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Fortnite Llama Backpack: How to Unlock It

The Fortnite llama backpack is one of the most sought-after items in the game. It’s part of the “Sunshine & Rainbows” set and is super colorful. Not only that, but it features a llama dressed up as a unicorn, which I suppose is pretty cool. Those are the features that get Fortnite players most excited, for whatever reason.

Fortnite Llama Backpack: What Is It?

As I touched on above, the Fortnite llama backpack is a back bling that looks like a schoolchild’s backpack. It features a colorful rainbow and a llama disguised as a unicorn.

The hype surrounding the Fortnite llama backpack likely stems from the fact that this back bling was leaked way ahead of its release. As the months went by, players grew more and more impatient, hungry for the Fortnite llama back bling. Finally it was released, allowing players to unlock it.

Fortnite Llama Backpack: How to Unlock It

Fortnite Llama Backpack

“How to unlock the Fortnite llama backpack?” is a question with a simple answer, but one that you might not like. The Fortnite llama back bling is currently only unlocked through the in-game store. What’s more, it’s only ever been available as part of the Brite Gunner set, which costs 1,500 V-Bucks. (It’s possible that the Fortnite llama backpack will be made available on its own at a later date, but that hasn’t been the case at the time of this article going live.)

The only Fortnite llama backpack unlock tips I can give are: 1. Keep an eye on the in-game store, and 2. Be sure to save your V-Bucks for the fateful moment when it appears. Aside from through the store, there’s not yet any other way to unlock the Fortnite llama back bling. If that changes, we’ll be sure to tell you. Stay tuned to GameRevolution for all of your Fortnite news and guides.