Twisted Metal: Head On: Extra Twisted Edition PS2 Cheats


Hold L1&R1 during gameplay and enter the following


Triangle, Triangle, Down, DownInfinite Weapons
Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, UpInvulnerability
X, X, Up, UpKiller Weapons (Super Damage)
X, Triangle, X, TriangleMega Guns
Left, Left, Up, Down, Left, RightRadial Blast
Triangle, X, Square, CircleTrade Weapons for Health


Unlockable Characters

Finish the Bonus Mini-Game in the corresponding level.


How to Unlock
Crimson FuryMonaco
Mr. SlamLos Angeles

Unlock Tower Tooth Challenge in Head-On

Note: You can only use Tower Tooth in Rome Death Match.


How to Unlock
Tower ToothBeat story mode in Head-On with any 5 characters


Lost Unlockables

Complete Twisted Metal: Lost under certain difficulty levels to unlock secret characters and a secret level.


How to Unlock
12-PacSuccessfully complete Story mode under the Medium difficulty setting.
Gold ToothSuccessfully complete Story mode under the Hard diificulty setting.
Port Of DeathSuccessfully complete Story mode under the Medium difficulty setting.