Mega Man ZX Advent FAQ/ Walkthrough

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Walkthrough for: Rockman ZX: Advent ,:ll,l.

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1.Table Of Contents


Use Ctrl+F to find what you need more specifically,

Or alternatively, Option+F on a Mac.

For example, the Transport Train stage enter "5.03"

1.Table Of Contents

2.Version History




5.01Grey: Mystery Research Lab

5.02Ashe: Airship

5.03Transport Train Area-Diaburn the Gazelroid

5.04Forest Tower Area-Rosespark the Flowerroid

5.05Ice Floe Area-Chronoforce the Tridenroid

5.06Oil Field Area-Atlas; Rockman Model F

5.07Legions HQ Area-Siarnaq; Rockman Model P

5.08Floating Ruins Area-Helios; Rockman Model H

5.09Highway Area-Thetis; Rockman Model L

5.10Scrapyard Area-Condorock the Vulturoid

5.11Control Center Area-kaisemine the Wasproid

5.12Quarry Area-Vent/Aile Rockman Model ZX

5.13Waterfall Ruins Area-Argoyle and Urgoyle Shisaroids

5.14Mysterious Laboratory-Tesrat the Hedgeroid

5.15Biolab Area-Bitefrost the Crocoroid

5.16Submerged Volcano Area-Prometheus and Pandora

5.17Ouroboros Area-Final Boss

6.Items, Secrets and Hints


6.02Live Metal-Ups



6.05Extension Chips and Other Items:

7.Menu Translations

7.01Beginning Menu (Press Start)

7.02In-Game <Start> Menu

7.03In-Game <Map/Model> Menu

7.04In-Game <Save> Menu

8.Contact Info



2.Version History



English version sucked. Why do I even bother?


Ayup ^_^


Phew. Finally did the main walkthrough!

Expect slow updating from now on ^_^




Almost there ^_^




Updated some.


Alternate way for scrapyard life up added.

Removed Data discs, but added chips.

KnightmareSin may make an faq for those ^^


Fixed the chronoforce silver medal,

added strats to medal section,

updated walkthrough a bit,


Yay, another update!

More walkthrough, data discs and fixes.

0.7Updated another permission thing,

Also completed the life and weapon up section (thanx Fernando!)

Updated some more walkthrough.

0.66Updated a little more. Added Chronoforce cheapness >_>

Added medals (thanks Eparygon!)

Changed stage names to correct ones (thanks atomic fire!)


0.6Started writing, just posted it on GameFAQs. I got the skeleton from my

other ZX FAQ, so that part was easy. Todos:

Finish the FAQ; Main walkthrough, Life ups, Data discs etc.

Finished stuff: Most of the menu translations,

Walkthrough up to the Desert (Atlas) stage




This FAQ is about Rockman ZX:A (A is for Advent), and it's my second FAQ.

The main characters in this game are Grey, and Ashe.

Probably named after their hair colors.

Grey is a Repliroid from a lab, without any knowledge of his past.

Ashe is just your typical ruin looter >_>.

I hope you'll enjoy reading my FAQ as much as I do writing it.

This game is pretty hyped, since it predecessor was pretty damn good. ZX:A

is a sequel, but also the evolution of ZX.

I know, since the game's just out, that there are a lot of strategies I might

have missed. This doesn't mean in the least that they are ineffective.

Thanks to Capcom, you can be as creative as you want to be in this game.

Have fun!




FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. Since they are asked a lot,

I'll answer most of them here.

Q: What are the main differences with Rockman ZX, the original?

A: The main difference is the you have one Live Metal, but are able to

"Trans-ON" (God I hope this doesn't turn out to be a cruddy acronym -_-,

I loved R.O.C.K on, please don't mess this up Capcom...)

into other bosses. This brings me to my next point:

The four Shitenou LM's will make their appearance in this game!

I don't want to spoil things for you, but if you want to know

exactly how, you'll just have to read the FAQ to move on.

Anyhow, Trans-on's are copies you make of the DNA of bosses, and are able

to re-use using Model A.

You can also start off with either Grey (Boy) or Ashe (Girl).

Unlike the previous installment,

Both have a unique intro stage.

Q: What's the "24 items" thing Capcom was talking about?

A: The 24 items are medals. More about this in the medal section

under items.

Q: How do I refight bosses?

A: Well, in Hunter Camp Area 1, there are 8 people standing on the

Buildings. This is no mere coincidence. Talk to one of them,

and he'll give you some kind of card in Item slot C.

Each person represents another boss, from Diaburn (left) all the way

to the shisaroids (right).

You have to talk to them multiple times.

Also, when you have fought all 8 bosses, go to the house numder 1

in the same area, and talk to the blue guy here.

Q: I defeated all Falseroids, but don't know how to get to the marking on

the map!

A: You need to transport over to Biolab 3 (Bitefrost's area).

You need the room before the trans-server room. In here there's

a trans-server that was broken at first.

Use it by pressing up.

Q: I can't find this subtank, item, etc.

A: Check the table of contents. Section 6 covers those kind of items.




Well here's the walkthrough! Use the table of contents to find whatever you

need. remember, use Ctrl + F! Or Clover + F on a Macintosh.

Notes: Because the game is still Japanese at the moment of

writing, I may spoil some parts of the game. I will try to avoid obvious plot


Also, the FAQ is aimed at the "Expert" mode. Why they called it that way beats

me, but it's the closest thing to normal mode.

DISCLAIMER: This FAQ was made for the Japanese version.

No, it IS model V, Model W doesn't exist. I'm referring to everything

by their Japanese names. Why? Because the English versions sucks. Story wise,

and probably in a lot more way than that too.

I mean come on Capcom of America, A-trans? Megamerge? Yuck.

Rock-ON!!! Trans-ON!

Now there are some lines that sound bad-ass.


5.01Grey: Mystery Research Lab Area


"Who... Am I?"

The moment I found out Grey was an experiment of some kind, I had to write

that down. This is going to cause all kinds of weird plot twists, trust me.

If you've played ZX, then you will immediately notice the map screen at the

bottom. It's pretty much self explanatory though, so you'll get used to it

soon enough. Just mash on every button you can, it's really quite


It seems some ruin hunters are trying to loot up an old research laboratory.

Instead of normal loot, they find the Repliroid Grey.

But even before they can get to Grey, they get attacked by what they call

"Mechaniroids", but what are obviously Galleons from the previous ZX.

Of course, they shoot each other and in the process they wake up Grey.

Grey wakes up, wondering if he killed all of these people.

<start Anime cut scene>

Of course he also wonders who he is, where he came from and the likes.

Pandora warps in, introduces herself (and Grey), and enlightens Grey that

he is a failed experiment. He was made to become a "Rockman". But what the

hell is a Rockman? Pandora probably thinks it's enough, and shoots him.

Of course you run, and the stage starts.

Start Stage!

You don't start off with a Live metal in your hands this time;

you are still in Repliroid form. Capcom was nice enough to provide you with a

standard 1-damage gun (which only fires horizontally) though.

Don't worry, this is more than efficient for now.

Run right, as you're used to.

Funny: If you're in <Beginners Mode> Grey will give you advice on how to move.

It's all very basic. Shoot the blocks (and everything else)

that stands in your way, then continue through the door.

Ah, now's a little bit of challenge. You should know how to climb up

stairs by now, but if you don't; jump onto them and press Up on your D-pad.

Slay the New (awesome) Galleon type, maybe get the energy filler, and move on.

You can also drop down stairs by pressing B. Do so.

2 Enemies appear! Jump, shoot. Are we clear? Good.

Also nice to know is that if you press the large window icon in the bottom left

of the touch screen, you'll get a VERY exact map of the area you currently are,

including doors.

Some (familiar) enemies show up here. Didn't these kind of things first

got they're roles in Rockman 2? Ah well. Head through the door.

According to the map, we still have a while to go. About halfway there I guess.

The next area consists of crawling under some hot air streams. (Down+Direction)

Shoot the baddies and move on.

Area 2, Boss!



Giant Mechaniroid


Weaknesses: N/A

Resists: N/A

Difficulty: (damn) Easy

Attack 1.Fire spins. He launches a fire blowing thing. You can jump over

the flames to dodge.

Attack 2. Eye laser(s). He launches laser from his eyes which go from the

Sides to part of the center. Stay under his nose to avoid.

Note that if you kill an eye, he can't use it to fire lasers.

He'll also drops some kind of bombs after this attack, so go back

to standing on a hand palm to dodge.

Attack 3.Hands Crush. He will take the hand you're not standing on, and

use it to crush you on the hand you ARE standing on. Just jump

off for a bit to dodge.

Strategy:Stand on top of either of his hands and keep blasting. Done.

Wish I could do this in Donkey Kong though ^-^

There, done. Mission complete. But... Wait, you fall down too!

IT'S A TRAP. Damn it.

Hey, seems the hunters saved you didn't they? Grey doesn't seem to

trust it... He gets less hostile after a few lines though.

Well, you didn't die. You recovered at the Hunter Camp.

He says they did recover the Live metal, but they need to transport it.

The Hunter (his kana reads "Nikol") tells you to get your ass to a trans server.

You'll find what you need (the hunter's license) there.

Go out with the door to your left. Room number 4 contains the trans server.

Step onto it and press up. You'll get a Hunters License!

the guy tells you that you need to do missions, you can't get them yet though.

Still... SAVE. YES! On top of that, you get not 1, but 5 different save games!

Oh yeah, the first option is Data management, and the second is quit.

Once in the save management, the first is Save play data, second is load

and the third is delete. But you've got five slots, so why delete?

When you try to leave, the woman tells you something VERY important.

The thing standing next to her is a transport target. Every Area Number has one.

Sadly, you can't use them to transport to somewhere. Still, you CAN use a trans

server to get to any one of these.

One catch though: You need to activate them. How?

Stand next to one and press Up on your D-pad. Now they want to see cash.

100 E crystals to be exact. I think it's more than worth it though, so activate

these whenever you can.

Room number 2 Contains the Database guy, like Fluub (yes, FLUUB) in ZX.

You don't have any data right now though.

Room 1 contains... A bar? They're not Repliroids then.

You don't need to do any of these first though. Just keep heading right.

Eventually you'll meet a hunter guy. He'll take you on the first mission.

See 5.03


5.02Ashe: Airship Area


The hunters have heard some info that a special Live metal is somewhere

around these airships. Of course Ashe is going to be there first.

So... She jumps.

<anime cut scene>

Start Stage!

Ashe's buster is some kind of small laser, and is just a bit weaker

than Grey's. She is faster though.

Keep walking forward until you see your first enemy: a standard Galleon.

Blast him, then move forward.

You'll encounter a bladed Galleon up ahead, so make sure you keep your

distance from these guys.

Hop on the crystalline platform, it will move.

Keep blasting Galleons, then hop on to the next platform.

A laser shooting enemy will appear, so duck.

Or just shoot the crap out of him. I prefer the latter.

Go down the ladder and move to the right, killing all the baddies you

spot on the way. Then, climb up the ladder to jump up the moving




Giant Flying Mechaniroid


Weaknesses: N/A

Resists: N/A

Difficulty: Easy

Attack 1. Eye laser(s). He launches laser from his eyes which go from the

Sides to part of the center. Stay under his nose to avoid.

Note that if you kill an eye, he can't use it to fire lasers.

He'll also drops some kind of bombs after this attack, so go back

to standing on a hand palm to dodge.

Attack 2.Hands Crush. He will take the hand you're not standing on, and

use it to crush you on the hand you ARE standing on. Just jump

off for a bit to dodge.

Strategy:Same as Grey's version, but airborne. So don't fall down.

Stand on top of either of his hands and keep blasting. Done.

Wish I could do this in Donkey Kong though ^-^

There. You owned this guy.

But wait... Who the heck is this guy? Ashe thinks he's after the Live metal.

That makes him our target. Hunter members join you, only to be slaughtered by

him, who introduces himself as Prometheus. Babbling something about being the

only real Rockman...

Well, you didn't die. You recovered at the Hunter Camp.

He says they did recover the Live metal, but they need to transport it.

The Hunter (his kana reads "Nikol") tells you to get your ass to a trans server.

You'll find what you need (the hunter's license) there.

(copy-paste from Grey's section :)

Go out with the door to your left. Room number 4 contains the trans server.

Step onto it and press up. You'll get a Hunters License!

the guy tells you that you need to do missions, you can't get them yet though.

Still... SAVE. YES! On top of that, you get not 1, but 5 different save games!

Oh yeah, the first option is Data management, and the second is quit.

Once in the save management, the first is Save play data, second is load

and the third is delete. But you've got five slots, so why delete?

When you try to leave, the woman tells you something VERY important.

The thing standing next to her is a transport target. Every Area Number has one.

Sadly, you can't use them to transport to somewhere. Still, you CAN use a trans

server to get to any one of these.

One catch though: You need to activate them. How?

Stand next to one and press Up on your D-pad. Now they want to see cash.

100 E crystals to be exact. I think it's more than worth it though, so activate

these whenever you can.

Room number 2 Contains the Database guy, like Fluub in ZX.

You don't have any data right now though.

Room 1 contains... A bar? They're not Repliroids then.

You don't need to do any of these first though. Just keep heading right.

(literally. Don't use any doors that require a push of <Up> on the


Eventually you'll meet a hunter guy. He'll take you on the first mission.


5.03Transport Train Area


Model A lends his strength! R.O.C.K. ON!

Hunter Brii (EDIT: GAH. It's Billy. Waddafux?) tells you this mission is

about transporting a Live-metal to a group called "Legions".

Basically, they're the government.

He says the thing is called a Live metal.

Grey wonders what a Live metal is supposed to be...

The screen flashes a few times, a mysterious voice tries to warn you...

Too late.

Bad guys fly in, and Brii makes a run for it.

Something is fishy.

Oh...Snap! It's Pandora AND Prometheus. This is BAD juju.

Indeed, as Prometheus attacks the "Rockman"

Wait, it's the mysterious voice again! He says... He'll help you transform

into something powerful! he then introduces himself as Live metal, Model A.

He... Rocks on by himself?

<anime cut scene>

You have the power, now show 'm who's boss.

Prometheus doesn't care. He says he'd like to see you develop in a true Rockman.

And... He's gone. But of course, the front of the train gets attacked.

Get your gears up, and mess around with Model A a bit.

Stage Start!

Now, you got homing shots.

This is done by charging secondary weapon button (usually R).

This creates a transparent triangle, which you need to get the baddies into.

A very important strategy is to charge your buster, hold R, shoot the homing

shot, THEN the charge shot. You can combo if you master this.

Grey's and Ashe's are pretty much the same,

But Ashe's homing shot homes in outside of your usual range too.

You'll see what I mean.

The charged shot is different for Ashe,

because she has a laser buster that bounces off walls.

This is darned handy in some situations, but usually it's just a tad

weaker than Grey's buster.

I also loved ROCKing on and off using the toch screen, with the new button in

the bottom right.

Keeping the A button pressed uses you Giga crush attack. Try it!

Also worthy of noting, is that the weapon energy meter restores by itself.

Slow, but it does.

The stage is really straight forward. The imperial walker type enemy may

require some more thought (i.e. JUMPING) than most other.

The stage is more of a blast fest than trying to survive, really.

Moving on. Move through the doors, get the life restore, then through the

doors again.

What do we see here on top? It's a data disc!

Since you can't go back through the door, you can use it to dash jump up

to the platform to get the disc. Do so.

It may be a bit typical Rockman annoying though, Rockman Zero had

it's fair share of annoyances like these too.

the disc number is B10... That means there's a Boss again.

Nice entry there! Odd enough, he recognises Model A pretty quickly.

Ah, seems he's another member of P&P Inc. (read: Prometheus and




Diaburn the Gazelroid


Element: Fire (+his head)

Difficulty: Easy

Weakness: Ice

Attack 1.Downward strike. He jumps, aims, and moves downward in a

sting motion. Dash away, under him if you can.

Attack 2.Fire arrows. He fires flame arrows, which will stick to

the wall and the floor. Dash under it, but not too far

to avoid.

Attack 3.Upward strike. He'll jump upward, possibly destroying

part of the ceiling. Hint: don't be on it.

Strategy:Wait a sec. Does this guy have a WEAKNESS? Oh crud.

He'll probably destroy most of the ceiling when the fight starts,

So make sure you get the hell away from him.

It might also be smart to shoot him from behind,

since unlike ZX, weaknesses are GOOD here.

Keep firing charged buster shots, they're stronger than

those homing shots.

It might be a bit tricky, but like most ZX:A Bosses,

it's all about patterns and developping a pattern of your own to dodge theirs.

Also, use that Homing shot, charged shot combo I thought you.

You got... Diaburn's DNA!

The game requires you to transform into him, so do so.

Up + Charged shot is the Upward strike, use it to finish off the rest of

the ceiling.

Model A may also require you to try out his wall jump effect by dash

jumping over to a wall, then jumping again. this makes up for Diaburn's

inability to wall climb.

After all this, model A needs you to transform back.

When you're back at the Hunter Camp,

return to room 4 and step on the trans server.

Mission complete!

NOTE: A very handy, though a bit cheap strategy is using Diaburn's Charge+Up to

jump, than at the peak of the jump, trasform back into Model A. This way,

you can jump incredibly high. Even higher than Model Hx from ZX.

It's just That cheap.

Wait... Someone important is talking to you.

This is your first encounter with the three wise men.

Albert, Mikhail and Thomas. The red guy's Thomas, the weird yellow

geezer's Mikhail and the Blue haired fellow is Albert.

Master Thomas says you need data. Probably about Pandora and Prometheus.

He also tells you more about the R.O.C.K. system, and how other are using it

as well. You also get a new Card key.

Also, something seems to be up. Irregulars (Mavericks) appearing in

a few areas. And you gotta go check it out.

Not going anywhere for a while? SAVE.

Right, So now, you have the option of choosing two areas. Rosespark's, and


I personally like to choose Rosespark's, because Chronoforce's area contains

a subtank, but you need Rosespark's trans-on to get to it.

Whichever you choose, head to Hunter Camp area 2.

Remember the Transport Train area? (it has a nice screenshot next to it)

We need to climb on top of it I trust you are familiar with wall-climbing.

Get your map out. See the blue icon indicating a door? Go through it.

You're now in Hunter Camp 3.

Again, get you map screen on. the bottom red arrow marks

the Ice Floe Area (Chronoforce), while the right one marks the

Forest Tower area (Rosespark).

Climb up to the top red arrow and head into the forest...


5.04Forest Tower Area


Yes, I know the kana says just "Tower".

But I also think that's a bit confusing,

since there are more than one tower in this game.


You may choose to activate the Trans server link here. I'm not going to

notify you anymore about these, because pretty much all areas have them.

So yeah. Simply activate them all. Saves trouble.

Stage Start!

Be careful for the flower Tails just popping out of nowhere. Obviously,

you can only hit them on the red mark. So do so.

The door you see is normal in the stage, and can only be opened from one side,

By blasting it, that is.

Blast more flowers.

Before you continue though, you should save if you didn't.

You can't come back here after the doors close.

So save, then continue through the door.

You trigger an alarm. Well, don't we feel welcome?

They block a door. Well wow. Means we'll just have to go around it.

Albert says the same thing. Climb up. Just stand on the center, vines will

appear for you to walk on.

Keep you homing shots ready. Some flowers are stuck on the vines,

and they don't like you. So yeah, blast em.

Watch out for the spikes on the bottom of some platforms too. It's

easy to accidentally bump into them whilst wall-climbing.

The door in the center also holds nothing more than a data disc.

The new worm enemies are really annoying. They explode when you don't hit

them with a strong blow, and the body parts will hit you.

Keep your distance, and blow them away.

Another new enemy, the fake full health, is pretty weak.

It flies up when you try to get it, then fly at you. Just dash away and/or

kill it.

Now keep moving up the vines.

You can use the Diaburn jump trick to get a Full health up here.

Watch out for falling worms, then go through

the door.

Time for a mini boss.





Difficulty: Easy/medium

Attack 1.Leg wheel. He'll stick out his four legs in all directions,

and move them in a clockwise manner. Jump over the leg tips

to avoid.

Attack 2.Spider drop. He'll drop mini spiders. Blast them using homing shot.

Attack 3.Electric lob. He'll shoot you with electric lobs. Watch for where

they fall, then dodge accordingly.

Attack 4.Leg drill. He'll try to drill you from one side. Dodge to the other.

this will also take out a panel in the floor.

Strategy:He might seem a bit intimidating at first, but he's

really a pushover. He has a few attacks, which are easily


His head and his leg tips are his weaknesses, so attack those.

Use both charged shots and homing shots.

The next part may vary wether you dropped down the hole

the Spider drilled for you.

I'm assuming you'll take the highest door, because I'm feeling lazy.

Here, you'll meet pushing enemies.

They're quite easy, just shoot the from behind.

They won't hurt you by themselves.

Go along the path outside. Remember the intro stage?

Well, those laser goons are back. But this time, you've got homing

shots. Show em who's boss.

Do you see the hanging brown pillar? Well you can use it for a

life up later. See the life up section.

Move on. Enemies get a bit tougher here, so watch your step.

The wall razor enemies can be defeated by dropping after they've launched

their gears, then firing a round of your own.

Climb up the rest of the stairs, then prepare for boss time.

You'll see Rosespark, terrorizing a Hunter.

Of course, you help him get away by distracting Rosespark.

He babbles something about the glorious model V... Maybe he's influenced

by it too?



Rosespark the Floweroid


Element: Electric

Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Weakness: Ice

Attack 1.Spike throw. He'll throw electric spikes at you.

Dash under them to avoid.

Attack 2.Same as 1, only bigger.

Attack 3.Electric triangle. This attack is a result of attack 1

or 2. 3 fallen spikes will create an electric triangle,

damaging everything inside it's vicinity.

Attack 4.Electric rope. He'll lash out at a rope, electrifying it.

Just stay out of the way.

Attack 5.Charge plus laser. He'll recover some health, the shoot

a laser covering most of the area. Dash behind him.

Strategy:Rosespark will always be on the ropes, firing his weapons.

Make sure you are always on the move too, and keep firing.

If he's low, wall-climb. If he's high, keep dashing on the


Definitely easier than he seems.

Watch him blow up to pieces, than mess a little with Rosespark.

Obviously, you can now climb on ropes and posses electric attacks.

You can lash on to a parallel rope by pressing the attack button.

On to the next room... Crud.

There's a piece of... Model V?

Also the scared Hunter. What the hell? Model V is sucking his life!

Two mysterious men warp in!

Great. Just what we needed.

Anyway, it's obvious who these two resemble. We just don't

know their roles yet.

They talk about how model V is going to bring peace to the world,

by ruling it.

Model A doesn't like it.

Notice the awesome Rock ON animations.

The two introduce each other: the purple one is called Siarnaq

and wields Model P. The green one calls himself Helios,

and wields (duh) Model H.

They take the model V part while leaving.

Master Albert calls, saying we need to get our asses back.

Well, after the door you get nothing but spikes... Or do we?

Seems you can use rosespark to travel over them using the ropes.

Try it out. Just press Up when under a rope or vine.

The next door takes you to a trans server.

But not a normal one, sadly. It will warp you to the start of the

area though, so that's good enough.

Wait a second; that locked door is now open! Dandy.

Luckily for you, there's a normal trans server behind the door.

Go in there, and transfer back to base.

Remember where the door to the Ice Floe Area is?

Well first go to area 3, then go to the bottom left red arrow.

Maybe active the trans link, then move on.


5.05Ice Floe Area


I'm really sorry, but I couldn't translate the kana here.

I'm just that sucking.


Master Mikhail contacts you, nothing important.

The level is again, pretty straight forward platforming.

To make this level a lot easier, use the Diaburn trans-on.

Diaburn can destroy ice blocks with his fire arrows and melee


His, err, horns also cut anything they touch.

This is especially useful for the camera like guard robots, you

can just dash at them, and they'll die a quick death.

This area also houses new water enemies. these bugger shoot spikes

into four diagonal (!) directions. They also resurrect once after

you killed them the first time.

There are also some kind of ice shoot, who shoot ice spikes to you.

Just avoid, and kill them so you can move freely.

Also note, that if you are short on health, Diaburn's charge attack

can cut most "Big" items, like energy crystals or Live metal energies.

Just keep hopping over them platforms, and watch out for fake

ice blocks. You should always look if there's a cannon under them,

because they will flip over as soon as you come close enough.

You can choose to go underwater though, it may be more easy that way.

Sadly, the last part won't having any ground beside the ice blocks.

that means you will have to get on top of them. It's short and

not that hard though, so don't worry.

Go through the doors.



Sucker Armz


(hey, that's actually how the kana reads)

Element: Ice (?)

Difficulty: Easy

Weakness: Fire

Strategy:Boy, this guy is really easy.

But with a name like that, what else?

The strategy is simple: go forth and shoot out

Fire arrows with Diaburn.

It operates in a set pattern, and keeps arms

next to it to protect itself.

You need to shoot the arms (one shot of a fiery

arrow is enough) first before you can hit the

mechaniroid himself, in his "eye".

If you're not quick enough, he'll shoot out missiles.

You should have put him where he belonged by now.

Go al the way right, until you reach a corridor with spikes.

Here, you should take the road up. Use Model A, because it's hard

to maneuver with Diaburn.

The next part has a new type of harmless enemy: Pidgin-roids.

Or something. they die with one hit, so they're not really a

threat. They do drop bombs when they die, that look like recovery

items. Don't take them, as looks deceive.

Next part is easy. Head right until you see ropes.

Sub-Tank: this one is easy, and you should really take it. Just

head up the ropes with Rosespark, then sling your way right.

Take the subtank lying there.

Watch out for enemies, then head down and right through the door.

The next bit is kind off annoying.

To unlock the mechanical door to the right, you'll need to destroy

switches of some kind.

The switches are behind the blue doors you find in this area.

Some blue doors are hidden behind ice blocks, and there's

even one you can get to yet.

This means you'll have to use Diaburn for most of the icy areas.

You have to use your map screen to get to all of the

switches you can find, then destroy them.

This opens the door to the right.

Note that Diaburn can wall-jump, and had a very handy upwards thrust

attack. Use them.

Hint: use Diaburn charge attack to cut the weapon energies scattered

in the switch rooms. This fills up your newly acquired sub tank


Once your done here, head through the doors.

Two mysterious figures warp in.

Of course, you wonder who they are.

Another pair of awesome Rock on sequences ensue.

The blue one calls himself the Rockman of ice, Thetis, wielding

Live metal Model L.

The red one introduces himself as Atlas, the Rockman of Fire,

wielding Live metal Model F.

Atlas breaks the ice (NO pun >_>), and the two leave.

Of course, you still have a boss fight, don't you?

In comes the Falseroid, Chronoforce.



Chronoforce the Tridenroid


Element: Ice

Difficulty: Easy

Weakness: Fire

Attack 1.Dash. He dashes at you. Dash jump under or

over him to avoid.

Attack 2.Mini-Chronoforces. He sits in the bottom left

or right of the screen, and he'll create 4

mini versions of himself. These will first line

up, then dash at you. Use homing shot to


Attack 3.Ice Spikes. He'll Launch spikes.

Just estimate a spot that will be spike-free,

and dash there.

Attack 4.Chrono Ice Spikes. He'll go into the background,

and fire spikes at you. The spikes will also return,

as if time went backwards.

This attack is very hard to

avoid, but luckily he doesn't do it all too often.

Attack 5.Clock-Up. He sits in the middle of a screen, miming a clock.

This attack makes all of his other attacks go WAY faster.

Strategy:He shouldn't give you that much trouble.

His back is shielded with metool plating, so it's

invulnerable to ANYTHING. His belly is weak to stuff


You can use Diaburn, but I personally like comboing

with Model A. Choose whichever you like. It's all about

dodging here.

Oh, you also have a subtank now. The fight isn't that

hard, but it might come in handy.

You got the Chronoforce trans-on!

This one could also be called Hackforce, since it's the damn cheapest thing.

Just charge his attack, even on land, and fire. Now every thing slows down

and you can kill everything. Honestly.

It's back is pretty much invincible. But only to spikes, strangely enough.

Go through the doors to test him out.

After testing out Chronoforce and skipping a lot of text,

head through the door.

Save using the trans server.

You don't necessarily have to go back to base, as the next stage

is right next to this one...

Head through the door.

The door on top of this one heads to the Forest Tower are, so don't

take that one.

As you move to the right, you'll see your path is blocked by colored

gates. To unlock them, you have to "Infect" the elemental spheres

in the room before the red gate. You do this by hitting the

element you see with the opposed (i.e. you should hit red with and

electric attack, blue with fire etc.).

So go through the door.

First off, destroy the block that are in you way with Diaburn's

thrust attacks.

Shoot the blue globe with a fire arrow, then go up the rope.

I shouldn't need to tell you to use Rosespark for this anymore,

so I will not.

After the ropes, hit the red globe with a charged rosespark attack.

Head right, and destroy the block. Go into the water.

Now you should transform into Chronoforce. Using him, dash through

the spiked area. Don't be afraid, he's imune to them.

Shoot at the green globe.

Now backtrack to the locked gates...

They're open!

Now, on to the next area...


5.06Oil Field Area


You'll find a fallen desert hunter. Not much you can do.

Onward, you'll find one of the most annoying enemies yet:

the spring bouncer. Just make sure you kill these quickly

with charged shots...

Keep heading right as you're used to. try to keep a charged buster.

Don't go down the stairs.

You may also grab the extra life (the A) using Diaburn jump.

Kill the bouncer, then head up the stairs, through the doors.

In area 2, you'll encounter Galleons on bikes.

(omg, Galleon stole my bike >_>)

As long as you watch out, you'll be fine. They jump every

now and then, so try to dash under them when they do.

They'll kill themselves bumping into stuff.

You won't get goodies when they kill themselves though, you only

get items when you kill them yourself.

Moving on, another imperial walker and four new enemies of the

same type. They keep circling in the air for a set pattern.

Use you homing buster, before they actually fire things at you.

Move on, killing 2 walkers and dodge another Galleon bike.

You can grab the items under the breakable pipe.

Move on. See the shiny power up capsule? You can't grab it yet.

But almost, so remember it's location a bit.

Move on, killing more enemies.

Now, you can see ropes. These are a bit harder than usual, since

there are enemies around. Just keep firing round of spikes, and

electrifying the rope at the last bit.

Go back into Model A, and prepare for a mini boss.



Giga Aspis (Fire)


Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Weakness: Electric

Attack 1.Fire wheel. He'll spit a rolling fire wheel

that rolls over the ground. Jump to avoid.

Attack 2.Oil spit. He spits oil that will stick to you

and slow you down. You will catch fire if he uses

a fire attack.

Attack 3.Slam. He'll slam his body to the ground. Dash the

side of the screen where he isn't to avoid.

Attack 4.Fire scatter. He'll make a fire wheel that stays

in mid-air and scatters it's flames.

Strategy:He seems intimidating eh?

Ashe players may enjoy the fact that their buster's

bounce exactly to his head.

But he's really, really easy.

Get under him, and trans-on into Rosespark.

Now mash the sub attack button like a madman,

Maybe use a charge now and then.

Watch him go down fast.

Move on, into the crashed airship.

Once inside, notice that the Data room isn't working.

(doesn't this ship look a hell of a lot like the Guardian base from

the original zx? Lazy Capcom. It's not the same story wise though.)

Dash to the right to find a fallen Desert hunter.

(his kana read Tom)

He tells you the power is off, and a lot of his allies are being held

by irregulars.

So, you're going to put the power on.

Obviously, you need the room the the Lightning symbol on it.

Once inside, head right and trans-on into Rosespark. His charged

shots can re ignite the parts that where off before.

Great, so now you've got most of the doors working.

I headed to the trans server room first, you should too.

First, head up using the elevator (press up while on it), then

into the first door. Kill the baddies, and the hunter will flee.

The second room contains only bad guys.

Go back to the main floor, and into the first room.

You'll automatically rescue the hunter.

Same with the second room.

There, you've rescued them. Now you can move on to find the real

culprit... Atlas.

He talks about the desert hunters a bit. He's probably looking

for a part of Model V here. though luck for him, there's only you.

And you'll own him. Literally >_>



Atlas (Rockman Model F)


Element: Fire

Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Weakness: Electric

Attack 1.DS Buster. He'll shoot his buster from below,

but it will change direction halfway.

Just stay out of the red line.

Attack 2.Bomb (Ashe only). He'll drop a bomb. Don't

step on it.

Attack 3.Fire shot. He'll shoot a charged buster shot

at you. wall climb.

Attack 4.Punch. He'll punch you with his buster.

Attack 5.Spread fireball. He'll charge a shot, and shoot it at

the wall. the ball will split up into a lot of

small balls.

Attack 6.Flame Dash. He'll dash at you a bit.

Strategy:I know it's tempting, but don't use Rosespark.

I'm serious, unless you know exactly what you're

doing, stay the hell away from that trans-on.

What you do need to do, is only stay on the same

level as him if you're going to attack, otherwise

just stay away. Buster combo his ass.

With ashe it's way easier, because if you miss

it will probably hit him later on.

If he gives you trouble, use Chronoforce.

As you receive the DNA of Atlas, something weird happens.

Seems the DNA contains some data on model V.

Something about Model A and protect...

The logo's a bit funky too eh? i mean, the A and V intertwined

that way. Foreshadowing?

I can't read too well though.

Ah, your first Shitenou trans-on. Model F allows you to create

precisely aimed bullets using the touch screen.

(trans-on into him, then press his Touch screen button, then press


His (medium, even) charged shots can break walls.

The Ashe version can drop (and shoot) bombs, while the Grey version

stays more loyal to the original, giving him flame attacks.

Move into the next room.

The captain and a hunter are terrified here. Break them free using

the Atlas trans-on.

The captain's name is apparently Ulf. Or Uluh. Heck, how

can you interpret this? This is even wackier that FLUUB.

Model A comments on what a wacky fellow this is. I agree.

Ulf tells you that the rest of the four (Helios and the likes)

went to the Legions Head Quarters, which he marks on your


It's reachable through the Transport Train area.

Well, you're done here. Go back to the trans server to get your

zenny... Err, E crystals and save.

I also recommend you get the Live metal energy in this level.

check section 6 for that.


5.07Legions HQ Area


Go to where the Transport Train Area is.

Funny note; the girl in the room in front of the train gate will

give you an orange, which will heal 4 HP.

Cute ^-^

On the Transport train stage, head all the way to the right.

Go through the door.

Nice background tune eh?

You're in some kind of bunker.

there are people in here, but they only give side quests. Not my


In the next area, there are enemies. But also rooms with people in them.

No need for saving them, they're fine.

The guy in the second room will transfer you back... For 50 E crystals.

Right, just move on.

The next room. You're on a running tire.

This room is perfect for getting those extra Energy or EC capsules.

Anyway, move on and step on the elevator, and press down.

You'll head down. Try to avoid the bullets coming your way.

Homing shots work well here.

Once off the elevator, head right. More bad guys here, kill em.

Move through the doors.

The HQ is under attack! Of course, you have to help them.

Kill the Galleons and head right.

This room's really weird. You've got Galleons riding at you

from the stairs... Really.

Well, just avoid them and work your way up.

Then head through the door on your right.

Hey, the original Rockman had these kind of turrets right

before a boss too! Guess you know what time it is then.

...But you're not there yet. You have to clear another room

full of brainless Galleon Bikes.

Head through the door on the top right.

Has anyone noticed that Siarnaq talks like a robot?

He's obviously a repliroid, but this is a bit too much.



Siarnaq (Rockman Model P)


Element: N/A

Difficulty: Easy

Weakness: N/A

Attack 1.Shuriken Shield (Ashe only). He'll summon shurikens around him

that will scatter around him.

Attack 2.Shuriken throw. He'll throw shurikens at you; jump

or wall climb to dodge.

Attack 3.Shadow dash. He'll dash into the shadows and appear somewhere


Attack 4.Ledge grab + Kunai throw. He'll grab a ledge and throw kunais.

Just get out of his way to dodge.

Attack 5.Shadow form (low health). He'll create two copies of himself

and hang in the sky. Destroy the copies.

Attack 6.Big shuriken throw (Grey only). He'll throw a big shuriken.

Stay out of it's way to avoid.

Strategy:How about freakin' easy? Really, this guy's a pushover.

Just keep moving, and stay out of the way of his shots.

Yummy, toast.

Model A gets some info (kana reads "Report Data")

off Siarnaq's and model P's DNA.

I think it talks about model V fragments that where left after ZX.

I could be horribly wrong though.

A silhouette appears... Hey, that guy seems familiar! Foreshadowing? Definitely.

You got equipped with Model P!

Model P can throw kunais, and his charge attack is a big


Ashe's Charge attack is his shuriken shield.

He can see in dark areas, and using his touch screen even better.

You can also use the touch screen to fire at enemies, just touch the {!} marks.

But his most important feature is to grab onto ledges. Jump to one, and hold

Up on your D-pad. Some ledges allow you to climb up by pressing up twice.

Move through the doors to go on.

You'll immediately get into a dark area. But of course, you now have

Model P. His sight in dark areas is much greater, plus he has a radar scope.

Just press his touch screen button to use it.

Climb the ledges with his grip ability, and get used to it.

Move through the door.

Once outside, more ledges.

Move on.



King Flyer


Difficulty: Easy

Strategy:Note: this guy is easy. Just keep blasting.

Note that he's EXACTLY the same as the one from

the original ZX.

Model F is your friend.

These guys are fun. Capcom does seem kind off lazy

re-using these guys though...

Ah well. Move on.

Now you realize why this game's genre is platform :P.

Hop on the jet rider. Jump off when you're inside the building though.

Inside, kill the hanging Galleons.

Move on down, the jump on that jet. It will ram into a building.

Destroy the wall.

Jump off, but watch out not to jump on the spikes.

Spikes = bad.

There's something good next to the spikes though!

Sub tank =/= Bad at all!

That makes it number 2.

Move upwards onto the platforms.

Same as before; move through the building then drop down.

Move over the platforms to the right. Don't get onto the lady bug like

platform, but move right instead.

Hop on the jet, then on the second one. When that one crashes, onto

the newly appeared one.

Let that one crash, then move onto the red bug like platform.

Climb up the wall, now get onto the red spiked rail wagon...

Jump off before it falls down.

Moving right there's a large HP refill. Use it for your new sub tank

if you can.

Now, backtrack to the spiked wagon and jump on it again.

When you see another ladybug platform, jump on that.

Get on the jet, and let it move you into the next area.

Story time.

Mikhail is complaining about Irregulars (mavericks).

Albert has an idea of how to get rid of them. He says he'll use the

ultimate Rockman...

You walk in and Model A immediately recognizes the Live metal.

Albert mumbles something about protect... Of course he says he has

powers beyond your comprehension.

<anime cut scene>

Well hot zig! Master Albert was corrupt!

Master Thomas explains that it was probably because of Model V.

He also says something about databases... Could it be that

he's saying albert hid the data about Model V inside the DNA of


Mikhail comes back in, mumbling something more about Irregulars.

He thinks the irregular outbreaks could be caused by Model V.

Model A curses. He says you need to go and get that data quickly.

Thomas helps you by marking spots on your map where other Live metals

and Falseroids are.

There's a trans server in the back.

get your crystals, save, and check your map.

Dandy! You can warp right there using the trans server!

Again, stuff becomes optional as you can choose between 4

different areas.

I'll list them here (from the top left to right), including specialities:

1st row: Floating Ruins, Boss: Helios (Rockman Model H)

2nd row: Highway (area D :P), Boss: Thetis (Rockman Model L), Weapon energy

3rd row: Scrap yard, Boss: Condorock

4th row: Control Center, Boss: Kaisemine, Life-up

Well, I guess we could best do it in that order too!

Model H is darned handy, and that sub tank sounds really nice too.

sadly you would need Bitefrost for that, which we can not encounter yet.

Ah well. 2 Sub tanks should suffice, no?


5.08Floating Ruins Area


The Floating ruins are located in the separate bottom-left part of the map.

The top row is the Floating Ruins Area.

You can only get there through a trans server.

There you anti-Metroid whiners; your prayers haver been heard ^^.

Anyway, it's a darned tricky area. It might be a good idea to get some lives

in the Oil Field area.

It's really straight forward, and doesn't even has a mini boss.

Just transfer there, then head through the door.

At first sight, this area looks a lot like Area A from ZX.

A quick scene will prove otherwise... This thing floats!

Master Thomas enlightens you by telling you that it's a mysterious

energy that keeps it floating.

Right, probably model V again.

Just head right.

Now, you might be tempted to use Rosespark here, but if you

want to live, stay the hell away from it.

Rosespark is VERY immobile if he's not on a rope, so fall once,

and you won't be able to recover.

Now, it's quite easy. Just move forward, jump over holes and kill

some baddies. There's one thing that really annoyed the crap out of

me, and those are the mechanical electrical lob shooting things.

Once you get hit by one, you can't jump. This will be quite frustrating,

so try stay away from those things.

Oh yeah, the worst thing is, you CAN'T KILL THEM.

Really Capcom, most annoying thing in the game, and you can't even kill them.

Anyway, move on. It's a fairly short way too the door.

Move through the doors.

Oh crud. This next area is the most annoying, since it's mostly air,

and you don't have any trans-ons that are airborne.

The whirlwinds you will see, will carry you up.

So don't be afraid to jump into one.

Also, as you'll notice right from the start, this level has got enemies

that will turn invisible.

So just destroy them when you CAN see them.

Ashe's model P charge is handy here too, since it destroys

them without any effort at all.

Also, this area has wind. This means you will be pushed left or right


Make sure you stay at you current position by moving against the wind.

Hop over the ledges. (I use Model P for this area, since it's ledge grab comes

in handy here) until you see a blue platform.

Get on it, and jump on the second blue platform you'll see.

Then from this one onto the next.

Get onto a green ledge, then hop over the grey ledges until you can't

get any further. Now, you need to use the whirlwinds.

Treat the whirlwinds a bit like platforms, and slowly descend down.

Once you see a blue platform, get on it. It will take you down.

Get on the main land, and move through the doors.

This next area is much easier, since you've got more grip.

When you see the tower enemy, head up on the ledges.

Don't go right, since there's only a electrical lobber.

Jump onto the blue platform, and let it carry you to the right.

Quickly jump from platform to platform here, since some will fall down.

Use the whirlwinds for bigger jumps.

Move onto another blue platform, then keep moving right.

Move through the doors.

Ah, another piece of model V.

Helios warps in, and greets you.



Helios (Rockman Model H)


Element: Electric

Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Weakness: Ice

Attack 1.Dash Slash. He'll dash at you while slashing.

He may also do this in the air. Just dash away from him.

Attack 2.Whirlwinds (Grey only). He'll launch whirlwinds at you

which have the electricity attribute. The whirlwinds go


Attack 3.Horizontal Whirlwinds (Ashe only). Same as before, only

now they move completely horizontal.

Attack 4.Triple slash. He'll use a triple sashing combo on you.

The third slash will fire a slash wave.

Attack 5.Electric mills (low health) He'll jump up, and drop two

rotating electric mills. Walk in between the two to

avoid being hit.

Strategy:He's fun to battle. He hasn't got a set pattern, but he may be

kinda tricky. Just Chrono force him if you've got a lot of

trouble with him.

Your first saber trans-on!

But first, you get data off Helios' DNA...

Again, something about "Livemetal" and "Protect"

A background image will appear... Yowza!!

Well, I bet you can't consider this cannon, but it IS odd to see both Vent

AND Aile in the same picture.

The data also mentions "DNA-Data"

Maybe it was already judged what kind of person can use a live metal?

I need someone to mail me the translations of these kind of things...

Master Thomas says some comforting words.

Well, transfer in model H and move on!

Model H is neat. If you jump, you can press Up+Dash to dash jump in the air!

This can also be done if you just dash jumped; it will allow you to dash in

mid-air! Also, when you're jumping, you can press the jump button to slowly

glide down...

In this game, the touch screen function of model H actually comes in even

handier than in ZX1. For example; the gold medal for Diaburn requires you to

only hit his weakness.

With model H it's easy, since the weakness is displayed at the bottom screen.

Skip the tutorial, then finish at the trans server.

Oh yeah, you can grab the life up at the Forest tower stage now!



5.09Highway Area


Oh this is FUN.

And I'm being quite serious.

It's not one of the hardest stages at all. There are a lot of Galleon bikes,

and more easy enemies. Also a new kind of enemy, that will chase you around.

Model H is handy here. So is model F.

Mikhail calls in to tell you this area is full of them pesky Irregulars.

I guess we'll just need to do something about that eh?

Move forward, killing everything in your way. Believe me, there's enough

to kill around here.

Weapon up!

Notice the block on the lower level of the highway? Destroy them with model F.

Now use a Chronoforce here, then quickly transform back into model F,

fire at the red switch, then move over to the top of the road to

quickly dash to the other side of the switch. Here lies a weapon up.

Moving on. Through the doors, into area 2.

Hmm, scared civilians. You tell him to run.






Difficulty: Easy

Strategy:He'll keep dropping those fancy ice blocks and

move along the road. Pushover.

Destroy the blocks by standing under him and blasting with

Model F.

He may occasionally drop a small bomb, but that's easily


After he goes down, move right trough the doors.

The first part of area 3 is really standard.

Though, after that, there's ANOTHER mini boss.





Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Strategy:This guy loves destroying the road.

He has a very set pattern. He'll move left slowly, while

occasionally sending one of his gears after you.

This is you chance to jump in, and give him a good


Of course, while he's spinning he's also more or less vulnerable.

It's really just a matter of time.

I like to use model F here, since his attacks can actually knock

this guy's gears away.

Once you've did this guy in too, move onward, again, through the doors.

Area 4 is.. You guessed it, boss time. And with all this water around,

there can be only one... Thetis.

Model A is amazed there could be a piece of model V down here.

Thetis laughs at the idea that model A thinks he's an Irregular.



Thetis (Rockman Model L)


Element: Ice

Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Weakness: Fire

Attack 1.Ice Dragon (Grey only). He'll fire a dragon of ice at you.

Attack 2.Big Ice Arrow. He fires a big ice arrow at you. get out of

it's way.

Attack 3.Ice platform break (Ashe only). He'll Make a spiky platform

in fron of him, then break it, making a lot of ice arrows fire

at you.

The ice is destroy-able.

Attack 4.Spear Spin. He'll dash at you, then spin his spear around.

Attack 5.Ice Worm (lower health). He'll summon a worm that will spit

ice. These will come down in a snow-like motion, so watch out.

The worm will also use some kind of whirlpool to suck you into

the water.

This ice is destroy-able.

Strategy:The most dangerous thing here is falling into the water.

So watch out for that. Also, ranged attacks are best here.

Just keep on moving, and if you think you're falling,

use Chronoforce a bit.

After sucking up his DNA, Of course, you'll get another data flash.

This time it's about Livemetal, Repliroids and Model V.

And image appears...!

Hot damn this foreshadowing.

Although you may think that the character left is Girouette, it's really

in fact Prometheus. The character right was Pandora.

I think the game says that they are repliroids who where designed for model V...

To become ultimate Rockman.

Well hot zig.

Mikhail congratulates you on clearing the area.

Trans-on into model L.

Isn't it nice how fast this guy moves in the water?

Ashe's charge shot is the spiked ice block. Slash it to send more

small arrows onto your enemies.

Grey's charge is the homing ice dragon.

Anyway, hop on shore, then back into the water.

Skip the tutorial.

Swim to the top, the enter the doors.

Right, so that was the Highway Area.



5.10Scrapyard Area


The Scrapyard Area is located under the Highway Area (At the very

bottom left of the area).

You have to use the transporter to get here too.

Be prepared though, this stage is ANNOYING.

You might want to use the FAQ for a lot of this stage.

When you warp in, Mikhail contacts you, saying that this is

indeed a scrap yard.

Again, he whines about Irregulars. And about living scrap.

Damn old people.

Notice the quick sand. Okay, it doesn't look like it, but it does

act like it, so watch yer step.

Move on through the doors.

Keep heading down while destroying the blocks (you don't need

model F for these, just blast 'em)

Honestly though, keep blasting. Especially for those respawning

junk enemies. You'll want to get rid of them ASAP...

Keep going down until you see the quick-junk (rite >_>),

then head into the door.

Note: You'd do wise to keep model P as much equipped as possible

here, since he's got everything you need. Especially the grab

and radar scope functions.

The next bit is a lot of quick-junk. Blast the enemies, move

through the door.

Move up the ladders, then into the door.

You see the brown handle? That's a switch. When you pull it (using

model P), a bar with spikes under it will rise, allowing you through.

It's timed though.

You'll be seeing this thing a lot throughout the stage.

Before you hang on the switch, grab the 1up that's on top, left.

Now grab the switch, then move through the door.

Move into the other door.

It's pretty straight forward up until now eh?

Again, pull the switch, then move on through the doors.

Hmmm. More quick-junk. And junk enemies, watch out for those.

What the hell... It's raining junk!

What you need to do is get into the rhythm, then hop over the hole

when it stops a bit.

Move along the quick-junk, kill everything you see. Then hop over

another hole with trash going down it...

Head into the door.

Kill the pushing enemy, and hop over the hole.

Crud. THREE doors.

Thing is, there are a few fake doors that will drop you into

a trash pit.

But that's cool, you need to do that once.

So head into the second blue door.

Here, let yourself be sucked up by the junk... Fire at the switch.

There! Now you won't be troubled by quickly falling trash any more.

Move on.

Another switch. Pull it, then move through.

See? No more trash.

Move into the door.

Same as before, move right. Only this time, take the last (red) door.

Move into the other door.

Right, despose of the Galleons first.

The door on top leads you to the fake door room,

the door right to an NPC, so only one door remains.

The door down. So pull the switch, then take it.

This bit can be tricky. This path consist only of grab-able ledges

for model P. This means you have to jump keeping Up pressed.

Do so, then enter the door.

It gets trickier here. You need to pull a switch, then quickly

head over the ledges.

Try to dash under the spiked bar...

Oh yeah. It's also possible to climb up onto the switch once

pulled, by pressing up twice. Doing this, then dashing

onto a ledge helps a LOT.


Optional: life up

If you want to get the life up, grab the switch, then get up

onto it. transform in Chronoforce, Clock-Up (slow time), then go back to

model P. Now dash your ass forward. You need to get the right-most

door here.

Quickly drop into the first hole here.

life up get!

(thanks to KnightmareSin for this way!


Head into the second (purple) door.

Move through the door here.

Kill the push enemies, then head through the doors.

Things may get confusing in this next part, so keep reading.

You see the blue switch? If you fire at it, you flip it,

and the blocks will switch positions.

Move onto the right most block, then fire at the switch.

Or fire first, then quickly move onto it. Whatever you like :P

Head into the door.

Move over the first block, then hit the switch.

Move right on the upper path here. Grab the energy crystal,

hit the switch then QUICKLY head left again.

Now you can go under the block.

Move into the door.

DON'T go up the ladder, but move right instead.

Keep moving to the right, and move into the door.

Hitting the switch can be done with Diaburn.

When you move out the door again, notice that the giant block has moved.

Move through the newly created passage. Kill the push enemy,

then head up three stairs. Now head into the door.

Kill the worm enemies, then flip the switch and go back.

Head down the stairs and to the left.

Flip the switch then go into the door.

Jump over the blocks, hit the switch, hop on another block,

and hit the switch again.

the block will move. Grab the switch, the fire at the other

switch, then quickly move under the spikes... Through the door.

Now, finally done with all the switching, you can climb all the

way up, and head through the doors to reach...



Condorock the Vulturoid


Element: N/A

Difficulty: Medium

Weakness: N/A

Attack 1.Rock out. He... Rocks with his guitar, creating

purple energy waves around him. Just stay away.

Attack 2.Rock waves. He'll send out three shock waves at

you. Stay away.

Attack 3.Junk-rock. He'll summon junkies (Those respawning

junk enemies). Kill them asap.

Attack 4.Rock pull. He'll suck you into his

Strategy:It's not really his attacks that make him so hard,

it's the surrounding.

There are three... Speakers(?) hanging from the top

that will drop down occasionally.

Also the junk enemies are hard NOT to bump into,

so kill them instead.

He also keeps moving, even floating. this makes it even


Just keep your distance, and use charged attacks on him.


There, now you've got Condorock.

He... Sucks. really. Only thing that makes him handy is his float

attribute. Oh, you can use this to get a life up in this stage.

check the items section.

Go through the door...

Pandora! It's You!

And a piece of model V. Of course.

Strange thing is, she mentions something about a mechaniroid...

Mikhail calls in to let you know the mission was a succes.

Pesky irregulars eh.

Go through the doors and hang on one weight with condorock to make it

drop. Head through the door to the trans server.

Great, great and great! Just one level remaining at this time,

the Control Center center area!


5.11Control Center Area


Again, transport here using the trans-server. It's right next

to the other three stages, so it's not hard to find.

Ooh, it's burning. NOT good.

Thomas calls in and says something about energy of the control

center. Also irregulars; crap.

But hey, it's a Rockman game, zo there have to be enemies.

Right. The flames will hurt. Not a lot, but just don't pause under them.

Move right blasting everything in sight.

DON'T move through the doors.

Now you have 2 options: either go through the door, or climb

up the vine. I suggest the vines, simply for the...


The door will get you to an elevator though, where you need to

dodge flame throwers.

I really can't say much about it, since it's pretty much self explanatory.

Just doge the flames.

Anyway, here the vines route:

Climb up the vines, and head through the door here.

Here you have two center vines. Choose the left, but alternate along

the way.

Flame-throwers are lurking about.

Just head upwards quickly, you won't get hit if you're really fast ^^.

It's very straight forward. Often, a flame-thrower will be in your

way. Just switch lanes, and move up.

Once you're up, look to your left.

You might want to drop yourself onto the flame thrower, then

trans-on into something funky.

Life-up! Grab it, obviously, then head through the door to the right.

Blast the block, and you'll be at the same ending as the elevator was.

Go through the doors.

More flame thrower goodness. Try to watch for the red arrows, they

indicate the direction of the flames.

Very straightforward. Watch out for everything. Kill the baddies.

Nothing new except for the flame-throwers.

Head through the door...



Capsule Conductor


Element: N/A

Difficulty: Easy

Weakness: N/A

Attack 1.Blue Plasma shot. He'll fire random shots with each


Attack 2.Red Planned shot. He'll point out the path the shots will

take. A lot like model F's buster edit.

Strategy:Easy peasy. Since they all share the same health,

blast them with Homing shots.

You have multiple floor, but you'll want to stay

in the middle because you have far better homing shot

range that way.

Yeah. Easy huh?

through the doors!

The next area is upward. Model P and H do very well here.

There are some Galleons and some flame-throwers here.

All easy to dodge, just keep your eyes open a bit.

It's the next part that may worry you.

There are a bunch of vertical platforms, that disappear when you touch then.

They reappear when you hit the bottom floor here.

This could make things a lot harder.

...Nah. Just get into model A, and wall climb the left or right wall.

When you see spikes, dash onto the platform, then back onto the wall.

Repeat for the second part.

Now you've got another batch of Galleons. Get 'em good while moving up.

Head right through the doors.

Standard area, with some Galleon Slashers.

After a few, you'll meet a spiky area. I like using model H

here, because it feels safer.

Just keep jumping from platform to platform.

Remember: Spikes = INSTANT KILL = not good.

At the end, kill the Galleon Slasher.

Go through the doors.

Prometheus appears!

Well what do you know, a piece of model V.

Prometheus tals about Pride... Odd fellow.

He takes off with model V, and in comes Kaisemine.



Kaisemine the Wasproid


Element: Fire

Difficulty: Easy

Weakness: Electricity (her stinger)

Attack 1.Summon bee(s). She summons bees out of her hive. they home

in on you.

Attack 2.Laser rays. She'll fire a lot of laser rays out of her hive.

Look for the lights that shine before she fires...

Attack 3.Ultra-flames. She'll fly up in the air, and fire a beam

downward. The collision point of this beam will "bounce"

off more flames. Dash to a side of the screen and jump


Attack 4.Rockets. She'll fire homing rockets out of her hive.


So there. She's actually very fun to battle.

The hive is destroy-able, but she'll fly up and pick up

a new one quick enough. I tend to use model H here.

Fighting with Rosespark may produce some laughs ^_^.

Well that was that one.

Kaisemine trans-on get!

Kaisemine sucks. simply because her movement pretty much requires

livemetal energy.

She is handy functionally though. She can lift stuff up, if her big ass

fits in it. I mean, her stinger.

Just go up to some kind of barrel, and press down. She'll suck right

into it.

Pull it up with B, then get out of it by pressing Up.

Do so on the barrel here.

Master Thomas says you've activated the system here.

There, our work here is done.

Get to the transporter. SAVE.

Master Thomas mentions something about model V.

He says he detected it in the Quarry area, along with some irregulars.


5.12Quarry Area


So, the Quarry Area?

Ah, but you can't just warp over there, now can you?

No, you need to go back to the Hunter Camp. Do so.

In Hunter Camp, head all the way through the left door.

See the barrel like thing Kaisemine can go in?

get it out.

Jump into the hole. trans-on into Chronoforce, and swim left.

Hit the green globe with an ice attack from Model L.

Move left then up, hit the red globe with Model H's whirlwind attack.

Moving left through the opened door.

Here, hang onto the rightmost weight with Condorock.

Move into the door.

Now you're really in the Quarry Area.

Well looky here! The Spidrill mini boss from the Forest Tower is here;

don't worry, he's quite dead.

Model A mumbles something about Albert.

Head through the door.

Ah, darkness. It's wise to use model P now, in combination with his radar


I fact, you should pay more attention to the bottom screen than the top.

The only real enemy here are spiders, which are killed easily by one hit.

Anyway, move to the left and go down the stairs.

You have multiple paths, but they all lead down to the same ground.

Once you're at the ground level, go left a bit.

Here, you'll need to jump onto the bars with model P.

Again, use the touch screen for this. It's MUCH clearer than the normal


Remember, press op twice to climb onto the bar.

Keep heading left, over the spikes (yikes!).

Eventually you'll get to climb up again.

Do so.

Once you reach the top, go left.

Hey, what the hell? Boss doors? Already?

Oh but this is going to be so much fun!

Go through the doors..

Omigosh! It's Aile! Or Vent! heck, we didn't see this coming at all!



Vent or Aile will wonder who you are, and what you are.

Model X comes out and confirms that it's a livemetal you're carrying.

Model Z's more like WTF. Model A, on his turn, is amazed there are even

MORE live metals.

Your character is more suspicious though. Could they be part of the whole

model V thing?

Vent or Aile rocks on!

<anime cut scene>



Vent/Aile (Rockman model ZX)


Element: N/A

Difficulty: Easy

Weakness: N/A

Attack 1.Buster shot. A standard buster shot is fired.

Attack 2.Charged Buster Shot. A charged buster shot is fired.

Jump to avoid.

Attack 3.Saber Slash. You will get slashed by a saber (possibly

a bombo of three strikes, too). Move out of range.

Attack 4.Jump Slash. You'll get jumped at with a rolling slash.

get away to avoid.

Attack 5.(Ashe only). Vent will take his saber, and jumps up

while letting an energy wave loose at you.

Wall climb to dodge.

Attack 6.(Grey only). While dropping from the air, Aile will

take out her saber and stab it downward. Stay out of

her way.

Strategy:Easier than you might think. Heck, this one even has

it's own intro video! times two!

Anyway. Just stay out of the way of it's shots, and

keep a distance. You don't want a saber in your face,

now do you?

Just keep blasting combo's, you'll be fine.

The attack pattern consists of sliding up a wall, firing

buster shots, occasionally hopping to the other wall.

Afterwards you'll get DNA data off model ZX.

Model Z and X are surprised Livemetals had that kind of data.

This data has more info on model V, stating it's the first Livemetal.

You also get a picture of some kind of thing with a large ring area

above him... Called Ouroboros.

It states that it is created by Master Albert!

What the heck...?

Sadly, what Ouroboros is, is kind off unclear to me.

It states something about a place for Rockman.


NOTE: "Rockmen" isn't a word. Like PokŽmon, Rockman can also be used

to state multiple personas.


Anyway, the Live metals mumble some. Model A wonders what happened to the

transformation... And Vent/Aile is stumped that Albert is behind everything.

Suddenly, the model V piece falls in the background!

You character wants to rush after it!

Model A is afraid, and Vent/Aile explains that wherever model V goes,

irregulares appear. Great.

Right! Anyway, you grabbed the most awesome trans-on there is.

Model ZX.

Be sure to use it!

So, moving on. Still Area 2.

Move to the left, through the doors.

In here. you will find blocks. Stacks of them, but only one is destroyable.

If you destroy the "core", the rest will blow up along with it.

Destroy the first row of blocks. And the metool after it.

The second row has a little opening on it. If you use Chronoforce,

or are feeling lucky, you can blast the core, the crawl through it.

This will get you down much quicker.

But I will write in the hardest case >_>

Drop down to land on a row of blocks. Destroy the core and fall down further.

Once on the bottom, head to the left.

Destroy the core block here too, and climb upwards.

Model H is handy here. Also destroy core blocks along the way here.

On top there's a new enemy. A large laser canon, with a bouncy thing

on top. Slice 'em with model ZX.

Move on.

Killing a few enemies, head down the ladder.

Stand on the block, then slash it.

head down.

Again, stand on the block + slash it.

The next time though; slash the block, then quickly dash left.

Head through the doors.

Next area seems kind off blank...



CrushingPactor DD


Okay, this is a bit weird.

You're going to want to get behind him. Don't care about the damage.

keep blasting him from behind, try to get as much damage in as possible,

as quickly as possible.

Or just get Chronoforce on his arse.

This way, you can get the weapon up, further ahead.

Anyhow, he'll eventually kill himself if you don't.

If you choose for the weapon up, you can destroy the blocks with model F

and you'll spot the the weapon up easily.

Watch out for the large spike pit. Dash over it.

Here, head down the stairs.

Go into the doors.

In this hall, kill everything that moves.

Again, into the doors.

Wow, Model V is doing something funky to the remains of Spidrill!



Spidrill Neo


Difficulty: Easy/medium

Attack 1.Leg wheel. He'll stick out his four legs in all directions,

and move them in a clockwise manner. Jump over the leg tips

to avoid.

Attack 2.Spider drop. He'll drop mini spiders. Blast them using homing shot.

Attack 3.Electric lob. He'll shoot you with electric lobs. Watch for where

they fall, then dodge accordingly.

Attack 4.Leg drill. He'll try to drill you from one side. Dodge to the other.

Strategy:Wow. the same as before!

Just keep attacking him until...

Model ZX will rescue you! Heh, guess model Z has something with these thing eh?

They introduce each other. What timing >_>.

Vent/Aile says something about Legions being Great...

Vent/Aile then introduces their live metals.

Ooh, auto transfer to hunter Camp. Handy Dandy.

Vent/Aile complains about Al;bert being a total douche or something.

And Prometheus and Pandora.

this all happened when model H got stolen...

Must have had something to do with model V.

After this, Vent/Aile keeps babbling about powers and responsibilities...

He/She also hands you a green card key!

Now, there are three stages to choose from again!

I personally recommend this order:

Waterfall Ruins Area, Life up

Mysterious Laboratory, Sub-tank (needs shisaroids from waterfall ruins)

Biolab Area, Weapon up

The Waterfall Ruins Area can be found by going to Hunter Camp 3,

then taking the green rightmost door. Then taking the left green door.

The Mysterious Lab by taking the rightmost green door here.

The Biolab Area can be found by smashing the block in the eastern part of

Hunter Camp 2, then entering the green door.


5.13Waterfall Ruins Area


So, Waterfall Ruins.

I like this area. Mostly because you start off with the boss(es).

Mikhail calls in, saying this area had important to Legions.

Something about hacking (the gibson).

Mikhail also says something about Computersensors. Don't worry though;

it's not necessary to do that part of the area.

Dash left, and you'll find the Falseroids, Urgoyle and Argoyle.

Of course, these two are also Albert's lackies.



Urgoyle and Argoyle the Shisaroids


Element: N/A

Difficulty: Medium

Weakness: Feet (Argoyle) and Arms (Urgoyle)

Attack 1.Shuriken throw. They'll hop around the platforms and throw

shuriken after shuriken.

Attack 2.Shuriken slide. They'll jump up, and slide down the ropes,

throwing shurikens to each other.

Attack 3.Portal fire. They'll open a portal (usually after attack 2)

the fires shadow energy in 8 directions.

Stand in the corner of the screen.

Strategy:Really, their difficulty doesn't lie in their attacks,

it lies in their movement pattern.

They usually just dash in a symmetric manner, so you

dodge most of their attacks by hopping on the nearby

platforms. And no, don't even THINK about using Rosespark.

Just blast away using good buster models (ZX, P and A).

Well that was fun. Or something like it.

Urgoyle and Argoyle DNA get!

You get control over one of the duo.

Alone, your power is kind off weak. The real power of this trans on is

being able to summon the other by using the sub weapon button (usually R)

to summon the other in front of you. the other Shisaroid will be invulnerable

to all attacks.

He can also walk through walls, giving you the ability to get items usually

not obtainable.

Argoyle also has the infamous "Infinity dash" which will, well, dash pretty

much infinitely long.

Now for the stage.

I don't like it too much, because a lot of it is confusing.

I'll take you through the path without the computersensors, but will take

the one with the life up.

Move left through the doors.

Watch out for the moving enemies.

After a few waterfalls, a new enemy appears. This one fires large

plasma shots, and can only be attacked when it's red eye shows.

Move up and down the stairs, and left.

This is what I DON'T like about this area. The open-ness.

Do you see those shiny balls? Don't touch 'em. If you do, a fish will jump

up and try to eat you. For real. You can kill them in the water though.

Anyway, just head left from here.

Notice how the annoying gyro-copter enemies from ZX are here too >_>

Get ZX on their asses.

Keep heading left.


Optional: life up

Ow lawd this one is easy.

Just head up the waterfall with model L. Enter the door.


Watch out for the fishes, then head through the doors to area 3.

This area, you'll want to use Chronoforce AND model L.

You'll have to avoid spikes this way, so don't head down to quickly,

but watch out a bit instead.

Notice how swords work very good on the spiked enemies, they don't re-spawn

when killed that way.

When you hit the bottom, switch to Chronoforce.

This way, you can use your clock-up if you've got trouble with the spike-

smashers. Also, the top of this bit has spikes. If you'd ram into them with

model L... But with Chronoforce... You get what I mean.

Maybe grab the one up that's lying around on top, then head left.

Start heading left, timing your dashes carefully to avoid the spikes.

More spikes-smashers will plague you here.

Time it VERY carefully.

Going down and up in a U shape, avoid more spike-smashers.

The next part really screams Chronoforce. You'll need to destroy the

blocks, then head through VERY quickly.

So Clock-Up, head through the opening, and go through the door.

You'll see two doors here.

The bottom one leads to area 4.

The top to an NPC for the Extender Chip.

If you keep heading left, you'll go to another part of area 3.

Take the bottom doors!





Element: Electric

Difficulty: Easy/medium


Attack 1.Electric leaf fire. He'll fire electric leaves in a round

from the bottom to the top.

Attack 2.Leaf drop. Total re-use of Rockman 2's woodman attack ^_^.

He'll drop leaves that drop floating wise.

Attack 3.Vine hold. He'll grab you with vines coming from the top

and the bottom, keep dashing to avoid.

He'll also attack with an electric lobe through them.

Strategy:Meh. He can actually bite a good chunk of your HP if you

don't watch out.

You can only attack the (acorn in the) opening, wich opens

only sometimes though, so make it count.

This is also the perfect opportunity to use Argoyle and

Urgoyle, since the copy body attack is really nice to use,

without having to come close.

But ZX works well too.

Well that's that. You're done with that one.

Through the door...

What the hell is happening behind that door?

Pandora and Prometheus!

They've destroyed the computer holding the data, and Prometheus

says something about Albert playing a game.

Your character manages to pick some data (data file A),

but it seems most is lost.

Head to the nearby trans server to report your mission.

Hey, now we're at it, let's do the Mysterious Laboratory too! Yeah!


5.14Mysterious Laboratory Area


Again, the Mysterious Lab Area can be found by going to Hunter Camp 3,

then taking the green rightmost door. Then taking the right green door,

and stepping onto the transporter.

If you've played as Grey so far, you should recognize this place a bit.

This area consist of mostly enemies and simple often destroy able objects.

You can easily dash through it. In fact: the steam rays can be avoided by

dashing under them! Well, get moving.

Once you reach the wall, climb up the stairs.

Maybe get the life up using Argoyle, then move up.

Move right, through the door.

Grey players will remember this kind of area. this is where

super repliroids are made. YA RLY.

Story will ensue.

It seems the panel contains a message; It says "DAN-001 [Prometheus]".

Nifty. The number is in Rockman format alright.

The right capsule contained DAN-002, Pandora.

So, they are obviously repliroids now.

Seems Albert was developing those.

Thomas calls in and says they where Albert's work.

And something about kusari.

Right, go right through the door.

Move straightforward killing ensues.

After you've hit the right wall, head down the ladders.

Then, through the doors again.

In here is a little puzzle.

Doors will block your way, but you can open them up.

What you need to do, is get the battery into the socket.

This is done by shooting or slashing at it.

The first is easy; just move it from left to right.

Head through the newly opened door, and do the same thing with the

new battery.

Through the door.

NOTE: make sure you don't hit the battery from the left, but

hop over to kill the bouncer from the right first.

Now knock the battery left.


Optional: Sub-tank

At the battery puzzle, complete it even further by slashing the battery

on top of the upmost ledge to the socket right before the boss door.

A door will open at the top.

Using Urgoyle and Argoyle's double technique, grab it.


Head right, through the boss doors.

Tesrat tries to intimidate you.

Get him.



Tesrat the the Hedgeroid


Element: Electric

Difficulty: Easy

Weakness: Ice

Attack 1.Electric charge. He'll send out electric charges

in 5 directions.

Attack 2.Water raise. He'll raise the water by dashing in the

top two ledges.

Attack 3.Hedge-buster. He'll fire a weak buster shot or two.

Attack 4.Rat summon. He'll make a gesture, then rats will fall

out of the top drain.

Strategy:Well, he's a hyperactive little fella. He's really easy though.

Just make sure you're not too close. And try to attack

when he's just about to stop (this gets predictable).

He frequently dashes about, so keep moving yourself too.

Yeah! Tesrat DNA get!

He's not that special, but he can be a nice Electric help.

The thing with tesrat: you can get through small opening

with his dash + Down.

Nothing special.

Move right through the door...

What the hell? Another capsule! this one says "DAN-000 [Original] ***

Final Version"

WTF. Hey, this thing has data disk B!

Thomas calls in. He says this whole thing maybe just a Rockman experiment..

He also says to get your arse to the trans server to give him that disk.

Do so.

The next area will have you test Tesrat out. No big deal, just dash

through the green blocks.

Thomas calls in one more time. This is important: The data seemingly

says something about a mysterious trans server somewhere.

Ah well, you'll get to it later.

One more mission left!

You remember where the Biolab was, right?


5.15Biolab Area


The Biolab Area can be found by smashing the block in the eastern part of

Hunter Camp 2, then entering the green door.

Upon entry, your character immediately mentions the bad smell -_-.

Live-metals can't smell, says model A.

This area is very straightforward, just like the Mysterious Lab.

Weak enemies will keep coming at you, even rats will fall out of the


There's also a muddy area everywhere. It could be useful, but it isn't

mostly. there are small openings for Tesrat underneath.

If you're having trouble with the enemies, use those.

Just blast and slash (model ZX Recommended) your way right,

then enter the doors.

Oooh, chemicals. Shiny.

The blue gooey is like quick sand, but it won't kill you.

Dash right. There's a block you will have to pick up with

Kaisemine. Do so, then move under it.

Get rid of the lurking worm enemy.

To your right, you might want to watch out for falling Galleon heads.

For real.

Keep slashing, they're annoying the dodge.


Optional: Live-metal up

To get the live metal up, you have to raise the first container,

then step on it again, making the water lower but keeping the container down.

After this, raise the second one.

Grab the lying Live metal up.


The next bit consists of lowering the water, allowing you acces further.

Do so by raising the container with Kaisemine.

Doing so will let the water escape, allowing you passage.

The next part will be under water. Well, not exactly water...

Galleon heads will keep dropping, turning into gooey little things.

Move up. Notice the slime throwers. These are a bit of a variation of the

Control Center's flame-throwers.

They won't hurt you though, so they're not that much of a nuisance.

More quick-gooey. Go into the water again, moving right and up.

This is freaky. The next part, Galleon heads will drop into the gooey.

Yeah. Just dash right, kill a few and crawl into the small opening.

Next part is also a bit... The same. Just move up, and dash over the gooey.

On the right, drop down.

Here, be careful not to touch the spikes. Really, instant death.

You can destroy them with model F though. Do so.

Head left to the bottom, then right over them platforms again.

Through the boss doors...



Bitefrost the Crocoroid


Element: Ice

Difficulty: Easy/medium

Weakness: Fire

Attack 1.Gator Wheel. He'll spit a gear/wheel that moves across

the floor.

If there are no ice blocks, it will move up the wall.

Attack 2.Bite. He'll open his mouth... Move, and bite at you.

This may take out some ice blocks underneath you.

Attack 3.Jump. Yes, I list this under attacks. It's just that

harmfull. Just dash under him, easier with a Chronoforce


Attack 4.Spike smash. He'll blow an ice block in front of him,

and jump onto it.

Stay on your distance.

Attack 5.Spiker. He'll open his mouth, and fire spikes at you using it.

Blast the spikes.

Strategy:We'll this is something else in terms off boss size!

Fire attacks are his weakness, so make sure you blast him with

either Kaisemine, Model F or just Diaburn.

It's good to stay on the offensive, since he WILL break your

defense after a while.

He'll whine about albert being a dick head. Or something.

Bitforst trans-on get!

Go through the door.

The next area will help you with this big guy.

Seems his bite (pressing R and releasing it) can destroy THOSE kind of blocks!

Dandy, quite dandy.

(Funny note: his tail can actually HURT foes if you turn >_> he actually grunts

if you turn too.)

Next room is IMPORTANT. You will use this trans server for the next mission.

You will need to get all trans-ons first. If you did, get ready.

Go to the trans server in the room after this one first, to save...


5.16Submerged Volcano Area


It seems that the data you got was able to activate the trans server!

Time to use it.

This is it. Model V lurks in this area.

Your character feels the pressure.

Through the door, into the stage.

Move to the top right to get a 1-UP.

Then move along the bottom floor. Use model L for fast movement.

Go through the door.

Well, this is a big ass water area. With volcano's in the background.

For real.

Anyway, Chronoforce and model L are really neat here. Just don't touch

the red magma, and you'll be fine.

Chronoforce is really awesome here, because the fire balls that fall,

won't damage him at all.

Speaking of Chronoforce, there will be some platforms that will spit

mini Chronoforce'.

Just make sure you're not walking on the ground, but swimming.

If you gain too much damage, slice open some weapon energies.

After some more standard underwater platforming, go through the doors.

Original, huh? More volcanic goodness.

You've got a big climb upwards, with a lot of baddies.

Chronoforce...Blablabla...Invincible back... You get the idea.

Once you've hit the right end, drop into the pit.

Shoot the guard pistols, and move downward and kill more baddies.

really repetitive, yes.

Once down, head right, up and through the door.

Slice the weapon energy, and drop down.

Two choices: Left or Right. Right has some ropes and SPIKES.

The left just has baddies, so go left.

Like I said, there's only baddies here. Use the ZX buster, as it's the

strongest buster you've got.

Once you hit the left end, drop down. Watch out for enemies here too.

Try to saber them.

It's all very straight forward; kill them before they kill you.

watch out for the fire enemies' fire.

Once you hit the bottom, head right. Kill even morem enemies, until

you reach a door. Shoot it to open it, then go through it.

Drop down the next part, then head right for the boss door...

Wow, what the hell? Model V?!

Albert laughs maniacally.

He says this is his lab, where he makes most of his experiment.

*Pandora and Promete teleport in*

"You rang?"

Prometheus seems to be pretty pissed at Albert.

Pandora barely notices you.

WTF. Prometheus just killed Albert!

He keeps babbling about real Rockman.

Than this is it, the final boss...



Prometheus and Pandora


Element: N/A

Difficulty: Medium

Weakness: Prometheus: electric

Attack 1.(pandora) Electric staffs. Pandora summons electric (virtual?)

staffs around her, and they move in an 8 form.

Jump over one, and stay under another to avoid.

Attack 2.(pandora) Ice spikes. She sends out her headphones, which

will float around the sides of the screen to fire

ice spikes at you. Destroy the headphones or the spikes.

Attack 3.(promete) Flame towers. Promete sommons flame towers that will

move outwards from him. The trick here is to dash past one

that went in the back ground.

Attack 4.(promete) Flame towers V2. Looks like flame towers, but is

not the same. Try to slash at the flames.

Attack 5.Combo attack. Promete will drop from the sky and do a slash

wave attack, while Pandora just.. Floats around.

Attack 6.(promete) Drop flame. Promete falls down, and sends flames

from the ground he hit. Dash away.

Attack 7.(promete) Ground spikes. He'll send spikes over the floor.

Dash over him to the side he already spiked.

Attack 8.(pandora) Electric Ice. Pandora's headphones will just

fly around the area.

Attack 9.(pandora) Ice and Electric. Pandora sends out electric shots

and ice spikes.

Strategy:You'd think model ZX would be good here, but it's not.

Pandora blocks a lot of attack witch her electric staffs,

and a lot of Prometheus's attack are hard to dodge.

The solution?

Model H. I love this when it comes to dodging their attacks,

since you're VERY mobile.

But I guess model ZX still works in the latter part of the


It may seem hard, but you should have gotten 3 sub tanks.

they're toast.

Phew. These guys are restless! Not even a scratch!

Pandora says something about Irregulars not being made irregular by model V.

What the hell? Model V is sucking their emotions!

...DNA data?


In warps... Something.

Seems it's master Albert. Guess he's a little tougher than you thought.

He calls himself DAN-000[Original]. DAN is for Dr. Albert No.

Right. He doesn't look exactly like Albert though, maybe he's a copy of him?

Your character feels sorry for having to leave Pandora and Promete...

You'll automatically be at the Hunter Camp. Save.

Head out the door... Wow.

Model V created... Ouroboros. Which looks like a snake eating it's own tail.

Albert is inside.

Your character wants to go there. But it doesn't seem the hunters have

a way of getting there. On top of that, there are WAY too many irregulars.

Your rival wonders if you need help.

He or she HAS got a way.

Talk to him/her if you want to go there.

Of course, save before you do.


5.17Ouroboros Area


So. Save, then talk to your rival to go to Ouroboros.

He or she says something about it being the "ultimate" Live metal; Ouroboros.

It's full of irregulars, and model V lurks there.

But we're going. Hell yeah, airship style.

This is the guardian base from ZX1.

Albert better watch his ass. Hunters and Guardians are after him.

Thomas walks in. Legions is in too.

Nice. You rival just crashed the Guardian base into Ouroboros.

I don't think prairie's going to like that...

There, you're free. Move right into the final area.

Looks like a live metal doesn't it? At least like model V.

There are a few laser enemies here, watch out for them.

Slashing will work like a charm here.

Keep moving right, killing the Galleons and the wall gear enemies.

After a while, you'll see some spike holes, and some breakable blocks.

It may be a good idea to get rid of those using model F first.

Move right until you seem more spikes; jump over them.

On the top of here are some destroyable blocks with a 1up on them.

Move right any way you want. On the top right (use Condorock to get past

the spikes) there's a full-health. Dandy for your subtanks.

Move through the doors, and to the right.

Story bit.

Oh crud, seems Albert has trans-on too!

He says that when he created, he thought that power would be

fitting to a Rockman of his caliber.

The next two rooms contain the 8 bosses.

4 in the first, 4 in the second.

Each boss fight will get you a big weapon-energy (slash it for life) and a


You should be VERY able to kick their collective butts. I mean, 3 subtanks.

Maybe even 4.

Press up or down on the elevator to go up and down.

Room 1:



Room 2:

Argoyle and UrgoyleTesrat


The next area... Oh crud, the next area. Capcom probably thought "let's save

the best for last", because they did.

You see those red blocks? They can be be destroyed. Not just by model F, too.

By themselves, these types are pretty harmless. But beware, because they

often conceal spikes.

Also, they re-spawn. Don't stay inside them when they do, you'll die.

Head to the right, destroying the red blocks and dashing right.

Blast the blocks above the spikes, then head right killing the enemies, dash

shooting the blocks.

Note: ZX's charged shot will take out a whole row, at the very least.

Make use of this ability!

On the next sea of spikes, make sure you don't blast the block.

Quickly use it to hop over to the safe spike-less side.

Here, blast the top two rows, then drop down to the right.

Watch out for the annoying shooter balls, then jump through the hole between

the spiked ceiling and floor.

Slash at the block to drop down.

Next part, use the blocks to CAREFULLY navigate through the spikes.

You can choose two ways, I recommend the upper.

Less spikes risk.

So blast the blocks there to get up.

Kill the laser enemy. What the?

A spiked red block. These behave in about the same way as the other red blocks,

but with one DEADLY difference; they instantly kill you on touch.


Blast all the spiked block with ZX, then drop down.

You need to jump over a spike pit.

First, blast the red spikes with ZX's buster.

WALK right, slash the spike, grab the health-energy.

Immediately kill the shooter globe with model A's homing shot (when it's open).

Now carefully hop over the red blocks, and shoot the red spike-block

with Diaburn, or just dash over it if you feel confident.

Climb up the safe red blocks. There's a 1up behind some spike blocks to the


Once up, head right then drop down.

Slash the 2nd and 3rd blocks to drop down safely.

Then slash the spiked blocks here to get safe here.

Now, watch out for the next part. the floor will consist of a safe block,

then a spiked one. Make sure you only step on safe ones, k?

Kill the hanging Galleon.

Go right until you see a wall of blocks.

There are a few ways to get past here, but they're all quite tricky.

My method:

Wall climb the red block, the fire a charged ZX buster right between

the top and 2nd topmost blocks. This will give you a bit room to dash jump

safely to the other side.

Here, quickly kill the Galleon and grab the health energy.

Next part is easy. Charge a whirlwind with model H, and fire it towards all

pf the blocks. Now hover or fly over with the trans-on of choice.

Boss doors...

Helios warps in. So do the other shintenou LMs.

Siarnaq thinks they'll win with a 4 to 1 >_>

Your character asks if they're under model V's control.

Just in time, your rival saves you.

You rival expresses his anger for them stealing his/her Live Metals.

Anyway, you're safe. Head through the second boss door.

You're... Outside?

Well, Albert's here sitting on his throne of madness.

He wonders how model A got into your hands.

He says... He created Live Metal Model A. As a backup system.

For himself? Maybe he's just a copy of his original DNA?

Model Albert.

His throne changes shape... This is it. The big boss.



Albert 1st Form


Element: N/A

Difficulty: Medium/Hard

Weakness: N/A

Attack 1.Ground beam. He scorches the ground with a beam.

Pieces of rubble will fly up, watch out.

Attack 2.Fire. He'll fire a small fireball that will erupt

a lot of small fires on the ground. Dash in between them.

Attack 3.Dark portal. He'll summon a portal in front of him.

Dash away, it will damage you BADLY.

His main mouth will also fire some dark flames.

If it sucks you up, it'll spit you out on the left.

The portal on the left will also fire dark flames.

Attack 4.Ground scratch. His main head will wipe his nose over

the ground. Shoot it a few times and dash under it to avoid.

Strategy:His only point of weakness is his "Belly".

He does have a **** load of health, but he doesn't

flicker when he is attack. Therefore, model F and P finally

get to be useful.

If he troubles you, use Chronoforce.

After the belly starts smoking, he'll switch into phase 2.



Albert 1st Form, second phase


Attack 1.Rockets. The spots where his heads used to be, will fire rokets.

Attack 2.Plasma globes. The flying heads will fire plasma globes.

Strategy:Same as before, but faster.

He has little health, but moves faster.


He's not dead!

He still keeps mumbling about model V being invincible.

And it being the only Rockman.

Your character counter, saying it's only for geeky madmen.

Or something.

<anime cutscene>

He thinks he's god.

The fake walls break, and he shows his real body.

Get ready.



Master Albert, Rockman Model V


Element: N/A

Difficulty: Medium

Weakness: N/A

Attack 1.Lock on. He'll try to lock onto you and fire a homing shot.

Dash like crazy to avoid.

Attack 2.Model V pieces. He sends away a few pieces of model V to attack

you. Hard to avoid, but dash under them.

Attack 3.Model V whirlwinds. He'll summon two whirlwinds that suck you

to them. Try to keep dashing to the center, away from either one.

Attack 4.Ground grind. He'll stick himself into the ground, and dash

towards you. Move to the edge of the screen to avoid.

(defenseless fase)

Attack 5.Background lasers. He'll go into the background and fire lasers.

Only the circles hurt, so jump over them.

Attack 6.Hand smash. He'll Make a gesture with his hand, then he'll smash

using the model V pieces. Small flame towers will erupt from the

ground too, watch out.

Attack 7.Model V ice snakes. He'll summon an ice dragon from the model V

pieces. they move from bottom upwards and vice versa.

Attack 8.Model V sword. He'll position model V into a sword, and

swings it. Get behind him and attack him.

Attack 9.Model Chronoforce V. He imitates chronoforce with model V

pieces. He begins moving faster.

Strategy:He mainly uses the model V pieces to generate a shield

around him.

Use model A's homing shot to select them, and fire.

After this, he'll be vulnerable.

I like to use a Chronoforce and ZX combo.

You should have a sub tank or two left.

Kill his barrier, that kick his ass with model ZX

rolling slash attacks (this hurts, but doesn't cost you

LM energy)

He's no Rockman. Rockman exist to protect the world.

He'll blow up, and Ouroboros is falling.

Your character gets so tired, they lose the transformation.

Your rival is still fighting the shintenou LMs.

Model Z exits the transformation, and seems to sacrifice himself to rescue


Ouroboros falls down into the sea.

You wake up, welcomed by model A, who's glad to see you're alive.

This is the last time I'll say this: head through the door...

Everything seems alright, and your rival confirms this.

Ouroboros dropped dead, and the model V inside it seems inactive.

Your character says it will stay at the hunter camp, declining your

rivals proposition to join Guardian.

Congratulations, you beat Rockman ZX: Advent!

The credits roll.

After you've finished the game a voice will tell you you've unlocked

Mania mode (HARD mode), and a few mini games.

The voice will also ask you if you want to save your cleared data.

This is the same as saving before Ouroboros, but let's you keep data discs

and the likes.


6.Items, Secrets and Hints





(A lot of thanks to Fernando Lucas N. Lopes for helping me with these!)

1.Control Center Area 1: Use Rosespark to get up the cable on the

Broken elevator. When you're up, look to the left.

2.Forest Tower Area 3: You need model H or Kaisemine.

Make the brown pillar fall down. Enter the empty pipe,

then fall down. Use the Hover mode that model H has,

then dash and climb up onto the pipe.

3.Scrap Yard Area 2. At the end of the yellow/orange hall,

Grab the switch, then get up onto it. transform in chronoforce,

slow time, then go back to model P.

Now dash your ass forward.

You need to get the right-most door here.

Quickly drop into the first hole here.

(thanks to KnightmareSin for this way!)

4.Waterfall Ruins Area 2.

Go to the left, head to the area before area 3,

Swim up a big waterfall using Model L, until you see a door.

Go into the door


6.02Live Metal-Ups:


1.Oil Field Area 2. Requires the Model F trans-on.

At the start of the area, you can break the floor.

Do so. Now head right and break the wall here. This

opens up a new part of the area.

Keep heading right, avoid the Galleon bikes and crawl

under a pipe. Keep heading right.

the power up lies there.

2.Biolab 2. To get the live metal up, you have to raise both containers.

After this, stand in front of the first one, then use Chronoforce.

Now quickly transform into a mobile model, then dash into the water.

Grab the lying Live metal up.

3.Highway Area 1. At the end. destroy the blocks using Model F,

then use Chronoforce's Time Stop, shoot the button

and enter the door at the other side. The Weapon-Up will be there.

4.Quarry Area 3. After the red blocks, you'll be chased by a Spike-Dozer.

use Model F (Atlas) to get to the right, destroying block on your way.

You will see a Weapon up somewhere on top. If you're quick enough,

destroy the block to get it. You can also try to destroy

the dozer first.

If you choose this, try Chronoforcing his arse.




1.Ice Floe Area 2. Using Rosespark to climb the vines, climb to the

right. The subtank lies there.

2.Legions HQ 3 (Area C-3). Riding on top of the quickly moving

platform you can clearly see it lying in one of the buildings.

Jump off the platform and grab it.

3.Mysterious Laboratory 3. At the battery puzzle, complete it even

further by slashing the battery on top of the upmost ledge to

the socket right before the boss door.

A door will open at the top.

Using Urgoyle and Argoyle's double technique, grab it.

4.Floating Ruins Area. There's one key item per area

(L Can, Pinwheel, Energy Balancer and Lightbulb, respectively),

which you can reach only by using Helios' (model H) Air Dash, and slow

descent (gets you down whirl winds).

You will also need Bitefrost for Area 3.

{UPDATE: You can also use Kaisemine, to get it ealier.}

Pick them up and give them to Meg (the girl at the cave in Area 3),

exit and re-enter the area and receive 300 EC and a Sub-Tank from Meg.

(Thanks to Fernando for this one too!)

This is also the only sub tank you can get in Hard mode.




If you defeat enemies in a certain way, you'll get a medal. This will

appear in the bar in Hunter Camp 1.

It may also be recommended to do this in Ease mode, if you

really want Model a fast. Also because you'll be using a lot

of weapon energy, and that restores twice as fast in easy mode.

A HUGE thank to Eparygon) jotting

these down and allowing me a copy 'n paste.


Gold:As model P, hit him by throwing kunais and

make sure you throw them via the touchscreen.

Silver:Defeat him by touching only his weak-point.

Bronze: Defeat him by dashing into him as Tesrat.


Gold:Defeat him using Kaisemine ONLY.

Silver: Defeat him using Diaburn's dash attack ONLY.

Bronze: Deafeat him using model ZX's charged saber attack ONLY.


Gold: Defeat him using Rosespark ONLY.

Silver: Defeat him using Argoyle & Urgoyle ONLY.

Bronze: Defeat him in Bulb form (Using Model L charged attack

will make him fall and transform in bulb form)


Gold:Defeat her using Human Form ONLY

Silver: Finish by throwing a rat at her (Using Condorock charged attack

on a small rat will throw it; it works with model F as well,

also with Urgoyle's soul body...)

Bronze: Finish her using Chronoforce


Gold:Defeat him using Model A's homing shot ONLY

Silver: Defeat him using Diaburn's normal attacks ONLY

Bronze: Deafeat him using Kaisemine ONLY


Gold:Defeat him using Model A's Giga Crash attack ONLY

Silver: Finish him using Model H's third combo slash

Bronze: Wait two minutes before killing him


Gold:Defeat her without hitting the Hive at all

(use her own trans-on)

Silver: Don't let het summon bees during the entire fight

This will probably first get you Bronze

(Chronoforce helps a lot)

Bronze: Defeat her by only destroying the hive

Argoyle & Urgoyle:

(a good way to get their health down is to use a homing attack on

both of them)

Gold:Finish them simultaneously using Diaburn's charged attack

Silver: Finish them simultaneously using Tesrat's charged attack

Bronze: Finish them simultaneously using Model A's Giga Crash attack


6.05Extension Chips and Other Items:


Extension Chips

Lightweight:Gotten by doing the get the tool sub quest in

door in Oil Field Area 2.

Don't worry, you don't even need to leave the Room.

Ice Boots:Hunter Camp Area 3. Talk to the girl in front of the

green gate to start a quest. Go to the Transport

Train Area 3 and go to the spot with three ladies.

Talk to the last one and pick the first choice (pay 100 EC).

Return to the girl to get the chip.

Frog:Hunter Camp Area 4. Pay the construction worker until you

reach your second room. Talk to the lady and she'll give

you a satellite dish. Go to bottom right corner of Oil Field

Area 1 and find a broken Utuboros.

When the satellite sets up, return to the lady and get the


Absorber:Hunter Camp Area 3. Enter the green gate and talk to the man.

He'll sell you the Absorber chip for 99EC.

Eraser:Hunter Camp Area 3. Talk to the man with a girl on his

shoulders. They'll ask you to get a flower.

Go to the Waterfall Ruins Area 2 and proceed to the left.

When you exit through the left screen, you should be in front

of a door on the background next to a waterfall.

Underneath the platform is a flower.

Return to the man and girl and finish the quest.

Extender:Waterfall Ruins Area 3. There's a waterfall at the very end

with two doors. Take the top one and talk to the man.

Enter the room behind him and destroy all the green insect

robots. Talk to the man again to make 50 green robots appear

in other stages. They are located at the following:

1. Oil Field Area 2. Some are underneath the pipes which lead

to the Live Metal Up. The others are behind pipes near the

ropes meant for Rospark.

2. Legions HQ Area 1. Enter the door before the boss room.

3. Floating Ruins Area 3. Some are on top of the giant rock

with spikes in the middle. To reach the other, go to the left

of that rock. Go on the bottom blue platform and hang on using

Model P. After clearing the spikes and enemies, climb over and

transform into Bifrost before it reaches the other side.

Break the blocks.

4. Highway Area 1. Some of them are somewhere in the upper part

of the area.

The others are hidden under the street to the right of the

Live Metal Up.

5. Scrap Yard Area 2. The area leading to the old man.

After killing all 50, return to the man to get the chip.

(Again, many thanks to KnightmareSin for all these!

Except lightweight >:P that one's miiiineeee!!1!!!!!)

Healing Items

Orange:Gotten by talking to a girl in Transport Train

Area 3. restores 4 HP.

E-Tank:Hunter Camp Area 4. Pay the construction worker until

you reach your first room.

Talk to the man for a requeset. Go outside the building

(Hunter Camp Area 1), walk to the left, and pick up the paper

on the fence. Return to the man and finish the quest.

Leave the building and come back in.

Pay the same man 500 EC to get it.

Cake:Finish the above quest. In the same room with the man, talk to

the refrigerator to get a cake.


7.Menu Translations


Note that I SUCK at ASCII art... So I won't use it at all.

These are more outlines than exact (And complete) translations.

It's function is to help you forward though,

so it should help you get around the new ZX:A menus.


7.01Beginning Menu (Press Start)


People who know a bit of katakana will not get lost here.

It's pretty straight forward, but here's a table:

Press Start or Touch

1. New game

2. Continue with Game (auto-selected)

3. Mini Games

Of course, continue won't be available on your first run.


7.02In-Game <Start> Menu


This menu has about 5 "tabs", which can be navigated through with the R and L


(from left to right)

1.Character health, weapons, Lives, energy crystals and play time.

It also has an avatar of your current character and the Live metal

you currently have got equipped.

2.Items A, B and C. Self explanatory.

3.Mission information.

4.Control Controls. Change you're button configurations here!

A new thing: try the last tab here. You can actually CHANGE the

locations of your Trans-ONs.

5.A sprite display screen that show you what actions you can perform

Using you current


7.03In-Game <Map/Model> Menu


Oh man this is awesome. No really, believe me. You're going to use this

a LOT.

Press the windows icon to get a more detailed map of the area you're in.

The blue arrows tell you where doors are to other area's or where

you could go after this.

In the main screen, press an area number with your stylus or a finger nail

to see... a screen shot. Nice touch (no pun intended).

The Yellow arrows indicate a trans server, the red arrows indicate

where you are at that moment.

The bottom right button switches to the Model or trans-on selection screen.

Pretty self explanatory.


7.04In-Game <Save> Menu


Stand on the trans server (those green teleport like platforms) then press

Up on your D-pad. This will trigger the menu.

1. Transfer

<Select area to transfer to>

2. Data Management

1. Save Data

2. Load Data

3. Delete Data

As always, press B to exit.


8.Contact info


Before you start mailing me, be VERY sure that the answer isn't in here.

Also, don't e-mail me for ANY of the following reasons;

- Spam. No, I don't NEED, nor WANT a bigger penis.

- Hate Mail. If you don't like me or the FAQ, go read someone else's.

And if that doesn't exist, though luck. Go google or something.

- Asking me for something that's already in the FAQ. I KNOW

there are easier ways for getting some life ups, but only by using my

way will you get them in the first run.

If your e-mail meets any of the above criteria, it will meet DELETION.

Fanmail, however, is very welcome. Just don't expect a reply >_>.

Make sure you add "Your Rockman ZX Advent FAQ" in the subject line.

And please state your name.

Now, here's my email:

frozensmile89 (at) gmail {DOT} com




Thanks to these people for helping me with some info:

- Mykas0 for some attack strats

- KnightmareSin (William Nguyen) for a lot of tips, and most

extension chips.

- Fernando Lucas for the rest of the life ups, weapon up etc.

- Eparygon! For the medals, and a LOT of attack starts

- garnet17 for giving me some insights on the plot

- Wilson T. For a slight error in the forest life up

- The Wiki on Wikipedia for the boss names

-, for providing the names to the stages and Falseroids

Special thanks:

- Capcom, for making the game.

- CjayC, for rocking.

- Me! For making this! Damn I'm good!

Personal thanks:

- Wieke and Nikki, for both shaping me into what I want to be.

You may want to check out my site over at: