Advance Wars: Days of Ruin DS Cheats

Unlock COs


How to Unlock
CaulderComplete mission 26
ForthsytheComplete mission 14
GageComplete mission 13
GreyfieldComplete mission 21
PennyComplete mission 24
TabithaComplete mission 25
TashaComplete mission 12
WaylonComplete mission 20

Unlockable Medals


How to Unlock
Gun MedalGet five medals total for Talon Gun/Nest/Meteors destroyed
Maps Cleared MedalWin on 150 maps
Maps Played MedalPlay on 150 maps
Multiplayer MedalObtain four medals total in multiplayer/Wifi catagories
S Rank MedalWin 50 S Ranks
Time MedalPlay the game for 50 hours
Units Destroyed MedalGet a total of 50 medals for units destroyed
Units Production MedalGet a total of 50 medals for units produced