Opoona Wii Cheats

OMP Wallpapers

A wallpaper is a background for the OMP and shop menus. Once you have unlcoked, you can change between them by going to 'Settings' under the 'Other' menu in the OMP.


How to Unlock
2 - GrapeCollect one Secret Code "Unceasing Child" found at TK Starhouse 3F Boy's Dorm (outside third bedroom)
3 - MuscatTreasure Shell in Lifeborn East Matia Mine (back right corner)
5 - OrangeTreasure Shell in Artiela Wilderness Ruins 1F (right outer side)
6 - Light BlueDefeat Tyrant in the Pirate Cave at Pirate Grove.
8 - GrayComplete Job 'Clean by Vacuum Hose' for Bobby at Artiela Open Art Cafe.


OMP Wallpaper 7 - Wine

This is definitely the most difficult wallpaper to get in the game.

When you arrive at Artiela, you get an Artbook that logs every piece of art you can see in the world. Fill it up. You'll notice that there are 3 missing pieces. Each of those three missing art pieces are made up of multiple parts. You have to collect these parts and donate them to the Artiela Museum by talking with the lady at the purple desk. When completed, they will be viewable at the 3F Gallery level. After you turn in all three sets, you'll get your wallpaper.

Piece Number: 31

Title: Laminated Stacker V

Year: 1998

Creator: P. V. Stark

Pieces To Collect In This Set:

Stacker No. 1 - Collect 3 'Worn Out Mask' Secret Codes

> Artiela Cemetery (behind grave, middle row, on right)

> Artiela Pod Station 2F Licensing Center

> Artiela TV Tower 22F Dorm 22R (second bed)

Stacker No. 2 - Show Stacker 1 to Mac (Lifeborn 'Eat Everyday' Shop)

Stacker No. 3 - Found in a Treasure Shell in Pirate Valley

Stacker No. 4 - Found in a Treasure Shell in East Sea West Coast

Stacker No. 5 - Found in a Treasure Shell in Spirit Lake B1

Piece Number: 32

Title: Sho-Gi-Oh

Year: 2008

Creator: S. Sakata

Pieces To Collect In This Set:

Sho-Gi Dragon - Found in a Treasure Shell Tokione B2 Security Storage

Sho-Gi King - After gathering every other piece of art in the Sho-Gi collection, go and talk with P. V. Stark's descendant in room B-51 at Lifeborn. He will ask what you think of the art. Answer "Yes". He'll babble on for a little bit, and ask if you think they were childish. Again, answer "Yes". He'll thank you, then you finally get the King piece.

Sho-Gi Miser - Found in a Treasure Shell in Miracle Plateau

Sho-Gi Samurai - Found in a Treasure Shell inside Rock Castle Sky Cave

Sho-Gi Spy - Found in a Treasure Shell in Wilderness Ruins

Sho-Gi Unicorn - Collect 3 'Wrinkling Cream' Secret Codes

> Sanctuary Skypod Station Entrance (behind 2nd chair left of desk)

> Sanctuary Cathedral Meditation Room (beside door)

> Sanctuary Cathedral Entrance (past center door on right)

Sho-Gi Wife - Collect 4 'Backward Rear' Secret Codes

> Tokione B1 Center Aisle (near Skypod door)

> Tokione Starhouse 2F Theater 1

> Tokione Starhouse 4F Sky Lounge

> Tokione Moon Forest Room 208

Piece Number: 33

Title: Earth Figure

Year: -4000

Creator: unknown

Pieces To Collect In This Set:

World Elephant - Collect 7 'Warm Hot Spring' Secret Codes

> Paradiso (beside Bungalow 4 on a tree)

> Paradiso Bungalow 4 (bathroom)

> Paradiso Cafeteria (behind leftmost plant)

> Paradiso (outside left of Cottage 3)

> Paradiso Cottage 4 (bathroom)

> Paradiso (outside Cottage 5)

> Paradiso PD Skypod Station Boarding Gate (right side)

Baby World Elephant - Collect 1 'Transparent Mask' Secret Code

> Artiela Concert Hall Dressing Room

World Snake - Collect 2 'Muddy Water Gun' Secret Codes

> Paradiso (outside behind Save Stand)

> Paradiso (outside right of Cottage 3)

World Turtle - Collect 1 'Folklore Senility' Secret Code

> Sanctuary Outside (in center near northern room)

OMP Wallpaper 4

1) Complete the first delivery job you receive from Fredrick in Paradiso Bungalow 5. It's called 'Deliver Mail' in the Jobs list.

2) Talk with Mable at Paradiso in the cafeteria room under the pod station. On your third job for her, you'll need to return to the room you first started in. Here are the directions:

Take the elevator in the Tokione Pod Station, cross the room to the left door, down the steps, and the next door takes you to B1 Center Aisle. Go around the corner, first door on your right after the elevator, into the License Control Center. Go down the elevator beside the orange 'refresh' stand. Take the blue walkway on the left to the up elevator beside the Exit Ride sign to Starhouse B1 and go through the door. Take the left elevator to the Admin Tower and continue up elevators to 5F Admin Room. Go up the stairs on the right to the room you first awoke in.

3) Press the action button on the trash bin that's near the bed against a wall. You'll smell something 'lavender', and receive the wallpaper.

OMP Wallpaper 9

1) Complete the first delivery job you receive from Fredrick in Paradiso Bungalow 5. It's called 'Deliver Mail' in the Jobs list.

2) Talk with Mable at Paradiso in the cafeteria room under the pod station. On your first job for her, you'll need to go to Lifeborn Residence Tower A (the blue one), room A-22 and talk with a kid named Karbeno.

3) Find the missing cat inside the License Center on 3F behind the desks. To get back there, go across the lobby and through the door to the right of the Pod Station elevator, directly opposite of the door that goes into Eat Everyday. Circle around and into the second door. (You can't enter the first unless you have Celebrity status.) And the cat will be in the back left corner, behind the table to your left as you enter.


OMP Wallpaper 10

1) Make your way to Intelligent Sea and go to Bravo. Take the Residential elevator up one level (6F) and enter door 1 (left of the shop) and you'll meet a guy named Kamaro. Talk to him to become friends. He'll tell you about the Shouprieme flower.

2) The left entrance at Rock Castle leads to the Sky Cave. Exit the top left and you'll be on a scenic bridge. The next cave to your left will be Rock Castle Spirit Altar. Go to the left and make the first right turn and before you turn left again, you'll see a very large (very out of place) blue flower called a 'Shouprieme'. [Here is what it looks like, and here is where it is.] Press the action button to grab it.

3) Go back to Kamaro's room at Bravo Residential 6F Room 1. Talk with him a few times, and he'll notice you have the Shouprieme. If you give it to him when he asks for it, he'll give you this wallpaper in return.




Ranking Stars


How to Unlock
Fifth Citizen Ranking StarEarned by acquiring the Five-Star Landroll Ranger License. Must be done before talking to woman for Sixth Star.
Five-Star Landroll Ranger LicenseAcquired by winning 100 battles in the Intelligent Sea server room.
Sixth Citizen Ranking StarEarned by talking to a woman on the bottom floor of the Moon Forest Tokione Hotel after spending the night.