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For Honor: How to Block Damage

If you are getting sliced and diced in For Honor, you are not alone. It’s currently being offered for free on Steam for a limited time. That means there are probably plenty of new players getting murdered by those who have been playing the game for since its February 2017 launch date. To not die, you’ll need to learn how to block damage. Heed our advice and you may live.

For Honor: How to Block

First you’re going to have to learn how to block before you can learn how to block damage. There are three directions: up, left, and right. After locking on, use the right stick to pick a direction to block an incoming attack. Pretty simple, but we should start with basics.

For Honor: How to Block Damage

Even though you may successfully block a heavy attack, you will still take some chip damage thanks to the Block Damage Resistance stat present on the gear. The higher your Block Damage Resistance stat is, the less damage you will take from successfully blocking a heavy attack. This is probably something you should look into if you want to depend on blocking but are worried about taking more chip damage. This stat is opposite to Block Damage, which increases the amount of block damage you give as that number gets higher.

Parrying can completely avoid damage but is, as it should be, tricky to execute. You have to press the heavy attack button in the direction the attack is coming from right before it hits you. You’ll see a quick flash on your opponent’s red directional attack arrow, which includes unblockable attacks. When successful, you will not only escape with taking damage, but you’ll also be at an advantage to follow up with your own moves.

Dashing can also get you out of harm’s way but some characters have slow, weak dashes while others have faster, better ones. You can still get hit if you time your dashes poorly.