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Overwatch Season 11 End Date/Time Explained: When Does Season 11 End?

Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed the Overwatch Season 11 End Date. All good things must come to an end, and such is the case with this latest season of the online shooter. As such, you will want to know when exactly this season will come to an end so you can make the most of your time left.

Knowing the Overwatch Season 11 End Date also clues you in as to when the next season will start for the game. A new season is always exciting as it means a fresh start for everyone around the world. Let’s go over what day this season will end and at exactly what time.

Overwatch Season 11 End Date Explained

We already know the Overwatch Season 11 End Date. This latest season began on July 1, 2018, and has been going for a going strong for a while now, even overseeing a brand-new Hero in the shape of Wrecking Ball. However, it will come to an end formally on August 28, 2018. That is exactly a week from the time of this guide publishing so be sure to use this next week wisely.

Overwatch Season 11 End Time Explained

Besides the Overwatch Season 11 End Date, we also know what the exact time when the season will come to a close. The time that it will finally end is the same as when it began in July. This sun comes down on season 11 at August 28, 2018 at exactly 4:00 p.m. Pacific/7:00 p.m. EST/12:00 a.m. BST.

Make sure to adjust that time to your specific time zone so you don’t get the wrong Overwatch Season 11 End Date. For example, some of you further east than the U.K. will actually have an end date of August 29 and not August 28 as it is for those in North America. Be sure to stay tuned here as we will be sure to let you know once we have the Overwatch Season 12 Start Date.