NBA 2K9 PS2 Cheats

Cheat Codes

From the Features menu select the Codes section and enter one of the following

Password                    Effect
2ksports2K Sports Team
payrespectUnlock ABA Ball
vcteamVisual Concepts Team


Cheat Codes

From the Main Menu go to Options then Thophy Room. Press L1 ( then Press Circle and Enter one of the following

Password                Effect
[email protected]@@M!All Trophies Unlocked
SHPNV2K699All-Star09 East Unlocked
K8AV6YMLNFAll-Star09 West Unlocked
NMTWCTC84SLA Lakers Latin Nights Unlocked
WCTGSA8SPDMiami Heat Latin Nights Unlocked
LKUTSENFJHPhoenix Suns Latin Nights Unlocked
JFHSY73MYDSan Antonio Latins Nights Unlocked