Two Worlds Achievements List



How to Unlock
Cast Chamber 5 Spell (10)Cast a Chamber 5 spell.
Created a Bomb (10)Create at least one bomb.
Created a Permanent Potion (20)Create at least one permanent potion.
Created a Potion (5)Create at least one potion.
Created a Weapon Enchancer (15)Create at least one weapon enchancer.
Created Class 10 Item (15)Create at least one item with quality class 10.
Created Class 2 Item (5)Create at least one item with quality class 2.
Defeated the Grand Enemy (370)Defeat the Grand Enemy in the main storyline.
Delivered the Relic to Qudinar (20)Deliver the assembled Relic to Qudinar in the main storyline.
Destroyed the Great Pentagram (25)Destroy the Great Pentagram in the main storyline.
Discovered 10 Locations (10)Discover 10 different locations.
Discovered 20 Locations (10)Discover 20 different locations.
Discovered 50 Locations (20)Discover 50 different locations.
Found the Air Element (20)Find the Air Element in the main storyline.
Found the Earth Element (20)Find the Earth Element in the main storyline.
Found the Fire Element (20)Find the Fire Element in the main storyline.
Found the Relic Frame (20)Find the Relic Frame in the main storyline.
Found the Water Element (20)Find the Water Element in the main storyline.
Killed a Dragon (10)Kill a Dragon.
Killed a Stone Golem (10)Kill a Stone Golem.
Learned 10 Skills (10)Learn 10 different skills.
Learned 20 Skills (20)Learn 20 different skills.
Learned 5 Skills (5)Learn 5 different skills.
Learned All Skills (50)Learn all the skills in the game.
Made Successfull Teleportation (5)Make at least one successful teleportation.
Opened Master Lock (10)Open at least one Master Lock.
Reached Character Level 10 (10)Reach character level 10.
Reached Character Level 20 (10)Reach character level 20.
Reached Character Level 35 (20)Reach character level 35.
Reached Character Level 5 (5)Reach character level 5.
Reached Character Level 50 (50)Reach character level 50.
Reached Skill Level 10 (20)Reach level 10 in one skill.
Rode a Horse (5)Ride a horse at least once.
Summoned a Creature (5)Summon at least one creature.
Used a Boosted Spell (5)Use a spell enchanced with special booster cards.
Visited 10 Undergrounds (10)Visit 10 different underground locations.
Visited 20 Undergrounds (20)Visit 20 different underground locations.
Visited All Black Towers (5)Visit all the Black Towers in the game.
Visited all Graveyards (10)Visit all the graveyards in the game.
Visited All Locations (50)Visit all the locations in the game.
Visited All Undergrounds (20)Visit all the underground locations in the game.