The Godfather: Mob Wars,Godfather, The,The Godfather Achievements List


UnlockableHow to Unlock
Arms Dealer (10)Purchase a Firearm Upgrade.
Assassin (10)Earn 5 Execution Styles.
Bank Robber (10)Heist all Banks at least once.
Bodyguard (10)Hire a Crew Member.
Contract Killer (25)Complete all Hits.
Debt Collector (30)Collect all 100 Film Reels
Demanding Respect (20)Reach Respect Level 40.
Demolitions Expert (10)Bomb a Business.
Diplomat (20)Help all Merchants.
Don of NYC (50)Reach the rank of the Don of the NYC.
Earner (10)Extort 10 Businesses.
Enforcer (10)Take Over 5 Rackets.
Entrepreneur (15)Collect 10 Film Reels.
Executioner (40)Complete all Execution Styles.
First Sign of Respect (5)Reach Respect Level 10.
For the Family (25)Complete all Missions.
Forced Entry (10)Heist a Bank.
Front Man (50)Take over all Fronts.
Gaining Respect (10)Reach Respect Level 20.
Heavyweight Champ (25)Win all Prize Fights.
Jack of All Trades (25)Reach Respect Level 45.
Knockout King (15)Win a Prize Fight.
Making an Impression (15)Reach Respect Level 30.
Negotiator (5)Bribe a Police Chief.
Neighborhood Control (20)Take over a Neighborhood.
No More Narcotics (30)Bomb all Drug Rackets.
Petty Theft (10)Crack 10 Safes.
Public Enemy Number One (50)Reach Respect Level 50.
Real Estate Investor (10)Purchase a Safehouse.
Real Estate Mogul (20)Purchase/Own all Safehouses.
Rival Family Elimination (40)Destroy all Rival Compounds.
Safecracker (30)Crack all Safes.
Service Provider (25)Complete all Favors.
Smuggler (10)Hijack 10 Racket Trucks.
The Don (25)Reach the rank of Don.
Total Domination (50)Extort all Businesses.
Transport Takedown (30)Seize all Transpot Hubs.
Warehouse Wrecker (30)Seize all Warehouses.


Achievements - Corleone Challenges


How to Unlock
CC Batter Up (20)Corleone Challenges: Kill 30 mobsters in less than 15 minutes using only melee weapons
CC Collecting Dues (20)Corleone Challenges: Extort 20 merchants and/or racket bosses before time runs out
CC Earn Money (10)Corleone Challenges: Earn $75,000 before time runs out
CC Executions (10)Corleone Challenges: Perform 10 unique executions before time runs out
CC Hijack (20)Hijack 5 racket trucks before time runs out
CC Hits - No Innocents (20)Corleone Challenges: Kill 100 mobsters before time runs out
CC Road Rage (10)Corleone Challenges: Kill 25 mobsters using your car before time runs out
CC Safe Cracker (10)Corleone Challenges: Crack 10 safes before time runs out
CC Takedown (25)Corleone Challenges: Takedown a warehouse in less than 5 minutes
CC Tattaglia Hit (20)Corleone Challenges: Kill 50 Tattaglias in less than 20 minutes