush

through the act and do few Tricks, then you will get a lot of speed and

time bonus points but not many Tricks points and you end up not getting

an S-rank. The trick is to find the right balance of speed and tricks,

which happens to be finding the shortest path in the Act and using the

Super/Fire (Tension) Boost as much as possible to get a high Time and

Speed Bonus but mostly Advanced Tricking every chance you get, especially

in this game where you won't get much of a Tension boost at all if you

don't follow up your B tricks with R or A or both... Sonic is faster and

Blaze is better at tricking... some acts are designed so that Sonic does

better, some Blaze does better, just depends if the act is set up to

favor Speed over Tricks or Tricks over Speed. More specifically about

Tricks, B/A Tricks without the R button does not change the path of

motion after coming off a Trick Object/Gimmick and slow you down little.

The R button slows you down more but in some cases, especially with Blaze

can shortcut an Act too and can make you go faster sideways. So R button

is fine in situations where landing isn't tricky and it will help you get

more points if you need them... but if you are bouncing off a series of

springs where if you mess up you are dead, or going through a long line

of hoops, press the B button a lot to trick and there will be no danger

of dying. In general, most of your tricking should be Advanced, but

compared to Rush, there are fewer bottomless pits and things and overall

you can get away with R a lot more. Plus in this game, there an item box

that increases your trick rate, I've seen INSANE trick bonuses with that,

so it's very important, plus in this game, you score goes higher when you

touch another trick object in a row, which is also different than Sonic


Also keeping your Tension Gauge full is not that important, just use it

as much as possible for a fast time, and Rings don't seem to matter much

in most acts, if you are hit and loose all Rings and some Tension just

continue on and you still have a very good chance of S ranking that Act,

since Rings are the least important point getter for S-ranking and in

fact if you plain die and end up at the checkpoint.

Each 10 seconds of time is 5,00O points... so an extra 10 seconds of

tricking that doesn't get you over 5,000 points is a waste of Time Bonus...

keep this in mind...

Note, with this game unlike in Sonic Rush, a Max Ring Bonus means there's

a cap to how high of an S-rank you can get, a score over 110000 is

impossible. Too bad, I loved to score attack Sonic Rush...

S Ranking Bosses General Tips:

(I've confirmed that in Sonic Rush Adventure you might need either ALL or

at least 12 Rings to get an S rank (I haven't gotten many yet) and I

think Extra is still 50.)

For some Bosses a lot of luck is involved... but the bosses still follow

kind of a general pattern, despite the fact bosses are usually random,

Well... sort of random, I'll explain this better below. This time what

matters is Time and Rings... in fact that's all that matters... since the

maximum Time Bonus is 45,000 points and you need 50,000 to S-rank, that

means you have to get Max Ring Bonus (I think 12 for most Bosses, 50

Rings in Extra) to S-rank ANY BOSS... and a fast time...

Try not to get hit or if you do pick up as many of the Rings again as

possible, best way to repick up rings is to Spin-dash into them very soon

after you drop them... try to grab them as soon as possible after

dropping them and don't get hit very much since the more you are hit the

more Rings scatter.

Also as far as I can see, unlike in Sonic Rush, 50000 points is the LIMIT

to score for S-ranking Bosses, so you S-rank it, you really can't get a

higher score at all.

Overall, Sonic Rush Adventure is geared more toward Time Attacking than

Score Attacking.


16. Tension and Points List:


Most of the same info from Sonic Rush, but there have been some changes

in R button, B tricks and other things, so pay attention! I might not

have caught all the differences, let me know if something needs to be


There are many things in the acts that earn you Tension, Points or both

or make you loose tension or points. Remember that each bar in the

Tension Gauge is 5% and this list for your convenience gives bars and

percentage and Points don't show up till the end and for Tricks the

amount you get or loose is the last number shown and they seem to come in

1000 point intervals and if do too few Tricks you can get nothing. Tricks

are more complex, since so many things affect the total amount given and

some trick objects are infinite, but most things give you a pretty

consistent amount of Points/Tension. This is in the form of a list , with

specific level objects, hazards and end of level bonuses, then Tension

and Points received, then specific Notes about that particular


In Bosses you don't have Tension to worry about, and Points are only

earned by how much Time you have Left and how many Rings are left.

NOTE: I'll have a Points list for the Sea Stages someday.

Enemy (defeating):

Tension: 4 bars/20% for one enemy defeated

Points: none

Notes: Increasing Tension Bonus for hitting more than one Enemy in a

short period time, for example you get 10 bars for hitting two (4x2+2)

and 22 for hitting 3 (4x3+10), 45 for hitting 4 (4x4+29) exc... I'll figure

out the mathematical pattern behind this later...


Tension: 10 bars/50%

Points: none

Tension Bonus Item Box:

Tension: 20 bars/100%

Points: none

Max Tension Bonus Item Box:

Tension: 60 bars/300% and blinking. (completely full)

Points: none

Two Player Max Tension:

Tension: 60 bars/300% and blinking. (completely full), Opponents goes

down to 0.

Points: none

Hit by Enemy or other damaging obstacle:

Tension: -15 bars/-75%

Points: All Rings lost (Only 10 in Two Player Mode), -100 points for each

Ring lost.

Notes: A Barrier(Shield) or Magnetic Barrier will prevent Ring and

Tension loss one time. Try to recover Rings before they disappear after

you loose them. Rings are harder to recover the more you are hit.

Two Player Mode:

Tension: 1 bar/5% each second you are in Second Place

R button Rail Trick:

Tension: 9 bars/40% for three in a row

Points: 1700 for three in a row

Notes: Three R presses on the same rail gets you value above and is most

typical, the pattern is:

1 press: 2 bars and 400 points

2 presses: 4 bars and 900 points

3 presses: 9 bars and 1700 points

The more time you delay pressing R, the bonus goes down.

A button End of Rail Trick:

Tension: 4 bars/20%

Points: 200

Notes: A/B and R button Mid-Air Tricks can be done afterwards.

A button Springboard Trick and Rainbow Hoop:

Tension: none

Points: 400

Notes: A/B and R button Mid-Air Tricks can be done afterwards.

Combo Star:

Tension: About 3 Bars for each Star (I'll have to check this out later, I

think the bonus increases)

Points: None

R button Mid-air Trick:

Tension: none

Points: 200, but decreases to 100, then 50 if used off the same object

more than once.

Notes: Can be combined and part of B button trick complex, see Tricks

section for more info. Pressing R after other tricks will reset your

Combo number to zero and will start a new scoring cycle, so you can use B

button tricks again and get a new Combo number and maximize your Boost

Meter gain even more.

B button Mid-Air Tricks:

Tension: 1 bars/5% for one button press, maybe a little more for more,

and one Combo Star for each B press that you earn by pressing the A or R

button (I'll have the specific tension gain later)

Points: 200 for one button press.

Notes: 200 points bonus for each press of B button afterwards off a

single or string of trick objects, ending number is the number you will

receive. Pressing R during the sequence will add more points and will

cause the stars to fly to the Tension Meter, pressing A will do the same.

Bonus received also varies if you do not press B/A and R very rapidly

like for the Rail Trick.

Point and Tension received reduced by half for each time you reuse same

Trick object until finally after reusing the same trick object/Gimmick 9

times in a row you fail to receive a bonus at all.

Time Bonus:

Points: Maximum 85000, minimum down to 0 closer to 10 minutes, the time

limit for getting Max points varies by Act.

Bosses maximum is 45000 and goes down in intervals of 1000 for every 2

seconds and like Acts the bonus varies by time completed (still need to

fully confirm for SRA).

Trick Bonus:

Points: Totaled from Tricks, seems to be rounded off to nearest 1000 with

1000 minimum and 200000 maximum.

Ring Bonus:


Acts and Extra Zone: Differs from Sonic Rush, max for all Acts and Bosses

5000, varies by Act and Boss how many Rings you need for Max Bonus.


17. Time Trial:


Normal Time Trail is unlocked as soon as you complete your first Act, get

to it in the back room of Marine's House. You are not scored or ranked,

it's just to see how fast you can get through an Act or Boss.

There are the 14 normal Acts, all of the Bosses, all 16 Hidden Islands,

plus 3 Special Acts called the R Hidden Islands.

Only the 14 Normal Acts can be updated on the World Leader Boards,

explained later.

You can also Time Attack 8 special Acts and the Chaos Emerald races via

the Viking Cup, covered in the next section.

There are the different options for the Time Attack Machine:

Time Attack-

Choose a character, then choose one of the Acts/Bosses. After completing

Time Attack, for the 14 regular Zones you have the option to update a new

fast time online on the online leader boards there and now, or not.

Time Attack Records-

Check your best times for each Act Boss with Sonic or Blaze. If it's one

of the regular 14 Zones, you will see the option at the bottom to update

your record time on the World Leader Boards.

Nintendo WFC Ranking-

When you update a Time to the World Leader Board, the current World

Rankings are downloaded automatically to your DS for each Act! How do you

rank with the rest of the world? (I do go by the Angnix here too, so look

for me here and on the Web!)

Nintendo WFC Settings-

Used to set up your Wifi connection if need be.

The four R Hidden Islands are similar to Zone X in Sonic Rush, and you

can also play them in 2 Player Mode. Basically, these are very short mini

acts that loop back to the beginning again, the beginning signified by a

Checkpoint (but you don't get Tension from this Checkpoint). There are no

Rings, and the only Item Boxes are Half and Full Tension Boost, though in

Two Player you get the Two Player specific Item Boxes. You have to

complete 5 Loops of the track in order to record a new time, how fast you

have completed each Lap appears in the lower left hand corner of the

touch screen.

Unlike in Sonic Rush, Ghost Data is not saved every time, but only if you

set a new 1st place record and you replay that level again.

Also once you have completed a level in Time Trial, an option to Replay

appears, and you can watch exactly what you did last time.


The routes you take to S-rank Acts are really good for Time Attack, but

try to trick less, especially lay off the R button unless it's a shortcut,

but not too less so you have Boost which is of course is important, and

you can afford to take more shortcuts, especially with Blaze.

Bosses have to be hit as soon as possible, don't worry as much about

keeping Rings since you are not S-ranking... well, unless the Boss hits

you a lot...

Since Bosses are random, it takes Luck for the boss to dish out an attack

pattern that will give you the lowest time, which happens to be when the

boss is using the fewest of it's long attacks where you can't hit the


Hidden Islands R have a lot of hidden or semi-hidden Tension Boost Item

Boxes... Also it seems to be designed to balance out Sonic and Blaze, so

try for a good time with both characters. Also, these levels, (especially

R2) are tricky to navigate! Practice them often, especially if you want

to race online against people! New! I have described the R Hidden Islands

in Act Descriptions!


17.a. World Leader Board


If you think you are really fast, you can submit your results to Nintendo

WFC via Wifi and see how you rank in the World. The top World times are

downloaded to your DS, and you can also go to this webpage: ,though the webpage

takes a while to show new times.

When you play the 14 normal Acts, you will get an option to update now

via WFC if you got a new fast time, or you can go back to the Time Attack

Machine later and choose the "Time Attack Records" option and look at it

via the Nintendo WFC Ranking option!

Scores are also displayed next to each person's name. I'm now not sure

what these are exactly... they differ from the Two-player online scores as

far as I can tell... O_O;


17.b. Viking Cup:


Talk to Norman at the Ocean Tornado Dock in order to access this Time

Trail Mode and choose "Viking Cup."

There are two Acts you can Time Trail for each Ship! Just like normal

Time Trail, you can Replay your performance to see how you can improve

next time around.

The Acts change when you upgrade ships, so you have to play then between

each upgrade to see them all.

Also for the Wave Cyclone, if you scroll down, you will see the Chaos

Emerald races you have already completed, now you can conveniently play

them again and time trial them!

(I'll add tips later when I get better at this myself)


18. Two Player and Connecting:


If someone else has a DS, you can race against them through the acts and

4 special Looped Acts, the R acts, that are similar to Zone X in Sonic

Rush. If you are using Wifi, you can also play a Grab the Rings game.

Go to Marine's House and the Versus Machine for these options to connect

to another person:

DS Wireless Play-

Use The Local Wireless feature, one person creates a room and the other

joins. Use when you are in the same room as another person who owns a

copy of Sonic Rush Adventure.

DS Download Play-

If only one person has a Sonic Rush Cart and you are in the same room,

then Player 1 selects Download play option, a room is created. The person

with the other DS needs to choose "DS Download Play" on the start menu

and wait for the game to download.

Check your overall two player progress with the Versus Records option.

Your overall Wins, Losses and Draws for both Local Wireless and Nintendo

WFC play for both Race and Collect Rings.


18.a. Nintendo WFC


You can either choose to play the race with a Random Person(Grand Prix)

or a Friend across the world if your DS has high-speed access to the web

through either a compatible Wifi hotspot (McDonalds or Starbucks for

example, but Wifi spots that require you to log-in first will not work),

or the separate USB connector, use the settings option if you have to set

up a complex connection.

Nintendo WFC Battle-

Connect to the online world! Once you connect, you can choose:

Grand Prix-

The game matches you up with a random person from somewhere in the World!

Racing a Random person, Score (explanation coming later) and

Win/Loose/Draw Records are saved, but name is not. You cannot save this

person's Friend Code.


Race someone you know! Their name is saved in your Friends Roster.

Friend Settings-


Friends Roster- you can have up to 30 Friend Codes in here. When you race

that person, their code is replaced by their name.

Register Friend Code- Enter a new Friend Code, the other person also has

to have your code registered in order to play against them. If you have

more than 30 codes, the oldest ones get deleted first.

Confirm Friend Code- Your Friend Code, you get one after you first

connect to WFC.


18.a.1. Online Score


Your Score is displayed by your name when you connect via WFC! It

reflects how well you do in online races in Grand Prix mode against


Remember your score does not change if you play against a Friend.

Also, it's an instant loss and loss of points if you disconnect

purposefully from an online race, so remember that!

Here's how to predict changes in score!

Before the race begins, take your score and divide it by your opponent's

score, then refer to the list below:

Less than .5-

You Win- You get 200 points, you opponent loses 35

You Lose- You lose 5 points, your opponent gets 40

Between .5 and .9-

You Win- You get 120 points, you opponent loses 25

You Lose- You lose 15 points, you opponent gets 80

Between .9 and 1.1-

You Win- You get 100 points, your opponent loses 20

You Lose- You lose 20, your opponent gets 100

Between 1.1 and 2-

You Win- You get 80 points, your opponent loses 15

You Lose- You lose 25 points, your opponent gets 120

More than 2-

You Win- You get 40 points, your opponent looses 5

You Lose- You lose 35 points, your opponent gets 200

(I might put it in a chart in the future)

As you can see, it's much more beneficial to go up against someone with a

much higher score than you (your number above less than 1), because you

won't lose many points by trying and you will gain lots if you do win.

And vice-versa, a bully picking on newcombers isn't going to get that

great of a points gain overall, than if they challenged and won against

people with scores close to theirs or even higher.


18.b. Race:


One player chooses to be Sonic and the other automatically has to be

Blaze or the other way around.

Then you get to choose one of the 14 Acts, or one of the three R Hidden

Islands, or you can choose "Opponent's Choice" if you want to let the

other person choose the Act. If you choose two different Acts, then the

game choose one of them randomly. If both people choose Opponent's Choice,

then the game picks one of the 14 Acts Randomly.

The goal is to be the first one to reach the end of the Act before time

runs out, the acts you can play are ones both players have reached. On

the bottom screen is a handy bar showing where your opponent is in

relation to you, and also there's a little Arrow that bounces around the

edge of your screen that gives you a general idea where your opponent is.

Other differences include the fact you don't loose all Rings when you get

hit (You loose 10), your opponent in fact can damage you and steal some

of your Rings, and you gain a bit of Tension automatically when Running

if you are in second place.

The Item Boxes in this mode are different than in normal game play and

switch randomly, from Ring, then to another item, then to Ring, etc very


Random Ring Bonus: Same as in normal game play

Slow (half-circle with two crescents): Slows down opponent for a short

period of time

Max Tension Bonus (One arrow pointing up, the other down): Your Tension

Gauge becomes Maximum while your opponent's goes down to zero.

Confusion (exclamation point): Sends your opponent out of control for a

short period of time, you can't control what direction you are going.

Attract (hand): Brings your opponent to the area where you are. This item

does not appear when you are playing the R Hidden Islands.

Order that Items appear, memorize this! (Remember Attract doesn't appear

in the R Hidden Islands stages)

Ring, Slow, Ring, Confusion, Ring, Max Tension, Ring, Attract, back to


Use these above items wisely!

Race Tips:

Stand by the Item Boxes until the item you want appears (See above List)

if you have time, this could be worth it.

It's best to confuse your enemy or slow then down if they are ahead of

you, if you are behind, then use the Glove to make them go way back in

the level!

For Ring Grab, Rings obviously.

Practice the fastest Routes on Time Trial. Use Replay to see exactly

where you need improvement.

Start out with a Boost in the Race stages, press X or Y at the moment

just before Go appears to get a head-start.

You can hurt your opponent and make them loose Rings, but not all of


Slow and Confusion can be devastation to your opponent in some situations.

Confusion is better, with Slow they can usually still move forward, but

with Confusion they could suddenly change direction and fall down a hole!

If you are affected by Slow, try to still keep moving forward, it's a bit

better if you are in the air.

If you are affected by Confusion, you can still move forward for a short

period of time, but the first sign you cannot control the character, just

stop and stand there until the effect goes away, or you may die. Or if

it's not too dangerous up ahead, keep pressing different buttons until

you eventually go forward.

If you are affected by the Glove, if you did not pick up the same item

box earlier yourself, you can often wait by it and then just use the

Glove back on your opponent.

Or a great tip by Wario 58, you have already touched a further checkpoint

in the level and the glove takes you behind it, die and you will end up

back at the further checkpoint. Kind of a dirty trick, but effective. (I

still haven't tested this one out personally myself)

Max Tension Bonus is a pretty good item, but not as good as Slow or

Confusion, because it's relatively easy for your opponent to gain their

Tension Meter back in most situations, it's my lease favorite item, but I

have seen some people on Online Play use it quite a bit, so who knows,

maybe I should use it more.


18.c. Collect Rings


Many of the same things for Race applies.

Try to grab as many Rings you can before Time is up. These four stages

are very short and are in an enclosed space. You are on the top screen

and your opponent is on the bottom screen.

Most of your Rings come out of Item Boxes, but like in Race they also

randomly Switch, so time it just right!

There are various switches you can press, if the switch is Orange, Rings

pop out! Blue switches that have already been pressed turn blue and do


Item Boxes reappear after a certain amount of time, and Switches turn

orange again.

Ring Grab Tips:

Grab Rings out of the Item Boxes! The other items are not as useful as

they are in Race.

If there are no Item Boxes or switches active, go after your opponent,

attack them and steal some of their Rings!


19. Questions?:


Got Questions or need help?

First check Section 1, FAQ to see if your question has already been

answered or not or in the rest of the guide.

If not, e-mail me, [email protected]

I prefer e-mails relating only to the FAQS or maybe online battles.

Friend Code: 064535-752843

Wii #7035-3047-5500-7479

I'll only add nice people...

And note about Wii number, I'm mostly after Miis... and maybe mine will

wander over your way... and if you're lucky, you'll see that elusive Angnix

Mii... >_>;


20. Version History:


Version 0.5: 9/23/07

Version 0.51: 9/30/07

Fixed a few errors

Added a couple of Gimmicks

Reread some parts and tweaking

Version 0.6: 10/2/07

A couple of small errors

Flag and Medal Locations

Mine Cart Gimmick

Ring Bonus Info

Final Hit Info for Bosses

Other bits of info here and there

More Questions

Version 0.7: 10/6/07

Errors, and reread the entire guide

Corrected Ring Bonus info

Added Viking Cup as a separate section under Time Attack section

Added/Corrected Lots of Info for Time Attack and Two Player

Missions List

Upgrading Ships section

Brief Description of Extra Boss

Version 0.75: 10/8/07

Added Zone Descriptions and Tips

Version 0.95: 10/15/07

Reread everything, corrected small mistakes and added info.

One more question

Under Act descriptions, described the R Hidden Islands, and the routes

through R-2 and R-3.

Added Timed Gate Gimmick

Added Detailed Ship Descriptions/Controls

Added Story Walkthrough

Version 0.96: 10/19/07

Fixed these errors: sailing out to Sky Babylon, Two Player mode auto

Tension, other small errors

Viking Cup info

Two Player Tension fix

Two Player Grand Prix score change calculations.

Sailing out points for each Ship

Other added/changed info

Version 0.97: 11/4/07

Inclusion of a few minor details I forgot earlier

Full Boss Descriptions for Plant Kingdom, Machine Labyrinth Bosses, an

added thing about Final Boss

Version 0.98: 11/22/07

Added Full Boss Descriptions for Coral Cave and Haunted Ship Bosses

Added Harder Mission Tips Section, and Walkthrough for Mission 95 to this


Separated Acts and Bosses into two sections, renumbered where appropriate

Separated Time Trail and Two Player into Sub-sections

### +-X+X#,

##. ### ######- ###

=#,=#######; .###+, ;###+ .#

##.##. .x###= X##= ### +#

x# ## # =## ; ##x X-

# ##. ###### .# ###### ##; #

#- #. ## x#+ ## ## +## -##x#

## ## ##XX , =##=####; . .x## ,##

=###### ## - . =# # = = +# ##

## ## # #+ ;=, X###+ ,# . #

# ;,. =###;x .. ### , ## #-

## #- X# # ###- #

# .###+ =# X -# # ,# ,#X =#

## ##- ###x# -####; #+ ;# + ##. +## #

.# ,#.,,-# -## +### #X.xX###. . ,# X ## ;# # #

=# ## -# #.#####, ###x#x##x#X ,# .# ## =# ###

-# #-# =# .## , #. .# # # +# .# # # +#

x##+ # .#=# - =#= #;##+ ;#.; x#; # # ## #.

## # #, ##= - #== ##. =###-. # #=# #

## ## ## # +# +#+ +Xx +## = +## #

# +# #. # #++ #-,#+#X. #- .## ## -#x

#x #+ =# # -######+=##### + ## -# ## ## =x+ -

## x##+ =# # .#+ +x+x#### ####= ,# =## ##=x

##x =# X +#X##x#+## ;xx=+=;### #=-X## ##### ## ######

##+## ,#- # #+++===-+#=## x= #=X##-#+ .# #. #

#####, # ### # ;#x=++=xX# + xXx =. ## # ###

## # ## ## xx##+#==++xX###=# # +### =#

xxx # #+X##x#- x=+++==-+x###;=x## =##,# +#

,# xx

+### .. +X #.

#x # .# #### ###X## # X### #; ## #

, ## .,# # #x # # ## .## ## # #; .#-# #

;#x.-= # ##- # =#X #X####; ##= # ,## ## ##

## ## ## #x##-### #+ ;# #### #x### # ####

x; # .x =x ## # # ,x #, #x

## #


(c) Angnix (Angela Petersen) 2007