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Donut County: How to Make the Secret Soup

If you’ve been playing Donut County, you are probably just used to dumping things into your hole (phrasing) without having to think much beforehand. If it fits in the hole, you dump it in there. But the Donut County Secret Soup trophy may stump you unless you know how to make the secret soup. Don’t worry. We’ve got the recipe for you.

Donut County: How to Make the Secret Soup

Donut County How to Make the Secret Soup

This trophy is found in the Cat Soup level, which you can replay once you beat the game. Once you get the chance to make the soup in the second phase of the stage, you need to make sure you put three doses of pepper and two doses of salt into your soup-filled hole. The order should not matter. You’ll know you’ve done it correctly if you see the soup turn into a red orange sort of color like in the above picture.

From there, just feed it into the bird and see your your concoction bring that avian to tears. How moving.

Donut County: Tips for Making the Secret Soup

Although you know how to make the soup, it’s not quite as easy as it sounds. A cockroach will come out every time you put your soup hole (still a weird phrase) near the salt and pepper shakers. One cockroach signifies that one serving of seasoning has gone into your soup. It is possible to get multiple salt and pepper helpings during each turn so be aware of how many cockroaches come out once you add something. You may accidentally get one too many servings of something while avoiding the bird and cockroaches.

If you goof up, let the cockroaches drown in your soup to taint it. Then feed it to the bird to start over. It’s a gross job but that bird knew what they signed up for.