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Octopath Traveler Never Forget: How to Complete Never Forget

There are a ton of side quests to complete in this massive game and one of them is the Octopath Traveler Never Forget side quest. This little side story has you helping someone find a person they presumably haven’t seen in some time. Unfortunately, there’s an issue with the quest.

Well, not the Octopath Traveler Never Forget side quest itself, but every side quest in the game. You see, the game does an absolutely terrible job of explaining how to complete side quests in every way possible. Every single one of them has no map marker for the objectives and vague details. But here’s how you complete this one.

Octopath Traveler Never Forget Guide

Completing the Octopath Traveler Never Forget side quest is actually pretty easy once you know what to do. However, if you don’t know what to do, you will find yourself in frustration over what the game is asking you to do. For starters, you can accept this quest in Cobblestone aka the home of Olberic after completing his first chapter.

You will meet a man who is looking for someone named Lorie. And that’s all you know. No hints, no objective, nothing. Thankfully, the solution is pretty simple but it does require some patience. We recommend having completed Therion the Thief’s first chapter before attempting this side quest.

His second chapter will take you to a town called Noblecourt. This is the place you need to go to for the Octopath Traveler Never Forget side quest. Upon entering, a few people down is an NPC you can talk to. He notes having a diary that isn’t his. You can either purchase it (for a small sum) or steal it. Return to Cobblestone and return the diary to complete this tale.