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Fortnite New SMG Stats: How Good Is the New SMG?

How do the Fortnite new SMG stats stack up to the old tactical SMG? Well, that’s a great question, as you’d think the non-tactical SMG would boast a bit more range, if Epic Games designed its weapons in a similar way to other shooter devs. The new Fortnite SMG entered the game via the 5.0 Content Update, replacing the much-loved tactical SMG. While it’s a sad day for all tactical SMG fans, I think it’s important that we give the new SMG a chance to shine. Here’s what you need to know about the new Fortnite SMG stats.

Fortnite New SMG Stats: How Good Is the New SMG?

The Fortnite new SMG stats aren’t too surprising. The weapon itself comes in three different variants: Common, Uncommon, and Rare. This means it’s very easy to find, with players likely equipping it at the start of a round until more powerful tools are discovered. With that said, it’s still a decent weapon to use, boasting 19-21 base damage, using light ammo, and having that 30-round capacity.

The new Fortnite SMG isn’t supposed to be “endgame loot,” and the stats reflect that. However, it will still help a player hold their own during close-quarters engagements. The downside with the Fortnite SMG is its range. Do not try and combat assault rifle or sniper users with this!

Fortnite New SMG vs Tactical SMG

Fortnite New SMG Stats

Going up against the tactical SMG, the new Fortnite SMG boasts a higher base damage. While the tactical SMG’s base damage is 18-20, the new Fortnite SMG pushes out 19-21. However, the tactical’s ability to hold 35 bullets per magazine beats the new Fortnite SMG, which only holds 30. The new weapon essentially acts like the suppressed SMG, only without the suppressor attachment.

While the new Fortnite SMG is easy to find in the world, it’s definitely worth switching out for something better. Keep your eyes open and upgrade when possible!

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