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Fallout New California Release Date: When Will Fallout New California Come Out?

The Fallout New California release date was revealed recently with an announcement trailer to go with it. The extensive mod of Fallout New Vegas has been in development for over five years. New California is set many years prior to New Vegas and predates the NCR’s invasion of the Mojave desert in the lore of the franchise.

So when will this ambitious mod be coming to PC? Let’s find out.

Fallout New California Release Date Explained

Radian-Helix Media has announced Fallout New California‘s release date to be October 23 of this year. The mod will only be released on PC via Nexus Mods and Mod DB but will be free.

The Fallout New California release date is not for a full release, as the development team has announced that this will be a beta 2.0 release of the mod. However, eager fans can sign up for an early beta release if they wish. The mod team has stated on their Mod DB page for New California that the main quest and art assets are done, but that they need time to iron out the side quests for the ambitious mod. Brandan Lee, the project lead for the mod, noted that he wants to spend time on these side stories since players “expect some little moments with characters off to the side of the big arcs, and there just aren’t that many of note” in the game so far.

In New California, players will take the role of a vault dweller from Vault 18 in Los Angeles. The mod will focus on the battle between the Survivalist Army, Super Mutants, and the New California Republic, with the player character presumably choosing to side with one of these three factions. The mod was originally called Project Brazil before being renamed to its current title.

New California will feature full voice acting, two main quest paths, two sub-paths, and eight companions. The mod is a prequel to Fallout New Vegas with it being set in 2260, 21 years before Obsidian Entertainment’s game.