Box art - Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Trailer Song: Who Sings Country Roads?

Fallout trailers have typically had memorable songs, and Fallout 76 is no different. The song for the Fallout 76 teaser is just as jarring as “I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire,” or “It’s All Over, but the Crying,” though it’s a bit more modern than those two. Below we’ll tell you about the Fallout 76 trailer song, who sings it, and where you can listen to the full track.

What Song is Playing in the Fallout 76 Trailer?

Maybe I’m a bit older, but I found the tune in the Fallout 76 teaser instantly recognizable. Not only is it a classic of American music by a world-famous performer, but it also used to play about ten times a night on those paid programming commercials for CD collections when I was a kid. Of course, I’m talking about “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver (the version in the trailer sounds like a cover, though).

Why Bethesda chose “Country Roads” for the Fallout 76 trailer is unknown. Fallout 3 and Fallout 4‘s theme songs brought to mind the climate of the Cold War and matched the 1950s aesthetic shown in the series. “Country Roads” could signify a lot of things, though. Maybe this entry is in the Southern US. The song mentions West Virginia which is located at the cusp of the Southern region. Eastern West Virginia is also very close to the Capital Wastelands seen in Fallout 3, which may indicate a return there (also hinted at by the lyrics “take me home”).

Whatever the case, it seems like “Country Roads” may indicate a new beginning for the Fallout series. The game might be an MMO as opposed to the single-player gameplay the rest of the series has showcased. Perhaps it’s set later in the Fallout timeline when humanity is beginning to thrive again. Unfortunately, we don’t have much to go on at this time.

You can find “Country Roads” pretty much anywhere music is sold. In fact, you can just listen to it for free on YouTube below.