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Fortnite Free Skins: Is IFreeSkins a Scam or Legit?

Fortnite free skins are the dream cosmetic unlocks that everyone wants, and websites like IFreeSkins claim to provide them. Even content that is no longer available from seasons past is apparently accessible, for free, through IFreeSkins. “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is” likely applies here, but let’s discuss in full whether IFreeSkins is a scam or legitimate.

Fortnite Free Skins: Is IFreeSkins a Scam or Legit?

If not through word of mouth, you’ve likely heard of IFreeSkins through YouTube. There are videos out there pushing this website which have a healthy number of views and a shockingly good like/dislike ratio. The comments all seem super positive, too. Well, unfortunately it’s all an illusion powered by bots.

Those that visit the IFreeSkins website will be asked to enter their email address. They will then be prompted to download and trial certain apps. Once those apps have been trialed, the user is supposed to receive an email with a unique Fortnite skin code. This is not what happens. It’s a scam with no free Fortnite skins. Avoid, and move on!

Fortnite Free Skins: Other Fortnite Free Skins Websites


With Fortnite skins being all the rage, but also extremely expensive, it’s no wonder that users are looking for a free alternative. Sadly, there are many scumbags out there who are misleading these desperate players with scams like IFreeSkins. I’ve come across a lot of different “free skin apps” during my time researching and covering Fortnite, and with the game’s inclusion of children within its target demographics, I find it disturbing to think that there are people out there making scams like this.

Hopefully this little PSA reaches you in time. Please avoid any “too good to be true” apps like this and only trust information from official sources. Think before you download and you’ll continue to have fun!