Just Cause Xbox360 Cheats



How to Unlock
10 Side Missions Completed (5)Complete 10 Side Missions
100 Kills (10)Kill 100 Enemies
15 Takeover Missions Completed (25)Complete 15 Takeover Missions
20 Air Vehicle Stunts (10)Complete 20 Air Vehicle Stunts
20 Car-To-Car Stunts (5)Complete 20 Car-To-Car Jumps
20 Land Vehicle Stunts (10)Complete 20 Land Vehicle Stunts
20 Sea Vehicle Stunts (10)Complete 20 Sea Vehicle Stunts
20 Side Missions Completed (10)Complete 20 Side Missions
250 Kills (25)Kill 250 Enemies
30 Side Missions Completed (10)Complete 30 Side Missions
30 Takeover Missions Completed (50)Complete 30 Takeover Missions
40 Side Missions Completed (10)Complete 40 Side Missions
45 Takeover Missions Completed (75)Complete 45 Takeover Missions
50 Side Missions Completed (10)Complete 50 Side Missions
500 Kills (50)Kill 500 Enemies
All Collect Missions Completed (45)Complete Every Collect Mission
All Race Missions Completed (15)Complete Every Race Mission
All Story Missions Completed (125)Complete All Story Missions
All Stunts Completed (50)Complete All Stunts
Back-Door Action (5)Complete Collect Mission 2
Base Jump 1000 Meters (5)Base Jump From 1000 Meters Or Higher
Champion Of Race 1 (5)Complete Race 1
Champion Of Race 2 (5)Complete Race 2
Champion Of Race 3 (5)Complete Race 3
Champion Of Race 4 (5)Complete Race 4
Champion Of Race 5 (5)Complete Race 5
Champion Of Race 6 (5)Complete Race 6
Champion Of Race 7 (5)Complete Race 7
Champion Of Race 8 (5)Complete Race 8
Champion Of Race 9 (5)Complete Race 9
Freedom Fighter (25)Liberate 11 Provinces In San Esperito
I Want a Super-Potent Weapon (5)Complete Collect Mission 3
I Want My Intel Back (5)Complete Collect Mission 5
I've Got the Blueprints, Man (5)Complete Collect Mission 4
Mission 14 Completion (50)Complete Story Mission 14
Mission 7 Completion (25)Complete Story Mission 7
Most Wanted 1 Min (10)Survive For 1 Minute With Maximum Wanted Level
Most Wanted 2 Mins (25)Survive For 2 Minutes With Maximum Wanted Level
Most Wanted 5 Mins (50)Survive For 5 Minutes With Maximum Wanted Level
New Kind of Kick (5)Complete Collect Mission 12
Protector of the People (50)Liberate 22 Provinces In San Esperito
Red Eyes (5)Complete Collect Mission 6
Rico the Beach Comber (5)Complete Collect Mission 8
Salt Refinery... Yeah Right (5)Complete Collect Mission 1
Saviour of San Esperito (75)Liberate Every Provinces In San Esperito
Slippery When Wet (5)Complete Collect Mission 11
Staying Power (5)Complete Collect Mission 9
The Cleavage (5)Complete Collect Mission 10
We Have Ways of Making You Talk (5)Complete Collect Mission 7
White Beaches (5)Complete Collect Mission 13