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Pokemon Go Lucky Pokemon: How to Catch Lucky Pokemon

Pokemon Go is arguably the biggest it’s been since it launched over two years ago. Though it hasn’t managed to recapture that early spark that caused millions around the world to go outside and catch virtual Pokemon, Niantic is still very much supporting its breakout mobile game with recent constant updates. The addition of Lucky Pokemon in Pokemon Go was leaked over the weekend. Although official details haven’t been revealed for Pokemon Go Lucky Pokemon, here’s what we know so far.

Pokemon Go Lucky Pokemon: What Are Lucky Pokemon?

Every Pokemon fan knows what a Shiny Pokemon is, but the idea of Lucky Pokemon is something new altogether. What is a Lucky Pokemon? The official Pokemon Go Twitter account recently posted an image showing two players trading a Lucky Pikachu with a normal Chansey. We can see that Lucky Pokemon costs less Stardust and given a unique background when viewed. Stardust is used in Pokemon Go to Power Up and evolve Pokemon, as well as for trading purposes.

Lucky Pokemon in Pokemon Go will also have their own special counter in the Pokedex. The fact that Lucky Pokemon requires less Stardust means that they will be highly regarded by players who wish to conserve their precious Stardust supply.

Pokemon Go Lucky Pokemon: How To Catch Lucky Pokemon

At the time of writing, Niantic has not revealed any details about how or where to encounter Lucky Pokemon. There are a few possibilities. They could be rare and random spawns in the wild, similar to Shiny Pokemon. However, if the official Pokemon Go tweet is any indication, it might be that these Lucky Pokemon appear randomly when players trade with each other. We also have no idea what differentiates Shiny Pokemon and Lucky Pokemon. We will have to wait for clarification and official details from Niantic. In the meantime, check out our Pokemon Go Trading Guide to prepare for the eventual release of Lucky Pokemon.