Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles FAQ/ Walkthrough


=========================|The Dracula X Chronicles|============================

=========================| walkthrough/FAQ |============================


By. Ryan "jestercolony" Nicholson

1. Updates

2. contact

3. Introduction

4. Story

5. How to Play

A. Rondo of Blood

B. Symphony of the Night

6. Characters

A. Rondo of Blood

B. Symphony of The Night *Coming soon)

7. Dracula X: Rondo of Blood (remake) walkthrough

Stage 0: Prologue (DXRMS-000)

Stage 1: Dinner Of Flames (DXRMS-001)

Stage 2a: God, Grant Me Strength (DXRMS-002)

Stage 2b: Breaking Through The Front (DXRMS-003)

Stage 3: An Evil Prayer Summons Darkness (DXRMS-004)

Stage 3b: Release From The Thirst Of Blood (DXRMS-005)

Stage 4: Atop Countless Terrors (DXRMS-006)

Stage 4b: Fortress Of The Water Demon (DXRMS-007)

Stage 5: The Devil Flies By Night (DXRMS-008)

Stage 5b: Wandering (DXRMS-009)

Stage 6: A Nightmare Reborn (DXRMS-010)

Stage 7: Hear Now The Requiem Of Blood (DXRMS-011)

Stage 8: Bloodlines (DXRMS-012)

8. Dracula X: Rondo of Blood (original) *coming soon*

9. Dracula X: Symphony of the Night *coming soon*

10. FAQs

11. Boss Section A (Rondo of Blood Remake)

Stage 1 (DXCRMB-001)

Stage 1 B (DXCRMB-002)

Stage 2 (DXCRMB-003)

Stage 2` (DXCRMB-004)

Stage 3 (DXCRMB-005)

Stage 3` (DXCRMB-006)

Stage 4 (DXCRMB-007)

Stage 4` (DXCRMB-008)

Stage 5 (DXCRMB-009)

Stage 5` (DXCRMB-010)

Stage 6 (DXCRMB-011)

Stage 7 A (DXCRMB-012)

Stage 7 B (DXCRMB-013)

Stage 8 (DXCRMB-014)

12. Boss Section B (Symphony of The Night)

13. Boss Section C (Rondo of Blood Original)

14. Dracula X Chronicles Secrets

15. Thanks List.

16. Outroduction

17. Copyright Information

18. Hosted Sites


1. Updates |


0.1: 10/25/07 - Started the basic fundation of the guide.

1.0: 10/26/07 - Finished complete walkthrough of each stage; Saved three girls.

1.5 10/29/07 - Saved Annette. Unlocked Ghost of Shaft & Dracula's surprise!

I would also like to thank the people who have emailed me

and msg'd me with info. If by chance to the people who have

helped me to attempt and contribute to this guide if I did

not add your name please msg me back and I will add for I

have forgotten your name.

Also as a side note: Please do not email me for certain

things on this guide. I do know this and not to be rude

or anything but this is starting to become annoying. As

I said in the rules earlier about msging me that do NOT

email me or msg me with annoying questions that can be

found in this guide. I do know certain things are not

present, so this should be common-hand knowledge.

Again thanks for all the msgs and emails. :)

Also as a side note I have added 2 new sites to the

host list, so check 'em out. Also added in a secret

section for all three ROBRM/SOTN/ROBO. I also have

fixed some spelling errors.

Also another side note: I haven't added in a few

boss strats yet, so please be patient for me on

this. Thanks :)


2. Contact |


You can contact me in a few ways. But please be keep in reguard that I am not a

24/7 help service. So do not flame me with me annoying questions which can be f

-ound within this guide.

AIM: Pneumamorte

Yahoo: [email protected]

MSN: [email protected]

email: [email protected]


3. Introduction |


Hi and welcome to my guide for Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles.

This guide will cover the remake and will eventully cover both Symphony of the

Night and the original Dracula X: Chi No Rondo (Rondo of Blood) for the PSP sy

-stem. My name is Ryan and I will try my hardest to help you (the gamer) to get

through one hell of a game. But allow myself to give you the basic round down

of this game.

It has taken 15 years for Konami to finally release Dracula X: Chi No Rondo to

the American gamers. Originally being on the TurbograFX engine in Japan, this

game was one of the most sought out games in the history of video games in hist

-ory. Taking elements from Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse, it allowed players

to find hidden level routes with multipul bosses in one stage. This gave the ga

-me a good feel and more replay value. Not only that you had to rescue four

young maidens who which have been captured by Dracula himself. One of these

four girls happens to be Richter Belmont's girlfriend.

Now Dracula X: Rondo of Blood has been remade from it's original 2-D form it is

now in 2.5D graphics (3D gaming) but takes more 2D platforming effect. So to th

-e peolpe who have never played classic Castlevania before, this is going to be

one hell of a ride. Hate it or love it. Dracula X is NOW in America, so rejoice

and enjoy this most beloved game which is considered as the Holy Grail to all

Castlevania fans in the world.

Now on for Symphony of the Night. To thoughs who have read my original walkthro

-ugh for SoTN will know what this game is about. If not, then you're in for one

heck of a treat. In Symphony of the Night you take control of a man named Aluca

-rd, who, being the son of Dracula. In this game you are given Super Metroid

exploring elements and RPG (Role Playing Game) elements. Basicly it's the one

that started the crazy "castleroid" fever that we have been seeing for 10 years

on the Gameboy Advanced system and the Nintendo Dual-Screen.

When it came out back in 1997 for the orinal Playstation, it too was one of the

main games to get back then next to Squaresoft's (now Square-Enix) Final Fantas

-y VII. To the ones who had played the original, the voice acting has been redo

-ne with some new features. But I won't spoil that for you!

So without furtheradue I welcome you to the world of Castlevania!


4. How to Play |


A. Rondo of Blood



Directional Pad: Up, down, left, right. This allows the player to move left and

right. Down allows you to duck, while pressing up allows you

to climb stairs.

Triangle Button: Item Crash (uses Subweapon's super power.)

Square Button: Regular attack. Pressing Up + Square allows you to use


Circle Button: Cancel button, allows you to return to the previous screen.

X Button: This allows you to jump or confirm in a menu.

Start = Pause will display Tittle, Continue and Save & Quit functions.

Select: None.

Home: Quits game.

Backflip: Press the X Button 2x. Note: Only Richter can backflip.

B. Symphony of The Night


Directional Pad: Allows you to move left or right or duck. It also allows one

to select sub menus in the main menu (as Alucard)

Square Button: Attack/Shield

Circle Button: Canel/Return to previous screen Attack/Shield

X Button: Jump/Confirm

Start: Displays submenu.

Select: Displays map of Castle.

Triangle: Backdash (Alucard only)

R Button: Transform into Bat* (Alucard only)

L Button: Tranform into Wolf* (Alucard Only)

R + L Buttons: Transform in to Mist* (Alucard only)

* = Requires Relic to use.

Subweapon use: Up + attack button to use subweapons.


6. Characters |


A. Rondo of Blood


Richter Belmont: The descendent of Simon Belmont, he is the next in line to

wield the sacred whip known as the Vampire Killer.

Maria Renard: The sister of Anette. She is somewhere lurking in Dracula's



ette Renard: Richter's girlfriend. She is taken prisoner in Castle Dracula

and it's up to Richter to find her.

Tera: A nun from the city. She is one of the four maidens that

Richter must rescue.

Iris: A daughter of the town's doctor. She too is one of the four

young maidens Richter must rescue.

Shaft: A dark priest who resurrected Dracula. A foolish and dark

man who must be destroyed at all cost.

Dracula: Lord of his castle and master of all evil. He kidnap's a few

of the local towns women in order to lure Richter in to his

clutches. He too must be put to rest.

B. Symphony of the Night


*Coming soon*


7. Dracula X: Rondo of Blood (remake) walkthrough|




Stage 0: Proluge | (DXRMS-000)


The game will start with Richter riding in the rain on a horse carriege. Death

will make his presence known to test our hereo. Death will make his first move

by throwing his sythe at you. Just destroy it with a whip attack. Our enemy now

will make another attack, he will summon a huge glowing green skull. Just destr

-oy it with regular attacks. After that, the introduction is over. And the next

stage will begin.



Stage 1: Dinner of Flames| (DXRMS-001)


Make your way foward and kill the Skeleton Apes that come before you. Now don't

forget to destroy the Tourches & Candles to collect hearts, gold and subweapons

for your adventure. Now continue on in towards the town. Once inside a scene wi

-ll take place.

Once the scene is over make your way upstairs and kill off the SKeleton Ape.

Now make your way up the second set of stairs.

Note: Becareful they love to hurl barrels at you. So destroy them!

Now that we're on higher ground destroy the corner of the left wall for some

gold. Now make your way right. As you move towards a tad, Skeleton Apes will

jump out of the windows of the burning buildings. Kill them off. Now move past

the Church and a (interest creature name here) will jump out of the window. His

attacks are different than previous enemy encounters. But all you really need

to do is study his movements and whip one time. Once he his dead hit the last

candle and make your way down stairs.

Now in this area we are at a cross road to either go to Stage 2a or 2b. So whi

-ch you choose is up to you. Anyways jump over the platform and hit the wall to

find some Pot Roast to replenish lost health.


*Path A*

Head through the door on the right side and continue out to city portion. Now

the only thing you need to worry about in this portion are Bats and Golems.

Bats will fly at you in different angles backwords and fowards. So make sure

that you either dodge them or kill them off.

Now as for the Golems they are the huge red rock creatures in front of you. To

take these guys out you need to know their two attacks. One is shooting three

fire balls from their mouth. These projectiles can either be destroyed or you

can evade them. Now when you are also close to them they will attempt to punch

Richter with their huge fist, so be very careful!

Note: The Golems die in 6 hits from your whip.

After you have taken them all out enter the next section. Continue forward coll

-ect everything from all the candles. You will then find yourself in front of a

gate. At this point the boss will make itself known.


*Path B*

Instead of taking the door to the right, walk down on the left. Break the wall

that you see there to reveal a big heart. Grab it, now hit the left top portion

of that same wall to reveal a hidden chamber. Go inside and kill the Ectoplasm

and make your way left. You will see a moving platform and some candles. Destro

-y the candles and collect whatever items you get. Now drop down the gap below.

Now destroy the wall on the right. Inside here will be a Stone Rose. Kill it

off to recieve Hidden Music Item 1*. Break the left wall behind it to reveal

some gold. Now head right and break the wall to reveal another hidden passage.

Continue foward in to the next room. Make your way towards the buckets of water

in which are being lifted up chain. Break lower right portion wall to get some

Pot Roast. Now make your way up collecting items from the candles. Now make

your way to the top right door. Enter it to find yourself on a bridge with a

castle in the background. Continue to move foward to trigger a boss battle.




Stage 2: God, Grant Me Strength| (DXRMS-002)


Once the second stage starts move foward, kill the Skeletons and Crows that

are in your way. Once you come to dead tree kill the Crow and then the Axe Kni

-ght. He will take a few attacks and watch the way he throws his axes at you.

He'll either duck and throw them or vise versa. Once he is dead make your way

towards the huge gap. A big draw bridge will make a path in to the castle.

Once inside take note of the Chandelier at the top of the ceiling. If you move

towards them they will fall to the ground. Now make your way fowards. Kill any

Zombie that comes near you while collecting all candle drops. Now a Peeping Eye

will come out of no where. Kill him off quickly. Again take note of the second

Chandelier. Continue on to the next sets. Also make sure you grab the Holy Wate

-r subweapon. Move in to the next section.

In this room a large Behemoth will crash in to the wall. Count the candles when

you see the fourth one hit it for the Key. Now walk like hell killing any Zombi

-es that come in contact with you. Also try and grab some of the drops from the

candles. Once you hit the next room jump on the top ledge in front of you and

then the second. The huge creature will bash it's head in to the wall and die.

Now make your way to the top ledge on the right. You will come to a stairway

and you will see a Peeping Eye in a cage. Do not hit it, instead make your way

down and break the right wall for some Pot Roast. Now make your way down to

the room below.

In here you will come across some Mermen, just take 'em out like any normal

enemy. Now make your to the right in this room. You will eventully come to a

stairwell and a locked door. use that key on the door to open it and inside a

scene will trigger. After that you have Maria as a playable character. After

the scene make your way up the big stairwell we skipped. Up here, watch out

for Bats and take out the Peeping Eye. Now enter the next room. Collect everyth

-ing you can in here. Break the right bottom stairwell to reveal a large heart.

Now enter the next room for the next boss.




Stage 2b: Breaking Through The Front| (DXRMS-003)


Path A -

Make your way across the bridge. Kill the Skeleton Swordmaster quickly. Now ki

-ll off the Bone Pillars which are in front of you. Also be careful one of the

bridge platforms will fall down to the ground slowly. So be cautious. Now kill

the Crow and then the Bone Pillars. In this next section take out the Gargoyles

and Bone Pillars.

Note: You can find Pot Roast on the brick the 1st Gargoyle came off of.

Continue fowards. In this section take out the Skull Spiders with Holy Water.

Also make sure you pay attention to the bone bridges, they calpse every time

you walk over them. Also make sure you take out the Skeleton Swordmasters. At

the end of this area you'll fight the Werewolf. (refer to strategy up above.)

Stage 2b - Path B

When you're in the section with the Garygoles count the gaps in the bridge.

When you hit the 3rd one jump down. You will drop down on to a small boat. The

man will guide you across the river. Just becareful of the Mermen around here.

At the end of this section is a Candle, snatch it to recieve Hidden Music Item

2*. You will also be in Level 3b.




Stage 3: An Evil Prayer Summons Darkness| (DXRMS-004)


At the start of the level becareful of the Spear Guards. Take them out with

extream caution! Watch their attacks and kill 'em off quickly. You will then

see one above you. Do not let the floor above you fool you. They will thrust

their spear downword to hit you. To evade this just duck. continue foward until

you see a stairwell and Bone Pillars, kill them if you desire and break the rig

-ht wall to reveal a large heart. Make your way up. Kill off the Spear Guard

then the Bone Pillar then the next Spear Guard. Break the top left wall (the on

-e after the stairwell) to get some Pot Roast to regain lost health. Now make

your way up.

In this section make your way past the gaps while Skeletons swing in from some

rope. You will eventully come to a room with a huge Cross in it. Hit the cross

to get the Stop Watch (if you need it.) Kill the Bone Pillars and enter the nex

-t room.

In this room make your way up the stairs killing the Fleamen. Becareful when

they attack in swarms of 2-3. If that happens it will become deadly you might

die quickly. Continue foward. Once at the top kill the last two Flea Men. You

will the come towards some platforms glowing. Do NOT jump on these, they will

tilt back and you will fall. Also make sure you dodge/kill the Medusa Heads

that come towards you. When you get to the third portion you'll see some Bone

Pillars, kill 'em all and advance. Now continue, grab the Rosary to kill what

ever Medusa Heads in the way, destroy the pot for some Post Roast. Now hit all

three statues above with the Cross to reviece 1000 gold.

Now advance and destroy the Big Skeleton. Once he is dead wait for the bell to

ring a few times to recieve some Pot Roast. Enter the next room. In here take

out the ghost one at a time then advance, take out the Spear Guard and continue

to fight some moe Ghost. Now kill the second spear guard. Continue you will see

a Thief come towards you. Kill him and do not allow him to touch you or he will

steal your subweapon. Enter the next room. Destroy all candles in this room and

then break the lower left wall to find a huge Pot Roast to restore ALL of your

lost health. Now enter the next room to fight




Stage 3a: Release From The Thirst For Blood| (DXRMS-005)


This level is a swamp based type level. Start off by colle cting any candles you

see. Beware of the Mudmen who spawn out from the mud. Also watch the bats that

come out of no where. Kill 'em off quickly or dodge them.

Note: Make sure you get out of the mud quickly or you'll be sucked down in to a

muddy grave.

Now once you jumped over the first mudpit a Tomb Stone will come alive and jump

at you. Destroy it and take the stairs up. Here you'll find a lone Tomb Stone,

this one will not attack you for a relief. Move it to reveal a secret passage t

-hat you will drop down. In here you'll see six candles. On the the left side

you'll find in each candle the Cross, Holy Water and a Stop Watch. On the rigt

side you will find a Large Heart, 1UP* and the Axe subweapon (which I recomend

that you get.) Now once you have got the items you'l need drop down in the pit


You'll drop back in to the pit of mud. Get out of quickly and advance onward. A

cut scene will start and a huge flying skull with three eyes will come out of

the darkness. To end it's undead life quickly use the Axe Subweapon and hit all

three of the eyes and it will die. You can now advance on. Here you'll come to

another muddy pit. Jump up to the area above and break the right wall to reveal

some Pot Roast to regain lost health.

*To Save Tera*

Now in this portion you'll see a platform below and one on top. Drop down to

the platform and attack the wall from top to bottom to reveal a hidden room. Go

inside. In here you'll see a Red Bone wall and a stairwell, take the stairwell

down to trigger a scene and you'll save Tera. You'll also gain the ability to

destroy the Red Bone walls.

Now make your way back upstairs and destroy the Red Bone wall so that it will

give you a path to go up and advance. You'll come to a Grave Digger who loves

to use martial arts. To avoid him wait 'til he runs towards you, back flip over

him and destroy him in four hits of your whip. Continue on and make your way up

while killing the Skeleton. Skip the stairway and continue forward to find a Sk

-eleton and another Grave Digger. Once the Grave Digger is dead drop below and

hit the wall (hit the bottom portion that doesn't break for some Pot Roast.)

Now backtrack to the set of stairs and head up. Now we have come to a cross

road. We can either take the main path and fight to fight the Dullahan or we

can tack the alternate. The way to get to Minotaurs is easy so I don't need

to write a part on that.

To get get to Level 4b you'll see some chains up above. Hit the second chain

ball that drops down to break it to watch it fall. Below it'll crush a hole in

the ground. So head back to the previous stairs and go back down. Drop down to

the pit below. Becareful you may endure damage from the spike ball. Now enter

the next door. Gather all the candles and hit the box on the left side to revea

-l a Large Heart. Kill the rat and try to reach the Large Heart it drops. Now

collect the rest of the candles and destroy the right lower wall to reveal some

Pot Roast. Now make your way downstairs to fight the boss.




Stage 4: Atop Countless Terrors| (DXRMS-006)


This level starts with Flea Men advancing right at you and Skeletons throwing

bones from above. Take 'em out. Becareful of the Red Skeletons who will resurre

-ct upon a few seconds. Make your way up, grab the Axe subweapon and advance to

the left. In the section take out the Bone Dragon with the axe. Now continue.

Cross the machines of death carefully. Once you're finished you'll see a lone

monster at the top. Kill him now becareful in this portion you'll step on some

traps. To edvade 'em, just jump once, then black flip for the 2nd. Now head up

the stair carefully, watch the spike lowerer'. Once it's at a safe distence pro

-ceed up. Now get through them. At the end will be another Bone Dragon, take

care of 'em or ignore 'em. Continue down this carridor and then to the next


In this room you will see Fleamen on top of large iron balls. The objective is

to watch out for the Snake Skeleton thingies and getting on top of these iron

balls of death and making it to the top. In the next section take out the Skele

-tons and Red ones. Now make your way up to the next stairwell you see (ignore

the first one going down.) Now kill the Axe Armor and continue to the right

stairway going up. Up here take out the Axe Armor. Now hit the Spike swinger

and it's path way will be altered for a sec allow you to get under. Now continu

-e and destroy the wall of Bone Pillars. Now Jump on the moving platform and

then jump to the upper stairwell and make your way up.

In this lonely room make your way to the door and enter it. In this chamber col

-llect all items (holy water is recomended) and break the lower right wall (und

-er the door) to recieve a Large Pot Roast. Enter the door to begin the battle.




Stage 4b: Fortress Of The Water Demon| (DXRMS-007)


This level is fun (so I thought) The only thing you need to watch out for in

this section are frogs and Crows. Continue foward and jump or climb the stairs

down. Watch out for the frogs below swiming in the water. Climb up the next set

of stairs and kill the Frog. Once on top dodge & kill the Crow. Drop down to th

-e ground below, walk up the stairs and kill the frog and next Crow. Repeat the

same process. You will then come to frog statue with a door in front of it. Go

inside for the next section.

In this section you'll see a water fall and some rafts falling below. Now we ca

-n do one of the two things. Why? Because we've come to a cross road. We can

either save Tera or hitch a ride on the rafts below.

So if you want you can skip the part to save Iris if you wish.

*To save Iris*

Carefully hop on the raft and make it pass the huge gap. Kill the first Frog

that you see. Now we'll be on some bridges with skeletons climbing under it

and coming out of no where. Eventully you'll come to a blue frog. Do NOT kill

it. Instead evade it and let it fellow you foward until you come to some Frog

Statues. It will jump on one that is missing and it will lower. Now make your

way back left you'll notice there is a gap in the bridges now, so drop below

and make your way left to find a set of stairs. Go down them and you'll be in

a cave full of Mermen. Destroy them and proceed right until you come to a door

which you can go inside. In here you'll find Iris and trigger a scene. You'll

then gain the ability to destroy Crystals.

Once you're back in the Merman chamber destroy the Crystal Wall and then destro

-y the Candle to obtain a Music Sound Item* Now make your way back upstairs.

Now you can either go in to the door on the far right to fight Dullahan or head

down the rafts. In the raft section ride the waves kill the Skeletons with Spea

-rs behind you. Also you can hit the burds carrying tressure chest. Eventully

you will see a bird holding a sign. That is pretty much a caution that there

will be an ending of the river.

Note: The Sign says Deadly if you read it!

So carefully jump off the raft and on to the cliff. Now continue foward and

you'll come to a ferry man. Get aboard his ferry to trigger a scene and he will

guide you pass the river. Now get on the groundsection and destroy the Crystal

Wall to find a Sound Item* Now jump up you'll eventully come to a moving platf

-orm. Becareful of the hordes of bats that make way. Also collect the key and

move foward and unlock the door. In this room collect all the hearts and enter

the next room to fight the boss.




Stage 5: The Devil flies by Night| (DXRMS-008)


One of my favorite stages. Continue foward. Water Skulls will appear out of

the water, so kill them (1 hit) and move foward. Kill the Skeleton Flails on

the platforms and advance while taking out/dodging the skulls. Now you'll come

to a door. But out of no where two Skeleton Swordmasters will appear out of no

where. Kill the first one and as the second one dashes at you back flip over h

-im and kill. Now enter the door to get in to the ship.

Once inside take out the Skeleton Archer. Now ingore the stairs and you'll see

a wall. Break it open and go in. Jump on the crates to get above and destroy

the candles. One of them holds a Sound Item*. Now make your way down the set

of stairs. In here you can either destroy the wall on the right side (left

wall at the bottom) to go obtain a 1up by destroying the ship's engine and

risk getting shot at by Bone Muskets.

Or you can go right, take out the Skeleton Archer and head inside this room.

In here you'll fight a Spectural Sword. Take out its sword and find the right

one to advance in to the next room. In here grab the Cross Subweapon and the

heart (from the candles) now enter the next room to fight three Skeleton Archer

-s at a time. Once they are dead enter the next room.

In this room you'll fight a Phantom Painting. Becareful not to jump in to him

or he'll suck you up and kill you in 1 hit. Just kill him off with your whip

or cross subweapon (I suggest you save hearts.) Once he is dead enter the next

room. Above here you'll see a Musket Skeleton. Watch him firing, once you get

his timing right wait for him to fire two shots, as he reloads jump up and kill

him and make your way up.

Up here go left to collect the Axe Subweapon. Watch out for Flea Riders. Conti

-nue left until you come to Plate Armors who swing large iron balls to hit you.

Just kill them off while collecting candles and evading/killing Flea Riders.

Move left all the way until you hit the next section. Collect all the candles

you see. Make sure you get the Cross subweapon. Also if you need health break

the wall on the left. Make your way up to fight Death




Stage 5a: Wandering| (DXRMS-009)


At the start of the stage dodge the horde of bats that make way. Now collect

any candles you see and advance. Jump over the platform. On the next portion

kill the Skeleton Swordsmen. Now wait for the moving platform, destroy the cand

-le to recieve a Large Heart. Now in this next portion kill the Skeleton with

the sword or he'll knock you off to a watery grave. Now continue on and kill

off the Skeleton Flails. Now jump up kill the next one and wait for the moving

platforms. Jump on and hitch a ride. On the 2nd platform duck to not get hit

by the spikes. Jump to the next portion, kill the Skeleton Swordsmen. COntinue

forward and a doorway will open and Richter will go down stairs. Hit the lower

block two times to recieve some Pot Roast. Kill the Peeping eye and continue.

Kill the Spear Guards in this portion and continue 'til you see a water fall.

In front of you will be a Blue Axe Knight. Just stop him with whip attacks now

jump over the platforms. Now make your way up. Kill the Spear Guard and head up

the stairs. Kill the Peeping eye then the Axe Armor. Continue until you see a

set of stairs going up. In this section past the spikes break the wall to get

some Pot Roast. Now continue foward. Kill the Skeleton down below. Now hit the

switch on the ledge above you to open up the gate. Continue through it, grab

the Cross subweapon and move in to the next room.

In here move a tad. Kill the Final Guards in this room (can be a real pain.)

Once they are daed head in to the next room. In this room take out the brown

Axe Armor. He will come at you, so black flip over him and attack. Once he is

dead move on. Move on until you fight the boss.




Stage 6: A Nightmare Reborn| (DXRMS-010)


This level is just one huge boss fight. So keep that in mind.

Please refer to the boss section if you need help.




Stage 7: Hear Now The Requiem Of Blood| (DXRMS-011)


Grab the Axe Subweapon behind you and make your way on the bridge that will cru

-mble to the ground below. You'll have some huge bats following you, some with

a sword. Aim your attack right with the axe to kill them off without getting hi

-t. Once inside the Clock Tower. Make your way up while avoiding the Skeletons

and Water Skulls. Once at the top hit the Right Gear to open the door. In here

you will find a very powerful Raven. Just kill him with your Axe Subweapon and

break the Egg to recieve some Pot Roast, also, collect the key it drops if you

wish to Save Annette.

Now enter the next room. Use the gear to travel down. A Harpy will throw a knif

-e at you. Just evade it then get close to it and whip it to death. Now jump on

the gear to activate a gear which will help you travel down. Kill the next crea

ture. Now once at the bottom jump on the moving gears in the water and break th

-e wall to recieve a Sound Item* now enter the next room.

*skip this part if you wish to save Annette*

In here you'll see a door that can be locked. Go inside and kill the Succubus

deguised as Annette.


*If you wish to Save Annette*

Remember that key I told you to obtain from that powerful Raven? Well that key

will allow you to open the REAL door to save her. In order to do so you'll have

to be in the third room inside the clock tower (the one passed the Harpy's.) No

-w make your way up until you see a Crystal Wall, break it and it will drop an

Invisiblity Jar. So grab that and make your way back down to the first locked

Door but do not go inside. Instead you will have noticed that a new path way at

the bottom has opened up.

Make your way down the new set of stairs and open up the real door. Inside will

be Richter's lover and trigger a scene.


Now make your way back up while dodging the Water skulls. Use the stairs and th

-e moving gears to make your way upwards. Also don't forget to dodge and kill

off the flying Medusa Heads. Enter the top left room.

In here take out the dog skeleton and then the Sword Armor. Again move foward

and repeat the same process. Continue foward until you see two Golden Statues.

Attack them to turn them around and you'll reveal a Music Item*. Now backtrack

to the set of stairs. Go up them both to reach the next section. Up here you'll

see a switch with doors. Ignore it for now or try to get through it.

Now continue jump over the gap and jump back across and take out the Sword Armo

-r. After that jump over the gap, kill the Skeleton spitting out bones like no

tomorrow. Now jump in the gap behind you. Down here collect the Cross Subweapon

now jump over the gap and hit the left wall to reveal some Pot Roast. Now back

track back upstairs, jump over the few gaps. Kill the Skeleton Dog and the Swor

-d Lord. Now head down stairs. Kill the Skeleton dog and continue. Kill the nex

-t Skeleton and continue. Now kill the Sword Lord then go up stairs.

In here you'll see some swinging platforms. Kill the Skeleton and advance to th

-e right via jumping. Jump down in to the next gap. Now head up the staiers and

then swing across the room and enter the door. In here collect all the candles.

If you want to destroy the walls use the Holy Water in the next room you'll fig

-ht the boss.

Note: If you did not save Annette you'll have to fight her.

Note: If you did save her you'll have to fight Shaft's Ghost.




Stage 8: Bloodlines| (DXRMS-012)


Just walk up the stairway and collect the Cross Subweapon. COllect the hearts

and ignore the Holy Water. Enter the next room for the final show down.

Boss: Dracula

This battle is simple. He will teleport around the room firing fire balls at

you. Ocassionaly he'll fire 2 big fire balls which you can duck under the first

and jump over the 2nd. Just hit him in the head with the Cross and regular whip

attacks. After you take his first form down he'll enter his second form.

Note: If you saved Annette Dracula will haev a Third and more channgeling form.

After the battle a scene will take place.


Enjoy the ending credits.



8. Rondo of Blood (Original) Walkthrough|

________________________________________| *Coming Soon*


9. Symphony of The Night Walkthrough|

____________________________________| *Coming Soon*


10. FAQS |


1. Q: How do I save Maria?

A: Please refer to the Stage 2 section of my guide!

2. Q: How do I destroy the red bone walls?

A: You must save Tera in Stage 3`. She will give you a charm that will

allow you to destroy them and Red Skeletons for good. To save her

please refer to my guide.

3. Q: How do I destroy the Crystal walls?

A: You must find Iris in stage 4`. She will give you a charm that will allow

you to destroy the Crystal walls. To find her please refer to my guide.

4. Q: How do I unlock the SOTN & the Original Rondo of Blood?

A: In stage 3' to unlock SOTN go to the third section of the area. Up here

you will encounter a Bone Dragon, kill him and then break the vine to

make a platform and jump up to the portion and destroy the Tomb Stone,

behind it will be SOTN.

As for the Dracula X Original I have no idea yet. Please let me know if

you find it :)


11. Boss Section: Rondo of Blood Remake |


Stage 1 Boss A : Wyvern (DXCRMB-001)

This boss is very simple. At first we will take note of how it attacks.

Attack 1: He will come down at you with his claw. Use this time evade and use

your main whip attack against him.

Attack 2: He will breathe fire and shoot it at some points on the ground. Be

cautious though, the flames will stick at their spot for a few second


Attack 3: His final attack he will fire a blue dragon face at the ground

as it hits the ground it will try to ram you. Just jump over it.

Now for the tactics. Take note of Attack 1. Use your whip when he comes down.

Next I suggest you spam Axes (if you have the sub weapon.) The axe will fly

up in an arch and hit him.

After the battle collect the Stage Clear orb.


Stage 1 Boss B: Serpent (DXCRMB-002)

Another simple boss. Lets check out it's attacks shall we?

Attack 1: He will lift his head out and fire some fire projectiles which will

try to ram in to you. Just jump over them and attack his head with

either the Axe/Cross subweapon or regular whip attacks.

Attack 2: He will twirl and coil himself around the bridge. The best to evade

this is to stand in an opening.

Now his weak spot is the head. So make sure you always hit there with either

regular whip attacks and subweapon use. You may die a few times if you aren't

used to the classic CV style. Either way keep practicing.


Stage 2 Boss A: Werewolf (DXCRMB-003)

This boss can be some what of a challange. So lets look at his attacks, shall


Attack 1: He will fire projectiles at you. Just dodge these.

Attack 2: When he starts to climb the ceiling or walls he is going to do a flip

attack on you. The best way is to lure him. get in the mid portion of

the room and wait for him to do it. Quickly move away and attack him.

Attack 3: He will do a slide attack. Just jump over him.

Attack 4: When his health is almost gone he will do an ultra flip attack and

bounce off the walsl like crazy. Just time him and then hit him that

will make him stop.

Attack 5: He will smash his fist in to the ground upon death. Make sure you are

not near him or it will hurt! :

Just use Holy water the item Crash attack "Hydro Storm" and regular whip attack

-s. He should go down with no problem.

Grab the orb when he dies.


Stage 2 Boss B: Coming Soon (DXCRMB-004)

Please in form me on how to get to this boss. Thanks :)


Stage 3 Boss A: Minotaurss (DXCRMB-005)

Attack 1: He will swing his huge axe down at you.

Attack 2: He will throw stones at you so dodge/destroy them.

Attack 3: He will spit in your eyes, which will stun you for a few seconds

Attack 4: He will ram at you. To evade this just black flip over him.

Attack 5: Upon death he will run at you and uppercut. To evade this just flip

over him.

Take him out using Whip and Cross hits. Item Crash helps but isn't really need

-ed. All you need to do is time his movements down and just practice, eventully

you'll beat him.

Grab the Orb when you're finished.


Stage 3 Boss B: Dogether (DXCRMB-006)

This boss is a huge eye and floats around the room. He's very simple. I suggest

you use the Axe subweapon.

Attack 1: He'll summon fire and throw it around the room, easy to evade.

Attack 2: He'll teleport around the room.

Attack 3: He'll summon some rocks to throw at you, destroy them with your sub


Attack 4: He'll fire 3 laser shots, watch where they go and move under them.

Attack 5: When he dies he'll summon some runes. Watch the big rune come over

you, then quickly move to evade him.

After that collect the orb to clear the stage.


Stage 4 Boss A: Dullahan (DXCRMB-007)

This boss fight is pretty simple. All you really need to do is watch is movemen

-ts. Dullahan is a huge headless swordsmen who wiels a jousting pole and carrie

-s his head.

Attack 1: He will thrust his sword at you, just back flip to evade and then


Attack 2: His begin to float and turn green and will start chasing you. If it

touches you, Richter will be slown down. To evade this just jump or

back flip over his head. If you're lucky you'll be able to get in a

few shots.

Attack 3: He will jump up and thrust his sword in to the ground at you. To

evade this just move away from him and get in regular whip attacks

if you can.

Attack 3: He will thrust his sword in to the ground and ice crystal's will come

out of the ground. To Evade this reach for high ground and attack

using Holy Water.

Grab the Orb when he dies.


Stage 4 Boss B: Carmilla (DXCRMB-008)

This boss is patheticly easy. All you really need to do is watch two things.

One her main form which is walking around, if she touches you, she'll suck all

your hearts away. Now move to the platform on the left and attack the huge fly

-ing skull. Once the skull is destroyed, attack her she will then turn in to a

Succubus who will hop around. Just watch how she hops and attack her 'til she's

dead, nothing to it.

Attack *skull* 1: She'll throw flames around

Attack *Her Human form* 2: Her human form will suck your hearts dry.

Attack *Succubus* 3: She will kick and hop around you.

Collect the orb after she is dead.


Stage 5 Boss A: Death (DXCRMB-009)

Death can be a pain because he'll summon sickles at you. Just dodge and destroy

them. Try to get a few hits in on him with your cross & whip as he flies around

the area. After a certain amount of damage he will fly in the back ground and

fire skulls at you. Just dodge them.

He will then scream "Face me boy!" and he will transform in to his original sel

-f. At this point he'll summon a few sickles at you. He will also try to hit

you with his sythe. Ocassionaly he'll fire green balls at you which will follow

you around. Just use regular whip attacks, cross attacks and an item crash if

you need to use it.

After he is dead collect the orb.


Stage 5 Boss B: Hydra (DXCRMB-010)

Coming Soon


Stage 6 Boss Fights (DXCRMB-011)

Boss 1: Vampire Bat

This boss is pathetic. All he will do is fly around the room firing some projec

-tiles that follow you around and will spin in to the ground. Just use regular

whip attacks on him.

Boss 2: Medusa

Again another easy battle. Just use your Cross Subweapon on him and back her in

to a corner and continue to whip. Duck when she fires a laser at you or you'll

turn in to stone. She will also jump up and attempt to hit you with her tail.

Boss 3: The Mummy

Now things are starting to get challanging. He will hit you with his arms that

in which expand out. Just duck and hit him. He will then summon three blocks in

which you must jump over all three or be crushed. At this point he'll summon

some bandages that will go upwards and downward across the room. To evade this

just get back near the start of the room and hit him with your Cross and regula

-r attacks.

Boss 4: Frankenstein

This boss battle is simple. Just make sure you stay away from him. Your subweap

-on will not work. So just use regular attacks while dodging him. He will throw

out lightning balls at you in which you can backflip or jump over. He will also

try to grab you. Eventully he'll stomp on the ground and make the ceiling cave

in. To evade this just hide under the first platform. He should go down easy.

Boss 5: Shaft

He will use orbs to hit you and will teleport around the room. At first he'll

turn them on fire. Just dodge them and attack him. His other attack is whne he

turns them in to Lightning. Carefully time their strikes and just hit him with

Cross and regular whip attacks. Use an Item crash if you have enough hearts.

He should go down with ease.

After the battle collect the orb.


Stage 7 Boss A: Ghost of Shaft (DXCRMB-012)

Coming soon

Please tell me how to save Anaette so that I can write a guide for this. :)



Stage 7 Boss B: L. Vampire (DXCRMB-013)

This boss is easy. She will use her bats to protect her from regular attacks.

The tick is, is to wait for her to use them to attack. A few of her moves can

be evaded easily. How you do this is simple. Just move in the middle of the

room when she sends her bats flying down wards. She will then have them move

in to a circle around her and the ones in front of her will reach to attack

you, just move away from them. She will then summon them all down to hit you

at once depending on where you're standing, again just move away. When her heal

-th drops almost being killed she will spend them spiraling, just evade them in

an opening and just attack every time she has an opening, she'll go down with

no problem.


Stage 8 Boss: Dracula (DXCRMB-014)

This battle is simple. He will teleport around the room firing fire balls at

you. Ocassionaly he'll fire 2 big fire balls which you can duck under the first

and jump over the 2nd. Just hit him in the head with the Cross and regular whip

attacks. After you take his first form down he'll enter his second form.

Once this happens juat take him out via subweapons and whip attacks towards his

head when he jumps high go under him. Eventully he'll fall.


12. Boss Section: Syphony of The Night |


Coming Soon.


13. Boss Section: Dracula X Rondo of Blood (Original) |


Coming Soon.


14. Dracula X Chronicles Secrets |


A. Rondo of Bood (Original)

Level Select In Original Rondo of Blood: X-X!V''Q

B. Symphony of the Night Modes


After the end of the game you can play new modes in SOTN. To does this just

start a name game. When you go to name your character put in any of these

names to start a new game mode!



X-X!V''Q: Play as Alucard with 99 luck and start the game with the Lapis lazuli

item for +20 luck.



AXEARMOR: Allows Alucard to use the Axe Lord armor in SOTN to play as an Axe




Richter: Play as Richter Belmont from RoB and SOTN!



Maria: Play as Maria for the first time!



15. Thanks list|


Friends - You know who you are.

Family - Again you know who you are.

Snaksolid - Hydra information.

Brian Ludwig - For pointing me the secrets section of this guide.


I'd also like to thank the ones who have helped contribute to this guide.

the reason why I have written this in place of names is that I have forgot

the names of the ones who have attempted to help me. Please email me or msg

me online.


16. Outroduction |


I hope you have enjoyed the game(s). This guide has taken me a few days. But I

am glad that I have created it. I hope you enjoyed my guide as much as I have

had the time to write it.

So good luck out there. And happy gaming :)


17. Copyright Information |


This guide is copyrighted by me (jestercolony aka Ryan Nicholson) as of 2007.

Any one caught using this guide for their own profit will be delt with quickly.

Anyone caught hosting this guide on their site without my premission will be

sued. Anything else? Okay...


18. Hosted Sites |


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