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Fortnite Soccer Stadium: Where Is The New Place in Fortnite?

Following the 4.4 update, there’s now a brand new Fortnite soccer stadium for players to check out. It comes complete with a football that you can kick around, as well as a big scoreboard to keep count of goals achieved. With the World Cup well under way, football is on the brains of many throughout the world. Now players can take that obsession into Fortnite, for some match-ups that will likely end in violence.

Fortnite Soccer Stadium: Where Is the New Football Pitch Location?

The new Fortnite soccer stadium is located to the southeast of Junk Junction. It’s absolutely massive and really can’t be missed. If you manage the impossible and find yourself lost and unable to find the giant pitch, check out our handy map below.

Fortnite Soccer Stadium

As you might imagine, the new Fortnite football pitch is a very popular area right now. As is the case for any new place that gets added to the game, players flock to see it. I’ll admit, Epic Games has done a great job in bringing the football hype to the game.

Once the Fortnite Week 7 challenges become available to complete, you can expect even more players to head towards to the new football stadium location. The “Score a goal on different pitches” challenge will bring Season 4 Battle Pass owners to the area, determined to score a goal and successfully complete that objective.

Fortnite Soccer Stadium: Score a Goal on Different Pitches Challenge

As mentioned above, the Fortnite Week 7 challenges task Season 4 Battle Pass owners with visiting three different Fortnite pitches to score goals. The “Score a goal on different pitches” challenge will cause the new Fortnite soccer stadium to become very crowded indeed. For the next few weeks, before Season 4 ultimately ends, the Fortnite football pitches will be very popular landing zones. Use that to your advantage!