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BioShock FAQ/Walkthrough

For Xbox 360, PC

Version 1.0 ( 9/13/07 )

Written by Brad Russell "TheGum"

(email at the bottom)


Version 1.0 - got it all.

( 9/13/07 )


Table Of Contents


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1. A Brief Foreword

2. ControlsCON2222

3. Starter TipsTIPS333

4. WalkthroughFAQ4444


Welcome to RaptureWEL1111

Medical PavilionMED2222

Neptune's BountyNEP3333

Smuggler's HideoutSMUG444


Farmer's MarketFARM666

Arcadia RevisitedARCRE77

Fort FrolicFORT888


Rapture Central ControlRAPCC10

Olympus HeightsOLY1111

Apollo SquareAPSQR12

Point PrometheusPOPRO13

Proving GroundsPRO1414


5. WeaponsGUNS555

6. EnemiesBAD6666

7. PlasmidsPMID777

8. TonicsTON8888

9. Diary EntriesDIA9999

10 AchievementsACH1010

11. Copyright/Credits


* 1. A Brief Foreword *


I'll be brief, rather than long-winded. Bioshock is by far one of the

best games out for the current generation of gaming, and it will remain the

best title on the 360 for about less than a month (you know, when that one

tiny game called Halo 3 comes out). But for now, you can enjoy one of the best

looking games with a great story, deep gameplay mechanics, and endless hours

of fun. Sadly, I felt the game went on a bit too long. It's not that the

game isn't fun throughout, but killing Splicers over and over just didn't stay

fresh for me.

And for 360 owners, you'll have a blast playing the game twice as you

obsess to to get all the achievements, 'cus you won't be getting them in one


Happy shooting,



* 2. Controls ( CON2222 ) *


These are the XBox 360 controls. I'm sure the PC controls are standard FPS


A - pick up, use, or interact

B - First Aid Kit

X - reload, and juice up your plasmids too

Y - jump

LB - switch plasmids; hold to bring up plasmid menu

RB - switch guns; hold for gun menu

LT - use plasmid

RT - fire gun

LS - move; click to crouch

RS - aim/look; click to zoom

BACK - objective/message/map/help menu (hints here too)

START - pause game; will display the remaining Little Sisters too


* 3. Starter Tips ( TIPS333 ) *


Just enough advice to get you going, and then some.

*Explore - simple enough, there is no other way to squeeze all you can from

this game unless you explore every inch of a given area. Yes, it's annoying

that enemies will constantly respawn and pop up out of nowhere, but you have

to put up with it all if you want your cup to runneth over.

*Be mindful of your progressing enemies - that means that the enemies will get

tougher as you move along, so you must keep your plasmids and weapons up to

speed our you'll lose big.

*Money, exploring, and/or hacking - there are several ways to progress through

the game. You don't have to do all three of these to the max in order to get

by. If you go for all three then you will find yourself going way overboard

with trying to manage all your resources. I'm just letting you know that you

don't have to micromanage, for the most part.

*Accuracy - Understand that the enemies are smart. Your friends are your

plasmid powers of ice and lightning. Freeze or stun your slippery foes and you

get much easier shots.

*Hack what you can, destroy the rest - plain and simple, but sometimes a bot

is actaully a bad idea to take with you.

*Big Daddies are not out to get you - yes, despite what you may think, the

big guys are not enemies - unless you want them to be. You want the ones that

protect the girls, but the rest can be avoided. Press start to know how

many Little Sisters are in an area.

*Ammo is easy come, easy go - don't think that you have to preserve your best

weapons for last. And if you're in an insane fight, just switch to a loaded

weapon instead of reloading and just blast away. Don't be a whimp.

*Buyout when you can - early on you can buyout most of the machines for cheap.

Believe me, you do not need every dollar, so best to spend them on something

useful and not waste too much time in this game hacking about (unless you

really want that achievement).

*Research to success - when you get the camera, be sure to stun or freeze

enemies and take their photo before you kill them. Don't forget to take pics

of Rosies, Bouncers, Little Sisters, all the bosses, turrets, and cameras.

Aside from the bonus damage for each level of research you complete, you will

eventually gain certain tonics for your efforts.

*Don't hack everything - save your hack tools for safes, buyout or hack

unfriendly machines, but only take over the vending machines/U-Invents that

you plan to buy from. You can take a look at what a machine has to offer and

then decide if you want to buy.

*U-Invents don't need hacking - maybe early on, but certainly not later in

the game when you'll be overflowing with components. Just saving you some

time and effort.

*Destroy Health Stations for med kits - take out your wrench and smash any

health station for anywhere from one to three med kits. It's much better than

hacking or paying for health.

*Snap four photos of everything - you can get four pics of everything. This

is the best way to get your research on Little Sisters and Bouncers.

*Get Photographer's Eye tonics - this helps you in the long run with that

research too. Be sure to check my tonic section and not to miss both tonics

when you come across them, but only if you're obsessed with achievements.

*If you want to be an avid inventor, get both tonics - Clever and Prolific

Inventor tonics are the only way to reach the achievement of getting 100

invented items.

*Combine tonics to get a big advantage - mainly just the Static Discharge

tonics, but all other ones can be put into separate slots for boosted effects.

I'm not saying the tonics will fuse or something, but you do get both effects.


* 4. Walkthrough ( FAQ4444 ) *


This guide has been created on the default settings.

I play the XBox 360 version, so that is where my controls will come from.

Please use the map to help you figure out what I might be pointing at. Always

be mindful of your objective.

When you come across a plasmid or tonic, or just something that I don't explain

in depth in the walkthrough, look in the sections of this guide about that

type of item for answers. There's lots of info and advice about the things

found in this game, so refer to the appropriate text before making a bold


Let's begin.

PREGAME - adjust the brightness so that you can make out the writing on the

wall, but don't put the slider all the way over; unless you have to. And go

with MEDIUM difficulty, please it's not a hard game at all.

*NOTE: The achievements in this game will require a lot of cross-checking of

info within this guide. Ideally, you will keep checking the various sections

of this guide for info. However, you might want to just play the game on your

first run, and then play it again to seriously tackle the achievements.*


Lost( LOST000 )


Yes, as soon as the plane crashes and you're in the water, you are playing.

There's not much more you can do other than swim to where there is no fire.

The tail end of the plane will sink, but you can only go to the obelisk in

the ocean. Get a good look at the moon, take one last breath of the fresh air,

and just go inside (there's really nothing else you can do).

Once inside all you can do is follow the lights. You'll enter a sub-like

elevator and you're treated to a nice little cutscene.


Welcome to Rapture( WEL1111 )


Well, things don't start out so nice here; just wait it out and you'll be fine.

After two icons pop up in the left corner you need to turn and pick up the

radio. Exit the sub and look to the right for the Vita-Chamber. Notice that

you can leave your sights on something and after a while you can press a button

(BACK) to get further info. Anyway, now just go up the stairs and move to the

obstacle for the Splicer to show up. Jump over the block and pick up the

Wrench from the ground. Use it to open the path.

A flaming couch falls down the stairs when you go up, so just step to the

left to avoid. Go up, let the bad guy come to you, backpedal so that his

strike misses, and then follow up with a strike of your own; repeat until

dead, him, not you.

There is a strange sound and a bunch of snacks in this room; look on the table

and in the trash cans if you've taken any damage (save your first-aid kit).

Oh yeah, don't forget to check the dead guy's body for free items. Go up the

stairs, look in the trash up here, and then grab the glowing vial thing.

*NOTE: It is not wise or necessary for YOU to actually pick up strange needles

and use them. Just some advice for life.*

After the short scene, point your cursor over the sparking panel to open the

door. Go through and just keep moving forward; no rush, really. In the next

room you can go right for items in the corpse, trash, and on the chairs, but

you don't want the cigarettes, and no use wasting the food unless you need it.

Go to the left and search around and then wait for Atlas to give you the

warning of an enemy. This 'one-two punch' that he speaks of is actually more

than true. This little combo should be used throughout the game. You will go

to the middle area, wait for an enemy, shock him, and then whack him with the

wrench. Another enemy will come out from the unlocked door, so repeat. Go up

the steps and wait for a flaming Splicer to approach and do the same combo on

him too. Go through the door and take the elevator up.

*NOTE: Remember to check dead guys for free items.*

Ignore the Splicer you see on the elevator ride. At the top, go left for a

free item, and then go right for a creepy image. You can sneak up on this

woman and kill her in three strikes, or you can shock and drop like before.

Take the 'baby' and switch your 'baby' for the wrench because you don't need

the 'baby' at the moment. Enter the next room.

Kashmir Restaurant


2 Diaries

There is a lot of alcohol in the area, and in the whole game for that matter,

but you don't need to drink it for many reasons, so don't. Turn the corner

and go down the steps; yes, that's not where the arrow on your screen is

pointing. Shock the man pounding on the door when he notices you and then go

whack him. Make sure you're ready and wait in front of the door for a woman to

pop out, so shock and drop her, or use the gun on her (aim for the head).

Search out the kitchen for your first bits of cash and other items and then

come back out.

Atlas tells you how to handle the new enemies. Surprisingly, you won't be

finding too many more enemies standing in water for the rest of the game.

Search in the water for items along the edge and your first Diary entry on the

table. Pick it up and hold the button so you can listen, or pull up your

objective menu and find it on the Messages screen. More items are in the party

area, and once you're done go back up the stairs.

A new enemy waits for you at the top of the steps. Check the phone are for

two items, but you can't use the phones. When you get near the 'Dames' side

of the restrooms you will notice a blurry screen. Keep going and you'll see

a ghost scene at the sink; more occur throughout the game. At the end of the

bathroom is another Diary and some junk in the toilet (and some of it is good

crap!). On your way out you will be attacked from the only closed stall.


Go into the other bathroom and exit through the hole. Cross over the walkway

as you're given the lowdown on the little girls. Take the steps and get close

to the glass for a bit of a scene; don't worry, you're not expected to do

anything but watch. After, just break the lock and go through. You can check

some corpses, and when you proceed along the path you will run into a Splicer

with a gun, Leadhead.

*NOTE: Now might be the time to switch from shock n' whack to shock n' shoot.*

Move along for another bad guy and then keep moving. Go down the steps and

shock two scavangers in the water. Then fall over the edge and down below.

Don't go to the right toward the arrow just yet. Instead, go left and enter

the bathroom. There are two bandages under a toilet and a kit under a sink;

just remember they're there for later if you don't need them.

Check the crates and the can and then step toward the open door that your

arrow points to, but as soon as the doorway closes you need to back away and

get a good read on the waterfall and the Dames side of the room; basically,

you want to stand just out of range of the flamethrower. There will be two

waves of Splicers from the fall that you can shock and then one enemy to

come from the bathroom. Be sure to grab all the items from the dead, but

you'll notice that some of them turned into Lockboxes; no big deal. Grab that

kit under the sink if you need it and then go through the open way.

Hop over the obstruction and enter the tiny room. The door closes and you are

subjected to watch and listen to Ryan. Don't worry too much, just wait for the

door to open and get through to the next level.


Medical Pavilion( MED2222 )


2 Little Sisters

2 Diaries

Move along and check around the desk for a Diary and more. Now turn around and

look to the side of the Vending Machine for a bot stuck in the door. Get close

and choose the Hack option.

Hacking is no big deal. The objective is to make a chain so that the flow of

ooze can make it from the entry point to the exit point. The first thing you

must do is find the exit arrow on the edge of the board. Then you need to start

flipping over tiles around the entry point and around where your first couple

of pipes lead. You can build off the first few pipes, or if you are fast enough

you can make your own, faster path. The key is decide on a path you want to

lead the flow and then uncover as many tiles along that path as possible. If

you uncover an alarm or overload point you will need to rethink your plans.

Don't forget to check your swap tile, the tile in the lower left corner,

because that tile is sometimes the only one you need, but you will never

realize (I usually don't).

That advice will help in the long run, but for now this first puzzle is not

hard at all. Just flip over as many tiles as you need and start building a

path. When you get a full path, which the puffier tiles will indicate along a

good path, just press the Finished button and you're done.

The end result is not just that you open the path, but you also get an ally.

This bot will follow you anywhere you go as long as you let it, or as long as

it survives. Go through the opened path and you'll run into two enemies, two

enemies that your bot can handle. Check around for a Diary and then go up

the stairs. Use the control and you'll then find out that you have a big detour

to take. Go through the door behind you and kill the mad person. Check around

and then grab the gun. Press the button and get ready for quite a fight. The

door atop the stairs will open and enemies will pour out. Do your zoom so that

you look down the barrel of your gun (click the RS) and start picking off the

enemies, but be sure to kill the ones that have guns. Then return to the first

lever and look down the stairs in anticipation of the thugs, or you can even

wait in the room where you picked up the Machine Gun. There are about six

that will come for you, and then two more that pop out as you exit. Gather

you plunder and head up the stairs and through the doorway.

Medical Foyer


5 Diaries

Look on the bloody wall for another Diary. Deactivate your bot right here if

it's still with you. There are two turrets in this room: one in the center,

one in a small room to the right. Go to the left of this bloody wall and peek

around the corner until you see a silver thing with a red light, that is a

turret. You can hack turrets to make them your own, and you will do so now.

Shock the turret before it spots you and then run to it and press your hack

button (X). Get used to this same hacking pattern, it's the same for all

turrets for the rest of the game. After you get this one, look to the wall on

the right side of the room and locate the crack/hole; the crackhole! Go up to

the hole, look through, and shock this turret and hack it too, or come around

through the doorway - it's in a closet, basically.

Now you basically control this area and very little will get through. There

are two more Diaries in the immediate along with a bunch of other items, but

there is a medical kit behind broken doors that you can't get to just yet.

Look in a place where there is a plant on the left side of the room and you

will find a somewhat hidden type of ammo. There are more enemies in the area,

and you can lead them back to your turrets if you want that extra help. You'll

find more goodies in the closet with your one turret, and there is a curious

device called a Health Station on the other side of the central wall. This

thing can heal you, but it will serve the enemies if you don't hack it; I'll

be honest, you really don't need to hack these things, if an enemy is using it

and you know, you can just kill them as they sit still.

Don't enter any of the rooms until you visit the small room on the right side

of the foyer with the vending machines. Grab the Diary and feel free to hack

both machines, but you only need the blue one hacked. I just needed a clip of

Machine Gun ammo, but you might need more, though, don't go crazy.

Follow your arrow and go basically straight through a door. Along the path

you can look left and see a Big Daddy and Little Sister, but you can't reach

them just yet. Keep moving and you will run into the good doctor, or somebody

who runs and tosses a bomb to block the path. Back out of the room the way

you came and listen to Atlas' message. Now you need a new plasmid. Back at

the foyer you will meet two new enemies.

*NOTE: There is a Diary called Love of Science that waits in the center area

of the foyer.*

Eternal Flame Crematorium


1 Diary

Hacker's Delight 1

Incinerate! 1

Head toward the flame where you will hear some commotion, and if you get close

you will see an explosion. Then a Nitro Splicer will emerge. Your bot could

handle him if you still have it, or use your Machine Gun. Look in a plantar

nearby for new ammo for a gun you don't have. Enter the front office and

check the place out. Grab the Diary and head out.

You'll hear a machine sound and you'll see a red light panning back and forth

across the room. Wait for the camera to look away and run forward and under

it to hack; you can even shock and hack if you like. Get it on your side and

you're free to scope the place out. Don't let the cabinets in the corners slip

past you. Find and use a Furnace Control in the immediate area. This is your

first Tonic. Equip it and let it be, even if you don't understand it just


*NOTE: Leave your bot here and then come back for him when you return.*

Go up the steps and kill the lone enemy. Search the room for a clip of Machine

Gun ammo. Then crawl through a vent to enter the small room. There are two

EVE needles; one is behind the downed machine. Then pick up the new plasmid.

Three enemies surround the room. You could run and gun, but if you look to the

vent and see the purple puddle you should think it odd. Set that goo on fire

and watch the results (your bot will be lost if he's still with you). Now

take either steps and get out of here.


Return to the foyer and notice that there is a door covered in ice. Melt it

away and enter.

( Twilight Fields )

Security Expert 1

Go to the right side of the front office and kill the Splicer. Collect the

items, but take notice of the strange number near the coffin. Enter 0451 in

the door behind you for free stuff. On the left side of the room there is a

Splicer behind the coffin, and then a turret on the nearby wall. Zap the bad

guy, do a headshot, and then quickly zap the turret to take it.

Now enter the room at the back. Search around and then enter the water. Follow

it to a scary looking room, but have no fear. You get a new Tonic in the back

area. Go back through the water and be ready for a Splicer to jump from the

wall door. Leave.

( END Twilight Fields )

Now take the stairs in the foyer down to the level below. Use the fire on the

ice blocking the way. There is a bad guy on the other side. But before you

cross over to the new area, check the crates in the corner and zap the lock

in the other corner. There is an Automatic Hack Tool and that's all. Now you

can proceed.

Dental Services Area


5 Diaries

Wrench Jockey 1


Speedy Hacker 1

Static Discharge 1

( Kure-All )

Kill the first bad guy across the ice and you get some free items in this tiny

little room. Now go left into the Kure-All area. There might be a bad guy in

here, but you want to shock the rocket turret and hack it. Lots of items in

the turret closet and in the front office area. Go through the only open door

and look up; you'll come back for those and other items later. For now you

should hear another camera. Let the red beam look away and then sneak up on

it from the water on the right and hack it. There is stuff in the water and

then you should look on the wall for a safe.

Safes are the hardest things to hack. Consider using your hack tool, or buying

it out. But if you choose to play the game then you need to understand that

the initial path is always a dead end. You have to immediately start making

a completely new path when you hack this or any other safe. And there are

usually a lot of traps in safe puzzles. So quickly start building a path and

start uncovering as many tiles as you can. You'll get used to it, hopefully.

Many things in this rundown room and another Diary in the corner. Get out your

wrench and bust the vents open nearby that lead to that one closed off room.

A few items in here as well as a new Tonic, Wrench Jockey. Equip and exit and

deal with the new enemy.

*NOTE: These first couple of safes can be bought on the cheap, but eventually

they will cost more to buyout.

( END Kure-All )

Now go back out and enter the other area that you have yet to go. There will

be a Shotgun on the ground, but DON'T pick it up just yet. Ready yourself by

collecting the shells lying around and then pick up the gun. Stay in the light

and just circle around, and by circle around I mean run around in circles and

keep looking in all directions. There are just six enemies. You want to shock

one when there are two, but you need to blast all with the Shotgun shells to

the head. And consider switching to another gun instead of reloading.

After the battle you can pick out your spoils. Head toward the Dandy Dental

area and pick up a Diary along the way. There is also a Health Station if


( Dandy Dental )

No enemies. Search the water area for stuff and just spend 10 bucks to buyout

the safe on the wall. Go through the glass door and pick up Telekinesis*. Pick

up the Diary and then test your power on the trophies around the room; you can

test it on the tennis machine if you want. After you collect the things you

will notice a new enemy in the previous room. Keep your new power, use it on

the gas tank near the enemy, and then blow her to bits. Now exit.

*NOTE: If you aren't using your Bolt too much, then you should switch that for

your Telekinesis. Otherwise, switch out your flame power.*

( END Dandy Dental )

( Painless Dental )

You can make a quick stop by the Kure-All area at any time and grab those items

that you couldn't reach up high. Then make your way toward the Painless Dental

area. Crouch down into the water and stay close to the chair on your way to

the crates in the corner. Stand up, jump atop the crates, and crawl through the

window; the turret should not see you. Get your shock power ready, jump into

the open, shock the turret, and then hack it.

Look under the desk and then enter the next room for a bit of a scare, but

nothing life-threatening. Pick up the new Tonic and Diary. Now enter the vent

and crawl through. At the end you should quickly smash open the vent and shoot

the gas tank near the Splicer. You get another tool and several other items.

Leave through the door.

( END Painless Dental )

Get out your Telekinesis and use it to fling a body at the new enemy in this

previous room. Now go back toward the water hallway and look through the crack

in the window. Use your Telekinesis to grab the key on the column; and you

better not drop or fling it. Use the key to open the door and take control of

the camera. Should be one enemy that can be shocked in the water, or whatever.

Another camera in another room and a safe. The smaller room has some Machine

Gun rounds; these bullets help kill people, and you might want to use them.

*NOTE: Save these rounds for a boss later, and your don't need the Machine

Gun for anything else otherwise.*

Anyway, once you're done you can exit the Dental Services Area. Use your

Telekinesis on the Nitro Splicer. What you want to do is grab the grenade from

the air and toss it back to him, and then maybe finish him off while he's on

the ground; remember this for the rest of the game, it will save you lots of


Uh, I forgot to mention a Diary in the center area of the Medical Foyer. It's

called Love of Science and you may have picked it up already. Check your map

to see if you left any place unexplored (it's by another Health Station).

There are also new enemies in the foyer, but you can take them out with your

Telekinesis power; fling bodies for best results. Now you're returning to the

place that you backed out of before. You shouldn't need any items, but if you

do don't forget about the vending machines.

Dr. Steinman's Aesthetic Ideals


4 Diaries


Go to the blocked area and you will see grenades flying from one of the two

balconies above. First you need to grab one grenade and use it to blast away

the debris, then you should toss a few back to sender.

Pick up the Diary on the otherside. When you get near the gate you will see

Steinman run away, the gate will open, and a bot will come after you. Retreat

back a bit and then shock and take the bot for yourself, but leave it here for

the moment. Look down the hallway and you will see a turret at the end. Shock

it and take it.

Enter the room on the side and take the camera. This safe is the first that

can't be bought on the cheap, so I suggest you hack tool it or take the plunge

yourself. Search for more crap and a Diary.

Exit the room and go back a bit into the watered-out part for a very useful

Tonic and some stuff in a crack in the wall. Now, there should be no reason

that you've lost the bot you just gained. I hope you have it. Either way,

proceed down the way into the boss room. There is stuff at the back of the


BOSS: Dr. Steinman


The bot that he gave you soon before is your best friend. If you have that bot

flying around with you then you will have no troubles.

Equip your Machine Gun and use the Antipersonnel rounds (press UP on the D-

pad). Now go up to the glass for a bit of a scene. Back away when he starts

shooting and wait for the doors to open. Enter and start unloading your

exotic rounds of ammo into the doctor. With your bot above the doctor will

focus his fire on it instead of you. But honestly, you only need to use about

25 antipersonnel rounds on him and the fight will be over.

Without the ammo and the bot you will make quite a fight out of this. The

shotgun will work well, or even regular machine gun ammo. But you'll take lots

of damage, so have those med kits ready. There are things on the outskirts of

the room if you need. Also, there are a few gas tanks that can be used by

either shooting them or tossing them.


Inspect the doc's body after the fight and take the key. Check around for lots

of goodies and a Diary in the dead patient. When you return to the hallway

where you have a turret you will run into a rush of four enemies, so be ready.

Now you're on your way back to the very start of the level, but in the tunnel

your way will be blocked, so take the alternater route. No Big Daddy for now,

but you have a choice when you enter the room. After the scene you need to

follow the girl and make a decision. I'll be honest, on the 360 you can gain

a nice achievement if you save all the Little Sisters. I would suggest that

you save all the girls on your first game, and then kill them on a second

playthrough if you so choose. Either way, pick one way to go and stick with

it; the ADAM amounts won't affect you much.

*NOTE: You get the 'evil' ending for killing Little Sisters. You get the

'happy' ending (not to be confused with a 'happy ending') for saving Little

Sisters. Other than the endings, you probably get just a wee bit more ADAM


*NOTE: For your Tonic Collector and Avid Inventor achievement, you MUST save

all the Little Sisters in the game, trust me. You can only get some tonics

this way, and one tonic helps your inventing.*

After the encounter go to the other end of the room to spend your reward and

pick up a Diary. The EVE Link and Armored Shell Tonics are solid choices.

Enrage! is only good if you encounter multiple enemies, but I would skip it

for now. The upgrades are okay, but they can wait (of course, get the EVE

upgrade first if you must get both). Now go through the alternate route that

takes you back to the Medical Foyer.

You can do some shopping, but you need to be ready for your first true fight

with a Big Daddy. Only engage a big boy if you see a Little Sister nearby.

When you head back toward the entrance you should see a Little Sister and a

Big Daddy pop up.

Stunning is the key to most Big Daddy fights. You have your bolt, but you

should also have collected a few Electric Buck shells for your shotgun. Get

those loaded and start going at it before the Little Sister spots you and runs


With the shocking shells you can dissect these guys without much trouble. Just

keeping stunning, reload when they are stunned and have your bolt power ready

when he does break a stun. Bouncers have two types of attacks: rush, or a jab.

They will also occasionally slam the ground and cause time to sort of slow

down for you. When they slow you you need to stun them so that they don't get

a free hit on you. The rush is easy to avoid by just moving to the side; it

works even if it looks like it won't. And when he's running at you and chasing

you down, it means he's trying to jab you, so just stun him.

Again, with the Electric Bucks you will breeze by this fight, and your bolts

will get you by either way. The regular shotgun shells are your best bet if

you don't have electric. You get a nice reward from the dead body and you get

another sister. With more ADAM you can return to the Gatherer's Garden and get

more stuff. Then resume your return to the start area.

*NOTE: There might be another Big Daddy to pop up soon after the first one

falls, but if you pause the game you will notice that there were only two

Little Sisters in this level. The extra Big Daddies have no beef with you. You

Leave them alone and they will do the same.*

*NOTE: If you never entered the funeral home area, don't worry, you can still

do it. All you have to do is leave this level, visit the gene bank, and then

come back for the last area.*

At the set of stairs you will be bothered by another Nitro. Make your way to

the panel and insert the key. You are free to exit the level.


Neptune's Bounty( NEP3333 )


3 Little Sisters

2 Diaries

Medical Expert 1

*NOTE: Use the Gene Bank to get your flame power if you never visited the

funeral home in the last area. You can still go back and go there for a Tonic

if you want it. If you already did, then proceed.*

You can swap powers at the Gene Bank and buy stuff at the vending machine. I

recommend you swap Telekinesis for Incinerate.

Go through the series of doors until you hit a big room; don't worry about the

creepy monster woman, you'll deal with her later. In the big room you will

find a Big Daddy patrolling the area. He may or may not have a girl with him,

but eventually he will be ambushed by some Splicers. They won't do much, so it

will be up to you to take it out. Make sure there is a sister tagging along

before you pull the ambush.

Rosies are different than Bouncers, and tougher. Rosies are gunners. They have

a deadly Rivet Gun and they will toss Proximity Mines. The shotgun doesn't

work as well on these guys. The regular Machine Gun rounds are best. But the

key is to grab the mines out of the air and toss them back. The problem is

that he won't toss the mines quick enough. You will have to toss, trade gun

fire, and then toss another. Trust me, it's very possible that this will be

the first time you visit a Vita Chamber, but if you are a slippery target you

should be able to outgun the daddy.

Claim your ADAM and explore the area for goods, but first you need to claim

the two turrets under the ramps on both sides. You'll have to use cover to get

close to them. The turret on the far side of the room has some good items and

a Diary nearby.

The worst part about this area is that a lot of bad guys will cross through

here, this dock-like area. But if you wait around long enough you might run

into the other two Little Sisters here too. I don't know where you will hit

them, but there are only two more to find throughout the level. Handle them

as best you can.

Go through either door on the sides of the wharf and you'll end up in a two

level room. Kill the guys and then claim the rocket turret on top of some

crates. Once the smoke clears you can visit the nearby Gatherer's Garden.

You have your choice of Winter Blast, a few more plasmid slots, a new Tonic,

or some upgrades. If you've been saving the sisters then you should have a

free gift waiting for you here. If not, then you should be able to buy pretty

much everything. Either way, be sure to get the freeze power and another

plasmid slot.

You'll notice a camera sound. Near the garden is a place where you can look

down a see the red beam moving. Fall down there and then hack the camera. There

is some stuff down here, but you want to take that bot with you. Both points

where you can fall out of this area have items on the ledge. You can get them

with Telekinesis and then fall down.

Follow the water down here to a room in the back. Hack the keypad and enter.

You get a Diary and other junk, but there are some new shells in the corpse;

use Telekinesis to grab the items in the very back area that you cannot


*NOTE: If anyone knows the keycode and where to find the number I would

appreciate it, but it's not that important seeing as you can still hack it.*

Now go back up and go behind the turret into the goal room. There might be

some enemies on your way up, and don't forget the vending machine if needed.

In the room leading to the Fisheries you will be taunted by the mystery lady

from before. Search the area for stuff, claim the Health Station, and look

in the hole in the ceiling for two things that you can grab with Telekinesis.

Knock on the door and you meet the gatekeeper. Soon a new enemy will drop in,

the lady that's been toying with you, and you must fend her off. This is not

so much a fight as it is just trying to last long enough for her to leave. All

you need to do is keep pelting her with handgun rounds and eventually another

bot will join; both your and the other bot will chase her away. Then you are

given a Grenade Launcher on the conveyor belt.

Your new task is to locate a camera and take some pictures. Backtrack a bit

to the Upper Wharf where you will find more enemies. Shock the ones down below

who stand in the water, may need to shock twice. Then follow the path around

and you'll see that the gate to the Wharfmaster is open. When you step inside

three Splicers will rush you.



6 Diaries

*NOTE: The Smuggler's Crates are usually empty, but feel free to try them out.*

There is a lot of loot in the immediate area. Look around for a hole in the

ground that you can jump into. Crouch and crawl through until you reach a

Diary and other goodies. Go back and two enemies will be waiting. I suggest

testing out your Grenade Launcher.

Now follow the path and you will eventually run into some proximity mines for

your own. Go through the door to an area above the Lower Wharf. There are

three Diaries in the area, some enemies, a rocket turret, and possibly a

Big Daddy with your last Little Sister. Break the lock and enter the next


( Wharfmaster's Office )

Security Bullseye

Might be an enemy as soon as you pass the gate. Items around and a Diary, but

don't let the camera spot you. The camera up the steps cannot be hacked. You

should either shock and shoot it with your pistol, or just try to avoid it.

Either way, there is another camera further up the steps, but you can hack

that one. Look in a corner near the second camera for some frags.

Keep going and you'll see a gate with a lock. Go through and get ready for

some serious defenses. There are four turrets and one camera. It's just shock

and hack, but I would suggest a few buyouts, especially if you are close to

500 cash. Work quick because Splicers will soon follow you into the room. Items

are all around; look in a crack near one turret and look in one of the prison


Now crawl through a vent and into a room with a camera. Claim the camera by

jumping up the slanted wall so that you barely reach it, or blow it up, up to

you. You can plunder a safe, some frags, and a Diary.

Crawl out, break the lock, go through the gate, and crawl through the crack

in the wall. Lots of ammo all around, but I was full on everything by this

point. There is also a Gene Bank if needed. Follow the path into a messed up

room with your camera. Pick it up and snap a shot of the Spider Splicer in

the next room. Just take one.

*NOTE: I'll let you know right now: take pictures of every enemy until that

type of enemy is maxed out. The best way to do this will be to freeze or

stun them, get up close, and then snap; then finish them off. Dead enemies will

not get you as much research. Research is not just for bonuses, but you also

gain achievements on the 360. And trust me, you most likely won't get those

achievements unless you become a good photographer now.*

Now backtrack a bit until you see an explosion. Stun the enemy and snap a photo

before you kill him. Grab what you need and look out through the nearby window.

Pick up the new power and the ammo, then drop down (that new plasmid is not

worth your time by the way). Get as close as you can and snap a photo of the

bad guy. Then claim the camera and hunt for items in the room as well as a


( END Wharfmaster's Office )

The Fighting McDonagh's Tavern



Shorten Alarms 1

Wrench Lurker 1

Follow the path to a camera and some enemies at the fork in the road. Take the

camera and then take pictures of your enemies (if you have enough research on

the Leadheads you will get a new tonic, a good one). Grab the Diary and head

for the Jet Postal area first.

( Jet Postal )

Two enemies will greet you (don't forget to take pictures). Grab items in this

first room, a Diary, and some items from the vending machine. When you're

ready, enter the mail room where another Spider will drop in. Back into the

previous room, stun it, snap a photo, and then try to kill it. Then return to

the mail area and search for items; you'll have to blow up the camera. You get

lots of film in here, but not much else. Leave the way you came and handle the

one new enemy.

( END Jet Postal )

Now enter the tavern proper. There are two enemies to greet you in the first

area. Look up and around for some shells and a hypo that you can grab with your

mind. Take the crawlspace in the water on the right side. At the end, make

sure the two bad guys in the wine cellar are in the water. Break open the

cover and shock them in the water. Hack the camera and search for items.

Go into the next area and enter the room on the right. Pick up the Diary on

the desk. Move the crates in front of a crawlspace nearby and be ready to

shock a turret when you look through the hole. Claim the turret and then

collect the goodies. An enemy appears outside, so I suggest using a frag since

there should be a few to spare in this room.

Shock the door across the way to enter the actual tavern. Two enemies will

greet you, and you might get another tonic if you've been snapping photos.

You'll find another Diary on a table nearby, and then another.

Enter a bathroom in the corner where you might meet an enemy. Open both stalls

for some rewards. Now go up the stairs where you will find two more enemies.

Take to the small room directly ahead of the stairs, near some evidence crates.

No enemies, just a safe and other things. But when you come out you will run

into the final Spider Splicer. Freeze him and snap a photo, then finish him

off. But there are two more rooms.

Go up and shock the one door to enter. There might be a total of four enemies

to fight when you enter this room, most from the way you came. Behind a shelf

are two items and there is one Diary on the bed.

Come out and look to the locked door. You can hack it, but if you have the

Masha Come Home message you will know the code is 7533. There is some cash in

here, but the real prize is the Diary. Pick it up and just watch around the

room - creepy, huh? A picture falls over to reveal a new tonic, but too bad

it sucks. Leave the room, look toward the ceiling as you leave for some

items, and there will be a bad guy in the bar. Shock his bot, freeze him,

kill him, and then take his bot.

*NOTE: You can take photos of turrets and bots, but they can't be friendly.*

*NOTE: Remember, if you ever run into a Rosie, be sure to snap a photo.*

Return to the entrance to the tavern. At the crossroads outside you will run

into a Splicer setting up a turret. Freeze, shock, snap, blast, hack

you should know the drill by this point. You're basically backtracking your

way to the door where you met Peach. There are new enemies in places, new

photos to take, and even a tonic near the Gatherer's Garden.

Be sure to max out your plasmid possibilities, you're about to be separated

from your guns; don't collect ammo or nothing, you will LOSE your guns and you

won't get them back. Stock up on EVE hypos and knock on the door.

Fontaine Fisheries


1 Diary

Focused Hacker 1

Weapon Upgrade Station


*NOTE: Only ice where you can actually see items in it will have items. Don't

go around melting all the ice.*

Melt the ice with the tonic and take it. It's a good one, but if already have

Security Expert and Speedy Hacker, just store it by pressing B. The plasmids

you need are Incinerate, Bolt, and Telekinesis (you don't need Bolt if you

only have two slots). When you're ready, dump off your guns in the tube and


One ice pack conceals an item, and that's it. When you step through the

gate and enter the freezer you will enter a big fight.

BOSS: Peach Wilkins


As soon as you enter the freezer the gate will close you in. Quickly run to the

right side of the room as Peach is speaking and hack a camera in a crevice.

Then go to the back of the room and hop up a crate and onto a sort platform.

You will notice a metal cover over a part of the wall. After the speech, go

out and melt some ice from the platform and Splicers should come out of hiding.

From the metal cover will emerge a turret, so hack it too. Now for the battle.

You only have your plasmids to use, so I hope you have at least the three that

you acquired by default; that means you needed only an extra plasmid slot so

you could carry all three. And there is a Gene Bank and a vending machine in

this room if needed. Okay, now to the battle.

It's pretty simple: the camera, turret, and the bot you should still have from

way back in the tavern, all of these pieces should lead to a speedy victory.

Don't waste your time trying to freeze anybody. The shock and pop rules apply

for the gunners, but the Nitro guy will need your telekinetic powers to put

him down. Just watch your health and take out the Nitro Splicer as soon as

possible, he is the key to ending this battle. Just grab his bombs and toss

them back to him, simple.

*NOTE: Apparently you just fought Peach Wilkins. I never noticed until I

checked the achievements. It just seemed like a regular Nitro to me. I first

thought it was him, oh well.*


Check around for stuff and be sure to collect your guns from a Pneumatic Tube

down the steps at the back. Then come back and melt the ice covering the four

doors on either side of the room. Looking from the entrance to the room, there

is a pack of ice in the back, right room that leads to the front, right room;

melt two ice packs for money and a hack tool. The left side of the room just

has some goodies inside.

Now continue down the steps and go behind the steps for some frozen ammo. Now

approach the strange new machine on the center column. Use the weapon station

to upgrade one of your guns. May I suggest the Machine Gun Kickback Reduction?

Trust me, it's the best move.

The left chamber has two enemies guarding a safe and the last Diary entry.

The right chamber leads you to the exit.

*NOTE: Apparently you just fought Peach Wilkins. I never noticed until I

checked the achievements. It just seemed like a regular Nitro to me. I first

thought it was him, oh well.*


Smuggler's Hideout( SMUG444 )


3 Diaries

Just follow the path until you hit a turret, so take it. Nearby is some junk

and a Diary. Just follow the path until you run into a gate with a lock that

you can smash (I hope you realize that there are no hidden items along the

path to the door).

Use the control panel and watch the events that follow. After, run out of room,

grab the gas tank, and then just chuck it down the way to hopefully hit a

coming enemy. Run down the boardwalk and light a puddle of oil on fire to

hopefully take out a couple of enemies. Go around the alternate little path

to avoid the fire and proceed down the path to kill a few more enemies by a

gate. If done quickly enough you should have only faced about five enemies, but

if you are too slow you will face an endless stream, so get to the gate ASAP.

Break the lock and plunder the cell for items and a Diary. Go to the broken

bars in the corner for some dollars on a ledge, but also use your mind to pull

in three items that are sitting across the water.

Now head for the sub, but you're done fighting, that is if all the bad guys

get killed in the blast. Follow the path until you find a Diary. Then just

exit the area. Short.


Arcadia( ARC5555 )


2 Little Sisters

4 Diaries

Just navigate your way up the path and break the lock to emerge into the next

true level. Go around tomb and look to the door with the one lit torch. Light

the dry torch and the door opens. At this point you will start collecting

random crap from crates and everywhere else; such as rubber tubes, glue,

batteries, etc. so just keep gathering them up for later. Search this tomb

for some goodies.

*NOTE: If you did the research enough to gain the Scrounger tonic, don't forget

to press RT when you run into items that you have seen a lot.*

Enter the lush 'foyer' area with the running water. Look to the right corner

for shotgun ammo, and then go left for film, Diary, and a ghost scene. Then

go into the door marked Arcadia Glens. There will be a ghost scene and two

more Diaries.

Exit and go through the door on the far right side of the room. Yes, you get

a scare, but you're life is not in danger yet. Explore this room fully for

grenades in the water and you will run into a few more scares if you go to

every inch of this level; looking at the mask on the table near the stairs will

bring a new type of Splicer right to you (you can shock it and snap a photo

if you want). Then go up the steps. You will fight a new enemy, the Houdini


Search this room for items in about every corner and a Diary on a table. There

are two crawlspaces: one is open in the center of the room and the other is

on a wall near the doors. Not much in the hidden room, but when you come out

there is a new enemy (toss that gas tank at him). Go out the door and to a

bridge above the glens. Pick up the barrel in the middle section and toss it

high to the gunner above you, and then take out the female at the end of the


In the next room will be two patrolling enemies, but there is a turret that

overlooks the door and will get you if you run out. I suggest just stunning and

taking out both guys with headshots, then pop out, shock, run to the turret,

shock it again, and then take it. Another enemy will appear after. Go through

the crawlspace near the turret for essentially not much. Crawl back out and

search the room for items and maybe buy stuff at the vending machine (it might

be best to hack vending machines with hack tools).

There is another crawlspace across the room that leads to a safe. You will

emerge in a room that is rigged with electric traps. Hopefully the enemy will

spot you and try to get you, and in doing so kill himself. Pull an item with

your mind and run it into the wires to bust them. There are a bunch of items

in this room, so stock up.

*NOTE: You can even incinerate the arrows to spring these traps.*

*NOTE: Don't forget to keep taking pictures.*

Exit and return to the vending machine area. Shock the sparking panel and

collect a few items from the storage room. Now take the stairs down to the

lower level and you should run into two enemies. A few items in this lower

level and then you can make your way toward the door with the pink flowers

above it; this is the true entrance to the Arcadia Glens, but that is only

because your way has been blocked from the other sides.

Arcadia Glens


You'll see a Splicer get torched, but don't worry, it's just a warning of

things to come for you. Go to the U-Invent machine to the right, but nothing

is really worth your time at the moment. If you want to fight a Big Daddy

soon then you might consider hacking and making some exploding shells.

In the water is nothing more than some components around a wire trap. Get back

on the solid ground and proceed; that means don't take the water route, but

they essentially lead to the same place. You should run into a Big Daddy around

this area with the Gatherer's Garden. Do your job and then approach the garden.

You get slot increases for both your plasmids and all three tonics. The usual

upgrades and a Human Inferno tonic. Cyclone Trap is a decent power, but get

it last if at all. You want that Electro Bolt 2 no matter what. You don't need

another plasmid slot, so you should consider which of the tonic slots you

want; combat is a good choice.

Go around the wooden walkway to find a camera, and maybe an enemy or two. Stun

the camera and use your armor-piercing rounds in your pistol to take out the

unreachable camera. Now backtrack a bit and enter WaterFall Grotto. And if you

want to know what is down in the water path below the boardwalk, it's just a

Houdini Splicer.

( WaterFall Grotto )

4 Diaries

Look in the corner for grenade ammo around the U-Invent. Pick up the Diary

on the bench on your way around the corner, but quickly jump over the side and

into the water below. Have a bolt ready for the turret in the corner and then

take it. Shock the enemy nearby in the water, for just leave him. Then quickly

run up the ramp nearby, shock the camera, hack it, shock the other turret along

the walkway, and hack it. You'll find a bunch of stuff near the broken vending

machine, around the lower turret, and random things throughout. There are two

Diaries in the water.

*NOTE: By now you are probably running low on hack tools, so it would never

hurt if you buy one extra each time you visit a U-Invent machine. It is always

safe to keep 3 hack tools on hand and use them on safes.*

There are two rooms to look over. One is reached through the water and it

has a flamethrower turret, so take it. Not much else in here but a Gene Bank.

Back in the main room, go near the fallen vending machine and shock the door

panel. Items in here and a Diary (poor kitty). Now you're done with this place,

and take out the wire traps on your way out.

( END WaterFall Grotto )

Go back around the corner of the boardwalk, but before you enter the Rolling

Hills on your way to the Rapture Metro, take a left and go for the door with

the label Arcadia Glens. There is a bad guy to greet you, and then enter the

water and enter a small crevice for another bad guy that you can shock to


Use the vending machine if you must. Look near the observation goggles for

another crawlspace with another safe. Now go around the corner to enter a room

in the corner, but have a bolt ready to shock the enemy in the water as you

enter the room; you'll just fight him a bit later on your way out if you miss.

A thug will follow you into the room. Then search for items in the dead ones

and look for a lockbox on the shelf. You can use the two machines on the walls

if you must. Now go back and go through the door leading to the hills.

Rolling Hills


2 Diaries

Security Evasion 1

You will run into a single bad guy and a grenade turret, so hack the turret.

There might be a Big Daddy in here, so wait until he has a Little Sister to

follow and then take him out. Look in the corner of this room for three items

on a rock atop a rock; use your mind to grab them. Don't forget to revisit

the garden if you do get more ADAM. And there is a Diary on a bench in here.

*NOTE: I hit a weird glitch when fighting the Big Daddy near the entrance of

this room. The big guy was in the corner and sort of floated up to a ledge high

up. He stayed up there and didn't come down. Either way, it's a good time to

test out those Heat-seeking RPG's.*

Enter the next room and go toward the metro door only to have some strange gas

halt your progress. The gas does not directly threaten your health, so don't

worry. Go to the other path for a camera, items on the table, and an ammo

machine if needed. Then go through to the labs.

At the first door you get a video call by the doctor and you are given the task

of finding a rose before you can enter. You'll emerge back in the Hills area

to find three enemies to greet you, but you'll aslo notice that the scenery

has changed. When you start backtracking you will find a new path into a cave.

Follow the Houdini inside for a Diary. The wicker men will catch on fire, but

nothing you need to worry about. All that is in this cave is a Chlorophyll

Solution in the corner. On your way out you will run into the Saturnine in

charge of this cave.

Retracing your steps you will find another cave in the room with the rocket

turret. Go inside for anther encounter and more junk. Get out and make your

way to the WaterFall Grotto; save the other room that has opened up for later,

you will visit the Farmer's Market in time.

*NOTE: If you do the research on the Houdinis you will gain the Natural

Camouflage tonic, which makes you invisible if you stand still, and that is

why you needed an extra combat tonic slot.*

In the grotto you run into three new enemies mobbing some dead guy. Use a frag

if you like and then grab the new tonic, but it's not worth equipping. Drop

down into the water and grab a rose near the water wheel. Of course a group

of enemies will rush the room, but if you already own the turrets and the

camera in this room, there isn't much to worry about. After the enemies are

dead you can leave the grotto and head back to the lab. Put the rose in the

mail tube and enter.

Research Laboratories


4 Diaries

Hacking Expert 1

A tonic and Diary near the desk, along with other items in the room. Not sure

what the countdown is for, but you have time to search the lab area for a Diary

and other things. Be sure to hack the Health Station. And there shouldn't be

anything you need from the machines in the second lab area, and there aren't

that many items to find either. Get up to LangFord's office before the time

runs out and watch the scene.

Go inside for a new gun, a Diary on LangFord, and the safe behind the picture.

Use the code: 9457, duh. You get a key, a Diary, and some cash. Nothing new

with the U-Invent, so just make your exit. Some enemies in the labs, but now

all the machines are against you; you can test your new gun on the enemies.

Be sure not to piss off the Big Daddy that roams the area, just leave him be.

After you reclaim the lab you are free to leave.

Make your way back to the glens where you will enter the Tree Farm.

( Tree Farm )

2 Diaries

Not much in this first area but a gunner with a bot; shock the bot, kill the

gunner, and then take the bot for your own. There is a Diary on the metal

platform, and there are some things below the platform. There are other things

under the other set of steps. But look to a wall in the center of this room -

doesn't it look like a set of steps? Hop up this wall and you will see items

at the top in both directions. Not much to the left, but you can follow the

ledging all the way to the right where you will find a crate above the

door, and that's all.

Now make your way to the Farmer's Market. There is a Weapon Upgrade Station;

may I suggest the second Machine Gun upgrade? A vending machine with not much

in it, and you should run into a Houdini. A safe in the booth on the left, and

a Diary on the steps. And you're free to take the exit to the market.

( END Tree Farm )


Farmer's Market( FARM666 )


1 Little Sister

6 Diaries

EVE Link 2

Search the nearby body for an enzyme, and a Diary nearby. Go out to witness

a bit of a fight; it's the Splicers versus a turret. Let the turret do some

damage and then take it over, and then look to the market area for an oil spill

to light on fire. Look in the shop area for a camera to steal, and then look

for a Diary on a counter that might have been burnt. Watch out for another

turret in the meat shop.

Go down the steps by your first turret for a new tonic. Items as you move and

an enemy will cross the bridge up above. Take his bot and kill him. When you

go out into the open area you will be rushed by three, and they should scatter

making killing them much harder. Items all around and on the walkway.

First check the open room where a guy will be sitting on a chair. When you

enter he will stand up and come at you, but if you stand behind that wire trap,

well, I think you know what will happen. Some items in here as well as your

first Distilled Water.

Then into the room behind the counter for a Diary. Crates and another Diary in

the water. A Houdini will enter the room upon your exit.

Go to the door in the corner with the lock and hack it. Minimal rewards in


*NOTE: Not sure where the number is for this lock either, but it doesn't

really matter.*

Now go up the steps and into the other market area. There should be a Big

Daddy in here with a Little Sister, as well as a security camera and a Splicer.

There will be a bit of a fight between the two others, and you should take the

time to hack the camera. While the two fight you should start tossing frags

at the Big Daddy while he's occupied. Then the security camera should send

bots to help you out and you can use the shops to hide.

Lots of stuff around here: a safe, random items, vending machine, and if you

look you will find two crawlspaces (one is under the camera and another behind

the cheese shop). The crawlspace in the cheese shop leads to a Diary. Follow

your arrow and you'll run into another distilled water and Diary on your way

to the bee place. That means don't go to the winery, visit the bee farm first.

( Silverwing Apiary )

1 Diary

You'll enter and see a Splicer get tore up; so back away and let the bees run

away; and if they do come for you only need to keep running away. Inside this

room you should ignore your urges to check the bee hives for items; they're

full of bees, duh! Grab the Diary and look under the counter for items. Spend

your ADAM at the garden. You only get to buy slots and Insect Swarm, so buy the

swarm and maybe a plasmid slot and maybe another slot for a tonic. The swarm

power will help in the next room.

In the next room you will notice that the area behind the wall is swarming, so

don't go in there. The goal will be to check all the bee hives in this room for

enzymes while the gas is on. So pull the lever and run into the room and start

checking hives. As you do you will have a trio of Splicers come in for each

hive you check, and that is where your swarm power will pay off. Now, this

part can get real ugly, real quick, so no use just playing it safe and trying

to make slow and steady progress; you may as well go for as many hives as you

can. When you hear enemies coming for you you should turn and unleash your

bees, and if you have an upgraded machine gun you can quickly tear them up.

Just don't lose track of the ticking timer that lets you know when the enemy

bees are about to return. You will probably need to make three trips to get

six enzymes. And there is a safe on the left corner that will probably have

3 enzymes if you want to cut your job down a bit.

After you have three enzymes don't forget that you can keep using the smokers

to cover your trips back into the farm as you search for more items, just don't

look in anymore hives. Don't forget to stock up on med kits at the machine

before you leave. Now make your way to the winery.

( END Silverwing Apiary )

( Worley Winery )

1 Diary

Photographer's Eye 1

In the first room there is a camera, turret, and safe near the front. There

might be some distilled water in the safe, and there will be one on the floor

nearby. Look around for more and then a Diary on the tables.

Now head down the steps to a wicked area. There will be bad guys all around,

but now is a good time to test a strategy of mine. With the Natural Camo

tonic from your Houdini research and the Insect Swarm plasmid, you can do

some damage. First you will stand still with enemies nearby and go invisible,

and then you will unleash the swarm. This should work for the most part.

What sucks is that your bees might attract a Rosie in the area to come for

you, so maybe now isn't the best time to try it out, or just make sure that

Rosie is not in the area. As far as the distilled waters, they are everywhere

in here. You will probably find about 20 or so, so after you get 7 you can

stop picking them up.

But the rest of the winery basement does have more stuff to gather. There is

a Weapon Upgrade Station in the center area near the stairs; may I suggest

starting on the shotgun's upgrades, or the grenade launcher (anything will

work)? The distillery has random junk. There is a camera in the center area.

And opposite the side of the distillery is a barrel-room. But before you go

in you should set some proximity mines on both steps, if you can; we're just

being cautious of an ambush. When you go inside and grab the tonic you will

cue a trap. You will basically be trapped, unless you find time to eliminate

those wires. Hide on the bed and take cover behind the boxes. Hopefully your

mines took out both enemies, or at least one. Incinerate the arrows and get

out and on your way back.

You can use the U-Invent in the winery to make the Lazarus Vector, or at any

U-Invent. On your way out of the winery you will run into a Houdini, so take

care of him.

( END Worley Winery )

Now just make your way back to Arcadia.


Arcadia Revisited( ARCRE77 )


1 Diary

When you start moving along Ryan will send some bots your way, so just run as

fast as you can back to the labs. In the Rolling Hills you can use that Bot

Shutdown station to kill off the bots following you. Then make your way back

to LangFord's office with only a few enemies in your way. An enemy in the

office and then you need to use that big control panel by the window. You

might want to equip your machine gun with antipersonnel rounds, maybe.

The trap is sprung. Run back to the first office of the lab and seal the door

with the lever. Now Splicers are still pouring in from the sides, but your

machines should start the defense. It may or may not be a wise move to get

the Big Daddy out of the way before the main group of Splicers arrive; if you

got the hardware you may as well kill the Bid Daddy on your terms rather than

accidentally hitting him.

Now set up shop in the second lab area, on the steps between the camera and

the turret. Hopefully you have the Natural Camo tonic, so if you just stand

still you will not be attacked from all sides by the Houdinis that pop out

of nowhere. When invisible you get to decide when you strike, and with

antipersonnel rounds you will make short work of Splicers. And don't forget to

take pictures, but don't put yourself in peril to do so.

As the battle wears on you will get updates about the vector's progress, but

it really corresponds to your progress with killing the Splicers. If your

in camo and looking at the doorway, the Splicers should barely poke out of the

doorway just enough so that you can tear them apart with a few bullets. When

the vector is done you need to return to the office and pull the lever, but

that is when some Houdinis will appear, one that will cause you some grief.

Pull the lever and return to the labs to take out the Houdinis and collect

the spoils of war.

Make your way, finally, to the metro; there are some items on either side

of the door that you unlocked, before you go through it. There is a Diary on

the bench of the station. Get to the sub and head to Fort Frolic.


Fort Frolic( FORT888 )


3 Little Sisters

7 Diaries

*NOTE: For you 360 owners obsessing for that Jackpot achievement, don't worry.

I hit it rich toward the end of the level. I would advise you to test out

every slot machine you run into, but just play one time on each machine, unless

it's hot, or if you are around 500 in your wallet. Panic when you get to the

end of the level and haven't hit it big. Don't break the bank.*

Now that damn fortune teller says it only costs a dollar, but it actually costs

TWO! Outrageous! And he has a whole lot of different things to say, but

nothing worth your time; I wouldn't even bother with him.

Before you visit the slots, visit the U-Invent and hack it, provided you can

afford anything. Booze Hound is a good tonic, but the other two tonics are

only worth it if you hack alot, or use the wrench alot (I do not much of either

one). May as well buy two sets of Trap Bolts while you're here, for later.

There are two slot machines nearby, so test both out until you lose twice in

a row and move on. There are also items in the glass windows of a blocked

door, but if go for them you will spring an alarm, so avoid unless you are

desperate (and there is a bot shutdown machine nearby). Go through the door

to the sub, but of course things won't be that easy. You are introduced to

your new overseer.

Make your way back for a run-in with a bunch of Spider Splicers, so back up

into the station and let them come to you. Remember to freeze them and take

pictures as you take care of them. You should be able to max out your Spider

Splicer research, or get close. And remember that you can toss things at

those wire traps if you really want to get rid of them.

The doors leading to a new, complex area will open, and you get more slots.

Before you ascend the stairs, go around the wall and take control of a camera,

then go up the stairs. There is a Diary in the dirt at the top of the steps.

Enter the Fleet Hall.

( Fleet Hall )

Alarm Expert 1

There is a camera in the bar area, so take it. Before you take the elevator

you should take the stairs on the right. You'll find film and a Diary. Go to

the locked gate for a bit of dialogue from Cohen. Now go back downstairs

and take the elevator, but you'll be mugged by three thugs, so take them out

(and I know you haven't forgotten to take pictures of cameras, Splicers, and

bots). Then take the elevator.

Move forward and watch the poor boy play piano; look close to see what is

attached to that piano. After the boom, get on the stage and take a picture

of poor Kyle. Before you leave, look around the theatre to notice some items in

the many booths.

There is a walkway around the back of each booth that lets you go anywhere you

wish for items. On the left side of the room you will see a tonic on a

balcony. You will have to get in the booth next to it, get on the rail, and

then jump to that booth. When you grab the tonic you will cause some Houdinis

to appear. You can move back into the hallways to bring the Houdinis to you,

or you can just shoot them from afar with your machine gun.

Don't leave the theatre until you find the two turrets and take them, and there

is a safe near them. A few enemies as you make your way to the Atrium, the main

room of this area.

( END Fleet Hall )

Put the picture in the macabre work of art. You are rewarded with the Crossbow,

perhaps the best weapon in the game, that is if you can aim. Before you go

for the men you must kill, go to where you hacked that camera on the ground

level. There are a lot of rooms down this path. You should run into a bit of

a fight among the burning wreckage, and there is a Diary on the table.

The Dames restroom nearby has a turret and not much else (remember to take a

photo before you hack). The Gents has not much either.

Go into Sophia Salon and look behind something on the wall for a safe. Go

around the corner and enter a room for a Diary. This is perhaps the best Diary

in the game.

Enter the door in front of the salon and camp out behind the cash register

and pick off the two enemies that will approach, or they'll see you and come

for you. There is a safe and a Diary where you stand. Jump out and grab that

camera (don't forget to snap a photo) and there should be two more Spiders to

come for you.

Go around the corner and use the ammo machine to stock up on arrows; also,

these machines are brutal unless you have a bunch of hacking tonics on you,

so just spend the extra bucks and buy them outright. Enter the tobacco shop.

Snap, shock, and then hack the turret behind the column. Go down into the

cigar room and use this weapon station for the Crossbow Breakage Chance upgrade

for you new weapon, if you want. Two Splicers will enter the shop, so go back

upstairs and take them out. Don't forget the Diary in the bottom area before

you leave (I think this was the Diary I forgot to pick up).

Before you go to the plaza, make a quick stop by a place called Cohen's

Collection next to the Fleet Hall entrance. There is a Diary on the ground

level. Take the turret on the walkway above. A Houdini will appear, so take it

out and then take all three safes on the wall; hack tools will work best.

Now make your way the way back to the Atrium and head to Poseidon Plaza.

Poseidon Plaza


8 Diaries

Frozen Field 1

Extra Nutrition 2

Medical Expert 2

Electric Flesh 1

There is a Diary on the wall in the ice tunnel. In the frozen room you will

see four frozen Splicers. Snap photos of the first two and destroy them with

you wrench, but when you go for the other two you will get frozen. After the

scene you will find six more frozen statues. Take pics of the first four and

break them, then one of the last two will unfreeze. That is the guy you need

to kill. He's just a slightly tougher Houdini, so kill him, snap a photo, and

then check his body for a new tonic (not that useful though).

There are two things you need to melt, either now or later. Only one ice pack

in this room has items under it, and you can tell which one. Then you need to

melt the ice around the other door. Return the photo to the work of art in the

Atrium. You will be rewarded with a gift of several items.

You'll also notice a Big Daddy in the area fighting with some Splicers. Your

Trap Bolts will work well against Big Daddies, so set plenty of them in their

way. Just don't forget to snap a photo of one of these guys since you haven't

seen one with the camera yet.

Visit the garden upstairs and you'll see a few upgrades to your plasmids and

the Target Dummy plasmid, but it's not that great. Winter Blast 2 can wait so

long as you have Electro Bolt 2. You can probably get by with just a few tonic

slots. Hacking Expert 2 and an engineering slot will do fine. And don't worry,

more sisters will pop up.

Actually, you can probably leave the Atrium for a short time, possibly to just

go visit a slot machine to unload some cash, and then come back to find another

Little Sister in the area, or you can go to the Plaza and find one there. Up

to you.

Now go to the Plaza. You should be attacked by about six Spiders when you

arrive. You'll find more Big Daddies here if you need Little Sisters.

Enter Sir Prize first where some Splicers should be at it. Test out the slots

in here and then find the Diary and safe. There are traps, trap bolts, and more

slots upstairs. Back on the upper level of the Plaza you should enter Rapture


There is a Diary under the counter in here. Drop down to the lower area and

get near the chair, but that ticking sound should let you know to back away.

Then look up to see somebody throw moltovs into the ventilation system. Move to

the corner by the window and wait for three Spiders to drop from the ceiling.

Kill them, search the area for stuff, and then enter the vent in the lower

corner by the window. You'll drop back onto the upper area, but you should

run into a Silas Cobb at the door.

I recommend using the machine gun on him and the minions around him, hopefully

before he can run from you. Kill him, take his photo, take his stuff, and then

make your way back to the Atrium.

When you place the picture in the masterpiece, that is when Cohen goes mad

and sends a whole heap of Spider Splicers your way. Looking at the masterpiece,

go left and hide in the corner with your machine gun so that you can cover

both sides that they can approach, but be sure to grab the one gift. From here

your pursuers might get stuck in the spot with the slot machines, so you

might have to move around when no one is coming for you and the music is still

playing. After about 12 or so enemies you will receive another gift from

the old coot.

Now back to the Plaza yet again. On the first level, look for a place called

Sinclair Spirits and enter. Hack the camera and go behind the counter. Do

you see a little button? Press it and go through the door. You'll find a

safe and a weapon station; a good place to get that last crossbow upgrade.

You'll see a statue that appears behind you, so shoot it before it comes back

to life. On your way out you will notice that all of the statues in this shop

have vanished.

Uh oh, that gate covering the entrance to the downstairs area has opened. Well,

no use guessing what might happen, just go down. Yeah, not hard to guess what

will happen. Go to the corner for some good items and a new tonic, but make

sure you get there by passing by the least amount of those stands. After you

get the tonic you will look back to see that the path you took will have

statues waiting for you. Take out your crossbow and snipe them from far away.

And get the heck out of here.

Back in the Atrium's ground level, go around the corner and enter a Robertson's

Tobaccoria. Pick up the Diary and hack the keypad. Again, not much in here.

*NOTE: Another keypad that is without a code that I know.*

Now enter Eve's Garden from either level. Search around for random crap.

Upstairs will be two turrets guarding the doors from outside. Approach the

stage and then follow the hallway to a very disturbing room. Look under the

bed for a Diary, a safe nearby, and look at the bloody footprints as you

walk out (be glad you weren't there to see what happened).

On your way out you will run into Hector, and he will run away, like really.

Chase him down and use either the machine gun or crossbow to bring him down

before he runs around way crazy. He will run from the gentlemen's club all

the way to the Fleet Hall, and hopefully you get him before he runs any



Place the photo in the masterpiece and watch the grand ceremony Cohen throws

for the occasion. He rewards you with a tonic. But before you leave you have

two more places to visit.

Return to Fleet Hall and take the stairs up to Cohen's room. You get lots of

film, a tonic, and a Diary.

Return to the Plaza one more time. In Eve's Garden there is a Diary left by


Now find a place in the Plaza called Pharaoh's Fortune. Might be some enemies

to take out, but make sure you hack the camera up top. Look on a pool table

on the upper level for a Diary. The left machine next to this pool table is

always hot, so maybe you'll hit it big here. If not, then you can keep trying

all the machines in here. Be sure to crack the safe behind the cash registers

on the ground level.

Now you're done with Fort Frolic. Go to the bathysphere and head to the next


*NOTE: Yes, you can kill Cohen and you will be rewarded with the muse box key.

But, it is a much smarter move to let him live so you can deal with him later.

Trust me.*

*NOTE: There are no more slot machines in the game, so if you want that

jackpot you better break the bank now. Other than the achievement on the 360,

there is no other reason to go crazy for it.*


Hephaestus( HEP9999 )


3 Little Sisters

5 Diaries

Frozen Field 2

Proceed along as you get the radio messages. In the tunnel it doesn't matter

which way you go, you'll end up at the same enemies; toss something at them or

a frag. Go through the big door and the next. You can wait for an enemy to walk

into view and toss a barrel at him. Go around the corner and hack a turret;

another enemy should then come in. Crouch under the pipe and find a Diary in

the crate.

In the next room will be a Diary to the left near another vending machine. Now,

that grenade launcher on the table in the center of this big room is there to

bait you. Unless you really need ammo or something, and you don't, then just

ignore it; it's a fight with some Splicers if you do pick it up.

Take the camera on your way to the next area. You're now so close to Ryan, but

when you use the circuit breaker you find that nothing is that easy. Look to

the bodies pinned to the columns and check the one that is glowing for a Diary

that explains your next task, but be ready for two Splicers to break open the

sealed door. Then check another body for another Diary. Enter the room on the

side for a safe, Diary, and a new tonic.

When you start going along the opened path you will run into a few enemies in

the watered-out room, so just shock them. Make your way to the core.

Hephaestus Core


4 Diaries

As soon as you're in you should encounter a Big Daddy fighting with some

Splicers. Handle him as you wish, but I like armor piercing rounds in the

machine gun on these guys. Look around the corner near the vita-chamber and

pick up a Diary. Look over the rail and spot the camera over the side; take

a pic, go downstairs, and hack that camera. Pick up a Diary under the camera.

Looking at the camera, go left and around the corner but not down the steps and

you will find a safe along with some goodies.

Now if you take the stairs below and find a vending machine that is blinking,

don't use it because that is a trap machine, but look to the right of it for

a hack tool next to a body. On this same level you can go around until you

find a garden, weapon station, and a Diary. Be sure to consider all the

options in the garden; the only thing new is the Wrench Lurker 2. I don't know

how you prefer to play at this point so I'll leave it up to you, just be sure

to keep your plasmids updated (and if health and EVE is not a big problem for

you, then you can hold off on those upgrades). And there will be two more

sisters very soon.

Before you go into one of the many branching rooms from the core, go down to

the bottom level. There is one Splicer guarding some items, a vending machine,

and a Diary. Just if you're wondering, there are a lot of vending machines in

the level, so I wouldn't go hacking every single one. Now make your way to the

Heat Loss Monitoring room.

( Heat Loss Monitoring )

3 Diaries

Security Evasion 2

In the room with gears you will start moving down the long path, but twice the

lights will turn off and twice will bodies on the ground disappear. Not to

worry. When you get to the final group of dead guys, don't get close. Instead,

grab a gas tank nearby and toss it between the three bodies. That should get

rid of them before they rise up and start attacking you.

There might be another Big Daddy in the next room, and it might be a good time

to use your trap bolts in the narrow corridors. In the Heat Loss room, check

under some steps for items, blow some cash at the vending machine, look for a

Diary, and use the pipes on the back wall to get to the top level for a safe.

Then head for the lower area, and watch out for the guy atop the steps that

plays dead. In the center area you will run into two more enemies playing

dead. Two more Splicers will enter from the steps, so be ready.

Looking from the stairs, the left area will have a ghost scene that shows you

how to shut off the electricity in the water; hack the panel on the wall.

You get a radio message in the water and then you can pick up the Diary on the


On the right side you get a Diary and a new tonic. Now another Big Daddy might

be in the area, but there might also be more Splicers that will mess up your

grand plans. So make sure the minions are dead before you tackle another big

guy. Now make your way back to the core.

( END Heat Loss Monitoring )

Be sure to spend any ADAM at the garden, and if there is still a sister to be

found you will surely find her in the core. Go along the core walkway until

you find the entrance to the workshops.

*NOTE: This level is a great time to get pictures of Bouncers, because there

are a lot.*

( Workshops )

5 Diaries

Damage Research

Inside, go to the right area, take the turret, and then finish off the Splicers

nearby. Lots of stuff in here and a safe. Take note of the date on the wall

banner: 0126. And don't miss out on all the lockers. Be sure to stock up on

items at the vending machines before you go downstairs.

Down below, take both turrets beside the door. Before you enter the code you

should know that there is a crawlspace door near the computer that leads you

to an area below the stairs. Lots of items and a Diary.

There is another Diary in the room across from the stairs. Then stand back and

shoot the gas tanks to reveal another crawlspace; though, it's a really

pointless crawlspace.

Keep going deeper into the Workshops. You'll find a Diary in a dead guy along

the way. At the back of this room there is a crawlspace that leads you to the

device. Pick up the Diary and then the tonic. You are now on an epic fetch

quest. You need to find 4 dead Big Daddies, 2 Quarter- Cans of Ionic Gel, and

a nitroglycerin.

But first, backtrack a bit and use the code on that door by your turrets. Use

Telekinesis to send the many wires into objects, or toss objects into the

wires. There is a Diary, a weapon station, and a button on the desk. Push the

button to get the Nitroglycerin. Be sure to hack the turret that appears in

this room.

Now you can focus on the other two components. There is one can of gel in the

upper level of the Workshops, and you'll find more in the Core, but you only

need two.

As for the P-34's, you get one near the device room and you probably will have

one of the three Big Daddies you've already killed still where you left it.

That leaves two dead daddies. You probably won't get the body of all your

previous daddies, but you might get two. Either way, don't forget that there

was a dead daddy near Ryan's Office. That means you probably only need to kill

one big guy on your own.

Once you have all three components for the bomb, return to the device in the

Workshops and put them in. Pick up the completed bomb and start to exit. There

will be a few enemies in your way, so handle with care.

( END Workshops )

( Geothermal Control )

Shorten Alarms 2

Make your way to the Geothermal Control room. You might want to set a couple

of wire traps on both sides on each door. But go through the doors and take

both turrets first, then set up your traps. Now all you have to do hold down

the button as the wheel in the control room turns. You shouldn't have to

break the your concentration, even if you start to lose some life; your turrets

will eat up the Houdinis.

After you change the lava flow, enter the elevator and take it down. Follow

the arrow along the path and you will run into a new tonic. Get on the lift

and use the control to take it up. Place the EMP on the glowly spot and just

sit back and watch (look up). After you're told to run, run!

( END Geothermal Control )

Now make your way back to Ryan's Office, but before you go up the stairs that

will take you out of the core, use that Bot Shutdown station nearby to call

off the bots (use your map to locate any other shutdown points). Use the

crossbow as you move to get rid of the many enemies in your path. When you get

close to the outside of Ryan's Office, switch to your machine gun and use your

antipersonnel bullets to quickly get the Leadheads out of your way; and as long

as you kill the one that controls the bots, you will eleminate the bots. Now,

there is no time limit, so after you throw the circuit breaker, be sure to

listen to Ryan's message before you move onto the next level.


Rapture Central Control( RAPCC10 )


3 Diaries

Move along and watch the projection movie. I know it seems like you're in

some peril, but just go left for a Diary. Go around the room looking for some

items and then take the left stairs next to the broken door for a crawlspace.

Drop down for items and two Diaries on the table (look to the pictures on the

wall for a possible clue as to what you look like). Then go through the door

for an intense cutscene; you can only watch and then go meet Ryan. Then go

stick the key into the override.

Yeah, you're not done, not even close. Watch the progress of the red goo up

the machine. When you everything turns red, that is your cue to leave. You can

shock the bots if you like, but no need to hack them. Follow the Little Sisters

to safety.


Olympus Heights( OLY1111 )


2 Little Sisters

2 Diaries

*NOTE: I do hope you realize that the enemies that spark are immune to your

electric attacks, so freeze them.*

You start off in the care of Tenenbaum. Your choice of whether to save or

kill the girls will change the responses you garner from the little ones and

even Tenenbaum. Trust me, you WILL feel a bit sad for taking their lives after

you hear how they respond to you if that's how you've been playing. Follow

the one that leads you up the steps and back out into the cruel world. There

are only minimal items in the place.

In the crumbling sewer area, go around to the other end and pick up a turn

crank. Fontaine will drop your health a bit, but don't worry about that. Hold

down the winch until you're free to leave. Up top there will be two Splicers

guarding a safe inside the debris. Then follow the path to an area where you

will find a turret, another turret, a camera, Splicers, and the new version of

the Rosies.

These Rosies are the worst because you will find it tough to dodge their

bullets. Your best bet to to lay out a bunch of wire traps and just let the

big guys run into each one as they pursue you. Don't be surprised if you die

here too.

With more ADAM you should buy a health upgrade seeing as how you are losing

it to Fontaine. Not much else of importance. Look in the bar area for a Diary.

And it goes without saying, but there is no need to enter Apollo's Square at

the moment. Proceed along your way into a ruined station area where you should

fight a bunch of Splicers. There will be items all over the place and if you

look behind the vita chamber you will find lots of electic bucks. A big group

of bad guys will greet you at the other end, so maybe a few frags will do them

in. Take the camera before moving into the apartment area.

Remember to always take pictures of everything. First kill all the bad guys on

the ground level, then take the camera, and then find the weapon station behind

the center column. Then enter the goal room.

( Y. SuChong's Room )

2 Diaries

Clever Inventor

Go to the left where you might run into a lone enemy. Behind the barricade will

be a Diary. Go to the right for another enemy and some dead bodies. Now go

into the main section of the room and look in the water for random items in

crates. There is a tonic and a Diary on the table.

Now leave this room and enter either of the two other rooms on the ground

level. We'll start with the Culpepper place.

( END Y. SuChong's Room )

( A. Culpepper's Room )

1 Diary

There is a Diary next to the debris after you walk a bit. Then take the camera

nearby. A few enemies might cause you some grief in here, so be ready. Go

right of the camera to collect items in the kitchen area. Now take the stairs

for not much more than a single bad guy, and there's not much reason to kill

him other than to see Culpepper's body in the bathtub. Now leave.

And now for Cohen's room, your old friend.

( END A. Culpepper's Room )

( S. Cohen's Room )

Go left and shoot that body by the table to get the jump on him first. Now go

to the right room to just look at it; there's nothing here.

Approach the two dancers to hear Cohen's dare. Before you do your little dance

you should check both areas on the sides for small items. Don't touch the piano

unless you want them to strike first. Instead, approach the dancers with your

grenades and launch two at them. Finish them off and Cohen will be on his

way. So you should go to that locked door and lay a few proximity mines, or

trap bolts. Cohen is just a tough Houdini, so finish him off and collect the

rewards. Take a picture of him for some irony (you know, because he wanted

pictures of everyone else dead, get it?).

Now go into his room for some more rewards. Mainly just the weapon station, but

it's worth noting that the statues in this room are corpses for some reason.

( END S. Cohen's Room )

Leave Cohen's room and go up the walkway to the next level, but don't let the

camera above you catch you. There is just one room on level two. It's a pretty

depressing room. To the right will be items in the bathtub of the bathroom.

To the left should be a single enemy guarding a safe behind the bed.

Leave this room and go up the ramp and take the camera. There may be an enemy

up here too. Look in the crack in the wall for some items. Enter the room up

here that is not the goal room. Jump over the debris and defuse the traps.

There is a Nitro in here, but go into the room on the ground level before

going up the steps. Or you don't want to go into the tiny kitchen. There's

nothing but a surprise enemy and small items.

Go up the steps where you will find that first Splicer woman near the bed, and

then just some items around the bed. Now you should leave this apartment.

Follow the arrow along the walkway and pick up the Diary amongst other items.

The code for the elevator is 5744. But for now, keep moving into the top of

Tenenbaum's room.

( Tenenbaum's Room )

An enemy will greet you and then move the traps out of the way if you want

some items. Keep moving past a bed and around a corner. Books will fly into

the hall telling you that an enemy is inside that room, so be ready. You

just get a radio message from Tenenbaum before you're directed elsewhere.

Go down the steps and have your bolt ready. Look into the room with the window

and zap the turret behind the fire place thing. There is a safe in the water.

Break the lock on the door on your way out, but be ready for World War 3 when

you get outside. The place will be crawling with Splicers, and hopefully your

camera's are helping you out. Kill whoever is bugging you and then go down to

the elevator. Put in 5744 and go up.

( END Tenenbaum's Room )

This setup in here is tricky. For one, there are two enemies roaming about. And

then there is a camera looking over a turret. The best plan is to take out the

Splicers from far away with your crossbow. Then shock the camera up high and

then go for the turret behind the rock; you can jump and hack the camera.

( Fontaine's Room )

1 Diary

Electric Flesh 2

Go right first for a Diary and some stuff in the kitchen. Then go up the stairs

and go right. There is a turret in this booze room. Cross over into the goal

room for a tonic and Lot 192. You will notice a slight change in the color,

and more importantly you will see that you can no longer control which

Plasmid you equip. There are obviously some good ones, but when you get

something useless you should just switch to a gun. The worst thing is when

you're in mid-battle and your plasmid changes.

Make your way back to the elevator, and you can ignore all the enemies if you


( END Fontaine's Room )

Make your way back to the room with the Gatherer's Garden. A few new enemies

in the way, but nothing too bad. If you ever need to freeze or shock enemies

you should use the Chemical Thrower. Use the door and enter Apollo Square.


Apollo Square( APSQR12 )


2 Little Sisters

3 Diaries

Medical Expert 3

Move to the trashed out area and pick up a Diary from the suitcase. When you

start moving through the ruined railway and pass the overturned traincar, a

Little Sister should walk by, so stop. Two Splicers will get up and start

attacking the Rosie. Sit back and start setting wire traps, and when you're

ready you will get the Rosie's attention for an easy kill.

More enemies and then you'll be in a dreadful looking area where you should

find another Little Sister. Go toward the garden on the right to learn that

you will have to wait to spend any ADAM. Pick up the Diary and stock up on


Follow the arrow down the eastern (?) tunnel. There will be some bad guys, a

turret, and a camera, but you can get the camera from behind; then the camera

will spot the imposter dead guys for you. At the other end there is an enemy

waiting. Go around the corner but be wary of the camera; you'll have to sneak

up on it if you don't have your bolt power. There will be plenty of bad guys

in the area, so handle them.

In the Artemis First Floor room there is a bathroom on the left. There will

be a Nitro and a turret. Lots of items in the bathroom and the main room. There

is a U-Invent station on the other end of the room, but that's it.

Now go to the second floor. If you look through the window you will spot a

camera covering the doorway. You can snap a photo through the window if you

wish, and then pop out of the doorway and take the camera out with a bolt.

Around the corner is a turret, so freeze it and take it. Follow your arrow to

the left side of the room and enter the lab. Pick up the lot to end your curse

and then grab the Diary on the floor.

Phew, free at last. Now go to the left side of this room and into the bloody

surgery/bathroom/kitchen place (yuck). One body is an imposter near the tonic,

and then grab that tonic. When you leave the clinic there is a new turret set

up, so take it.

Go to the third floor, take a turret, and then enter the room. There will be

about five enemies in here: one near the door, one in the kitchen, two in the

bathroom area, and maybe one more. Items all around and a safe in the bathroom.

Now you're done, so backtrack all the way to that junction point where you can

use the Gatherer's Garden. New enemies in the area, but a few frag grenades

will put them in their place. Not much new at the garden, so get whatever.

Now move down the other tunnel, south (?). There is a turret, which you

hopefully already have, and then a camera around the corner. Move along and

you should see two Splicers in the area, so take care of them. A ghost scene

nearby. Now, you can leave this level and take the bathysphere, but there is

a whole other complex for you to tackle, Fontaine's Center for the Poor.

Fontaine's Center for the Poor


3 Diaries

Focused Hacker 2

Make sure that the Big Daddy is not near the turret when you get inside and

see that turret shooting you from above, because when you go to hack that

turret you might find yourself in quite a battle with Splicers, Big Daddy, and

the turret. Go to the right of the entrance gate on the ground level to find

a Diary in a chest.

Now, I'll ignore the enemies since they move around way too much. I'll just

mention what is found on each level. On level two there is not much, but

if you find the path at the back that leads down you will find a somewhat

hidden room with some decent stuff. There is a bad guy, a hack tool, and a

U-Invent machine.

Level three could honestly be skipped, there are just a whole lot of enemies.

Level four can't be accessed from level four.

Level five, go to the room on the right, where you will run into a few Splicers

inside. Watch out for a camera around the corner. There are a lot of guns and

ammo in a prison cell, but you will have to use your Telekinesis to grab them

all. Take the stairs down to a weapon station and then a lot of stuff in the

corner. There are two Diaries (one inside the dead girl), a tonic, a safe, a

gift, but don't drop down the hole (it's just level three). Go back up the

stairs and get out of this room.

Still on level five, take the other room by breaking the wooden barricade.

Drop down the hole and be ready for just one bad guy. Items in here and then

jump out the window (by jumping onto it and crouching). You're done with this

place. Exit and take the bathysphere to the next level.



Point Prometheus( POPRO13 )


3 Little Sisters

*NOTE: If you're wondering, this is the last 'true' level of the game. What

this means is that your time for research is about to be over. This only

really concerns you if you're on the 360 and trying for achievements. Just

bring up your achievement menu and see what you need to do. But trust me, if

you plan to play the game again, that might be a better way to get the

achievements at this point.*

Start off by following Fontaine, but no reason to hurry. After you lose him,

Tenenbaum will give you your next task. Go to the Big Daddy nearby and pick

up the control system unit. There is a weapon station right behind the daddy.

( Mendel Family Library )

Damage Research 2

There are three parts to this quest: sound, sight, smell. Let's go up the

stairs to the left of the door you need to get through. Up here you should

see a door that leads to a library, but don't let the camera spy you. Then be

sure to get the turret behind the camera. There's nothing in the first room,

so go to the back.

Try to quickly get to the middle desk, shock the Houdini, and then use one

bolt to kill it. Lots of items in the shelves of the library and around the

place. Pick up the tonic and the Big Daddy Boots for your first step to

becoming a big guy. Now leave and stay on the second level as you move along.

( END Mendel Family Library )

Going through the doors you will be in a junction point that leads to three

other areas. The lab entrance on the right will have a turret, and there might

be a Big Daddy around either side, and there is an enemy here too. Melt the ice

of a small room's door for a Diary in a trash can.

( Optimized Eugenics )

2 Diaries

Alarm Expert 2

You'll be decontaminated before you can enter, so no worries. There are

cameras on either side that you enter. Shock the sparking door panel by

either camera to enter a room that overlooks a generator. Pull the override

lever and then run around to the entrance, make sure to shock the camera

overlooking the generator room (blow it up too), and then crack the safe.

Find the Live Subject Testing room and go to the computer room at the back.

Items, a U-Invent machine, a tonic, and your new voice. When you try to leave

there will be imposter dead bodies, so strike first.

Now enter the Plasmid Prototyping room. Take the turret covering both doors

and look behind it for a Diary.

Now find Eugenic Analysis and take the two turrets guarding the items (need I

remind you that your chances to snap photos of turrets is running out). May

be an enemy in here. Look for a safe, a med kit, random items, and a weapon


*NOTE: That's the last Weapon Upgrade Station in the game. I hit them all, so

if you don't have all your weapons upgraded then you either skipped over that

part, or I didn't write it down for some reason.*

The only area left is the Test Subject Storage. There are two halves to this

area. There will be enemies inside as you come in, but then more enemis will

pop up as you're exploring, so be on your toes. Don't miss the Diary in the

upper room (the room that is slightly higher than the other one).

*Diary: Andrew Ryan - Marketing Gold. Apparently in this room. I forgot to

get in logged in my Diary Entry section, but I did mention it here.*

On your way out don't forget that there might be a Big Daddy in here which

makes setting wire traps in close quarters much easier.

( END Optimized Eugenics )

You probably have enough ADAM to buy some stuff from the garden. You have

a Human Inferno 2 for those of you crazy enough to specialize in fire. Then

enter the next lab area, thing.

( Failsafe Armored Escorts )

5 Diaries

Hacker's Delight 3

Some bots in the middle room between the entrance doors. Go right to the

Candidate Conversion room. Get the two turrets in the center area. You get a

safe, some stuff behind wire traps, and then a Diary (which is pointless at

this point).

The Suit Assembly area (the wide open area basically in the middle) this area

has lots of places to look for things. Both stairs that lead up to computer

areas will have Diaries, so that's two Diaries up either stair. You can cross

over the walkways to get to the Gene Swap machine and find another Diary on

your way to the other upper room - basically there are three Diaries in the

upper area, in case I've lost anyone.

There is a big, darkly room that connects both sides of the Assembly area.

There's only a turret and some proximity mines in here. Pick up a body suit

on the left side of the room.

Now, there are also two rooms on the ground level of the Assembly area, and

both are blocked. The right side room needs only you to melt the ice. There

are small gains and a Diary inside. The room on the left needs a key code,

which is: 1921. Good stuff in here. Also, for both rooms you could enter

through the conveyor lines, but you better not. Also, between both these rooms

is a water pit, but shock it first to kill the bad guy in hiding. Just some

Napalms in the water.

Now you're ready for the Induction room on the left side of the Assembly room.

Pick up the new tonic in the area with the helmets, then pick up a helmet. Now

you're almost a big guy. Get ready for a few enemies to test you out, and then

you're free to leave this area.

( END Failsafe Armored Escorts )

Spend any gained ADAM on your way to the Little Wonders area. Make sure you

enter from the top level, not the bottom.

*NOTE: If you don't have a Cyclone Trap plasmid, now might be the time to

invest in one.*

( Little Wonders )

1 Diary

Safecracker 2

Take the turret in the entrance tunnel. Up top, go left for your first smell

sample and a Diary. There is another sample on the right side of the top


Now down the the ground level. On the right side of the ground level is a

small room with two turrets, so take them both. In the cell-like room on the

right is an interesting contraption that you must test (mommy bad, Big Daddy

good, here have some chips). Also on the right side of this area will be only

one true cell that you can enter. It has a Splicer waiting, EVE hypos, and

your third sample. Now you can check all the cells on the ground floor, but

one on each side will require you to go back up and jump down inside the

rooms; there's not much in either, so no point.

Go into Autopsy at the back and take the camera covering the doorway. Go to

the back for a ghost scene, another sample you don't need, and a tonic. An

enemy will enter the room. There's a hack tool above the camera, FYI. Now

make your way back to the starting room.

Be sure to see what's in the room through the bottom entrance to the daycare.

That means leave the area, hop down or go down to the ground level and enter

the doors. But there's really just a cabinet, not worth your time.

( END Little Wonders )

Return to the blocked door as a Big Daddy. Get out your wrench and hit the

pipe things that Little Sisters hide in. Follow her out and to the last level

of the game, which isn't a level like you've played before.

*NOTE: Now, before you leave, just know that you only have like one Bouncer

left in the game. That means that if you want the Rosies up to max research,

you better return to all the places where you found them and snap photos of

the new ones. If you need more research, just kill these and wait for more to

spawn. And if you just don't give a hoot about research, move on.*


Proving Grounds( PRO1414 )


No more Little Sisters, that you can get ADAM from

The escort mission as soon as you start moving forward, and she won't stop.

Well, she will stop for you actually. Before you reach the next door you have

time to search this first area for items and such. When you do go through the

first door, go to the right and through the gate for an enemy and some items

in this tiny room. Go back and resume your escort. Oh and perhaps you might

want to watch that little battle on the floor, if you want.

*NOTE: If you have Cyclone Traps, go ahead and lay them out at each Test

Subject site for added protection. Don't lay them right around the Little

Sister, but like covering both sides. I haven't tried this, but I will assume

it works.*

Go in front of her in this hall and kill one Splicer and then watch the area

above the Little Sister for a Spider Splicer. When you get to Test Subject #1

you should get out your Chemical Thrower and equip the napalm. Look down one

hallway behind you guys and keep an eye on the other one by seeing through

the glass display. Just melt anyone who comes close to you guys, and hopefully

all six or so Splicers come from one hallway. Oh yeah, taking that camera first

helps too.

After she starts moving again, go ahead of her to kill an approaching enemy.

Near Test Subject #2 which is just around the corner, take the turret and

camera (it seems the machines don't recognize you as foe, so that helps, but

still hack them). Again, stand behind her and keep a close eye on her, but

look both ways every now and then. Your two machines should help you spot the

enemies, but most come from the right side. That napalm tears them up quick.

Around the corner after she starts moving again will be another turret and

then another door.

*NOTE: Okay, the turrets think the Little Sister is an enemy, for some reason,

and the cameras do think you are a friend.*

Another Big Daddy will taunt you after you go through the door, and then take

a turret in a little crevice nearby. Around the downed skeleton is another


Follow her through the door and hack another camera. Before you get near the

water, shock it a few times to kill the vermin. Quickly get around the

corner and handle another enemy. Near Test Subject #3 is a turret and a camera

behind the turret, so take both. Again, at this site use your flamethrower,

but the only difference is that you are in much tighter quarters. Most

should come from where you came from, but a few will come from the area of

the machines behind you. Hopefully your turret and camera can guard your

rear as you look for Splicers to appear over that oil slick; yes, that means

set that oil on fire to provide more defense.

Soon after you're done with #3, you will round a corner and move along, but

then a Bouncer will burst through a wall and come for you, not the girl. I

advise you lay out some wire traps in the short hall (after the camera) with

the water on running across the floor. With the wires, you crouch under them

and hope that three wires is enough. Otherwise it's just your final fight with

a Bouncer. Go through the hole he made for some items. Then follow the girl.

After you pass the next door, go along the walkway and take a gate to another

tiny room with a safe (someone really took it to that kitty). Then go through

the main door and follow the girl to one of her hiding pipes. She will hand

you a needle gun, so take it.

Now, this is your last chance to stock up. There is a ton of ammo by that

cart thing. Not much but some upgrades in the garden. Stock up and max out

everything you can before you take the elevator. No more Big Daddies, no more

complex levels, no more hacking, no more Little Sisters. All that is left is

Fontaine. Make sure all your guns are ready. Equip your grenade launcher with

the RPG's and have it in hand.

Take the elevator.


Fontaine( FON1515 )


This is the last boss, in case you didn't catch that.

Move forward after the ride and drain Fontaine of ADAM. After he jumps off

just unload five RPG's on him and keep moving in circles to finish off phase


He jumps back on the machine, so take the time to switch to frag grenades.

Drain him again of ADAM. This time he summons bots to come after you, so hit

Fontaine with a frag and go left to the bot shutdown station and use it. Now

finish off this phase with more frags, so have good aim and be sure to only

shoot when you're sure he won't charge out of the way. So fire when he's

shooting at you.

He'll retreat again, so reload your frags and then drain him of ADAM. Now

he's to electric powers and now he's summoned his friends to help him.

Doesn't matter. Ignore the Splicers and keep launching frags at him. You will

probably have to switch to mines, so do that and keep the bombs flowing. Be

sure to keep your health meter in the corner of your eye and use a med kit

every now and then. Shouldn't be too hard, and if you ever need to switch

to your machine gun or crossbow to get in that last bit of damage, do so.

And that's pretty much it. Run in circles, dodge his attacks, and keep firing

your big guns. Don't really need your plasmids at all. Easy final boss, but

that's okay.

Now watch the final scene. This end scene depends on how you played the Little

Sister angle. Did you kill them? Then you get the war ending. Did you save

the little girls? Then you get the hand ending. Enjoy either one.

*NOTE: Rather than play again just to see the other ending, don't forget that

it's most likely one YouTube by now. I'm just saying.*

*NOTE: You could only get a few tonics from saving Little Sisters. So if you

chose the evil road, then you didn't get the Tonic Collector or Avid Inventor

achievement. Look over those achievements in my guide (at the bottom) and

then consider trying again.*


* 5. Weapons ( GUNS555 ) *


There are 8 weapons in the game, and only two aren't guns. Better reload times

for the guns would have been great, but it ain't so.

Wrench - The 'crowbar' from Half-Life, basically. Good early on with the

shock and pop technique, but that falls off fast after a few levels.

Camera - The key to getting some of the best tonics in the game. You will

obsess to constantly snap pics of everything before you take it; be it Splicer

or hackable machine or Big Daddy. And it is your key to a few acheivements.

Pistol - A revolver that packs a punch, well, at least in the early going.

After your first couple of levels and with all the ammo in your beefier guns,

you'll forget this was once your only gun. Even after both upgrades you

should not have much use for this.

Upgrades: Power and clip size

Shotgun - A standard boomstick, but you sure get tested the first time you

pick it up. This gun will prove your weapon of choice when you stun enemies

and get up close for a headshot. But at a certain point this gun, even with

the upgrades will become weak.

Upgrades: Power and faster rate of fire

Machine Gun - The ol' Thompson, the gun that won World War 2 (at least half of

it). The moment you find this gun you will never shy away from using it.

Eventually, the regular bullets will prove weak, but the specialized rounds

will always be effective for that type of enemy.

Upgrades: Power and less recoil

Grenade Launcher - Not the lights out gun you might think it should be. It's

always a great gun, but you'll be surprised when later on you end up using

more than one shot to take out regular Splicers.

Upgrades: Power and you take no damage from your own blasts

Chemical Thrower - This is the underrated powerhouse, at least I don't use it

as much as I should. This thing melts enemies with its fire, and the electric

gel is sick, and the ice is ice. With a few upgrades this gun is a beast at

all times, but the reload time and the size just holds it back. Not to mention

that it eats up ammo without the upgrade.

Upgrades: Power and less ammo used

Crossbow - Almost always a one-shot kill. Headshots prove deadly. The strongest

weapon, but it's a terror to hit anything. It's essentially a sniper rifle, so

good aim equals success.

Upgrades: Power and better chance to recover arrows


* 6. Enemies ( BAD6666 ) *


A listing of everything that you will fight.



Thuggish Splicer - The grunts of the game. Always the easiest to kill. The

ones that spark are obviously immune to electricity.

Leadhead Splicer - Grunts with guns, but later on these guys can be way tough

and will take a lot of punishment before they die.

Nitro Splicer - They take a lot of damage and they toss grenades at you. Your

best bet is to freeze these guys, or use their bombs against them with your

mind powers.

Houdini Splicer - These are the worst enemies in the game. They will appear,

fire at you, and then disappear. Without some research you will find it hard

to tell where they will pop up, but after research you will know where to wait

for these guys.

Spider Splicer - Just a step above the thugs. They do melee damage and they

can walk on the ceiling, and they will sometimes toss hooks at you from the

ceiling. Just shock them while they crawl to make your job easier.

Big Daddies


Bouncer - The better of the two Big Daddy types. You will constantly be in

reverse while fighting these guys. Your electro bolt will keep them at bay

while you ready a grenade or some armor-piercing rounds. So long as you don't

let them catch up to you, you will be fine.

Rosie - The worst of the Big Daddy types. These guys are deadly accurate and

even more so later on. You can use their proximity mines against them with

your telekinetic powers, but the wire traps from your crossbow will prove

themselves to be Rosie-slayers. Lay out five traps and the Rosie will fall.



Turrets - Shock and hack. Really, there is usually no reason to fight these

things or destroy them.

Bots - Always shock them if they're coming for you. If they are blinking red

and so is a bad guy in the area, kill the bad guy to neutralize the bots. You

don't have to hack these things all the time, but they are useful in spots.

Cameras - You can usually run past the red beam and get under these things to

hack them. Rarely will you be unable to reach them causing you to destroy

them with armor-piercing rounds.



Dr. Steinman - Just bring a single bot and a few antipersonnel rounds in the

machine gun to end this fight in a hurry.

Peach Wilkins - I didn't realize this was him until I checked the achievements.

He seemed like a normal Nitro Splicer to me. You only get your plasmids, so

just use Telekinesis to grab his moltovs and throw them back at him.

Sander Cohen - Again, antipersonnel rounds. You can fight him at Fort Frolic,

but you'll miss a weapon station later in the game. So save him for later.

Fontaine - All you have to do is strafe to the side and keep firing whatever

you got. For a final battle all it's doing is keeping you honest and not really

testing you.

*NOTE: Trust me, most of the tough fights are with swarms of Splicers.*


* 7. Plasmids ( PMID777 ) *


These are all the plasmids in the game, I hope.

The Good Ones


*It goes: [plasmid] - [place found]. [details].*

Electro Bolt 1 - Welcome. This is THE power of the game. Shock an enemy and

do what you please with them. Be sure to upgrade it.

Electro Bolt 2 - Arcadia.

Electro Bolt 3 - Hephaestus.

Winter Blast 1 - Neptune. The brother of Electro Bolt. It freezes enemies and

lets you break them, provided you use enough force.

Winter Blast 2 - Frolic. Upgrade to this.

Winter Blast 3 - Olympus Heights. Now, this plasmid is great for those

electro Splicers, so you might want to invest (but your crossbow can

take out those guys in one hit).

Telekinesis - Medical Pavilion. Pick up things, or bring things to you. But,

the best thing about this power is that you can turn anything lying

on the ground into a weapon. Fling a body at a Splicer and it's an

instant-kill. Trust me, get good with this plasmid and you'll rule

on this game. And at the end you'll ask, "Why do I have so much ammo?"

Incinerate! 1 - Medical Pavilion. Set things on fire. It just burns enemies.

I never really thought it was worth the effort as a weapon. It'll

melt ice in your way and that's about it. Still, it's good to have

at all times.

Incinerate! 2 - Frolic. Not sure if you want to upgrade to this plasmid.

Incinerate! 3 - Olympus Heights. Again, the first one will burn ice, so if

that's all you're using it for then don't get this one. But, by this

point in the game you should have both Human Inferno tonics. So you

can try that on an extra playthrough, but not your first.

Insect Swarm 1 - Farmer's Market. Send tiny bees to all the enemies in the

immediate area. This is good because it distracts enemies and it

drains damage. Need to upgrade or it's worthless. In fact, this might

be a power that you use once and never again.

Insect Swarm 2 - Frolic.

Insect Swarm 3 - Olympus Heights.

The Not So Good Ones


You don't really need these ones, ever. They have their uses, but they're


Cyclone Trap 1 - Arcadia. This one is interesting. You set little tornadoes

that will fling enemies into the air if they walk into the things. I

don't like it because enemies move too much. Good for a defense, but

how often do you do that?

Cyclone Trap 2 - Hephaestus.

Enrage! - Neptune's Bounty. Make your enemies attack other enemies. Eh, I

never used it. Probably good for multiple enemies.

Target Dummy - Medical Pavilion. Create a 'ghost' that your enemies attack

instead of you. Again, it's worth trying but it's pointless.

Security Bullseye - Neptune's Bounty. Make your enemies the target of the

machines. No, don't use this one.

Hypnotize Big Daddy 1 - Neptune's Bounty, only if you save Little Sisters. Eh,

no real point. I don't always like a bot following me around, and with

the Big Daddy on a timer you will probably just stress yourself out to

use him. I say skip it.

Hypnotize Big Daddy 2 - Frolic, only if you save Little Sisters, still. Same

as above, but it does last longer. There's just no real need for it.


* 8. Tonics ( TON8888 ) *


Not much method to this madness. I'll only talk about the good ones.

*NOTE: Some are found in Gifts that you only get if you're saving Little


Physical Tonics


Hacker's Delight 1 - In the Pavilion, the first one of the game. You get

health for hacking, but you will only hack a lot if you're aiming for

that achievement. Otherwise, skip this.

Hacker's Delight 2 - Invent. Eh, use if you got nothing else I guess.

Hacker's Delight 3 - In the room with the helmets in Prometheus. By this

point, there is no point to using this thing.

EVE Link 1 - First Garden. You get some EVE for each med kit used. Okay.

EVE Link 2 - Near the U-Invent in the Market. More EVE for each med kit.

Pretty good, especially if you use lots of plasmids.

Medical Expert 1 - In the Bounty. Adds more bang to your med kits. This

line of tonics is great, so keep replacing as you get them.

Medical Expert 2 - Beat Frolic and Cohen rewards you with this one. Upgrade to

this one.

Medical Expert 3 - In the poor house in Apollo. Upgrade to this baby for mucho


Security Evasion 1 - In the grotto of Arcadia, after the poison. Stalls the

alarms from cameras. No use, unless you're just going Rambo and running

into places without looking for cameras.

Security Evasion 2 - In the Heat Loss room of Hephaestus. Again, just play

smart and you don't need this.

Extra Nutrition 1 - Garden in the Bounty. I like this one because it turns

all those tiny health boosters into decent health boosters. There will

be snacks and bandages throughout the game, so I like this one.

Extra Nutrition 2 - In the basement of the Plaza in Frolic (remember to use

that hidden button in Sinclair). I like this one a lot.

Extra Nutrition 3 - Research Spider Splicers. Again, replace the last one with

this one, but you SHOULD get this one before #2, so I would equip this

one ASAP.

Booze Hound - Invent. Make beer your friend! It's a good one if you don't

have another better one. I like it though.

Bloodlust - Invent. Get health and EVE from wrench hits. Again, I don't go

down the wrench road, so I don't use this stuff.

Natural Camouflage - Research Houdinis. The best tonic in the game, no doubt.

Equip so that you can hide when you need to, but you can't hide from

enemies that have already found you.

Scrounger - Research Leadhead Splicers. Another one of those must haves, and

you can get it early in the game. Awesome to get better items from

your loot. If you don't like what something is giving you, just press

RT and get possibly better items (great for getting enzymes).

SportBoost 1 - Research Thuggish Splicers. ONLY good for wrench users. It's

great if you do, but useless otherwise.

SportBoost 2 - Research Thuggish Splicers. Same as above.

Engineering Tonics


Security Expert 1 - In the Pavilion. Helps hacking machines, so use until you

find better stuff.

Security Expert 2 - Research Security Bot. No, you should not need either of

these by the time you find this one.

Hacking Expert 1 - In the LangFord labs. One less overload and one less alarm


Hacking Expert 2 - Garden in Fort Frolic. Two less of each.

Focused Hacker 1 - In the Fisheries of the Bounty. Two less overload tiles.

Focused Hacker 2 - In the poor house in Apollo. Four less overload tiles.

Alarm Expert 1 - Jump to the balcony in the theatre of Frolic. Two less alarm

tiles during the hack game.

Alarm Expert 2 - In the voice room of the Eugenics area. Four less alarm


Shorten Alarms 1 - Garden in Arcadia. Only if you don't know where the cameras

are in the game and you get caught a lot. But no, don't use this at


Shorten Alarms 2 - In Geothermal room of Hephaestus. Nah, no use.

Speedy Hacker 1 - In the Dental area of Pavilion. Slows the flow of the goo

during the hack game. Pretty good, early on. By the late game you

should be constantly be capped off on hack tools and your research in

the machines will help you hack them easy. Not to mention you can just

buyout machines. But it's still a good early choice.

Speedy Hacker 2 - Olympus Heights's Garden. Replace the other one with this

one if you must.

Clever Inventor - In Suchong's room of Olympus. One less component for

inventing stuff.

Prolific Inventor - Gift near Garden of Apollo. Double what you get from

inventing. A must if you're going for 100 invented items.

Safecracker 1 - In a Gift in Arcadia. Eh, not enough safes and I would advise

using hack tools on safes anyway.

Safecracker 2 - In the Little Wonders place in Prometheus. No, don't use it.

Combat Tonics


Static Discharge 1 - In the hall before you meet Dr. Steinman. This is by far

the best combat tonic. Put it on and you will punish enemies that

hit you.

Static Discharge 2 - Research Leadhead Splicers. Combine with the last one

for added bang.

Wrench Jockey 1 - In the Dental area of the Pavilion. Better wrench damage.

Wrench Jockey 2 - Research Bouncers. Eh, unless you already use the wrench,

skip em both.

Wrench Lurker 1 - In the tavern of the Bounty. Only good if you want to sneak

around and get stealth kills. Since sneaking is slow, don't bother.

Wrench Lurker 2 - Garden of Hephaestus Core. Skip like the last one.

Photographer's Eye 1 - In Worley Winery of Farmer's Market. Great for adding

more research to every photo.

Photographer's Eye 2 - Research Rosies. You can get this one before you get

the first one, which is what I did.

Frozen Field 1 - In the Frozen Tunnel of Frolic. Eh, not any good unless you're

already choosing the wrench tonics. Just skip if you prefer guns.

Frozen Field 2 - Hephaestus.

Armored Shell 1 - First Garden. Lowers damage you take.

Armored Shell 2 - Gift in Olympus Heights.

Human Inferno 1 - G. Garden in Arcadia. Good for using your fire damage, but

it's not worth it in the long run.

Human Inferno 2 - Garden in Prometheus.

Damage Research 1 - In the Workshops of Hephaestus. Adds bang to your research


Damage Research 2 - In the Mendel Library in Prometheus.

Electric Flesh 1 - Cohen's room in the theatre of Fort Frolic. Decent on it's

own, but I would skip it.

Electric Flesh 2 - Fontaine's room in Olympus.

Research Tonics


Listed elsewhere, but here are what you gain from snapping photos of these


*It goes: [Splicer] - [Tonic name]. Type.*

Leadhead - Scrounger. Physical Tonic.

Leadhead - Static Discharge 2. Combat Tonic.

Houdini - Natural Camouflage. Combat Tonic.

Thuggish - SportBoost. Physical Tonic.

Rosie - Photographer's Eye 2. Combat Tonic.

Spider - Extra Nutrition 3. Physical Tonic.

Thuggish - SportBoost 2. Physical Tonic.

Security Bot - Security Expert 2. Engineering Tonic.

Bouncer - Wrench Jockey 2. Combat Tonic.


* 9. Diary Entries ( DIA9999 ) *


Every single stray diary entry in the game, I hope.

Welcome to Rapture


1. Diane McClintock - New Year's Eve Alone. Look on the table in the water

on the bottom level of Kashmir.

2. Steve Barker - Hole in the Bathroom Wall. Look in the Dames bathroom of


Medical Pavilion


1. Diane McClintock - Released Today. Near the front desk soon after you


2. Steinman - Adam's Changes. On a desk soon after you get that first bot.

3. Steinman - Higher Standards. On the wall when you enter the Medical Foyer.

4. Steinman - Limits of Imagination. On another wall to the far left of the

the number three Diary.

5. Andrew Ryan - Parasite Expectations. On a desk in the Medical Foyer.

6. Andrew Ryan - Vandalism. On a chair near the vending machines in the foyer.

7. Steinman - Surgery's Picasso. In the Eternal Flame front office.

8. McDonagh - Freezing Pipes. Near entrance to the Dental Area, in the ice.

9. Suchong - Enrage Trial. In the Kure-All area.

10. Tenenbaum - Useless Experiments. Near entrance to Dandy Dental area.

11. Suchong - Testing Telekinesis. Near the tennis device near the plasmid.

12. Suchong - Plasmids are the Paint. In the Painless Dental area.

13. Tenenbaum - Love For Science. In the Medical Foyer, in the center area.

14. Steinman - Symmetry. Found after you break the debris in Steinman's area.

15. Steinman - Aphrodite Walking. In the side room of Steinman's area.

16. Steinman - Not What She Wanted. In the dead woman Steinman killed.

17. Steinman - Gatherer Vulnerability. After you meet the first Little Sister.

Neptune's Bounty


1. Sullivan - Bathysphere Keys. Near one of the turrets under the ramp in the

big room.

2. Sullivan - Timmy H. Interrogation. In the locked room at the back of the

water, below the first Gatherer's Garden.

3. Andrew Ryan - Fontaine Must Go. In a crawlspace under the floor as soon

as you enter the Wharfmaster area.

4. Sullivan - Picked Up Timmy H. In a dead body after you find your first

Proximity Mines.

5. Mariska Lutz - Masha Come Home. Near number four.

6. Tenenbaum - Finding the Sea Slug. On a table in the area above the Lower

Wharf. Same area as four and five.

7. Andrew Ryan - Watch Fontaine. As soon as you enter the Wharfmaster's Office.

8. Sullivan - Have My Badge. In the small room near the prison area.

9. Tenenbaum - Adam Discovery. Just before you enter the tavern.

10. McDonagh - Eden Leaking. Again, just before you enter the tavern.

11. Tenenbaum - Fontaine's Smugglers. On a bench at the junction between Jet

Postal and the tavern.

12. Andrew Ryan - Death Penalty in Rapture. In the first office area of the

Jet Postal.

13. McDonagh - Rapture Changing. On a desk near the wine cellar room.

14. Sullivan - Smuggling Ring. On a table in the bar.

15. Andrew Ryan - Working Late Again. Another one in the same bar.

16. McDonagh - Arresting Fontaine. In one of the upper rooms of the tavern,

the one with the dead guy.

17. Mariska Lutz - Saw Masha Today. In the room #7 at the tavern. Code: 7533.

It's on the bed and it leads to a tonic.

18. Peach Wilkins - Putting the Screws On. In the room to the left of your

first Weapon Upgrade Station.

Smuggler's Hideout


1. Peach Wilkins - Meeting with Fontaine. Near the turret toward the start of

the level.

2. Frank Fontaine - Kraut Scientist. In the cell near the submarine bay.

3. Peach Wilkins - Offered a Deal. On the ground after the explosion.



1. McDonagh - Seeing Ghosts. In a corner of the Tea Garden.

2. Dieter Sonnekalb - Big Night Out. In the Arcadia Glens.

3. Tenenbaum - Mass Producing Adam. Again, in the Arcadia Glens.

4. LangFord - Arcadia Closed. In the room where you fight the Houdini.

5. Andrew Ryan - The Market is Patient. On a bench in the WaterFall Grotto.

6. Andrew Ryan - Offer a Better Product. In the water of the WaterFall Grotto.

7. LangFord - Early Tests Promising. Also in the water of the grotto.

8. Diane McClintock - Heroes and Criminals. In the locked room of the grotto.

9. Mariska Lutz - Shouldn't Have Come. On a bench in the first room of the

Rolling Hills.

10. LangFord - The Saturnine. In the first cave that is opened by the poison


11. LangFord - What Won't They Steal? In the first room of the lab area.

12. LangFord - Teaching an Old Hound. On a desk in the labs.

13. LangFord - The Lazarus Vector. In LangFord's dead body.

14. LangFord - Lazarus Vector Formula. In the safe in LangFord's office.

15. LangFord - Arcadia and Oxygen. In the Tree Farm near a crate by the steps.

16. Tenenbaum - Maternal Instinct. Near the booths as you leave to the Farmer's


Farmer's Market


1. Tasha Denu - Bee Enzyme. Right at the start, on the ground.

2. Andrew Ryan - Pulling Together. On a counter in the market area.

3. Andrew Ryan - First Encounter. In the room behind the counter in the open

area of the market that leads to many rooms.

4. Tenenbaum - Hatred. In the same room as number 3.

5. Andrew Ryan - Desperate Times. In the crawlspace of the cheese shop.

6. Pierre Gobbi - Water in Wine. On the ground on your way to the bee farm.

7. Tenenbaum - Adam Explained. On the counter of the first room of the bee


8. Tenenbaum - Functional Children. On the table in the winery's first room.

Arcadia Revisited


1. Andrew Ryan - The Great Chain. On a bench in the station as you leave.

Fort Frolic


1. Diane McClintock - Stood Up Again. At the top of the stairs in the main

room of the fort.

2. Sander Cohen - Musical Insult. In the storage room of the Fleet Hall that

leads to Cohen's room.

3. Cobb - Come to the Record Store. On a piece of furniture in the burning

wreckage in the room leading from the Atrium.

4. Sander Cohen - The Wild Bunny. In a room at the back of Sophia Salon.

5. Sullivan - Artists' Feud. On a counter in the bar area in front of Sophia


6. Martin Finnegan - The Iceman Cometh. In the ice tunnel, on the wall.

7. Sander Cohen - The Doubters. In the Cohen Collection area.

8. McDonagh - Fontaine's Army. In Sir Prize of the Plaza.

9. Anna Culpepper - Ryan's Stableboy. In Rapture Records.

10. McDonagh - Guns Blazing. In Robertson's Tobaccoria.

11. Jasmine Jolene - Pregnancy. Under Jasmine's bed at the back of Eve's


12. Sander Cohen - Requiem for Andrew Cohen. In Cohen's room after you complete

his masterpiece.

13. Rodriguez - It's All Grift. On the bar of Eve's Garden after Rodriguez

is dead.

14. Sullivan - Bump Culpepper? On a pool table in Pharaoh's Fortune.

*15 . Albert Milonakis - Fancy Cigarettes. In the Le Marquis D' Epogue, in the

bottom part. I forgot to pick this one up, so that is why it's out of place.



1. McDonagh - Ryan Takes F Futuristics. In a crate near the second vending


2. Kyburz - Scoping the Gate. Near the vending machine in the next room.

3. Anya Andersdotter - Going to Heat Loss. In a body near Ryan's office.

4. McDonagh - Stopping Ryan. In another body near the last one.

5. Andrew Ryan - A Man or a Parasite. On a desk in the room beside Central

Control (the body room).

6. McDonagh - Fontaine's Legacy. Found near the vita-chamber as you enter the


7. Pablo Navarro - Running Short on R-34's. Under a camera that is right below

the last Diary.

8. Anya Andersdotter - Assassin. Next to the Gather's Garden and weapon station

in the core.

9. Andrew Ryan - Impossible Anywhere Else. On the bottom-most level of the


10. Pablo Navarro - Kyburz Door Code. In the Heat Loss room, in the corner.

11. McDonagh - Genetic Arms Race. In the Lower Heat Loss room, in the


12. Pablo Navarro - Getting a Break. On a desk in the Lower Heat Loss room.

13. Pablo Navarro - Market Maintenance Code. In a crawlspace on the lower area

of the Workshops, under the stairs. (possibly a code for that one door way

back in the Farmer's Market)

14. Kyburz - Device Almost Finished. In the room directly across from the

previous Diary.

15. Kyburz - The Dream. In a dead body on the ground in the lower Workshops.

16. Kyburz - Assembling the Bomb. In the room at the back of the Workshops

with the device.

17. Andrew Ryan - Great Chain Moves Slowly. In Kyburz's office.

Rapture Central Control


1. Suchong - The Vita Chamber. On the table to the left after you watch the

movie from Ryan.

2. Suchong - Mind Control Test. On the table after you fall from the vent.

3. Suchong - Baby Status. On the same table as the last one.

Olympus Heights


1. Suchong - Mozart of Genetics. In the bar of the area with all the machines.

2. Suchong - Fontaine's Human Jukebox. In Suchong's room, to the left.

3. Suchong - Mind Control Antidote. Next to the tonic in Suchong's room.

4. Sullivan - Artist Woman. In Culpepper's room, near the camera.

5. Paparazzi - Fontaine's Breakup. Found on the third level on the walkway

next to the camera setup.

6. Frank Fontaine - Sad Saps. In Fontaine's Apartment, in the room on the first


Apollo Square


1. Diane McClintock - What's Happening Here? In a suitcase near the vending

machine at the start of the level.

2. Diane McClintock - Atlas Lives. Near the Gatherer's Garden.

3. Suchong - Protection Bond. In Suchong's Free Clinic on the second floor of

Artemis Suites.

4. Diane McClintock - Meeting Atlas. In a chest next to the entrance gate of

the poor house.

5. Frank Fontaine - The Longest Con. On a desk in level four of the poor house.

6. Diane McClintock - Today's Raid. In the dead body near the desk.

Point Prometheus


1. Suchong - Changing Employers. In the small room that is seal with ice

outside the Eugenics area.

2. Suchong - Extra Munitions. In the Plasmid Prototyping room in the Eugenics


3. Suchong - Missing Boots. In the Conversion room of the Failsafe area.

4. Suchong - Protector Smell. In the Assembly area, up the right side stairs.

5. Andrew Ryan - Mistakes. Near the Gene Bank in the upper Assembly area.

6. Suchong - Protecting the Little Ones. In the Assembly area, up the left


7. Suchong - Cheap Son of a Bitch. In the right room on the ground level of

the Assembly area that is blocked by ice.

8. Tenenbaum - Why Just Girls? In the Little Wonders area, on the top level.

*9. Andrew Ryan - Marketing Gold. Apparently in the Test Subject Storage room.

I forgot to log it in here at the time, but I did mention it, so hopefully

you got this one while playing.


* 10. Achievements ( ACH1010 ) *


Here is a rundown of all 50 achievements and how to get them, well most of them




Toaster in the Tub - shock an enemy in the water

Completed Welcome - finish the first level

Defeated Dr. Steinman - toward the end of the Medical Pavilion level

Defeated Peach Wilkins - at the end of Neptune's Bounty

Restored the Forest - get past Arcadia

Completed Cohen's Masterpiece - beat Fort Frolic

Defeated Andrew Ryan - yeah

Irony - kill Sander Cohen and take his picture

Found Cohen's Room - In Olympus Heights

Broke Fontaine's Mind Control - beat Apollo Square

Dealt with every Little Sister - duh

Become a Big Daddy - finish Point Prometheus

Defeated Atlas - finish the game

Little Sister Savior - rescue all the girls in the game



One Successful Hack - hack something, anything

Hacked a Security Bot - duh

Hacked a Turret - ditto

Hacked a Vending Machine - ...

Hacked a Security Camera - how on earth would you get this one...

Hacked a Safe - no comment

Skilled Hacker - 50 hacks



Bought One Slot - either an extra plasmid or tonic slot

Maxed One Track - get all the slots in either plasmids or any tonic set

Maxed All Tracks - get all the extra slots



Remember, four photos of one subject and get both tonics.

Quality Research Photo - get an A on a photo, which is simple

Researched a Splicer - just take a picture of a Splicer

Prolific Photographer - pics of Splicers, Big Daddies, Little Sisters, and the

many machines

Fully Researched Spider Splicer - snap photos of spiders 'til you can't no mo'

Fully Researched Gun Splicer - same, but start this one early

Fully Researched Thug Splicer - same as above

Fully Researched Houdini Splicer - same

Fully Researched Nitro Splicer - this one is tough because you have to take

a picture of almost every nitro in the game

Fully Researched Rosie - probably need to kill some and let new ones respawn

so you can get enough

Fully Researched Bouncer - this one requires even more effort because there

are much less of these guys; you will need to kill many and let more

respawn (use wire traps)

Fully Researched Little Sister - I'm not sure about this one; maybe you need

both Photographer's Eye tonics and you need to take two pics of

every girl you find

Research PhD - research everything to the max; I would think that includes the

machines too



The only way to get 100 is to save Little Sisters and get that tonic to

speed up the process. You have to really focus on this achievement to get it.

Basic Inventor - invent one thing

Ammo Inventor - invent all ammo types

Avid Inventor - invent 100 items; that means equipping that inventor tonic

and just inventing at every chance you get; that means wasting a lot

of components on crap you can't carry

Weapon Upgrades


Upgraded a Weapon - find one Weapon Upgrade Station and use it

One Fully Upgraded Weapon - get both upgrades for one item

Two Fully Upgraded Weapons - duh

Three Fully Upgraded Weapons - ditto

Four Fully Upgraded Weapons - same

Five Fully Upgraded Weapons - you guessed right

Weapon Specialist - find all the Weapon Upgrade Stations



Tonic Collector - get 53 tonics

Historian - find every diary

Seriously Good at This - beat the game on Hard

Lucky Winner - hit the jackpot at a slot machine (Fort Frolic only)



* 11. Credits/Copyright *






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