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Pokemon Go Trading: How to Trade Guide

Pokemon Go trading is finally coming to the game, but unfortunately it’s launching in quite a complicated form, which definitely requires a “how to trade” guide. Happily, that’s exactly what we’ve got right here, with everything you need to know in preparation for the Pokemon Go trading update.

Pokemon Go Trading: How to Trade

So as not to break the entire game and ensure that other activities remain rewarding, trading in Pokemon Go has quite a few limitations. You can’t just go and swap legendary Pokemon with players on the other side of the world. No, you’re first going to have to add players as friends using a “Trainer Code.” Then, you’ll want to build a bond with that trainer by participating in activities together. You see, trading costs Stardust, and you’ll need a high “Friendship Level” in order to bring the price of trading down. What’s more, both players must be at least level 10.

Pokemon Go Trading: Friendship Level

To help increase their Pokemon Go Friendship Level, users can give each other gifts that acquired from PokeStops (and no doubt the in-game store). Combine these with activities such as battling gyms together and spinning a large number of PokeStops, and the Friendship Level will gradually increase.

Pokemon Go Trading: Special Trade

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If you are hoping to steal all of your “friend’s” legendary Pokemon while they are in the bathroom, I’ve got some bad news for you. Niantic is introducing “Special Trades.” Pokemon Go Special Trades can occur once per day with each friend. That friend must also rank as a Great Friend or Best Friend, which are the two highest tiers. Special Trades occur when a legendary Pokemon, a shiny Pokemon, or a Pokemon that isn’t currently recorded in the Pokedex, is traded.

Niantic is really looking to limit the number of rare Pokemon that players can trade. Special Trades are the biggest example of this, as it stops users taking a shortcut to acquire all legendaries and other rare Pokemon.

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