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Fortnite Tomatohead Challenges: How to Unlock Them

Fortnite Tomatohead Challenges are live! Fire up Fortnite Battle Royale today and you’ll be greeted by a rather juicy looking new skin in the center of the news screen. It’s Tomatohead serving “Regal Freshness!” The new Tomato Head Fortnite skin is now live and available for purchase for 1500 V-Bucks, but it’s going to be the alternate style that you’ll want for your wardrobe. There are two styles to this fresh new skin, and it’ll take a fair bit of work to unlock the “Totamatohead Crown” style. It really is a Tomato skin Fortnite frenzy this week.

Unlocking the Tomatohead Crown skin is a two-step process for, requiring you to buy the default Tomatohead skin for 1500 V-Bucks and completing the Tomatohead Challenges to unlock finally unlock the more premium-looking Tomatohead Crown skin variant. As ever, you’ll be able to switch between the two styles whenever you want, so unlocking one doesn’t mean losing the other.

Fortnite Tomatohead Challenges – What They Are and How to Unlock Them

Before you get too invested in the idea of working on the Tomatohead Challenge introduced in today’s patch, you first need to learn how to unlock them. You can’t just dive right in with these new goals. To unlock the Tomatohead Challenges, you’ll need to buy the default Tomatohead skin bundle (available in the skin shop). From then on, you’ll be able to work toward completing the challenge.

The Tomatohead Challenges are fairly easy in practice but may take a little while to actually complete. The easiest of the objectives is to simply play four matches. To more efficiently complete the challenge, though, you’ll want to work hard during these four matches to complete the other objectives like “Gain 20,000 XP” and “Deal 5000 damage to opponents”. Here’s the full list of Tomatohead Challenge objectives;

  • Play 4 Matches
  • Gain 20,000 XP
  • Deal 5000 points of damage to opponents

It won’t be enough to simply AFK through 4 matches to unlock your Tomatohead Crown skin. It’s a crown. You need to prove yourself worthy in combat. You can work to complete these objectives outside of the four matches you’re required to play for the first, but managing to at least deal 5000 points of damage in those four matches will help to speed things along. Though given each player can only really take 200 points of damage maximum (without healing up) you’ll have to score more than 6 kills per match to make this a reality.

Either way, once you’ve completed the three objectives with the challenge in effect, you should gain access to the Tomatohead Crown skin. Good luck!