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State of Decay 2 Fast Influence: How to Get Influence Fast

Here is our State of Decay 2 Fast Influence guide in which we tell you exactly how to get influence the fastest. For those that aren’t aware, you might be wondering what exactly Influence is and what it is used for. It is basically a type of currency that is used for just about everything you could imagine.

Knowing about making State of Decay 2 Fast Influence is important, as this currency is integral to completing just about everything you could imagine in the game. If you’re wanting the best outposts and home bases, you’ll need Influence. If you’re wanting to get the best items and trade, you’ll need Influence. Here’s what you should do.

State of Decay 2 Fast Influence Guide

In order to receive State of Decay 2 Fast Influence, there are a few ways of farming it. First, let’s go over some of the best ways to earn Influence. You can gain it by killing the special zombie types as it nets you some decent currency. You can also gain the currency through completing various quests.

In addition, gaining State of Decay 2 Fast Influence is really possible through clearing out Infestations and destroying those nasty Plague Hearts. However, those are limited in number and not always the most plausible way of gaining Influence. Instead, there’s one way that’s better than all of those for farming the currency.

The best way of receiving State of Decay 2 Fast Influence is through trading. There are several survivors out there that you can trade with in the currency. You will want to respond to every community and faction out there that needs help. Raising your status with a community to becoming allied is your best bet to gaining the most Influence.

We recommend stacking up on high value items that is only really useful for selling and also cures. These items are your best bet for maximizing and gaining some State of Decay 2 Fast Influence. Good luck!