Pool Panic PS4 and Xbox One Release Date: Is Pool Panic a Switch Exclusive?

Pool Panic has been a popular addition to the Nintendo Switch’s library of games, with it also making its way to PC. The charming Adult Swim Games madcap pool game has attracted a cult following thanks to its odd take on the sport, with it seeing players taking direct control of the cue ball in order to sink the other balls on the table. It’s a lot of fun, and as such players have been asking for a Pool Panic PS4 and Xbox One release date.

Pool Panic PS4 and Xbox One Release Date: Is it Coming to Other Consoles?

Pool Panic PS4 or Xbox One release has yet to be confirmed. If you don’t own a Nintendo Switch or PC and desperately want to play the game, then you’ll be left waiting to see if Adult Swim Games decides to bring it to the platforms.

Pool Panic has been released on PC along with the Switch, meaning that it doesn’t hold an exclusivity deal with Nintendo. However, the studio previously released Battle Chef Brigade for the Switch and PC back in November 2017, with this popular title having yet to make its way to the PS4 or Xbox One. Adult Swim brought Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality to the PS4, though, so the studio has actively worked with Sony recently.

Adult Swim Games’ history with the Xbox One is less prolific, though the studio has revealed plans release Duck Game on the Microsoft console in the near future. However, it does appear to take a long time to release ports of its titles for different consoles — Duck Game was released way back in 2014 as an Ouya exclusive (remember the Ouya?!) before making its way to PC in 2015. The game was then released on the PS4 in 2017, with its Xbox One port still on its way.

Pool Panic is one of the strangest games of the year so far, so PS4 and Xbox One owners will hopefully get the chance to play it sooner rather than later.