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Fortnite Skydive Through Floating Rings Guide

The Fortnite Skydive Through Floating Rings challenge is tough because of how long it takes to complete. Though it’s easy to spot the rings when falling from the Battle Bus, it’s not possible to collect all 20 in a single match. Therefore, players must enter and finish multiple rounds in order to complete this objective. It’s going to take a while, and there will no doubt be a lot of players just falling through the air, collecting a couple of rings, and then letting themselves be killed. Honestly, this kind of challenge can really ruin the game, as so many people end up dying at the beginning, making for a lot less action in the late game.

Fortnite Skydive Through Floating Rings Locations

You seriously can’t miss these rings. The Fortnite Skydive Through Floating Rings challenge is extremely easy. The rings are bright in color, and Epic Games even shows which ones are high and which are low, allowing players to get a couple of rings with each fall. A total of 20 rings need collecting, which will probably take the average player 11-12 attempts. It is possible to do a perfect 10, but I’ve found that the rings can sometimes not register, despite me flying directly through them.

Fortnite Skydive Through Floating Rings Reward

Skydive Through Floating Rings

Though incredibly laborious, completing the Fortnite Skydive Through Floating Rings challenge only nets you five Battle Stars. Yep, all that effort and that’s all you get! On the bright side, if you combine this completed objective with the other six Week 10 challenges, you’ll gain a bonus 5,000 XP.

If you’re hoping to complete the Fortnite Skydive Through Floating Rings challenge, do remember that this is the final week of Season 4, and so your time is pretty limited. I’d recommend prioritizing the rings before playing the game as normal. Time really can fly!