Dead Space FAQ/Walkthrough

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           SSSS    PPPP          AAAAAAAAAAAAA    CCC     CCC    EEE

* Game:Dead Space                *
* Type:FAQ/Walkthrough           *
* For:PS3, Xbox 360, PC         *
* Author:Brad Russell "TheGum"     *
* Email:[email protected]  *
*  *

Version 0.5 - have a little over half the game finished.

Version 0.6 - two more chapters finished.

Version 0.7 - two more chapters.

Version 1.0 - finished walkthrough, will flesh out the remaining sections
over the weekend, I hope.

Version 1.2 - added shop items and enemy sections; sorry for the wait, it's
just crazy around here.

Version 1.3 - added trees, and up to chapter 3 have included appropriate 
hard and cutter-only run notes. Sorry, Gears 2 distracted me. I have not 
forgotten this game, but I have like 2 days until I will get to work on Left 4

Version 1.4 - have added notes up to level 6, added schematics and up to 
level 6 logs, cheats, and have made some nice improvements to the format of 
my guides that will make things easier.

Version 1.5 - few tweaks, hard up to level 8.

Version 2.0 - fixes abound, hard mode covered, all extras added, done.

Table Of Contents
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1. A Brief Foreword
2. Controls( CON2222 )
3. Starter Tips( TIPS333 )
4. Walkthrough( FAQ4444 )

Chapter 1: New Arrivals
Chapter 2: Intensive Care
Chapter 3: Course Correction
Chapter 4: Obliteration Imminent
Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion
Chapter 6: Environmental Hazard
Chapter 7: Into the Void
Chapter 8: Search and Rescue
Chapter 9: Dead on Arrival
Chapter 10: End of Days
Chapter 11: Alternate Solutions
Chapter 12: Dead Space

5. Enemies( BADS555 )
6. Shop Items( GUNS666 )
7. Bench Upgrade Trees( TREE777 )
8. Files / Schematics( FILE888 )
9. Cheats
10. FAQ / Author Info / Copyright

* 1. A Brief Foreword                                                         *

Something to the effect of "Resident Evil 4 @ Dead Space," RE4 jumped out to a
quick lead and Dead Space narrowed the gap.

RE4 38, Dead Space 31. Did I mention they're playing baseball?!

Okay, to be honest, this game is pretty awesome and as solid as I was hoping
it would be. Of course my expectations were high coming into it, but they
soon fell when I realized this game was predictable in both gameplay and story

Yes, this game and RE4 do the same things: fetch keys to advance, fight a 
big monster here and there, fight a boss every now and then, and the story is 
a weak element. Seriously, I thought the story in this game was going strong 
until they started trying to explain things.

You see, from the early previews and the back of the box, "There's no help
coming" I thought that we would be on a ship, we would be trying to escape
it all on our own, and fun would follow. What this game is in fact is a series
of fetch quests while you walk around on your cell phone talking to all sorts
of crazies on board this ship. So you're not alone, the enemies aren't that 
intimidating after a while, the boss fights are few and weak, and the story
really loses all sense in act 3. I understand if this is just the intro to a
great series, but they're just trying to set up too much in this first game 
if so.

Do not get me wrong: this is a great game. You pick up the controller, beat a
chapter or two, then go off to bed or whatever. There's replay value up the
roof and everything about the game is polished and clean. It's a great game,
but not a "classic." It succeeds in showing that the RE4 style of play works
well in any form, but this game needed to deliver more in terms of gameplay
or story depth to outshine the master.

Basically, I'm not itching to play this game 40 times like I probably did with
RE4. I guess blood on every wall, doors in my face every ten seconds, and 
tight quarters aren't my thing.


PS - I forgot to mention BioShock. Instead of water, this game has blood;
instead of Big Daddies, this game has brutes; instead of whatever, this game
does the same thing. BioShock was more like an RPG though, and this game is 
more on the RE4 side of action.

* 2. Controls ( CON2222 )                                                     *

PS3 Controls

X - use, *reload
O - *kinesis to grab then R1 to fire object
SQU - health, *stasis
TRI - inventory, *jump in zero-g
L1 - aim
L2 - run
R1 - melee, *fire
R2 - curbstomp, *alternate fire
RS - look around, aim
LS - move
D-pad - select weapons
START - pause
SELECT - look at the map, objectives, inventory, and database

*press L1 (aim) and the button

**I assume the 360 controls match these, with maybe the shoulder buttons being
switched or something.

* 3. Starter Tips ( TIPS333 )                                                 *

#1. Reload before a fight, after a fight, and any and all phases in between.

#2. Use small items, such as med packs, to open up space when your inventory
is full.

#3. Your "gun" has a light, and aiming while you walk is always smart if you
don't get nausiated or something. Don't aim all the time, but don't just run 
around a corner or dart into an uncharted room.

#4. Use the freaking map! When confused, use the map and the locator to help
you find your way around. The locator breaks the fourth wall a bit, but still,
it's there so use it.

#5. Aim for the limbs. That means arms and legs. I like to aim for the legs 
since you know where they will be at all times, and once a leg is gone you can
pick off the "walking arms" at a nicer angle.

#6. Music is bad, especially loud and striking music. If you don't see anything
in front of you when you hear bad music, turn around.

#7. Shoot boxes with lights on them for items, or curb stomp if you wish.

#8. Once you start having too many items to carry, you can probably afford 
anything you need. Once you have all the guns, no sense sitting on 40,000 creds
when you can buy at least one power node and ammo for your favorite gun, such
as the Line Gun. Not to mention med packs if things have become more difficult
for you.

#9. Know the "health" and "inventory" buttons on your controller as they are 
meant to make the game faster. The health button spends a med pack on you, and
the inventory button brings up your inventory if you need to sort or whatever.
Both are when not aiming.

#10. Curb stomp those lighted, green boxes to not waste ammo shooting them, or
kinesis and send into the ground.

#11. If you are a seasoned gamer, probably never need a large med pack. And
you certainly don't need more than 12 med packs in your storage and inventory
combined unless you just can't hold onto them at all.

#12. Upgrade the Cutter, but save the capactiy spots for when you are out of
ammo, then get them. The Cutter is your best weapon, so get it tricked out 
early. Then the line gun, then the force gun. Never need to touch the contact
beam's upgrade tree.

#13. About those capacity upgrades, just like Resident Evil 4, you can get
them when you gun is empty to have free ammo. It's just smart.

#14. When you need to drop an item, say for a medium med pack, it makes 
sense to drop a small med pack, if you can't use it, because you're trading
for a better version of what you had. Of course use anything before you drop
it completely. Also, if you are trying to pick up ammo for a gun that can
absorb the ammo, drop something, load that ammo into the gun, and pick up the
other item, duh.

#15. There is no such thing as "run away" because enemies will go from one
area to the next using the vents. So if you can't kill an enemy in one area,
can't do it in the next either. Probably a few exceptions to the rule, but
you really just need to find a way to beat them.

#16. Hard mode is just the same game with tougher enemies. Where knocking off
two limbs for the normals did the trick, you'll probably need to take off at
least two AND it may take more to cut off. Same items and enemy count too, just
less items dropped, unless you're low on ammo it seems. Stasis and wisely using
every shot is the key, especially early. There are a few different enemy 
locations, but it's nothing major.

#17. Save a file at least after chapter 6 just in case of a glitch or something
you may not anticipate. Also, when keeping a normal and round 2, be sure to 
check the files as they may move. Especially once you hit level 10, the file
will dip to below the others.

#18. Tip from having done a cutter/hard run, the only hard thing was not having
the force gun for twitchers and the line gun for the supers. That was really 
it. So if you want a really advanced tip, you only need the cutter, line gun,
force gun, and the contact beam only for its power, but it can be useless.

* 4. Walkthrough ( FAQ4444 )                                                  *

Dead Space Walkthrough

FYI, there is an intro movie if you let the start menu stand for a minute or 
so. Be sure to set it so the logo is barely visible when you start a new game;
not too dark, but not all the way to one side unless you must.

So you start off with just control of the camera as the game begins. Look 
around and get a taste of that bright sun! 

Chapter 1: New Arrivals

<Objective: Walk to the door>

Hangar Bay

Once you have control, feel free to set the subtitles (I would have tried to
press start as the movie played but you know how that goes). 

Move around, get adjusted to the control of Isaac and the camera, then press
select to enter the systems screen. Note that the game doesn't pause and you
can move around like normal as you read; whatever motivates you to do that is
anyone's guess. 

In the systems screen you can toggle between the systems. First is the map,
then objectives, then a database, and an inventory screen. Map is always a good
tool, and only the database has a single, short vid to view. So there isn't a
whole lot here right now.

Just turn around and start the training and by going down the hall your CEC 
suit will load up the tutorial as you move along; this info is in your database
under "training" if you need it later. First you learn to run, but head to the
left shortly after for a med pack. Then go right to get onto the bay walkway.

*NOTE: CEC stands for Concordance Extraction Corporation, or I guess you could
even call your suit RIG.*

Head down toward the door with your group but feel free to watch the little
vid above the door. Then walk to the door - success!

Just throwing it out there, but the blue lights on your spine is your health
meter, if you didn't know that like a year ago.

<Objective: Open the door>

Flight Lounge

Walk up, the blue door will be highlighted, press X or A, and you're in. You
cannot enter the red door, it's locked. 

*NOTE: If this is a second playthrough, feel free to curb stomp the boxes in
here. You can only curb stomp if you have a gun.*

<Objective: Load damage report>

Go inside the lounge and pick up the items on the left. First you must save
at the save station in the corner behind your leader dude. Save, then use the
Locator System (R3) to see that you must open the nearby door. Don't worry,
yet. Just go in and head to the opposite corner to load the damage report onto
the screen.

<Objective: Reach Tram Control>

Hall to Lift Room

Yeah, now you can worry. You can watch your friends get taken out for a while,
then once the door near you is open, RUN! Don't stop, just keep running down 
the hall until you hit an elevator, then go inside and press the button. Once
the door is closed you are perfectly safe.


Did I get ya? Cool. Now you're not safe yet. Go out and look to the left for
what should be the picture you've seen that gives a big hint "Cut off their
limbs." Pick up the Plasma Cutter on the table and there are two boxes to the
right you can open for some items. Well, go around to where the door is and 
before you open it there is some ammo to the left of the door. Pick up the 
energy, then stand back from the door, aim, and fire at the purple lines. And
as the hint suggests, aim for the limbs. Shooting off this thing's head does 
you no good at all.

*NOTE: Don't miss the two boxes to stomp in here too, since you have a gun.*

*NOTE: That enemy is called a Slasher.*

Tram Control Hallway

Just walk down to the other end and through the door. Go left and down, aiming
so you have light, and keep looking to the debris until something runs by. Then
pick up the 1000 credits on the floor and come back. Heading right brings up
a tiny note about health and then you pick up the green thing on the floor,
a health pack. Then pick up the audio log, orange thing, on the floor and it
will auto-play. Through the door now.

*NOTE: This audio log goes in your database, as will pretty much every piece
of info given to you.*

Tram Control

Turn right for a panel on the wall you can open for creds. Head up to the
windows and they will raise to reveal Hammond and Kendra.

<Objective: Repair damaged tram>

Head to the opposite side and look for two blue lights on two lockers and you
can open both for creds and a med pack. Get both, then come back around and 
save at the station on the wall. Don't worry about the big computer where you
entered, you need a data board to use that. Just go through the door that is

Tram Control Hallway 2

*NOTE: You reload by pressing the "use" button while aiming. You can tell your
ammo amount on the gun; hint, it's a number.*

*NOTE: You can use the alternate fire for a horizontal cut, which stays 
permanent unless you press the button again.*

*NOTE: At this time I will not mention the green boxes you can curb stomp, so
keep an eye out, and they are hard to miss.*

If you didn't realize, you can zoom in on your map and move it around for 
easy viewing of the detailed paths. You are supposed to go right, but let's
go left for some fun. Around the corner you can approach the dead body, but
you would be wise to shoot it first; if an item doesn't fall, good chance the
thing is still playing dead with you. Pick up the items, audio log, save,
and then go back the other way.

Open the door, surprise, and then down the hall for yet one final reminder 
you must shoot the limbs.

*NOTE: You can use a small health pack if you've taken enough damage to have
lost a unit of health. Health bar is your blue spine, four units.*

Tram Tunnel

Go left for creds, then right for a Stasis Module by the spazzing door. Use it,
just like slow motion for so many other games only this just affects the thing
you are aiming at. The door is closed and you have about five seconds or so
to get through; there is a recharge port on the right if you somehow waste all
of it.

Access Hallway

Pick up a stasis pack and then save. If you go right there is an item by the 
door and a bathroom with a few items, and the lights will go out for a moment,
not long and no enemies appear. Take the door at the left end.

Tram Repair

In the corner nearby is a Power Node in a box on the wall. You can then 
activate the panel nearby, then up the walkway to fight with a morph who will 
bust out of the wall by the dead guys. Kill it, at least a leg and arm, then 
pick up the creds and audio log by the bodies; there is also a stasis recharge
if you really needed to use it. 

There is also a box on the wall, but once you open it and grab the creds, of
course another, bigger morph will jump through the adjacent panel on the wall,
so be ready. 

Now you must drag the tram into the repair area. You should have already set
the first arm, and it is a permanent grab. For the one on this side the arm 
does not stay for very long. Press the panel to send out the arm, use your 
stasis to slow it down, then run up the ramp and activate the main panel to 
pull in both arms and complete the objective.

*NOTE: Always use recharge stations no matter how little juice you have used.
The stasis meter is the tiny blue circle on your back.*

<Objective: Find Data Board>

As the tram is being repaired, quite loudly I might add, a morph will come 
out of the wall by the door. Fell free to use stasis, and I would recommend
you do. Stasis used on these guys seems to last a long time, and once you knock
off two limbs and/or see an item drop, that means you've killed it.

Once that is done, check your objective, map, locator and head back. A new 
type of morph teases you in the hall, so wait until he leaves and then go
save your game. Head to the tunnel, slow the door, and then go out. Refill
before going down the tunnel becuase there are two morphs who strike from the
floor vents. One is standard, the other is a leaper. You can try to use stasis
on them if you can hit them, but try to shoot them above all else.

Now backtrack and head down the left path in the hall you started in, you 
should have already killed the morph around the corner, save, and then take
the Maintenance Lift down.

<Objective: Find the Maintenance Bay Key>

Maintenance Bay

You start with two Necromorphs, one in front and one to the right. Kill both,
maybe stasis one, and then collect any fallen ammo. To the right is a vent 
panel on the wall and a morph does come out when you approach. There is a red
cannister on the ground you can use on this one, the first one, or the third
morph who is walking down the catwalk as well; that's four in total. Kill them
all and then check the map. You can go one of two ways, either left or toward
the elevator, and there is one more monster and a box on a wall at a dead end;
if you come from the upper path, you can use the red cannisters on the monster,
so long as he doesn't come from somewhere else I guess. When done, take the 
lift up.

*HARD: I had about six shots entering this area, so you very well will have 
less. I just killed the first dude in front of me, then ran to the locked door
in the corner. From here I killed the the other two enemies using the ammo
they dropped. When I went down the ramp I tried to use the cannisters on the
other two that appeared, but that didn't help much. Luckily I had enough ammo
to skirt by, but if you are low on ammo, you'll have to run to the clip in 
front of the lift and to that wall box on the lowest level. Remember, you have
melee attacks and should have plenty of health (if you didn't get the tip,
you cannot rely on the cannisters to kill these enemies).*

There's a box on the wall to the left, then be ready for the monster hiding in
the dead bodies. Kill it, be ready for another down the walkway, and then you
are free to grab the key, energy, and text log. One more morph as you head back
to the lift; take it back down. 

<Objective: Find Data Board>

Another monster who attacks when the lift doors open, so be ready. Use your 
locator to go right and then up the ramp to the locked door. Use the key and 
go in for a single open locker, the Data Board, and an Upgrade Bench. Use the
bench to spend those power nodes to upgrade either your Cutter, RIG suit, or 
Stasis power. I believe that for all you have to start where the arrow points
and there of course needs to be something in that spot or there's no reaons to
use it. So pretty much you only have power and capacity for you Cutter. Get
both and exit.

<Objective: Call the Tram>

Leaving the room you are attacked by a morph over the rail, and hopefully you 
can pop that red tank to blow him up, then look to your right for one more
enemy. When you head back to the door to exit, beware the dead-looking morph
on the ground because he is alive, so be ready, or run by and into the lift,
I think (just shoot it). 

Go back up and be ready for a morph to blaze in and attack. Then go save now,
or save at Tram Control. Get back to the main room (the windows auto-open once
you enter FYI), insert the board into the big computer by the opposite door, 
then use the smaller computer by the window to call the tram. Save again after
the other two are safe and then start heading back the way you came.

<Objective: Return to Kellion>

*NOTE: I hope you realize you can only carry so many items, so use small med
packs when full or toss them to take on more items. And of course, reload at
all times.*

Just go back the way you came, use the locator if you must, and there are 
really no enemies from the control room to the workshop lift; bit watery in the
workshop though. Once up, you're kinda baited by one of those morphs you fled 
from earlier; noticed I used the word "baited." Follow him around the corner 
twice and he will jump into a vent. You have better run to this corner and 
then be ready for an ambush from both sides by two monsters, so freeze either
one and quickly pick apart the other. 

*HARD: If low on ammo, just run to the exit door, freeze the morph, wait a 
while for the door to open, and go through. This is one of the few times when
enemies don't crawl the vents to the next area.*

Then it's all safe in the flight lounge, and I guess you are contacted by one
of the "red shirts" from your party. Save and then back to the ship. A leaper 
will drop down on the catwalk as you approach, so freeze if you can and then
cut those limbs off.

Head into the ship and load the damage report. After you see the stuff hit 
the fan, turn and run out the ship for a short clip. Once you are back in 
control, you can run all the way down the end of this walkway, it's open, or
just fight off the four Necromorphs right here, whatever works for you, but
try to save any Stasis for the leaper one. 

<Objective: Go to the Medical Deck>

Then listen to the vid from your friends as you make your way back toward
the lounge. Now instead of going right down the path you took, just use the 
door on the left that is now open. 

Hallway to Tram

Go right into a bathroom, and aside from any graffiti to read, there is a 
large med pack on the men's side, and no monsters for once. Then go out, open
the boxes, and take the lift down to the Tram.

Tram Station

There is a store terminal in front of you, so let's use it. At the store you
can buy a Pulse Rifle or Line Gun, suit upgrade, power node, or items you
can find all over. I think you should get the suit upgrade if you have the 
dough (I was just 200 over). Even if you don't, I would consider saving up for
it because unless you really can't handle these bad guys, which you should be
able to, then I guess you can buy a gun. Again, get the upgrade, you could
even sell some of your bigger health packs from the inventory screen.

As far as inventory, the upgrade gives you three extra slots. You don't need
the large med pack, and if you keep all your small packs you should only need
one medium pack at the most. Of course if you don't have enough items to make 
these decisions, keep everything you got. You need the energy, stasis module,
and it's easy to carry all your small health packs. Carry one, two at the most,
medium packs. I guess you could sell them, but just store them for now.

Then you can use the bench if you've somehow obtained any nodes, then get on
the tram to end this chapter. Save of course.

Chapter 2: Intensive Care

<Objective: Retrieve the Captain's RIG>

Tram Station

Get out and go see the wounded gal and let her go peacefully. Pick up the 
Kinesis Module and now you can move objects. You pick them up by aiming and 
once you have them you press the shoot button to throw them. There is no limit
to how much you can use it.

There is a med kit among the all too deliberately-placed body bags, there is a 
store, but first move the crates in the hallway and pick up the Schematic.
These add items to the store; this one adds a Flamethrower to the store. You
don't need to go back to the first store, just use it up ahead.

Security Station

Keep going enter what is your only safe haven. There are creds on the floor,
a box in the little room, a locker, and another store; don't miss the item
in the body bags in the corner. 

I don't think you want to buy the flamethrower unless you really feel like 
wasting some creds. Save your game.

<Objective: Find the Thermite>

Main Lab

Head up the middle door to the Main Lab, called "Research Wing" over the door.
You are told how to use the alternate fire for your gun, and for the Cutter
it's a horizontal cutting angle. Go down the hallway and you'll hit a broken
door. There is a recharge for your stasis on the wall, and then some ammo in
the nearby dead bodies. Slow the door and go through.

On the wall to the left is a box with creds, then go around the little wall
to find some ammo. When you try to move up the room, an alarm goes off and then
the infected appear. You can run any direction you like, but there are two from
both sides that appear, but not four at one time; I advise making your way to
the other side of this upper area and fend them off, but don't take the lift 
down just yet. Once you take care of them, stay up here and you should hear 
one more monster somewhere. He's below you, so take him out, then find the 
lift at the opposite end of the walkway to go down there.

*HARD: So I saw a female slasher, and if I'm not mistaken, they did not show
up at this point on normal. I would also like to say that there was a second
torso on the ground and only three enemies from the vents. Same number of
enemies, different types though. Remember, stasis and use that recharge.*

There is a recharge to the left, and the door to the left of the lift is open,
and inside there are lockers and a box to shoot. Once you come out and try to 
advance up the room, four more enemies will use the vents on the walls to 
ambush you. You can either run to the bathroom and hide, or just use your 
fighting skills to fend them off; don't forget you have two powers to use, 
stasis and kinesis, and any guns you may have bought. 

*NOTE: Fans from broken vent panels make for nice weapons, if you can find 

After you fight them off, there are items around the perimeter of the room,
even in that door by the lift that was locked. In the bathroom is an audio log
and in the middle room is a video log. Also in the middle room is a shelf that
prevents access to a "hidden" area. Just use kinesis to slide it over. Inside
there is a text log, a gold semiconductor, and two lockers of items; the 
conductor is sell bait. Now just go to the corner room by the lift for items 
in the lockers and then save.

Bio Lab

Go in and forward to watch a bit of a scene at the window; ammo in the corner
to the right. Anyway, go in and it's safe upon entry, but when you look to
the left and see the box to shoot on the ground, you'll meet the new enemy.
Let's call them "babies" for now, and I guess they have guns on them or 
something. It's best to use the horizontal firing mode (alt fire), and you can
only shoot at one of the three arms when they are out. When the arms are 
retreated you can do nothing. Just shoot the arms and the thing will die. Shoot
the box, grab the energy by the doc, then another in the corner, and then take
the lift up. There is one more baby hiding by the door up here, but you don't
have to move far from the lift for him to come out, and then if you notice 
the orange glass on the right, another baby will bust out of there when you
get close. Kill them both and go through the door; there is an item behind
the containers up here.

*NOTE: They are called Lurkers, just FYI.*

*HARD: They seem to move their tentacles around and make them harder to hit,
so watch out for that. Also, they seem to move into you much quicker, so be
ready to fend them off, or just back up when you meet one.*

Grab the thermite, energy, and the power node from the wall box. Go out and 
back to the broken door. Freeze it and go through, but be ready for a quick 
fight with two monsters; use stasis on both since the recharge is right there
on the wall. Return to the security area (look in the body bags for an item I
missed earlier), use the store, and then save.

<Objective: Find the Shock Pad>

Now may be a really good time to buy a new gun, since guns don't take up a 
slot in your inventory. Guns are set to the d-pad for easy access. I say get
the Line Gun, or Flamethrower, or both. If you have so far not struggled with
the "more than two enemies" encounters, then perhaps you are fine without them.
Still, now is a good time to at least get the Line Gun. It's alt fire is a 
timed mine that uses the same ammo as the normal fire. 

*NOTE: Line Gun uses Line Racks while the Flame gun uses Flame Fuel, in case
you were wondering. So no, plasma energy does not work for all guns. This means
if you want the extra guns, probably need extra item slots via the upgrade for
the suit if you don't already have it.*

*NOTE: I don't care much for the flamethrower, but it does help for big 
fights with many enemies.*

*HARD: You only need four packs of plasma energy at the most, even if you are 
on a Plasma Cutter only run. Minimum is two, which is 50 rounds of ammo.*

Imaging Diagnostics

Save and go through to the next area. Despite the sound, just keep going until
you run into the poor fellow who is obviously just bored waiting for death. 
Pick up the ammo in the corner, recharge, and go through the door.

*NOTE: There is a text log to the left of the bench that I missed.*

Quick scare and then go left and spend your node on the door. Inside is some
ammo, an audio log, and a conductor; you can only get the audio log now, so
that's why we used it. Then come around and use kinesis to move the tank all 
the way to the left. Once you move forward you have a chance to test out the 
Line Gun on two leapers; stasis them if you must.

After that, go left and into a small room where someone is freaking out on 
the other side of the table. Go counter-clockwise around the table, picking up
the two items, then pick the power node out of the box, and then be ready for
the monster to surprise you out of the vent. Now feel free to spend you node
at the bench for that second cutter damage upgrade. 

Come back out and notice that the lift and other door are both locked. Well, 
look on the ground and there is a block. Get on the side of the lighting bolt
symbol and pick it up. To the right of the lift is a slot on the wall to insert
the block and power the lift.

Take it up and if you didn't position the tank into place earlier, move it so
that you can walk across. A leaper comes on the vent in front of you, so get 
him while he's on the wall, and then when you try to go right there is normal
enemy out the wall. Pick up their items, use the recharge station, and then 
move the tank to this side to walk over. Use the Cutter to shoot the box to
the right of the door and then save.

Zero-G Therapy Hallway

When you open the door in front of you, you're outside of the ship. A timer 
appears on your back to tell you how long you have before you die. Don't worry
for now, there are just two items in lockers to grab, then a quick look at the
view, and then go through the other door. Of course it takes about two seconds
through a door before it closes again.

*CUTTER: If you are on a cutter-only run, hard mode or not, you don't need to
ever pick up ammo for other guns, unless you have a ton of extra space.*

Zero-G Therapy

Open the next door and you're in the first zero-g area. You must aim like 
you would use your other two powers, then press the jump button (Y or TRI)
while aiming to leap. Use your Cutter here so you move quicker. All you can do
is go to the opposite platform, so get there however you wish. Once to the 
locked door, grab one of the many power blocks and stick it in there. Go in 
for creds on the ground and two lockers, then the Shock Pad.

<Objective: Destroy Barricade>

Go back into the chamber and a single leaper appears from under the platform
with your exit. Just use kinesis to grab a cannister and shoot it at him while
he's on the side wall, then get back and go out.

Enter the outside area ready to fight one enemy, then another when you're 
through the other door; both are hard to hear because there is no sound in 
space, or music apparently. 

Go through the door to be in the Diagnostics area, save, use the recharge, and
be sure to move the tank so you can get across. When you are near the lift,
be ready for one enemy through the vent, and when you get on the lift there is 
a leaper to the right on the wall. Also, going down the lift, if you look
on the wall below you to the right you should see ammo on a ledge.

*NOTE: Feel free to use that power node you picked up at this bench if you
want to. However, I think you should save it, trust me. If you used it earlier
or want to use it now, you may want to buy another at the shop.*

Head back to the hallway with the dead guy, but have your Cutter set to 
horizontal ready. Look at the doorway to the hall for little crawlers to swarm
after you. Shoot them, or use your fire, and if they get on you you'll need to
press the button displayed to shake them off. One thing I found to work was to
stasis them all, stomp them with my alt fire while not aiming, and shake off
the rest. It costs some health, but it saves ammo. If you got lots of ammo,
stasis them and shoot away to save health. Your call. Head back to the security

That schematic from way back adds Pulse Ammo for the Pulse Rifle. If you have
the Line Gun and the Flame gun, no need to buy the rifle at the moment unless
you really want to. Remember, if you have too much energy and you like the 
Line Gun better, you only need two spots for energy in your pack. If you 
haven't used a med pack in a while, just keep three small ones. Then use the 
Thermite Bomb on the barricade and then save your game.

<Objective: Retrieve the Captain's RIG>


Approach the door and Hammond calls you, then go in for a video log on the 
ground. After that's over, go up and through the door. A box to the left, then
go through the door and be ready for two babies to attack from directly ahead
of the door; remember, only hit the arms. There is ammo to the right by the
dead guy, ammo by the power block, and the items in a room with lockers; 
there is also a recharge station if you need it. Just take the power block 
and stick it into the slot by the door if you want the lights turned on
quicker. Then go through when done.

Emergency Room

Be ready for a baby, then a normal enemy when you step inside, both will be
in front of you. When you get to the corner, two morphs from the right and one
from behind you.

You may have noticed that locked door. Well, beside it is a panel that will
ask if you want to use a power node to get inside. You should have one if you
didn't waste it at the bench on your way back. No big deal, there is just 
ammo and a schematic for Line Racks. 

Keep going and when you hit the second half of this area, to the left in the 
corner is an audio log. Now go up along the beds and toward the end a few 
monsters will ambush you from both sides. Best to stasis at least the one in
front of you, then run to the end, turn, and kill the other two. Items are
to be found with a schematic. Come back, go through the door, watch the eerie
scene, and then go around and pick up the text log on the floor. Save and 
go through the next door, pick up audio log, listen, kill baby at the corner,
and then take the elevator down.


Move forward and keep an eye on the window. Eventually an "infector" will drop
down and turn the Captain's body into a morph. The objective quickly changes 
to tell you to kill him, but if you have the Line Gun with a power upgrade, it
should just take two hits to the leg to take him out, then about two to the 
infector to take it out. Then you are free to collect the items about the room:
text log, creds, RIG, creds in a body drawer on the wall, more creds, a med
pack, and a power node. Then you take the door next to the exam room to take 
a lift back to the start of the clinic.

*HARD: Best to use a stasis on him, or the infector, or both. If you don't 
have full stasis and you should have a stasis pack, use it. If you don't
the infector will quickly make more enemies. This also applies to Cutter-only

<Objective: Get back to Tram>

Head straight into the starting room to face another Super Slasher, same
as the Captain. Now head back to the Tram with no fear of enemy encounters. 
You can save, shop (nothing you should need so store items if anything),
and then back on the Tram to end chapter.

*NOTE: Stasis packs just refill your stasis, they are not the power itself.*

Chapter 3: Course Correction

<Objective: Re-fuel Engines>

Tram Station

A box on the ground to the left and another in the waiting area. Head to the
control room.

Control Room

This is another crossroads in your path. For now there is an audio log by the
dead guy, items in the lockers, a store, a locker to the left, and a save 
station. No reason to use the store unless you wish to purchase a power node;
but only one in case you need 10,000 creds later. After that, take the door to
the right to enter the machine shop.

*HARD: For everyone really, just start curb stomping that dead body, pull it 
off and stomp off the limbs and the head. That way when you come back you 
won't have to fight the super!*

Machine Shop

Go down the ramp and then aim at the body on the ground, get close, and then
kill it when it's up (perhaps shoot it with the Cutter first if you don't want
to get close). Then go into the men's room to the left for an audio log, a
Flame Fuel schematic, and then two lockers with ammo. Come back out and follow
the path to a bench, where you'll find a text log to the right of it. At the
bench you could always use your two nodes on the top of the Line Gun tree to
get a reload, but then you'll use one on an open spot, so do as you wish.

Refueling Chamber

Go up and left; something under your feet. There is a med in the tiny sleeping
area, then if you go around you'll run into an enemy, but before you follow
that path forward, go right for creds and a box, which is on the path if you
had gone right at the start of this catwalk. So keep following the path (use
the locator if I've confused you), and you'll hit a fork in the road. You can
pull the gondola to the right, but you need to go left. There's a box with
creds on the wall. 

On the left path, go right to hit the fueling panel. Use kinesis to pull the 
handle down and the thing will fuel up. You can go up to face an enemy and some
of those crawling things (there's a wicked blade on the ground to the right).
There's an item and a door back to the control room further up this path, but
you need to go back. 

Now use the gondola, pull it to you if you didn't already, and take it across.
Don't get comfortable though. No, there are no enemies that attack you on the 
ride, but there are about four of them when you're across, one a hyper. Use 
your line gun's mines before you get across; stick em in front of where the 
ride will end. There are also a few cannisters you can use kinesis on, or just
explode with a shot, but better to grab them with you power before the ride 
ends. When it does stop, hopefully you've done enough setup before the end so
that you only have one or two to fend off.

Pick up dropped items and pop a box on the right. Then follow the path to the 
left for a box on the wall, then keep going to get an audio log among some 
bodies. Follow the ramp up to see a slippery enemy escape into a vent. Go to 
that end, he won't pop up, but get the item out the box down the path and then
turn right for a stasis pack in a dark corner. Then follow the path to a save
station, with a schematic nearby. Then push down the fuel handle to complete
the objective. Feel free to save again if you're OCD like me.

<Objective: Activate Centrifuge>

Three babies, not all at the same time, will attack when you head back (if
one grabs you, just mash the button to free yourself). When you're down the 
ramp, head forward for a power node in a blue box and creds on a shelf; feel
free to bring that cannister with you too. Get back on the gondola and take it
back across. Don't worry about that enemy that runs by, I think he's just the
enemy you may have already beaten. If you didn't take the shortcut to the 
control room and cleared it earlier, then there is an enemy and crawlers 
waiting for you.

Go through the door to be on the opposite side of the control room where you'll
see an infectore turn the body into a hyper enemy. There is a box at the end
of this walkway if you want it. When you open the door to the control room, 
be ready to stasis the hyper or infector, then pick them apart with what you
have. Be mindful that retreating back through the doorway is a cheap way to
keep them away to some degree, but it's easiest just to kill them outright.

*HARD: Should just be the infector, and if you want a capacity for the plasma
cutter and you used it to kill the thing, go to the bench, or maybe get an
extra node to give it power.*

Once they are dead, visit the store to unload your schematics, which one gives
you a new gun to buy, the Ripper. This gun is worth a buy if you have the 
creds for it. Then for the sake of being on the same page, let's go down the 
left path to the centrifuge, left from entrance of the control room; opposite
the save station.

*NOTE: The first fire of the Ripper sends out a blade the length of the 
laser and holds it in place as it spins. So it's like a chainsaw with wicked
range. The alt fire shoots that blade straight. So the first fire mode is the 
best as it lasts about five seconds.*

*CUTTER: For you cutter-only people, consider buying a power node to go with
the one you got and at the next bench buy BOTH reloads to make up for not
having a single capacity upgrade, or buy a capacity on your way to one of the
damage nodes. Considering you only have the cutter, going through a capacity
node without needing ammo isn't so bad.*


There are tons of lockers with creds, ammo, and an audio log. Then use the 
bench to upgrade whatever you please; maybe the Ripper, but probably the Line
Gun first. Then into the decon chamber. Yes, during this wait you are amushed,
but only by three enemies. This is a good time to test out the Ripper if you
got it. The enemies drop from the opposite side, so just stay by the door you
came in from. They drop one after the other, so shouldn't be too hard picking
them off, and you always have stasis. The last one is a leaper who will be on
the walls. Once it's over, go out the door and get a locker before heading 
through the next door.


Go to the left for a node and item. Then go all the way back for two items by
an open hole in the wall, one a conductor. Go through the door, pick up the 
air can, and then save.

*HARD: It would not be a bad idea to go back, spend your new node, and then go
back to the store and deposit extra med packs. Depends on if you want to drop
items or if you plan to get hit a lot I guess.*

Enter the centrifuge and then go left to bring out two leapers below you, so
consider jumping to the ceiling or floor so they don't have any angle to attack
you from; remember there are a ton of cannisters so long as the enemies are 
not right next to you. You're locator points you to a panel on a walkway,
but first you must insert those two power blocks into the centrifuge. There is
a stasis recharge by the control panel if you need it. 

*NOTE: There is a floating box to shoot, an oxygen recharge on the floor, and
remember to use kinesis on items that are floating out of your reach, such as
dropped ammo.*

Get on the floor and go to one of the two power blocks. Notice the front has a
spinning thing. You need to stasis that, then use kinesis to gently insert the

block into the slot. After you set in each one, a leaper will attack. Do this
on both sides and then return to activate the panel.

<Objective: Manually ignite the Engine>

*NOTE: Don't be shy to use any air cans if you are running low, but the 
standard RIG level 2 air supply should be enough.*

The gravity is back to normal, and there is no air in here, so your oxygen 
meter is going down. No panic, just take the lift behind the panel down; get 
on the lift as the automated voice is talking to not waste time. Watch out down
here, there is a big spinning block that you cannot stasis. Wait for it to go
by and run to the right into a nook, fight an enemy that drops in, then run to
the next safe nook in the same way for oxygen. Run to the next nook as a leaper
enters with you, so be ready for a close quarters combat. Should have 30 secs
of air left, plenty to make it to the next nook, up the lift, run to the exit,
grab the item in the box on the right, then run in and hopefully the door 
closes in time. Grab an item on the floor and save. Have your line gun in 

Go out and a big ass arm grabs you and slowly drags you away. You can still
aim at the big yellow spot on the arm. Two line gun blasts should get you 
free. Then make your way back to decon, where one monster waits on the other 
side. Feel free to use a node at the bench, maybe for air on your RIG if you've
been running low on it, then back to the lift.

Store, most likely just to store items, save, and then through the newly 
unlocked door on the left side. 

Fuel Storage

Enter the next door to be out in space. There is a box and two items floating 
about that you can kinesis to you (retreat into the ship if you take a long ass
time getting them). When ready to leap, look straight and jump to a flat piece
of floor, then be ready to fight two leapers, or just jump to the ground, but
they are quick so I suggest you fight them. Jump to the opposite floor, then 
walk up the "bridge"-like piece up the wall to reach the door, then stand away
from the door so it closes.

Engineering Storage

Go through the next door to his loud area, but no worries. Just grab the 
schematic on the floor, then the item in the box and move on. No enemies in
this shaft either. Go left and into the first door for some items and an audio
log. Then go into the right side closet for a text log, power node, and more
items. Then come back out and take the lift down.

This level have two more closets with just a few med packs. The one on the far
side have three crawlers, keep an eye on that dude, and then you'll be teased
by monsters running about. Take the lift down and enter the first room on the
left. Don't bother shooting the box, it's a trap with three crawlers inside.
There's one item and then a stasis recharge. Come out, the guy in the corner 
will moan like a little baby at times, then stasis the door for a morph to 
run out and attack. Recharge if you must, then go through the door.

*NOTE: Before that enemy goes beyond the stasis-ed door, shoot his legs and 
maybe he will get caught when the door normalizes.*

Before going through the stasis door, be sure to have spent that node 
on the locked door on the side. Has ripper ammo schematic and more items.

Engine Room

Down the hall you should see a cannister. Grab it and move forward until you
hear and see crawlers coming down the ramp. They are trailed by a normal enemy,
so let them get down the ramp, then fire to the center of them and hopefully
you get all the enemies in one blast. Then move forward and save.

*NOTE: I believe there was a med pack atop that ramp, and if you can't bring it
with you, set in in front of the save point for when you come back through.*

Take the left door to see a sight to behold. Use the line gun to cut off as 
many legs as you can, then finish them off however from long range. Once the
normals enemies are gone, a Pregnant will emerge. DO NOT aim for the legs or
stomach. Use the line gun and aim for the shoulder area to get those big arms.
If you do rupture the stomach, not only do you unleash a ton of crawlers but 
the mother also stays alive for a while. If you have to fight them off, 
hopefuly you have a flamethrower to handle them. 

*NOTE: Pregnants are super slow, and there are a bunch of cannisters in the 
little room on the right if you want blast it and then the little ones away.
Also saw blades on the ground, FYI.* 

After that is over with, there are a lot of items all over the place. Two are
in the upper area in boxes, more ammo to the left and right of the main 
computer, and a power node in that room; not to mention any dropped stuff by
the enemies. It's a good idea to grab the cannisters from the side areas and
place them anywhere in front of the computer; maybe even those saw blades too.
When ready, use the computer. 

Now you have to fight about six enemies, slashers and leapers. I like to go up
the ramp to the right of the computer and hold my ground by attacking anything
that comes up the ramp. Remember any items you may have left lying around, and
the cannisters. When that's over with, use the computer again, then exit this 
room. Save and use the opposite door.

*NOTE: Don't reload after the fight if you want to spend a node on a capacity 
upgrade, such as for the cutter.*

<Objective: Return to the Tram>

Just two items down this hallway, both to the left. Follow the path back to the
control room, one enemy appears, then unload your schematic and conductor at
the store. Store any other items, then save. Now back to the tram and end this

*HARD/CUTTER: Don't reload after that fight, and you should have at least 50
thousand cred, so buy at least one node, maybe even two, and go spend them at
the bench in the shop area. Should be able to get that last damage node.*

Chapter 4: Obliteration Imminent

<Objective: Meet Hammond>

Tram Station

Just three items, then through the door after the vid.

Atrium Hallway

Item on the floor, then two scares before you reach the store. Into the next

Main Atrium

There is an audio log up and to the right. There are three items around by the
surrounding computers and several boxes on the sides that are open; feel free
to return to the store and sell or put some stuff away. Then go up the middle
to reach a save station. Turn around to take the lift down.

*NOTE: Also, there are about 8 boxes on the sides of this area that have 
items. They are hard to spot.*

*CUTTER: Feel free to pick up extra ammo for other guns if you have four or
so empty spots, like from here on out. You can easily drop them if you don't
make it to selling them.*

Captain's Nest

A schematic at the bottom, then go through the door to meet Hammond. There are
four boxes on the walls, two should be open, a box on the left, and a text log
to read after Hammond is done talking. Then come out for a quick scare, then up
the lift.

<Objective: Activate Elevators>

*NOTE: Use a stasis pack if you don't have any juice.*

*HARD: You could slip to the left and buy that level 3 suit if you want to,
not a big deal.*

Save if you like, then head to the door behind the elevators to run into your
first Brute. Don't freak out, especially if you have good stasis power. Simply
freeze it, run behind it, and then aim for any yellow you see. You can also hit
yellow along his shoulders in the front, but hitting his back side is easy. 
Use your Line Gun ammo on his back, and when out feel free to shoot between his
armor in the front; at the joints. He tends to lie on the ground for long 
periods of time, which means you can hack away at his back. When he's damaged
enough, he'll stand up, shake a bit, and then shoot some blob at you. You can
kinesis it and shoot it back if you like, or just keep moving to the side to
avoid it. A few line racks and then a bunch of Cutter ammo and about three
stasis blasts should be enough to take him out.

After he's gone, go into that room, turn on the elevators at the computer,
get a power node, get items in the back closet, and then use the bench; should
have 3 or so power nodes to spend. Then go out and take the first elevator up
to the ship systems.

<Objective: Re-route ADS Power>

Ship Systems

Weird vid. Three items in this first room, then go save. Go into the closet up
ahead, kill the slasher before it wakes up, then collect the items, recharge,
and don't miss that schematic outside the door. Keep going to enter a room
with some missing panels on the floor, so watch out. The first enemy you see
behind the walls will suffer the fate of stepping on one of these panels. 

Go to the right to again watch a baby get flung to the ceiling. I shouldn't
have to tell you, but don't step on those panels. Go around the corner for a
baby to attack, then when you keep going a slasher comes out of the ground from
where you entered this area, so just wait and kill him. When you go around the
next corner, two babies attack, so take them out quickly.

Recharge you stasis on the wall. Move the clutter, then go left and walk 
forward to meet with a second brute. Now, all I did was stasis him, shoot at 
his shoulders, then I went left and around the pillar in the corner, making 
sure he followed. The result was him getting stuck in the corner. From there I
just Cutter-ed him to death at the shoulders. Of course if you aren't so lucky
then just use stasis and aim for the shoulders as you maneuver around the 

Once you take him out, go to the back, stasis the wires, go around them, and
use the panel to get the first ADS power. Grab the med pack in the corner if
you need it and then make your way back to the save point, with two slashers
in the hall with the save station. Save and then head back down. 

Five leapers attack, from the walls and places unseen. Best to use the cutter
for the long-range attacks, unless you have a lot of line gun ammo. Kill them,
collect dropped items, then exit the atrium to hit that store from earlier.

One of your schematics yields a level 3 RIG, so get that. Now, you may have 
noticed that line gun ammo is scarce, the flamethrower is crap, and the ripper
is kinda crap too. Now is a great time to store the flamethrower and buy the
Contact Beam, but skip the Pulse Rifle. Should have Cutter, Contact Beam, Line
Gun, and maybe the Ripper. Save if you're OCD like me.

Take the elevator facing the save station, go to level 1.

*NOTE: There is a tricky bit to this about the logs. You see, no matter what
you do, there is NO WAY to get all the logs from this chapter in your first
game. In order to get them all you will need to play a round 2, and then you
will have to switch the order in which you get these next two ADS power
sources. If you want to get the out-of-order one first, then go to level 3

Mining Administration Hallway

Two boxes to open, one that should be closed on the wall. Save and then out
the door. Move up and then this place turns to a vacuum. Look out the door and 
grab the item with kinesis that's to the right. You can retreat into the closet
up the hall for items and a bench; but unless you must, save your node for a
door, or buy the first air node for the RIG. Come back out and proceed to the
end of the hallway, through two doors into the admin area.

Mining Administration

*NOTE: To save yourself later grief and avoid the supers after you press the 
button, go ahead and kinesis both the bodies on the ground into the gravity
tiles, then shoot the legs off the ones above your head.*

There are two supers in front of you, so now is a good time to charge up the
Contact Beam and take them both out. To the left is a single item in a box.
To the right is a storage area with a text log, items, and a power node. When
you come back to the main room, on the right and up is a door that takes one
node to open, so do so if you don't mind giving it up. Items in here, and a 

Back in the main room, navigate up and around the broken panels, but be ready
for a baby to attack. Approach the computer and when you use it, an infector
behind you turns that dead body into a super. Use a contact blast to take out
the super, but watch the vents for the infector, and pulse rounds take him
out if you have time to switch over. Now back your way back, save, and then 
up to level 3.

*NOTE: Of course it was just the infector if you de-limbed the bodies.*

*NOTE: If you saved both nodes, spend one on air for the RIG. If full on items,
feel free to stop at level 2 to dump stuff at the store.*

ADS Lower Hall

Yikes, what's his problem? There's an audio log, schematic, boxes on the 
walls, and a save station; venture too far into the room and you'll fight the
next two enemies. First is a pregnant around the corner (aim for the arms),
then a super drops in (not sure if you need to, but avoid hitting the dead
pregnant). Kill both, collect items, save if you didn't already, then use the

<Objective: Destroy the Asteroids>

Take the door near the computer, then the first door on the right for items.
Take the door at the end of the hall to take the lift up.


*NOTE: One RIG air upgrade at the bench should be enough for this area, 
otherwise you'll need to use that air can. Or just play it smart and either
use your eyes or the map to find the air recharge stations along the corridor.*

Yeah, that air can may be kinda important to pick up if you can. Open the door
and the next, then look to the right and up two blocks to see an oxygen station
on a block. Quickly point, aim, to the ground behind the block, and jump over
there. Replenish your air as the asteroids bombard the area around you; just
stay directly behind this and you're safe. Once it's over, run along this 
side up to the next block and hide again. Then continue to run up, maybe up two
blocks, but when you get toward the end, jump to the middle, wait for one more
spray, and then run for the door and inside; feel free to use that air can if
you must, it's not like you'll need it often. 

*NOTE: Objects are closer than they appear, and you have two cannons, one on
the left, one on the right.*

Inside, bust a box, pick up conductor, save, and get on the turret. Now, you
have unlimited ammo, but you cannot hold down the two trigger buttons (the two
buttons you use to aim and shoot, you use both of those). You can keep firing
so long as you don't over-do it. The rocks are very faint in the distance, and
don't mis-judge for going slow, they aren't. You'll need to make quick aiming
and shootings or you'll be too slow, and if you've missed a rock, just let it
go. The counter on your gun is for the ship's hull, so try to keep as many away
as you can, but you obviously won't take them all out; at least you don't have
to. Point, shoot, really nothing more I can tell you other than that big rocks
break into smaller pieces.

*HARD: I believe you start with less hull, and of course the rocks come at you
faster and in bigger numbers. Try to start by aiming when they first appear in
the middle, but they will quickly amp up the pace. You just have to go for 
the numbers, letting a lone one come at you if it's by itself. Go for the
groups, use only both turrets when they are close, and aiming all the way up
or to the side is not a bad way to get those you think are out of reach.*

<Objective: Return to Tram>

After that, save and go back outside. There are just two leapers to fight,
then run all the way to the end and inside; if you don't trust that, use one
of the oxygen supplies on the side like before. Get in to be told you're needed
back at medical.  In the lower hall, there are these squid-like things, three,
so shoot them or just run to the elevator and go down - they're called 
divider parts.

Head to the tram and stop at the store along the way. Your schematic yields a
Force Gun, which you should buy and store the Pulse Rifle. This gun is like a 
shotgun basically. Don't forget to sell those two semiconductors and store
all the other stuff you don't use. Two female slashers ambush you behind the
store, and the force gun doesn't help kill them I'm afraid; maybe the grenade,
the alt fire. Then into the tram.

Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion

<Objective: Find the Chemicals>

Now for the first taste of backtracking in this game. Notice how there are not
only things missing, but new things in these next few areas from last time. 
Just get to the security station and save after the chatter. Your only open
path is to Imaging Diagnostics. 

*NOTE: Some lockers will be open now, like the one here in security.*

*CUTTER: Since your upgrading is fairly narrow, go ahead and on nodes but 
leave 40,000 or so creds to spare.*

Imaging Diagnostics

In this hall there will be two babies to attack. Keep going and into the next
area to see the tank is moving crazy, and there is some ugly thing on the 
wall across the way; if you have a power node, feel free to use the bench. When
to get close to the ugly thing, it spits out baby-things that have one tentacle
to shoot, or they shoot you. Kill them if they pop out, but you want to aim at
the tentacles coming out of that thing. There should be four, then it dies.

*NOTE: If you want to do the right thing to kill these wall monsters, take that
red cannister and shoot it at the thing as all the tentacles are exposed.*

Take the lift up and near the moving platform a baby appears, so shoot it from
afar. Stasis the platform to get across, recharge, then do it again to save.
Into the next area to see the door on the right is open. Take the lift down.

Chemical Lab

Listen to the audio log, then go into the only open door. Schematic, node, and 
a few other items to collect. Go up to the computer and use it twice to get
the chemicals, then you meet a special someone. Use the cutter to try and fell
this new beast, hitting the arms like normal, but it's all futile. Just wait
for Kendra to speak by using your stasis on it, about three times, and then
you're clear to exit the door you entered. Then take the door on the left to
get out of here.

<Objective: Find the DNA Sample>

*CUTTER: For the little guys, feel free to spend a clip of ammo, you can 
always buy more. Then stomp a few or let them get on you and shake them off.
For the second set, just run by them.*

Back in this area, another transmission, but get out the contact beam as those
little crawlers are coming out of that hole in the wall to the left. Get up
close to them and do the alt fire to blast them away. Head back to security, 
but there are more crawlers, and I suggest you run past them and through
the door. The big guy will scare you, so just refill your stasis and head back
to your base area. Catch your breath, save, and visit the store. Now you're off
to the clinc area. 

*NOTE: Depending on your skill level, maybe your difficulty, bring all of your
small med packs and maybe a few extra medium ones. The upcoming fight could
get out of hand if you suck at this game. Bring five med packs minimum, at
least one stasis pack, and maybe a small air can if you want to be safe.*

*CUTTER: At least four full packs of ammo.*


Proceed until you meet the old doc again. Go through the door when it
opens, then be ready for some fierce and nerve-shattering combat. For one,
you still can't kill the regenerator. For two, you must quickly kill all the
other enemies so Kendra will open the door faster. If you can handle those,
then maybe focus on grabbing the items in the room. Basically, you can shoot
the force gun's mines into the big guy to hold him back a lot, then kill the 
female slashers and babies that appear. After you take them out, and you'll
probably be running from one end of the room to the other, then stasis and 
chop up the big guy until Kendra calls, then head for the big door and go

*CUTTER: Your goal is the same as anyone else, you just have to make sure your
stasis hit the big guy and your shots fall on the females. There is one baby,
three females, and the big guy. Just stasis him when he appears, handle a
lady, find the baby and kill it, then stasis as you take out the last two,
all the while going from one end of the room to the other. Not too tough.*

Emergency Room

If you spent a node here earlier, the room on the right will have two lockers
of items. If not, then spend the one you got to restock on stuff. Head down the
hall and grab that red cannister on the left. Use it when the wall creature
spits out all tentacles for a quick kill. Then pick up the conductor and other
item. There are two items at the other end by the crying lady; don't worry,
nothing you can do about her. Then come back and go through the door.

Make your way to the save point, then into Dr. Mercer's Office right behind
it. There is a conductor, audio log, and a bunch of items in here. Then use 
the computer, and then the ol' doc pulls a fast one on ya.

<Objective: Return to Security>

*NOTE: Of course if you have air cans, you can use them, and you can skip
the emergency room air supply if you brought an extra. Or just move fast and 
don't use any. You can shoot a few crawlers, run by them, shake a few off,
and then use a stasis pack so you will be sure to have enough to stasis the
enemies in the clinic.*

Can't save, so don't try, and you can start running back before everyone is
done talking. In the emergency area, at the far end of the first hall is an
oxygen supply, so use it. On the way back you hit a swarm of crawlers, and 
again, use the alt fire of the contact beam (remember, you have to aim). In
the main area, the big guy is gone, but there are a few more enemies in your
way. Just stasis the ones in between you and the door, then run, and in the
last hall there is a baby, but you can just run right past him. In security,
just use the computer near the save point to restore O2 levels.

<Objective: Return to Chemical Lab>

Before you go, sell conductors, get out your health, and maybe bring a few 
stasis packs just in case. Save, then head back into that hallway. At the end
the door closes, but it opens again - wtf? Recharge your stasis and go into
the imaging area. May be that swarm if you didn't kill them. Feel free to spend
any nodes at the bench, then use the lower door to enter the lab.

*NOTE: Last chance for that power node door by the bench. You missed the log
from chapter 2, but the goodies are all still inside if you haven't opened it

*CUTTER: Again, anyone could use this tip. You won't need to buy another RIG
suit for a while, so feel free to spend on power nodes so that you have 35 to
40 thousand creds to spare. Heck, I would almost say you could spend all your
cash, but you never know how much you may need to buy ammo or med packs.*

*HARD/CUTTER: Should just have two capacity nodes for the cutter and the speed
ones, so no need to upgrade that. I would invest four nodes into getting a 
second HP node and at least your first air node for the RIG suit. If you 
haven't gotten one HP node, get one soon. No need to rush that air node, but
do get one in the near future.*

<Objective: Go to Hydrophonics>

Now you must exit via the right door. Go right for some boxes, then left for
lockers and a save. Go through the door.


The fight here has three babies and the big dude. You have a recharge on the
wall, so stasis away. You want to kill the babies, so freeze the big guy and 
hack away at the little ones. Look to the doors by the window, once those are
blue you will go into phase two. It's really easy, just get the regenerator
into the middle column area, stasis him, then run into that room and use the
computer on the window to freeze him for good. Then you are free to collect the
items as you wish, especially the node right behind the computer; an item
between the shelves as you leave.

After that, take the door to the tram station, one item in the waiting area,
and you're done.

Chapter 6: Environmental Hazard

<Objective: Poison the Leviathan>

Tram Station

Audio log and an item, then head to the deck. There is a bathroom on the right,
with items on the ladies' side, and more items and some crawlers on the guys'
side if you get close to the toilets, so kinesis that item. Take the lift up.

Sapling Room

Schematic and some items, then go meet Hammond and more items. After the chat 
go into the next room.

<Objective: Destroy Poison Pods (8)>

Atmosphere Control

Some lockers on the left, and a store. At this point I had enough money to buy
a power node and then buy 10 line racks so I could bring back the old Line Gun
and set the Ripper in storage. That means I have the Cutter, Contact Beam, Line
Gun, and Force Gun, with the force gun only needed for its grenades. Save and
feel free to take a breather before moving on. Take the left door.

*CUTTER: Feel free to buy enough power nodes until you're around 30,000 creds
or so. Should have a lot of spare ammo to sell. Note that you need one node for
a door on this level. One final note, the next RIG suit is in the next level,
so hold onto some of your money.*

Hallway to West Tower

The sprouts here emmit hot water, so don't get close when the lights blink. 
The first room on the left has a box that is probably locked, and the second 
room has a bench; maybe work towards a second damage upgrade for the Cutter.
Come out, avoid the sprouts, collect two wall boxes, then up the lift, kill
the slasher, and through the door.

West Grow Chamber

Items to the right, then come around to the left from the door for items on
the ground, then when you try to advance up the room the ambush is on. The
first wave is two babies and two slashers, then two slashers come in waves from
the back of the room. Just fight them off, or run to the back and go through
the door, however you wish to get through that door.

*HARD: What you want to do, maybe normal players too, is just walk up as you
enter this area, and there will be two slashers and two lurkers pop up. Just
freeze a slasher and take out the other while you move to avoid the babies. 
Then just move up some more to lure out the ambush dudes on the left side of
the room, should be three in all. Then move to the back of the area and be 
ready to the last three or so. Just be patient is all.*

Once inside, move forward to see a Poison Pod wheezing his fumes into the air.
Shoot the box, then shoot him twice with the cutter to take out the first of
eight. Get out your line gun, or strong weapon of choice, turn around, and wait
for the super to leap out of the vent. Go outside for a single baby. Then go
to the opposite end of the area into another room for a second pod. Kill it,
collect the items, come out, shoot the pregnant in the arms, and then head
for the lift in the center of the room to go up a level. There is and item
beside the lift, an item to kinesis to the left of the door, then enter the 
door behind the lift.

*CUTTER: You can curb stomp the poison guys to save ammo, even if not on a 
cutter-only run.*

*NOTE: If you want to take the lift to level 3, do so for more ammo and items.
You could get them now or later, depending on your open inventory slots.*

Hydroponics Control

A locker to the right, then move up and before you kill the pod to the left,
take the two cannisters and place them among the dead bodies in the center of 
the room and put all three on around the cannisters; hopefully you have 3
cutter blades, two for the pod and then one for a cannister. So kill the pod,
then quickly shoot a cannister to not only explode the dead bodies but also
to damage the infectors. Kill them because though they didn't do their job,
they can still kill you (if they jump on you mash the button to kill them).
Exit and take the opposite door to get a box and save.

*HARD: Yes, you could stomp on the bodies to dismember them, but then the 
infectors won't have any bait. At least leave one body whole, but there are 
two of the things that appear. It's up to you if you want to let them get their
hands on bodies so you can blow them up, or just hit them with the cannisters.
You could place one by the door, hit it after you kill the pod, then hit one
placed in the center, or any combination.*

*NOTE: Again, you could take the lift to level 3 for items and a conductor.*

Refrigeration West

You will go inside, turn right, and there is an exploder coming right at you.
Use the force gun to knock him back, then toss grenades from that gun at him
(alt fire), or if it is not too close you can aim for the bulb bomb on its 
side and blow it up. Then a few waves of these things come from the opposite
end, so you could try more grenades or aim for the bombs. Whatever you do,
don't let them get close to you or they blow up. Collect the items and into the
next room.

*NOTE: For all parts zero-g, remember to kinesis the items out of reach.*

In the next room are a few items and a stasis recharge. This part can get 
tricky since I won't lay out the course step by step. Go into the zero-g area,
look up, and kinesis that panel with the arrow on it to the side. Two babies,
which I've long known are called Lurkers but babies sounds better, will fall
out, so kill em. Go through the opening and in this "cage" you would do well to
avoid the spikes, a clever idea. Get over to the side so you can open the next
panel. Jump through and then locate the single baby in this cage. Jump over to
the solid ground and through the door.

Air Filtration

Item to the sides of the door, then get an audio log before taking the lift
down. From here you need to shoot four purple panels to open the path. The
first is on this side, the next is in the first tube, the third is through
the panels of the first tube, and the final one is through the doorway of the
second tube; all of which can be shot with the cutter from the first doorway
without entering the tube. Once the four are down, you're going to make a mad
dash. It's pretty simple, you wait for the fire to pass, then run, in the 
second tube run past the slasher, then keep going to get on the other side.
Then get to the corner behind the pod, kill the slasher following you, then
kill the poison pod.

*NOTE: Jacob Guerro gave me the tip, but I'll flesh it out for him. The flames
come out of one side of the tubes, and if you stasis the hatch that opens you
can delay the flames from shooting. You can still hit all four panels from 
the first door, and you can still run through on one go, but if you get caught
or are fearful of the slashers you can stasis those hatches to be safe. There
is a recharge in the first hall if you need it.*

Take the lift up and go right for two items, then into the control room for two
items and a power node. Then follow the left path and take the elevator back
to the grow chamber. There is a pregnant to the left and two babies on either
side. If you didn't take the central lift up to level 3, do so now for free
items, then return to hallway. 

*NOTE: You can spend all you nodes or whatever, just keep around 40,000 or 
so creds and have one node when you leave the control area.*

Something busts open all the vents, but no worries. Take the lift down, 
careful to avoid the sprouts, use the bench if you wish, and return to the
control center. At the store, sell the conductor, set aside your excess items,
and buy all the ammo you want; probably just four sets of ammo for the line 
gun and cutter. You only need four med packs, medium I would think, and then
feel free to buy two power nodes if you have around 40,000 or so creds. Save
and take the right door.

Hallway to East Tower

Text log, and inside there is a Guardian across the way. Use the cutter on the
tentacles, then the tentacles on the egg-things. There are three doors. The
first one has a bench, the second has a slasher and a box, the third requires
a power node to open. Spend a node on the last door first, collect the items,
then open the second door only if you want to get a single item and kill an
enemy (which could be three items total). Then spend what you wish on the bench
if you haven't done so earlier. Take the lift up and into the next chamber.

*NOTE: Capacity upgrades WILL refill empty guns. This should come into play
with your Cutter if it's empty. It's like a clip-extender and 10,000 cred
ammo in one node.*

East Grow Chamber

*NOTE: I realize that you can use kinesis on boxes, then shoot them at a 
wall to open them, rather than wasting ammo.*

Yep, not as colorful as the other one. Just left of the door is a box on the
wall, then go further left for another box on the wall. The door in front of 
you closes, so move forward with the Cutter/Line Gun in hand as a Brute is 
waiting to the right of the door. Stasis, run behind, slash away, and repeat
until you hear the door open or see the item drop from him. There is another
box on the opposite door to this room, a line rack at the back of this area,
and two boxes in the lower right corner.

*NOTE: By this time I'm all out of Cutter ammo, so the Force Gun is a good
second. With a few power upgrades it's like a shotgun, only you can't focus
the fire on limbs.*

When ready, enter the upper left room, kill the poison pod, collect the items
in the boxes, and recharge on the wall. Exit and enter the upper right room,
but DO NOT open that box unless you want crawlers to shoot. Just collect the
three items and come back out. 

Go to the lift and notice that behind it and on the ground is poison pod under
some glass. What you'll do is use the panel on the right side of the lift,
stasis the glass door, run to the left, and then beam/cut the poison pod from
the opening. Careful not to hit one of the containers or you'll take damage.

Take the lift up to level 3 and kill the lone poison pod up here. Then go
back down to level 2 for an audio log, some items, an item to kinesis to
the left of the locked door, and even a power node in the open door that leads
to refrigeration east; save first.

Refrigeration East

*NOTE: Turn cutter angle to vertical.*

You start with another one of those arms, so use any Cutter ammo to hit that 
yellow spot, or line it to free yourself. An audio log past the next door,
then into the the series of cages. Get under and to the right of the opening in
the ceiling and jump up. From here you must freeze the electric conductor, 
then jump to the wall adjacent, then jump through the hole to fight two babies
to your right.

Now you get to the other side to jump through the hole, kill two babies in this
top cage, then take out the last poison pod. Collect floating items and now 
make the long return trip back down. No enemies, and all I'll say is you need
to be positioned almostf perfectly adjacent to an opening to jump through it;
when you reach the electric part, there is a switch you can press (it's blue)
to turn off the power.

<Objective: Recycle the Atmosphere>

Make your way back, save, and when you get back to the hallway, there are three
slashers prime for a few force gun grenades. The rest is you and the bench. 
You can hit it the first time through, or go to the shop, store your items,
sell what you wish (though I think you should keep spare items), buy a few 
power nodes, and then get that Cutter up to snuff with capacity and damage 
upgrades, or maybe trick up any other gun. Then buy ammo for low guns, and 
then save. When ready, press the buttom on the computer by the save station,
then go through that big door in the front.

*CUTTER: Since you don't have much to upgrade, consider getting a kinesis 
range upgrade.*

<Objective: Poison the Leviathan>

Hallway to Food Storage

Audio log as well as a few items. Open the door, grab an item, then insert the
poison into the machine. Now into the food storage.

<Objective: Kill the Leviathan>

Food Storage

*NOTE: Set the Cutter to vertical.*

Just as you step inside and the lights turn on, don't move up too far. Look
around through the blur and look for about six items, mainly a med pack.
Move forward a bit to wake the Leviathan. 

There are two parts to this fight: three tentacles and then the mouth. You
start facing the tentacles, one of the three. For every encounter with an arm,
you need to always be strafing to one side; may as well be to the left since
you'll have more view. Once an arm commits to attacking you, it sticks out 
further to reveal it's yellow, so start shooting it with clear shots. If you
take it out, great; if not, the arm will slam down away from you. When it
slams down, you need to look to an area at or behind the arm and then jump to
there, and the arm should be away by the time you land. If you are directly 
in front of opening for the arm, it may land right on you. Then resume your 
attacks on the yellow. 

*NOTE: A given, but please reload after each few shots.*

Keep this up for all three arms until they are gone, then the thing will roar.
While he exposes the orange mass in his mouth, shoot it with a contact beam
shot or whatever. Quickly be ready for him to start shooting his bombs at 
you. There are five in each attack. You can shoot them, but that's not the 
wise choice. You want to use kinesis to grab the first, shoot it at the second,
then grab the third and shoot it at the fourth, and then grab the fifth and 
shoot it at the mouth. You may have to do this more than once, but it seems 
like a good hit will send it into the final phase.

Just to make sure we're clear, the way to grab the bombs is when they are 
reasonably close, not when they are just spat out. Be careful not to mix your
buttons and just let the final bomb float in space or something. If a bomb is
moving toward you and there is no "wavy" sound, you're about to get blasted.

*NOTE: Remember that you have a "health" button that instantly uses a med pack
from your inventory, because you don't want a regular hit to kill you instantly
and have to start over. Just keep an eye on your health because it seems like
the tentacles are more likely to land on you if your health is low. Also 
know that you can't hold the aim and press the health button or you'll do 
something else.*

And then you will face both the tentacles and mouth at the same time, but it's
usually one or the other. All you have to do here is avoid the tentacles when
it's attacking, then make sure you have a shot to grab the bombs rather than
all of them hitting an arm. Get in about 3 or so good bombs on the core, then
maybe a few beams or cutter slices when the things roars, and the fight
should be over. It's not terribly hard, and if the arm kills you, it shouldn't 
take but a few tries to get this fight over with.

*HARD: Not sure why, but grabbing the bombs was much tougher for me. I would
suggest you maybe shoot the bombs to stall them, then try to grab the fifth 
one. If all else fails, hopefully you have enough health, and just focus on 
shooting the core alone to make sure you get in damage.*

<Objective: Return to Tram>

Collect any new stray items floating around, which there should be a ton around
the beast's side of the tube, then make your way back to the save station.
Buy any ammo needed, store some, maybe refill your med packs, and then head
back to the tram to end this chapter.

Chapter 7: Into the Void

<Objective: Find the Mining Access Key>

Tram Station

How much more SHE can take of this? Isn't she just sitting on a chair hoping 
not to die? A box to the left, another inside the waiting area. Down the hall,
right for a box in the corner, then a power node to the left corner of the 
door to the RIG Room.

RIG Room

There's just a single box to the left side, then lockers, creds, and a med 
pack on the right. You can buy a node or two by selling excess ammo for 
seldom-used guns, then go to that bench and spend them; probably on empty
slots on the RIG or stasis, or whatever gun you like. Save and then down the 
lift to deck B. You're attacked by four slashers on the way down, so stay in a
corner and use the cutter or force gun.

*NOTE: You could save one node for a bit later, but you'll have a chance to
buy another then. So either way will work out. Whatever you do, save your 
money unless you must buy something like ammo or med packs.*

Processing Antechamber

Audio log, then go left for a few boxes. Now go right from the start and 
advance up the path to see a slasher crawl up a vent. Now you are about to be
ambushed by three slashers, a fourth to come, and a pregnant. You could retreat
to the lift to funnel them to you, or stand your ground like a man, your call;
best to at least run to the left side. After that, there is a locker at the 
back of the area, then save and down the ramp.

*HARD: If you go left, they will attack you there. So be ready.*

Mineral Processing

Down the hall a single slasher strikes. Some items and a text log, then you can
use the store; either buy a power node now or after the coming battle where you
can get free creds. You can continue down the hall to a dead end for items,
even a few you can grab through the opening. Then turn around and enter the 
big hole in the wall.

*HARD: Four leapers will greet you upon entering, or when you open that power 
node room. Then 

There are four rocks, and for clearing the first two you are greeted by a 
wave of leapers, then babies; just two of each though. There are items to grab
all over, but the objective is to get the four rocks and throw them into the
beam. Again, get into a corner, maybe by that door, to handle the enemies that 
appear. Once all four are gone, head to the corner with the computer and use 
it to restore gravity and call up an ambush of enemies. 

*HARD: The best thing you could do is open that power node room before putting
on the gravity. Heal up and make sure you have some stasis in you. When you
turn on the gravity, retreat into the room and take up point so that you can
see the spot in front of the door as the morphs will drop through the nearby
vent on the ceiling. You'll have about five exploders and four slashers. So
just be patient and you'll take them all out. For the pregnant outside, just
open the door, run out, turn, stasis him, then take him out; if he's in
front of the door, stasis him there.*

Once you do, get on one of the bridges so you can't be attacked from that
vent behind you. There are several waves of slashers and exploders. Remember,
aim for the bombs with the cutter, then handle the remainder. There is also
a pregnant that demands a line gun blast to the shoulders to take out quickly,
or stasis him or others.

After that, feel free to buy a power node to open the door by the computer, or
enter the opened room where you'll get a node through the second door. Either
way, there are just a few items and a conductor in this locked room. Then go
to the control room for boxes and the key. Take the back door, get the node on
the wall, then head to the end, where the lights go out, but just stay calm and
the power is restored. Head out and to the previous area. 

<Objective: Find the SOS Beacon>

Save, and if you follow the path on the left, should be a single leaper in the
narrow spot. Then you're free to take the lift down to deck D. You'll hear a 
monster on the way down, but I'm sure that's from deck C.

Repair Room

You can barely step out the elevator and then start shooting force gun grenades
down the paths to take out some of the bodies before the infectors turn them
all. Deal with the supers, collect as many items as you can, including an audio
log and semiconductor, then into the next area. 

*CUTTER: Should be able to hit a bomb if you look left after stepping off the 
elevator. Then if you start to go left you should see an infector walk by, so
either stasis him or just shoot it to death. There is then a second around the
corner (may be able to see him through the wall) and he will go after the
bodies to the left, so just kill him when he goes after them.*

Maintenance Chamber

Save and look off into the gap. Pull the gondola to you and get on. Items
can be pulled from the sides, if you want or can carry them. During the ride 
there will just be those egg-things that have a tentacle, but the shots go
to you, and not in front of you, so they usually miss. Still, it's a good idea
to shoot their tentacles if you have the cutter ammo. At the end is a very
interesting sight, a ton of items, and then through the door.

Maintenance Annex

Okay, maybe you aren't seeing things. Now you must defend, that person, from
a bunch of waves of slashers. A few will pop up on your side, and a single baby
will be on the left wall. You could use the line gun early, then go to the 
cutter after the first three or four slashers. Don't worry when she's - I mean,
that person is - mobbed, she doesn't seem to die quickly or when touched by 
enemies, but do try to defend her. Collect any items through the bodies, there
is one in the corner by the red cannister, and then go through the door.

*NOTE: For the part upcoming, feel free to stow excess items you can't carry
now onto the gondola. Mainly line gun ammo and med kits since those are the
only things you would be using. If you were savy enough to carry items over on
the gondola, get off and use kinesis to pick them up as you may accidentally
return the lift across from which you cannot stop it.*

<Objective: Plant the Beacon>

In the storage you must grab the RIG schematic, items, and the beacon. Now
return to the gondola and take it back across. There are fewer eggs, but now
there are about four lurkers to deal with too. At the end you have two
slashers before you land. Save and there is just one enemy before you reach the
lift; he's playing dead. Take it up to deck C. 

Mining Hallway

You better have the force gun out and ready because you'll be rushed by a few
torsos and a few babies; just knock them back and fire a few grenades. Get out
the contact beam, go left, and kill the slasher in this room. Now come back to
the middle room and there are two boxes on either side of the lift doorway. 
Enter the left room and here are the items: three boxes (one with crawlers,
so pull all three down and stomp on them), two fixed boxes, an audio log (a
good one), a bench, a store, and a save station. 

Deposit your schematic to buy the suit 4 upgrade, then deposit all but four
med packs and at the most two of each set of ammo. Feel free to spend your 
nodes at the bench, but upon exiting a slasher attacks, which is quite uncommon
in any video game. Don't forget to save.

*NOTE: Best to bring an air can, or two if you have one or less upgrades for

*CUTTER: It's not until level 10 that you buy the next suit upgrade. By now 
you've probably withdrawn all your stored ammo, so feel free to buy more;
again, you only need four packs of 25 on you at the most. Also, since you
will have more than 40,000 creds for sure, spend until you have this much 
left on nodes and upgrade away. Focus on health, which you should be able to
finish off or get close, then get all the air, then get a duration and energy
for the stasis. If you have to dip a little below 40,000 that is fine. There
are no power node doors for a while either.*

Go to the bench and pick up the power block. Take it to the middle area and set
it down as you fight off the two bombers from the sides. Take them out and then
bring the block to the right room and insert it in the slot. Take the lift down
to the control room.

Control Room

There are no enemies, just a ton of wall boxes and a text log. Enter the next

Mining Bay

<Objective: Plant Beacon, Destroy Gravity Tethers>

There are some boxes floating around. Once ready, move forward and you'll stir
up the super leapers, who are leapers with super health. There are three, so
either jump around or let them come to you, either way. 

For the objectives, you actually need to hit the first two tethers on this 
side. You'll need stasis, which is in the control room. You go to the spinning
thing, freeze it, shoot the blue thing inside, and then do the same for the 
tether on the ceiling.

That's two of those and still need to plant the beacon. Watch the blades that 
skim over the rock. Run toward a corner of the rock and wall where both blades 
will not occupy, or as they go away, and jump to an area of the rock that is
very close to the outside of the ship. Once one, run outside, kill the two 
babies, and then plant the beacon. 

*NOTE: If you are crazy about the logs, you will have to release all the 
tethers, don't plant the beacon, then go to the control room and try to 
launch it. Yes, it takes that much to get a secret log. I don't believe there
is anything for getting all the logs.*

Now for the tricky part. You'll need to jump to a side of a tether, freeze and
blast it, then run all the way over to the opposite side for this tether. Once
the tethers are down, now it's a matter of you getting back in for air. If you
have air on you, then you have more time to plot this out. If not then you
still have time if you don't mess around too long. Get back on the asteroid, 
get close to the "inside" zone, and if you really need air, run in for a quick
breath and run back out (die and you start this whole area over, so be a bit
patient). When you believe you have a time to run, just run inside, look to any
piece of flat surface and jump before you die; you can stay outside the air
and jump inside to a flat surface, depends on where you are though.

<Objective: Launch the Asteroid>

Make your way back to the lift where a single torso is waiting around the 
corner. Go up and take that block back to the left room; the catch, there is 
now fire in the way. No problem, just run past this first blaze when it goes
away, then turn around and pull out the block. Swing around the middle area,
careful of the timed blaze on the second column, and then you're good. Insert
the block back into the original slot, shop and save if you wish, then up the

A few crawlers greet you, then go around and use the key on the door. Go in
for a node and a few items, then use the computer to send the asteroid off.
now stand in front of the door, but not directly in front of it. Two supers 
and a few slashers drop in from the vents, so use the force gun to knock them
all back, then finish them off with the line gun; stasis if you need to.
Then head back to the lower level and save; feel free to spend your node.

<Objective: Return to Tram>

Take the central lift back up the deck A. A super attacks you on the ride up
(he drops by the panel), then you have three dividers to deal with up here, so
don't let them choke you by staying near the elevator; don't reload and spend a
free node on a capacity if you can. Buy if you need anything, save, and head
back to the tram.

Chapter 8: Search and Rescue

<Objective: Contact Military Ship>

Yes, you've been here before. One box should be unlocked, then head to the shop
where you may want to stock up on any low ammo; especially cutter. When you
enter the Atrium it's the biggest fight you've been in so far. When you're 
even with the elevator tower, two exploders drop on each side, so you'll have
to act quick to blow them up. This continues for about two more waves, then 
leapers and supers drop. It's really not a whole lot, but if you let a bomber
go and the leapers drop on top of you, it could get hairy. Lots of dropped 
items and then the boxes on the sides are all unlocked too. You could use the 
bench in the back for whatever reason too. 

Save and take the only open elevator up to level 3. A few items and a box in
this room, then in the hall there are more boxes and a save point. But at the 
end are two guardians, so cut off those tentacles before they spit out too many
little ones. Save and enter the opened door. 

Comms Hall

There is a full Divider here to handle, so cut him up, then be ready to pick
off the little parts with force gun ammo. There are boxes on the wall, then
go through the door.

*CUTTER: Much harder, so either stay mobile or retreat back through the door
you entered from as you pick off the pieces one by one. Just make your shots
count. So long as they just lunge at you, they don't hurt too much.*

Comms Lift

There is a bench if you need it, and another save point as if there weren't 
enough. Go up for an audio log, then open the door, get the node to the left,
then take the lift down the corridor (no enemies). 

<Objective: Fix the Array>

Lift 2

A schematic and item, as well as a recharge and save point - geez, they must 
really not trust you can take a step without dying. 

Comms Array Airlock

Lockers with a conductor and items, a node on the wall, then through the two

Cooms Array Chamber

*NOTE: Before you step in you can see a leaper on the wall, and shooting him
doesn't "wake him up." Just cut off his arms, maybe his head, and when you
step in he should die. Then just step inside and let the other two come to
you, but you'll need to quickly fend them off at close range.*

There are three super leapers to fend off once you step inside. There are two
boxes floating to the left and right of the door. Now, notice that there is a 
big computer screen in front of the doorway. Look at it to see there are a 
few yellow dots on either side of the middle. Look down to see that there are
mostly broken dishes along the lines extending from the center. Your job is to
take the three green dishes from around the room and replace the broken ones 
around the center. One is near the door and the other two are on the right 
side of the room and up. You just take out the busted ones, shoot them toward
the ceiling, then get the working ones into their slots. It's not hard, 
especially since no enemies attack you.

<Objective: Contact Military Ship>

Now head back and go to where the save point is, save if you wish, then use 
the computer. Of course it doesn't work, so now head back the way you came on
the long lift.

<Objective: Use ADS Cannon>

A super is on the tiny lift when you step inside the hallway; stasis him and 
then cut him to pieces. Feel free to spend your nodes at the bench, then save.
Go out and take the door on the right for the elevator.

ADS Cannon 48

*NOTE: This "boss" is also known as Slug. Isn't it nice how he kindly waits 
until you shoot at him before he starts inflicting damage?*

Four boxes, and through the door is a node on the right, a save point on the
left. Then get on the gun. We'll call this the "48 Monster", because numbers 
are cool. To kill 48 you need to target the yellow of his five arms. The arms
swing down and around, but as they have something in their hand and are about
to toss it at you, that is your chance to fire at it; you both knock the item
out of the hand and cause damage. You can keep a constant stream of fire out 
of one gun, but you'll want to use both when you have a clear lock on some 
yellow. Aiming at the arms means that most of the debris they toss will cross
your line of sight, but some will go to the outer edges of your hull. You'll
most likely end up just trying to sweep your fire across the line where the 
yellow spots stand, so keep firing, try not to overheat too much, and you'll
eventually take out the arms one by one.

So fire in bursts, keep your sights in the middle and sweep in across, try to 
use just one cannon (you have two) for the early goings so you can get more
shots off, and if you see your chance, fire both cannons at one yellow spot.
Also keep you eyes open for the debris that you can shoot too.

<Objective: Return to Tram>

*NOTE: Divider parts can use vents too, so keep that in mind. You can stasis
them too, even as they fall off the main guy they will still be stasis-ed.*

After the scene, save and go back down the lift. You can stop and spend that
node, or head back where you'll run into two divider parts; remember, force
blasts work best. Save if you wish and then back to the atrium. There is just
one divider to the right as you exit, so be ready. Hit the store to deposit
your schematic for a crap item, then fight the pregnant behind you as you 
return to the tram.

Chapter 9: Dead on Arrival

<Objective: Enter Military Ship>

Tram Station

Just a box and a bench. Proceed to more items and a store. Go through the next
door for one more item before entering the next area.

*HARD: Should bring an extra stasis pack or two, and buy up to four packs of 
cutter ammo if on a cutter run.*

<Objective: Clear Radioactive Material (6)>

Ore Storage

*NOTE: You can stomp of these panels if you want.*

There are two floating boxes. The goal is to get all six of those orbs down to
the ground level for easy tossing. I would say you should start by going around
the room and getting all six and getting them down there and over the door.
Once you do, get on the ground and cut the six lines to the door to open it.
Two lurkers attack, then two super leapers, then two more lurkers. Kill them as
you toss each ball through the door and into space; you can bounce them off
the side of the doors or around the rim. Once you do, just look to the opening
in the ship, jump to it, walk to the door from the curved side, and you're in;
you can ignore the last to lurkers that appear, stasis those leapers if you

<Objective: Find the Singularity Core>

Starboard Corridors

A box to the right after the quick scare. Proceed to the save station, then
go through the door. 

Cargo Bay

There are four items: two in boxes to the right of the door and across the 
way by the debris, an item you can grab standing by the pod's door, and an 
item you can kinesis from the right side, behind the pod. Then look up the room
and to to the right. Pull the crate back with kinesis, then the next one along
the wall to grab a single item.

Move the crates on the left to make a path and get to the other side of the 
room to face a new enemy, Twitchers; soldiers with stasis packs that make them
faster, somehow. Use the force gun to knock them back, then either keep using
the blasts over and over or shoot a grenade, just know that missing a grenade
on these guys will cost you some damage if you don't recover. Three will come
after you to start with, then a fourth when you move up the room. From this
side of the room, find the path on the side to get two items, then go through
the door to exit.

*CUTTER: Yeah, these are the toughest enemies you'll face. You must aim low
because they like to use the advanced tactic of ducking as they move. Just
make sure your clip if full for each encounter and you have plenty of med
packs to heal your wounds. If you can, you can stasis these guys, but they
are hard to hit.*

Torpedo Room

A box to the left. Box on the opposite side, then a box by the other door that
has a semiconductor. 

*NOTE: Across from where you entered this room, if you move the boxes by the
vent cover you will be met by an enemy, so don't do that.*

Port Corridors

*NOTE: If you don't want to have a chance of fighting additional enemies, 
stomp the three bodies in here. If you don't mind that thought, stack them up
somewhere and be ready to stasis them or hit the infector as it goes for
them. One drops by the elevator, then another by the save point.*

Enter the next area for a box by the save point. Go to the elevator with 
Force Gun in hand and try to open it only to have two infectors drop in. They
go for the bodies, so either blast them off and grenade them, or use some other
gun to kill them quickly. Once they are gone, get that power block on the 
other end of the wall and put it in the slot to take the lift up.

Armory Corridors

Head down the narrow passage, turn right for two items, then head into through
the door.


A divider in front of you and two exploders to the right, so maybe get them
first and then force blast the divider. When you move into the little area 
in front of the door, two more bombers come out of the vent by the door you
entered from. There is an audio log by the shooting range, a node by the bench,
and more items around; please don't run onto a gravity panel. 

You may want to try out the shooting range. For one, your ammo used will be
provided, so no worries there. The rules are simple, hit the red targets, don't
hit the blue ones, and at the end you are rewarded free ammo. If on a cutter
or hard run, this may be needed ammo since you're away from a store. Not sure
if you can use other guns, but use the cutter for this one; should be easy for
the first three rounds. You must be perfect, not missing a target, and it 
doesn't matter where you hit the body, each hit is worth 100.

The rounds add levels and the rewards do build up. I find it best to stand in
the middle aim below the score board so you have all three levels of the field,
and keep your base sight to the left so you can see the left side targets. You
have two shots at the most to any one target for the first three rounds, but
starting with round four you have to be quick. It's best to move to your 
target and make sure you have a shot rather than shooting quickly. 

There are five rounds, here are the rewards: ammo, ammo, medium med pack, 
semiconductor, power node. And after you beat all five the ammo then is your
own, so you can only play the five rounds.

So anyway, onto the next area after you spend your node at the bench if you
got it, or save it if you have nothing to get of interest. Then exit the room
to see a guy die. Refill stasis and go into the next area.


The laser will kill a twitcher that charges you. There is a schematic left
of the laser that you can grab with kinesis, but if you want the box item you
will have to stasis the laser. When you go for the box a twitcher comes out 
of the vent, and I would suggest force blasting him so he lands where the 
laser will slash over, and be sure to stand away from the area yourself. You'll
probably have to use another stasis to get the box item. There is one more box
by the exit door that you can get freely, then go out.

Barracks Corridors

A Twitcher will charge you from the left, then you'll have exploders from both
sides and a second from the left; you could use the infirmary door as a funnel
if you want. Go right for a few items and a node, then come back around, and
when you approach the door you can look further down to see an exploder in
the back, so feel free to shoot him if you want to; mainly to kinesis his 
dropped item. Collect the items, save, and enter the next area.


You can get the two items on the sides of this first column, then pull a med
pack out a cell on the right. When ready, move up a bit to stir up the place.
I won't go over every enemy, but there are about three Twitchers, three babies,
a pregnant early, six or so exploders, and about four leapers; with maybe more
that get caught in gravity panels. They don't come at once, and the twitchers
come one at a time, while the exploders will slowly move in the back. Just 
stay at the door and you should only have to move a bit to the left to avoid
the lurker fire. It's not a hard fight, just handle the twitchers and avoid
the projectiles of the lurkers and you should be able to handle the other 
enemies from long range. 

*CUTTER: Yeah, the enemies are tougher to down, and with the cutter you pretty
much have to take your lumps. All I can say is you need to know to use your
health button, and to move around. You only need to circle the column nearby,
but don't move into a more crowded area. Just try to take out the twitchers
first as you can outrun the rest.*

After the fight, all is clear. No more items in cells, just lots of dropped 
items to find and two wall boxes on each column. There is a store at the back
to drop off that large med pack schematic and sell your conductor. Put away
excess items, refill four or five med packs, and you should have plenty of 
ammo. Don't forget the text log, and go through the door. Everyone should have
at least two stasis packs on them.

*CUTTER: Should have tons of ammo to sell, should be able to have five medium
med packs on you, two stasis packs, and at least two full packs of ammo.*

You're back in the engine corridors. Move forward and save, then get the item
in the box, and then into the next area.

Engine Hall

A few boxes along the hall, and three at the end by the locked door. Then into
the next room.

Engine Room

Two boxes on the wall, then take the lift up. The puzzle here is to take out 
all six power boxes along the columns in the middle of the room, but you have
to do it by using the two blast shields on this end. 

Thanks to reader Mike Kirby I learned it's much easier than I first thought.
All you have to do is stand directly behind each shield, move them up the room,
hit the three panels on the columns, come back, and do the same on the other
side. Careful not to move from directly behind the shield or you may get 
burned; you can take some, but no more than three hits, and you can move
a little bit from side to side.

Once all six are shot, the thing shuts down and you are free to grab the core
up the middle. Make sure you have stasis ready to go.

<Objective: Return to Tram>

Take the path on the right for five boxes, then out the door there is a box
just to the left. Move forward and say goodbye to an old friend. The Super
Brute isn't much different from the normal ones if you have stasis and 
cutter ammo. The strategy is the same: freeze, run behind, shoot back, and when
normal shoot the shoulders, or shoot the shoulders to start with. Your guns are
hopefully more powerful than normal, so this fight should be pretty easy if 
you have handled previous brutes well. Remember, use a stasis pack when you
need to and when he is down.

Go through the door and take a right into the next door, not back the way you


Two items in boxes, pick up the battery and put it in place, grab the wall
box item, then go down. I don't think you are timed, but pick up the pace a 
little just to be sure.

*NOTE: People have said the battery isn't there, so I don't know what you
would do, it's just a glitch I guess.*

No need to save, unless OCD, then exit this ship. Outside, jump to the wall
with the door back onto the Ishimura, and go in. There is a twitcher at the 
corner by the store. You can stop at the store if you must, and feel free to
spend you node(s) at the bench before stepping onto the tram.

*NOTE: The next power node room is far away, and the next RIG is 60,000 at 
about halfway through the next level. So, depends on your situation, but feel
free to spend until you have 50,000 or so, even more if you have stuff to sell
and you want to get some beefy upgrades.*

*CUTTER: You should have all the but the speeds for the cutter, all of the RIG,
one kinesis at the most, and by this point you should be able to get all the 
duration nodes for the stasis mod.*

Chapter 10: End of Days

<Objective: Find the Crew Key>

Tram Station

Just one box to the left.


*NOTE: Please smash the legs off all of the dead people.*

Yes, those are people; look at their heads - weird huh? There are four items
to grab: one in the open, one in a green box, and two in wall boxes. Visit the
store for any shopping and storage, then up the lift (yes, you should
recognize that singing). There is a save point, item, bench, and text log;
the log seems to hint at the inner workings of this game, so read it if you
planned otherwise.

We are going to go out of order for where the locator points you because we
want that level 5 RIG. Instead of taking the top door, go on the ground and 
take the door on the right.

*NOTE: If you want a free log, go up the lift, take the door behind the save
point, and try to go through the locked door.*

Rec Hallway

There is a scare to the right, but nothing attacks. A box to the left of the
door, a box in the left corner, then enter the next area.

Tons of lockers, probably just one open. A few other items but I'll have to ask
you to pick up that suit 5 schematic, then go back to the store and buy it now
if you want, or go into the next area. Read a text log, and get an item. The
log tells you how to play zero-g basketball. Go inside.

Rec Room

*HARD: They make be supers on all levels, but I know they were supers when
on hard.*

First, jump up a few platforms to lure out the lurkers. Three of them, so use
the line gun to quickly cut their tentacles. If you can't see them immediately,
jump to a platform down the tube to make them move around. After that, pick
up the nav card and you're free to leave.

However, if you want to play some Z-Ball, step on the first platform and a 
panel shows up that you can use to start the game. The idea is that there is 
a shot clock and before that reaches zero you should jump to as many of the 
LIGHTED platforms as possible and shoot. The shot clock is on your back. 
There are usually two platforms to jump to for each shot. 

Don't quote me on this, but I believe the game just gets a little bit harder 
and all you have to do is get 16-20 points in each round. I find it best to 
NOT grab the ball as it does stop in the middle, just jump to two or all three
platforms, then fire when you're sure the goal won't close, repeat, and when 
down to 20 seconds or so, just stand up close and shoot without jumping around.
Do this for five levels to get a semiconductor, or don't do this at all since 
it takes a bit of time and patience. Level 6 is a trophy/achievement with a 
power node.

So anyway, open the door to get out the reward room and a super slasher attacks
right away. The hallway is clear, but upon returning to the commons there will
be a super slasher to the left and an infector on the right. Stasis both, kill
the infector, then kill the slasher. If you fail to kill the infector, and if
you failed to smash all the bodies' legs, prepare for death.

With the final suit schematic in hand, spend 60,000 to buy it. There is a
power node room in this level, so spend to around 20-30 thousand creds on nodes
and keep one in your hand, or just buy as many nodes as you need. Fill up, buy
any ammo, save, and head left.

*NOTE: You will get a few more nodes, so you can spend all you need now.*

*CUTTER: All I had was one speed node on the cutter and two kinesis range nodes
left, so you should be close to done upgrading too.*

Residential Hallway

A quick little scene, then go around and enter the mess hall.

Mess Hall

A single box to the left, and keep going to see an exploder appear in the hall
you came from, but he can't get you. A box and wall box, then take the lift
down. Use the force gun on the two dividers that attack, collect the items and
the power node, and open the box in the corner for the crew key.

*CUTTER: You'll need to stasis the big guys, then probably go up and down the 
lift as you handle the many pieces. You could always hide in the corner if
you like, for real.*

<Objective: Find Navigation Cards (3)>

*NOTE: You already have one nav card by getting the level 5 RIG early.*

Back up the lift, back to the hall, then take a right to the next area.

Residential Lobby

To the right is a guardian with a super slasher. You'll do well to shoot either
line gun mines or grenades at the guardian to clear the eggs and damage the 
super a bit; down the slasher as you cut the guardian up and handle the eggs,
but you may want to stasis both, although I think the guardian already spit out
a few minions. Some items around, then take the door to a tiny bathroom for a
few items. Come back out and use the key to take the lift down.

Sleep Block A

No enemies, just items and a save point. To the left of the left door is a
bathroom, and I don't know about you, but it sure doesn't hurt too much to 
blast that super slasher body without testing to see if it's alive; just two
items in here. Save, get out the cutter, and take the middle door.

<Objective: Override Locks to Block B>

You're still in the A block. Move forward to have the arm come out and grab 
you. Shoot the yellow with about four shots and you're free. There are two
items by the arm's hole, and two items by the door you came in (one hidden in
a corner). Take the door to the Storage Room and move the lever down; don't 
miss the item hidding to the left of the door. A super slasher is in the 
sleeping area, so fight it and go through the door. Save and enter B block.

*NOTE: Feel free to spend a stasis pack if you need some.*

Sleep Block B

Yep, no air in here. There is a pregnant and female slasher to the left as you
enter, so cutter them up. There are two rooms on the left: bathroom has a few
items and the dead-end hallway has a single item. In the middle room there is
an O2 recharge, but get close and that super wakes up, so get him first; if
you ever run low, return to this, or even out the door you came in for 
whatever reason.

Take the door to the bunk area and move forward a bit to bring out the new 
enemy, the Super Lurker. The only difference is they demand about four shots
or so to kill. The first drops from the ceiling, the second from the left,
and also from the left is a pregnant torso you may want to watch out for. If
you go left, a twitcher pops up behind you, so be ready for that. There is a
box in the corner (right of the door you entered) and then into the closet for
a node and two items - feel free to get more air.

Go around the left corner, finally, and pick up the first card on the floor.
Keep going to fight a twitcher (I think a lurker too but mine glitched and was
stuck in the ceiling). Kill, a box in front of the door and to the side, then
back to the starting room and out to the hallway with air. Head back, save,
and then up the lift.

An exploder scares you, but doesn't attack, yet. Go into the hall where he and
his friend and a few dividers parts will attack, so pop their bombs and force
blast the parts. 

In the commons, spend your two nodes as you wish, save, down the lift, visit
the store if you like, then through the door to the rec hallway. 

*NOTE: Feel free to buy or keep one node for a door upcoming. For cutters,
should be able to get a speed node and still save one.*

*NOTE: If you want stasis, feel free to use and/or a stasis pack since there
are no recharge points nearby.*

A super slasher greets you (line gun him), then use you key on the lift to take
it down.

Sleep Block C

Save, without listening to the message, then into the room to see the video
looping, but there are three eggs to kill first. The bathroom has a few 
items, then into the next area. Spend the node at the door for some goodies,
then turn to see the beds that form a puzzle.

Move the one on the far right, so slide it across the wall, then push the
one nearby into the wall. You should be able to walk in for a conductor. Now
turn and slide the bed you just moved so you can move more along the wall. And
then you're free. Now follow the path to see a woman who does something that 
you may want to watch, then you are free to grab the nav card and health pack
in the corner. Then have the force gun in hand.

<Objective: Repair the Shuttle>

Feel free to start making your way back because the regenerator and a few 
super slashers are unleashed. While in this room you should knock them back and
make your way to the sliding beds, then slide them so no one can get you. But
you may want to cool you jets before you try to rush back. Once you close off
the bed area, barely move the bed you just pushed so you can shoot the slasher
from safety. The regenerator will be by, but he can't touch you so long as you
beds are close.

*HARD: There are also lurkers as well. Not to mention, even if it may have 
been a glitch on normal, but the hunter did not follow into this room, he
stayed in the bunk room. So basically you will need to stasis everyone and 
then use a pack to refill because you'll just need to freeze all and run for
the elevator when it's open.*

When you open the beds to get out, the things will drop in on you, so knock
them down or stasis them and go out the door to the starting room. Now you
must fight off a few slashers before the door to the lift is opened, so
have at it. Once the door is opened, knock back the next one, go in, skip 
saving unless you have no other choice and get on the lift. But keep in mind
that the enemies can enter this area through the vents.

In the commons, feel free to visit the store and bench for anything you
want/need, and don't forget to keep a decent store of ammo. Save and follow
the door to meet a friend - I think he's a friend anyway.

*NOTE: I strongly advise you bring at least two stasis packs, just in case.*

*CUTTER: Bring three.*

Security Station

As he talks, get the semiconductor from the box. After you hear him out, take 
the lift down.

Captain's Quarters

Four pregnants in here, so chop away. I used the door to the hallway as a 
funnel and took on one pregnant at a time. Collect the items, and here are the
results for entering each room:

Lower Left: audio log, item, and conductor by the bed
Lower Right: two boxes
Upper Right: one box of crawlers and one box under a chair
Upper Left: box, text log, and an interesting model

Shuttle Bay Hallway

A wall box and save point. 

Executive Shuttle Bay

Four items on the right side, of the room, an item to the left of the door,
three in the control room, then enter the shuttle and insert the cards in the
open panel.

<Objective: Test Fire Engines>

Enter the control room and use the computer. A single twitcher will appear,
then the regenerator. Knock him down and run out the room, quickly because we
want him to get stuck in the room. If you do get out, run to the back of the 
ship and look to the wall vents to fight the twitchers. If he is stuck, good
good. You are free to take out the five or so twitchers with the force gun as
they file out of the vent. Once they are gone, run to the door and lead the
big guy out. You need to get him to the upper right (from the entrance) area
and knock him down either by cutting his legs or force blasting him (not a 
stasis hit). Then run to the walkway where the engines fired and get across and
turn around. Let him get to the start of this walkway, slighty on it, and then
stasis him. Run to the control room and fire to melt him away.

*HARD: Didn't seem like the hunter got stuck this time. So I had to run all
around the ship as the twitchers came from all sides. Just have health.*

*NOTE: Dragonball Z fans know these is a very real chance that guy is still
alive (Cell reference).*

<Objective: Release the Shuttle>

Kyne will appear at the shuttle doorway and when he's done talking use the 
other computer to let him go - sure feels like this is bad idea. After he's 
gone, go to the regenerator (aka Hunter, of all times to mention that), for
a power node.

<Objective: Return to Tram>

Save your game through the first door, then up the lift and into the room 
Kyne was in for a med pack. When you return to the commons, quickly kill the
infector in front of the door before he turns anyone. FYI, that was the one in
the vid you just saw with Mercer.

Sell all your excess ammo, anything you don't need and the packs you will never
get to use. You should know that there is a lot of all but line and cutter ammo
anywhere you go. You really need just a few extra packs for ammo for you 
other guns. You are a level away from the next power node door, and there are
no more RIG suits to buy, so feel free to spend until you have 20,000 creds 
left on ammo and nodes.

*CUTTER: You should be able to finish off all of your upgrades at this time.*

You should pretty much be done with the RIG suit, if not close, and your 
favorite guns should only need a few more upgrades. Head back to the tram.

Chapter 11: Alternate Solutions

<Objective: Transfer the Marker>

Tram Station

So that title of the chapter isn't encouraging at all. This is where you left
chapter 1, remember? Bench and store if you need them; or do more of the 
selling of items for nodes business. I would think you only need two L med 
packs and four M med packs in BOTH the storage AND inventory at the most, any
extra can be sold for nodes. Just one ripper ammo, no flame fuel, maybe one 
pulse round ammo, three stasis packs, three air cans, and moderate amounts of
ammo for your other guns. Don't sell any guns, don't sell line gun ammo or 
plasma energy. 

*HARD: You should withdraw three L and 5 M med packs at the least. Bring two
stasis packs and buy plenty of ammo for you big guns.*

When ready, head to the Access Hallway door to get a quick fright, but no 
bite, from an exploder, then you can enter the bathroom for a single item 
before saving. Enter the open door.

Cargo Bay

There is a bench, which I don't think you need, and then use the cutter to 
kill the exploder and pregnant down below (arms of pregnant and shoot the 
exploder when both are apart). An item and some lockers, then head left for 
more lockers and some boxes in the corner. Use a stasis pack if you brought
a few and you're in the red.

*NOTE: You can circle the area, visit all four corners, get the node, and 
get everything before pushing the button, if you can carry it all.*

Now, once you hit the button you'll activate one of the biggest fights yet,
hence why I was stressing you to upgrade. Normal monsters, about every type
but leapers, are unleashed. After you handle them, start trying to slide the 
Marker down the path, from the far-side walkway, and then supers and more will
be unleashed. I shouldn't have to go over the play-by-play, just know that 
if you have a few stasis packs you can freeze big enemies, and the Cutter is 
the weapon of choice; aim high in the presence of pregnants. 

*NOTE: Also, there are two arms on either side of this area. You can lure them
out by barely stepping on the far-end walkways, then shooting the yellow. I
shouldn't have to warn you, but I did.*

<Objective: Meet Kyne at the Hangar Bay>

After you move the Marker over and it's away, collect more items, feel free to
kinesis grab items in the middle walkway, and then another batch of super 
slashers and lurkers attack. I would advise you make a clockwise circle around
this area so you can get the items from the corners, including a node in the 
corner opposite the computer. After the third wave, return to the lift, one 
slasher attacks, feel free to use the bench, and then exit.

*HARD: After you send off the marker, try to make a dash for the exit, they
won't chase you into the hallway.*

*NOTE: If you want a somewhat hard to get log, run around the hallway until
Kendra calls in.*

Save and head back to the station, probably have items to stow away if not sell
some more. From how the last fight went, you should have a good idea of how
badly you may need more RIG hp. Take the lift up when done.

*CUTER: You MUST buy up to six, seven boxes of ammo at the least. That's how
badly you could be hurting for ammo.*

A pair of boxes, one box in the restroom, then return to the Flight Lounge.
Save if you wish, and when you head for the door that is when about five 
slashers come out and at least two supers. Handle them with force blasts and
line cuts, save, and head out to the hangar.

<Objective: Position the Marker>

Come back in a bit and take the unlocked door and follow the path to the 
control computer; around the corner are a few lockers. Use the computer and
now you can do a bit of free-roaming.

First, head to the left side of the room, but stop on the walkways in the 
middle, toward where the doors are. Look over the side and between these 
walkways to see a little trophy. Kinesis it and you get an achievement/trophy
for it. Then go to the left side. By the Kellion are two items on the floor,
then to the far end are three boxes on the wall by the door. 

*NOTE: Just watch out because the lurkers may come at you even if you are on
the opposite side of the room. Also, if this is your second run, pick up that
trophy and sell it. Though, I believe even on a first run you get the 
achievement and you can sell it anyway.*

Now go all the way back to the right side of the room, but to the end by where
the computer was. Get on the ground for three wall boxes and a box under the
computer. Make your way under the ship and head for the other door, but keep
an eye to the left as about six lurkers will appear, so use the cannisters 
for easy kills. Get the items in the wall boxes then approach the Marker.

Move it along the rail until it stops, then use the panel at the crossing in
the trail to move the path. Place the Marker in this dead-end, use the panel
again to reset the track, and then continue moving the Marker. Two super 
leapers appear when the thing is toward the end, so be ready. Once you've used
the panel to get the Marker on the track to under the ship, two lurkers appear
to the left, then you're free to push it under the ship. 

<Objective: Restore Gravity>

Just jump to the screen above the gravity panel, then jump down and turn on
the weight.

<Objective: Get in the Shuttle> 

Go to the shuttle.

<Objective: Meet "Someone" in the Flight Control Room>

Go up the path to the gravity panel, just keep going to meet up with "someone."
A guardian and some items on the way.

<Objective: Remote Pilot the Shuttle>

Nothing says "I love you!" like walking around and collecting items while 
she talks to you. Pick up a node and conductor and a few others, then use 
the computer. You can only exit and save after the shuttle lands, so do both
when you can.

*NOTE: The computers going crazy, her inability to press a button without you.
Does it not sound strange to you? A plot hole could be that while she could
not press that button, she somehow manages to reprogram the ship.*

<Objective: Get on the Shuttle>

Now run back out and there are just three super leapers on the walkway. Kill
and get on board. Oh yeah, like you don't know what is really happening here...

*NOTE: Make a new save for this level, just to be safe of a glitch I heard of.*

Chapter 12: Dead Space

<Objective: Bring Loader to Shuttle Door>

Landing Pad

First, go around the right side of the ship to get a power node and other
stuff - I'll fail to mention boxes and such because by this point if you can't
see a box on the wall or fail to look around then that is really on you. 

Living Space

*NOTE: Funny name for the place, right?*

Now head through the doorway in the corner for a peaceful stop. Go left into
the control room for boxes, a conductor, and an audio log. Come back into the
middle area to store items, sell the conductors, buy a few nodes if you want
to, and then upgrade at the bench. Just save and go back outside.

Slide the little cart to the back of the ship, press the computer button,
then slide it back to the end and place it on the electric pad, don't step on
that please.

<Objective: Open the Supply Depot Door>

Once it's locked in place, come into the room and look to the right. See the
infector? There's another one inside too. There are four bodies in this main
room, so start stomping their limbs off; maybe get some stasis in you to 
freeze the things too. Then open the door and kill both, one may slip into a 
vent. Collect the box items, then pull the battery out side.

You bring the thing outside by opening doors, going through, then pulling the 
battery out. When you get back outside though, kill the divider first. Put
the block into the slot and now the door nearby is open. Save if you want,
and bring a spare power node.

*CUTTER: Bring plenty of ammo with you, six or seven boxes of it. Heck, I 
brought 8, why go cheap? Three stasis packs, two L med packs, and four M med

<Objective: Take Marker to Pedestal Site>

Supply Depot

Go through the door and get by the panel. Pull the cart over to the next 
shutter and press the button. Let it finish, then go through the next door. The
goal here is simple: press the control to lift a bridge, freeze it, push the 
Marker through, then fight the enemies that drop. From where you entered the
room, cross the bridge to the right and push the marker past the first 
bridge. Move up from this long walkway and the alert should sound. If you
are at the end of this walkway then you'll just have to fend off enemies from
the other end of this walkway, and from across the middle bridge. You got
super slashers, normal lurkers, and exploders in this first wave; I suggest 
the line gun all around, and all the stasis you can eat, so use it.

Once the first wave is gone, the alert will stay up, so keep moving the Marker
along the track as a couple of lurkers drop. Then move it to the shutter door
on the left side of the room for a final wave of four exploders to drop. The
alert should lift, so now you are free to collect items, including a conductor
in the corner and the power node room with tons of ammo. When ready, push
the Marker along and into the next airlock and into the next room.

*NOTE: You can shoot both guardians and their eggs from this middle room, so
do that if you can handle the long range.*

<Objective: Restore Power to Bridges>

Gravity Control

Two guardians spitting out tons of eggs, so quickly go left and fill up on 
items if low on ammo, then go and hide behind either pillar near the beasts as
you pick off their tentacles; two force blasts will retract the tentacles of
the eggs if you want to save cutter ammo.

There is a recharge, store, and save point. Sell, store, and buy at the shop,
save, then enter the door on the side.

Gravity Tube

Box to the left of the door. So you want to walk and you want to walk so that
the curves in the tube go left or right, not up or down. Reason is because 
you'll face a leaper and a lurker around the first two turns. Then you'll soon
jump through an opening in some bars, then jump down to the bottom for two
boxes, a recharge, and the panel to turn on the power.

The debris flying around is not the tube moving, it's those fans blades in the
tube making wind. Jump back up and use stasis to get past the first blade, then
get the line gun out to face a leaper and two lurkers; feel free to freeze a
lurker or two. Then get past one more blade and you're out of here. Use a 
stasis pack if you have three, or know to use one when you need it.

Sadly, a super brute awaits your return. I was able to school this guy with
just three stasis freezes and a series of line gun cuts and a few mines on
him and that was it; remember our shoulder strat, which is to aim for the 
shoulders. Recharge on the other wall if you need more juice. Shop around if
you want, save, and move the Marker to the next area.

*NOTE: If you don't have a bunch, please get like 6 portions of plasma energy
from the store, or more if you wish.*

Gravity Tether Operations B

Just items in about every corner, a power node too, then move the Marker along.
No enemies for once. Guess the devs also realize this game needs to end very

Pedestal Chamber

Items on either side, of course. Now the events that transpire could very well
happen differently for you. Here is what I did: as I collected items a few 
enemies attacked from the vents, happened on both sides. When I got near the 
bridge three arms rose up and started pounding away, causing no damage to me
since I wasn't on the bridge, so I shot at them while I fought off enemies.

Then I started bringing the Marker up the track. I was able to just bring it
to the end of the track. While it was setting in place I turned around to make
sure there were no more enemies (there was a lurker), killed them, and then 
pressed the button. Just stay by the panel as the scene rolls.

*NOTE: The marker cut the tethers holding that piece of rock up in the sky;
that is a piece of this planet FYI.*

After that, go into that side chamber and you'll meet an old friend outside
the glass. Is that some EMOTION for once! But of course it's at the time when
we're all as shocked as when we *SPOILER ALERT!!!* found out Santa Claus wasn't

<Objective: Return to Shuttle>

Anyway, tons of items including a node as you return to the starter room. Feel
free to shop away as something terrible is just patiently waiting for you to
be done before it unleashes some hell fury upon the universe. Feel free to
get your kinesis fully upgraded. PLEASE, stock up on lots of cutter ammo and
get speed upgrades for the cutter; not needed but they help a bit, and the 
only guns I recommend are the contact beam and cutter, but mainly the cutter. 
Also bring 6-8 M med packs. Save and go outside.

Before you run out into the open, you may want to pull a few of those boxes 
to you and bust them nearby so you can safely collect the items. Then go into
the middle to face the Hive Mind.

This battle is easy. Aim for the yellow bulbs when he's roaring at you. This
is usually after he pounds the floor. You can avoid this attack by seeing 
which way he rears back, then just move to the opposite side; keep that health
button ready if you suck at dodging this. Also, not a big deal but try to
hit the bottoms ones before he grabs you to make that part easier.

*HARD: He seems to pound the ground after you hit a bulb, so just move to a 
side as he reels back in pain. It's kinda cheap. Hopefully you brought tons
of health.*

If and when he grabs you and pulls you in, use the cutter to aim for the 
remaining yellow bulbs and just shoot when the laser is near them and hope
you hit them. Really not much help I can give you here, other than when I told
you to bring a ton of plasma energy.

Now the last phase where he will repeatedly pound with one then the other 
arm. So he will rear to one side, you run to the other, then repeat until he
stops and roars. While he roars you have about three seconds or so to get
a lock on one of the six bulbs in his belly and fire. The contact beam is 
good for this, but the cutter is still the weapon of choice as you can fire
more recklessly. It's very simple, just run back and forth, fire, and don't
die or run out of ammo and it should be an easy completed game. 

*HARD: You have a few added elements. For one, he spits out pregnants and 
since you can't kill them faster than he can pound you will end up having to
shake off the crawlers he doesn't slam. Freeze and kill as you move around.
You'll also have to dodge bombs, but they aren't too big a problem. Just the 
two pregnants to start and maybe two salvos of bombs if you end it quickly.*

After that, enter the shuttle to watch the ending cutscene. I believe you
can skip the credits with you normal exit button.


Feel free to load that save file and play again with all your items and 
upgrades carried over! You also have some free stuff, added logs, and a new
suit level.

* 5. Enemies ( BADS555 )                                                      *

*For all enemies, keep in mind you have melee attacks: normal without aiming 
is the fire button, curb stomp is the alt fire button when not aiming.

*Aim for the limbs, duh.

*They all slash at you, so don't let them get close.

*The ones that can grab you and then you see a button on your back as you try
to fend them off, just tap that button as fast as you can for a kill animation.


Slasher - The basic enemy type. Shoot a leg off, then take out an arm while
it's on the ground and it's dead. Just use the horizontal cutter angle
and aim at the feet.

There is also a female slasher that spits, but I only ran into like 
four all game long. Perhaps there are more on hard.

Leaper - Just a torso, and they leap around. Not that many in the game, and
all you can do is aim low to hit them. 

Lurker - aka Babies, they have three tentacles that can shoot barbs at you, so
once you see the arms shoot at two of the to kill or at least stop them
from attacking. If they get close, they jump on you.

Infector - Fast and very hard to fight. Just lay into them with whatever you
got and don't let them jump on you. If dead bodies are around, you
have only seconds before these guys turn them into super slashers.

Pregnant - DO NOT SHOOT THE BELLY! You do and you'll also fight a ton of 
swarmers. Just aim high at the shoulders and these things die without
too much grief.

Swarmer - aka Crawlers. These are chunks of flesh rolling around the ground.
Need a contact beam alt fire, flamethrower, or force gun attack to 
take them out. Or let them jump on you and tap the button to shake them
off for free if you want to, but they hurt you if you don't shake fast

Brute - Only a handful in the game, so they are like mini boss fights, but not
really. You need about three stasis blasts, then either run behind 
them and aim for the yellow parts of their back, or just aim your 
vertical cutter blades into their shoulders. You could also just shoot
line racks into their shoulders and a few mines, that did work for me
once. Remember, they die when an item falls out of them, or you'll 
fire ammo at a dead body.

Divider - Just a few of these, maybe a few more of their parts. These are tall,
loud things that rush you and scare the crap out of you. All you can
do is aim at their long legs, then use force blasts on their parts.
The parts of hands or the head that crawl around and can jump on you
if you don't take them out. Again, one force blast and they are all

Guardian - These things are attached to walls and shoot out bady eggs. The 
eggs shoot at you from a tentacle, just like a lurker, but only one. 
Your best bet with the guardian is to shoot a cannister at it, or just
aim for its four tentacles attached to the wall. DO NOT get close or
you will be dead. You should ignore the egg fire unless you are just 
sickened by the thought of taking a slight bit of damage.

Exploder - Suiciders with a big, yellow bomb at their side. Shoot that bomb,
duh. If you kill the morph alone, you can use the bomb with kinesis
or like a cannister.

Twitcher - A soldier with a stasis mod, so a fast slasher. Just use the force
gun, make it simple. Anything works, but my way is easier.

Tentacle - These can grab you at a few times in the game and try to drag you
away. At other times they are just sticking up and trying to damage
you. Either way, aim for the yellow. During dragging sequences you
should use the cutter since the aim is easier.


Supers are fast, darker versions of their normal counterparts. They are just
tougher to compensate for your increased weapon power.

Super Slasher - Made by infectors, but can be seen at any time. They are just
faster, stronger slashers, simple as that. They are easily the 
scariest enemy in the game.

Super Lurker - Hardly any change from the normal form, mainly that you'll have 
to pump more ammo into each tentacle.

Super Leaper - Just a stronger leaper, that's it.


Hunter 1 - You just kill the lurkers, wait for the doors to unlock, stasis the 
big guy in the middle chamber, then run into the doors and use the computer 
on the window to send him away.

Leviathan - You shoot away the tentacles, then when you're facing the mouth
you kinesis the 1st and 3rd bombs, shooting them at the 2nd and 4th bombs 
respectively, and then you shoot the 5th bomb back into the thing's mouth. 
You can hit the bulb inside the mouth at any time, especially while it's 
roaring. You repeat this, keeping in mind you can jump to avoid the swipes of
the arms; and you aim for the yellow the arms.

Slug - This is an arcade shooting sequence in the ADS cannon. You just hit the 
yellow on the tentacles to prevent it from throwing crap at you. Remember not
to fire both turrets at once or it overheats, but it seems like you can hold 
down one side for quite a while.

Hunter 2 - This fight is only a bit harder as you should try to trap the big 
guy in the control room, or keep freezing him, then go kill the six or so
twitchers. Then lead him to behind the ship, freeze him in the bridge behind
the engine, and then run and melt him away; repeat until he's gone.

Hive Mind - Pretty easy, hopefully brought tons of plasma energy. You aim at 
the bulbs inside it's mouth as it roars, and then the rest when it's pulled
you up. To avoid the arm pounds, just run from side to side. Once the mouth
bulbs are gone, now you will have only a few seconds to aim at the under bulbs
between your running back and forth. Easy.

* 6. Shop Items ( GUNS666 )                                                   *


Small Med Pack - 2000; about one block of health

Medium Med Pack - 5000; almost 3

Large Med Pack - 10,000; should fill you up

Small Air Can - 1000; shouldn't need to use one of these

Medium Air Can - 2000; maybe you'll use one all game long

Stasis Pack - 5000; should NEVER need to buy these unless you totally abuse
stasis throughout; even then you get a ton of these

Power Node - 10,000; these are good for opening about six doors in the game,
but mainly to upgrade weapons; you should be able to buy a good amount
of these during a game

Level 2 Suit - 10,000; all suit upgrades add more protection and inventory

Level 3 Suit - 20,000

Level 4 Suit - 35,000

Level 5 Suit - 60,000


Plasma Cutter
Cost: 0
Available: Chapter 1, Workshop
Rating: 1

Description: This is the handgun of RE4. That means you can get by this gun
for the whole game, that's an achievement by the way. The ammo is cheapest to
buy, the upgrade tree is easy to get through, so this gun becomes easy to
maintain for the whole game. 

Alternate fire: changes cut 90 degrees; I like horizontal best

Ammo: Plasma Energy (6) - 1200; be sure to have at least 2 full boxes of ammo
for this baby for almost the whole game.

Line Gun
Cost: 9000
Available: Chapter 1, Tram Station
Rating: 2

Description: This gun is like the cutter in that it fires a wide slash, but
only horizontally. This gun is far more powerful than the cutter, but it's
capacity is less and it fires much slower. It's best used for lurkers and 
taking out the legs of slashers. The

Alternate fire: a powerful explosive

Ammo: Line Racks (2) - 2000; midway through the game you'll probably need to
buy ammo, but late you get too much of it.

Pulse Rifle
Cost: 7000
Available: Chapter 1, Tram Station
Rating: 7

Description: This gun is extremely weak. The reason this gun is considered the
worst is because of the nature of the enemies, in that their limbs are their
weak point. This gun is best for just hitting big targets, like the body of
an enemy, but since that is not the weak point and there are better guns to 
aim at limbs, this gun is pretty worthless.

Alternate fire: 360 degree spray

Ammo: Pulse Rounds (25) - 1250

Cost: 11000
Available: Chapter 2, Tram Station
Rating: 6

Description: It's like an air conditioner set to really hot and focused on
the enemy. I only used it like three times and put it away. Also, doesn't work
in space.

Alternate fire: exploding ball of fire

Ammo: Flame Fuel (25) - 1000

Cost: 8000
Available: Chapter 3
Rating: 5

Description: This gun fires a blade in front of you that spins at a length,
almost like extended on a pole. Horrible when up close, but decent if you can
see the enemy coming. It lasts a short period.

Alternate fire: fires a blade forward, not wise with a small clip

Ammo: Ripper Blades (4) - 1800

Contact Beam
Cost: 9000
Available: Chapter 4
Rating: 3

Description: Hold and then release the trigger to shoot a powerful beam at the
enemy. It's extremely powerful, but the delay needed to fire detracts, not to
mention it holds very little ammo early and upgrades take more effort than
the other guns. Still, this gun un-changed is a powerful weapon. And no need to
aim for limbs with this baby.

Alternate fire: pound the ground, great for crawlers or when surrounded

Ammo: Contact Energy (1) - 2000; TONS of ammo for this thing, so you will 
probably sell it more than buy

Force Gun
Cost: 11000
Available: Chapter 4, end
Rating: 4

Description: It's extremely weak to start, especially if you use it like the
cutter, but this gun could very well replace the cutter as the default gun.
The blast is not as concentrated as a shotgun spray, but it does knock over
anything in front of it. Get close to an enemy's body and these shots will tear
them to pieces. Great against smaller enemies too.

Alternate fire: shoots a grenade, a bit hard to judge the trajectory though

Ammo: Force Energy (3) - 900; you should only buy this once or twice

* 7. Bench Upgrade Trees ( TREE777 )                                          *

To follow the suggested paths, remember that you are going from one number to 
the next, and that you want to save capacity upgrades for when low on ammo.

Plasma Cutter

D - Damage
C - Capacity
R - Reload speed
S - Speed while holding cutter

      |   |
  D-C-O   C
    |     |
  | | | | |
  R-S | O-C
  |   | |

Suggested Cutter
For the cutter you want to start with the damage, but also you want to stay 
near the capacity nodes so you can get free ammo when needed, especially if 
playing on hard. This suggested path keeps your C nodes on the sides, and ends
with you having the choice of two capacity mods. You may want to eventually
get the two reload ones, mainly the one that is not in the path. No need for
the speed unless you like running away from enemies.

      |   |
  5-C-O   C
    |     |
  | | | | |
  R-S | O-C
  |   | |

RIG Suit

A - Air
HP - Health

A   A   A
|   |   |
  |   |   |   |
  HP  HP  HP  HP

Suggested RIG
The tree lets you skip the air mod, and start at just two away from the HP, but
we want that first air mod, especially for chapter 4. On hard I would think you
want to upgrade the RIG a bit faster and ahead of the extra guns.


D - Duration
E - Energy

    | |
  | | 

Suggested Stasis
I don't know what you want out of the stasis module, but all I need is the
first two. From there you can feel free to go either direction, probably up
the tree since 2 gets you to the middle.

    | |
  | | 


Kinesis is just three nodes in a line. Not hard to figure out how you will
work through that complicated tree. They are for extended range, but you get
one early, maybe, then get the rest after you've completed stasis.

Line Gun

D - Damage
R - Reload speed
M - Mine power
W - Width of cut

|   |   |
D---O   M
|   |   |
O   O-C-W-O-D
|   |   |
C---M   C
|   |   |

Suggested Line Gun
This one is harder to manage and you probably don't need to upgrade it at all.
Of course getting the damage kicked up is the goal. Later in the game you'll
probably want those capacity nodes.

|   |   |
1---O   M
|   |   |
O   O-7-5-O-6
|   |   |
C---M   C
|   |   |


D - Damage
C - Capacity
R - Reload speed
U - Duration of burn

  R-O   D-O   O-C
  | |   | |   | |
  | |   | |   | |
  O-D   C-O   U-O

Suggested Flamethrower
Eh, I never upgraded this, and never will, but I suppose you want the damage
nodes. It's just one path basically where everything can get gotten without 
having to invest beyond this path.

  R-O   4-O   O-C
  | |   | |   | |
1-O C-3-O 5-O-C 7
  | |   | |   | |
  O-2   C-O   6-O

Pulse Rifle

D - Damage
C - Capacity
R - Reload speed

  |     | | |
C-O-R---C | C-D
  | |     | | 

Suggested Pulse Rifle
Yeah, this gun has potential, but it's only in a second run. There is very 
little confidence I would have in recommending someone run with this thing
as a primary weapon. You would need to start climbing this tree early to get
the gun up to par.

  |     | | |
1-O-R---C | 7-8
  | |     | | 


D - Damage
C - Capacity
R - Reload Speed
U - Duration

    |     |
    |   | |
D-O-O-C | O-C
    |   | |

Suggested Ripper
Pretty much you can get everything on the menu for this one. You could even
start with the capacity node if you use a lot of blades. The durations are the
main prizes however; not so much damage.

    |     |
    |   | |
1-O-O-3 | O-6
    |   | |

Contact Beam

D - Damage
C - Capacity
R - Reload Speed
H - Charge time

  O-D   C     D
  |     |     |
    | |   | | |
  H-O R   O-H C 
    | |   |

Suggested Contact Beam
Easily the hardest tree to navigate, and the funny thing is, this gun is fine
by default. It's like trying to upgrade the rocket launcher from RE4 - it 
sure would have been nice, but not necessary.

  O-1   6     D
  |     |     |
    | |   | | |
  3-O 4   O-7 C 
    | |   |

Force Gun

D - Damage
C - Capacity
R - Reload Speed
S - Speed while holding FG

  D-R-O-R-O-D D
  |   |   |   |
  C-D C C-O C O
  |   | | | | |
  S-O-D O-S-O-C

Suggested Force Gun
The point here is to get damage so the gun is effective no matter how close 
the enemy is. You also wouldn't mind the speed nodes if you use this in place
of the cutter, which it will be with all the upgrades you'll go through just
to get anywhere on this tree.

  1-R-O-R-O-7 9
  |   |   |   |
  2-3 6 C-O C O
  |   | | | | |
  4-O-5 O-8-O-C

* 8. Files / Schematics ( FILE888 )                                           *


Flamethrower - Ch2, at the start

Pulse Rounds - Ch2, Imaging Diagnostics, in the second room

Line Racks - Ch2, Emergency Room, in the room you must spend a node on

Flame Fuel - Ch3, Machine shop, in the bathroom

Ripper - Ch3, Refueling Chamber, by the second lever you pull

Medium Med Pack - Ch3, Engineering Storage, at the start

Ripper Blades - Ch3, Engineering Storage, in the power node room

Level 3 RIG - Ch4, Captain's Nest, by an escape pod

Contact Beam - Ch4, Ship Systems, in the hallway

Force Gun - Ch4, ADS Lower Hall, to the right of the elevator

Force Energy - Ch5, Chemical Lab, in the corner

Contact Energy - Ch6, Sapling Room, as you enter

Level 4 RIG - Ch7, Maintenance Annex, in the room with the beacon

Medium Air - Ch8, Lift 2, on the side

Large Med Pack - Ch9, Infirmary, on the left of the laser

Level 5 RIG - Ch10, Rec Hallway, before entering the Z-Ball arena

Level 6 RIG - in inventory when you load up a new game


This section is to record the location of files found in the ship. Logs that
lack a description are given to you as you play. I will only make notes for
the ones you must find.

Chapter 1


Message From Nicole

Repair the Tram System

Replaced the Tram Car

Found the Data Board

Activated the Tram

Go to Medical



Vent Warning - On the ground in the hall before the control room.


Stasis Door

Tram Status - in the room where you fix the tram

Replacing the Tram

Find the Data Board

Maintenance Bay Unlocked

Shoot the Limbs - Near the save point in the part of the tram hallway where a 
slasher plays dead.

Locked Door

Arrived on Bridge


Repair Invoice - next to the maintenance bay key

Chapter 2


Destroy the Barricade

Kyne and the Captain - Main Lab, center office

Nicole's Report - Clinic, soon as you use the bomb, this is in the hall.

Engine Problems


Mercer's Journal - Main Lab, in the bathroom

Found the Thermite

Mercer and Kyne - Imaging Diagnostics, in the power node room, must be gotten
in Chapter 2.

Found the Shock Pad

Barricade Destroyed

We'll Find Her

Eileen - Emergency Room, in the corner of the second half

Colonist Problems - Emergency Room, in the hallway to the morgue

Codes Received

Ship Gravity


Marker Overview - Main Lab, behind the sliding shelf in the office

Interesting Results - Imaging Diagnostics, on the floor by the bench

Newborns - Emergency Room, at the end of the second hallway

More Time - Emergency Room, in the area with the save point

Autopsy Report - Morgue

Chapter 3


Repair the Ship's Orbit

Kendra is Alive

Engine Fired


Temple Report 1 - Control Room, by the dead body

Temple Report 2 - Machine Shop, in the bathroom down the ramp

Engine Refueled

Temple Report 3 - Refueling Chamber, in the corner after the gondola fight

Temple Report 4 - Decontamination, in a locker

Centrifuge Activated

Temple Report 5 - Engineering Storage, in the upper room on the left

Strange Transmission


Chaos - Machine Shop, by the bench

Corruption - Engineering Storage, upper room on the right

Chapter 4


The Marker

Captain's Demise - Lift 1, on the lift

Atmosphere Contaminated

*The three concerning the ADS power, the modules, are tricky because they 
require a round 2 to get them all.

Initial Attack - Main Atrium, on the right side

Temple on the Bridge - ADS Lower Hall

Astrogation Module Placed - Only obtained by rerouting the ADS Lower Hall
power before the Mining Administration power. Can't get the next one

Control Module Placed - If you go to the Mining Administration first, then you
will get this, but not the Astrogation one.

Report from Kendra

Systems Module Placed - You can get this one first all the time by going to the
Ship Systems first.

Hurry Up!

Asteroid Impact

Almost Fixed

One More Minute

Brute Combat

Reversed Gravity

Avoid the Asteroids

Aim the ADS Cannon

ADS Online


Report of Infection - Mining Administration, in the room to the right

List of Dead - Captain's Nest, on the chair

Chapter 5


Go to Chemistry


Got the Poison


Someone Else

Door Opened

Mercer's Experiment 1 - Chemical Lab, after stepping off the lift

Creating the Poison

Mercer's Experiment 2 - Emergency Room, in Mercer's office

Hammond on Hydroponics

Finish the Poison

Poison Complete


Secret Lab Revealed

DNA Needed

The Leviathan



Chapter 6


Hammonds' Alive

Victory Against the Leviathan


Cross Report 1 - Tram Station, as you begin

Cross Report 2 - Air Filtration, by the lift

Cross Report 3 - East Grow Chamber, on walkway of level 2

Temple's Search - Refrigeration East, in the tiny, middle hallway

POD's Destroyed

A Message

Cross Report 4 - Hallway to Food Storage, can't miss it

Getting to the Leviathan

Kill the Leviathan



Corruption - Hallway to East Tower, in the dividing hall

Chapter 7


Distress Call

Asteroid Launched


Elevator Problem

Temple and Elizabeth - Processing Antechamber, soon as you enter

Clear the Boulders

Key Found

Kyne's Hostage - Repair Room, near the shelves

Beacon Recovered

Elevator Fixed

Supervisor's Choice - Mining Hallway, by the store, best one

Attach the Beacon - You would need to take out the tethers to the asteroid
and then try to release it before putting on the beacon.


Processing Room Problem - Mineral Processing, by the store

Mining Timeline - Control Room, amid the many items

Chapter 8


Go to Communications

First Contact


Hammond Returns



Illigal Mining - Comms Lift, on the floor up top

Main Array Problem

Array Fixed

Big Problems



Chapter 9


The Valor

Dr. Kyne

Singularity Core Found


Radiation Hazard

Find the Singularity Core

Infected Soldiers

Hammond's Assistance

Emergency - Armory, by the shooting range, watch out for the exploders behind
you when you pick this up

Hammond's Death


Orders - Barracks, at the end by the store

Chapter 10


Find the Nav Cards

Kyne's Gambit

Hive Mind Glimpse

Mercer's Last Sermon


Locked Executive Door - Simply try to open the door behind the save point in
the commons and you get this

Life Support Down

The Hunter Returns

SOB Override

Lock Bypassed

Executive Area Unlocked

Kendra's Warning

Captain's Report - Captain's Quarters, lower left room

On My Way

Meet on the Flight Deck

New Ally?


Unitology Article - Commons, up the lift by the save point

Z-Ball Rules - Rec Hallway

White's List - Captain's Quarters, in the upper left room

Chapter 11


Find the Marker

Come Onboard


Nicole's Alive


Marker Transferred

Terrible Mistake

Rendezvous - In the Access Hallway AFTER you send up the marker, and it may 
take some running around to get this one to click

Landing the Shuttle

Load the Marker

Restore Gravity



Chapter 12


Nicole's Farewell


Colony Chaos - Living Space, in the control room area

The Pedestal

Restore Power


All text logs are in here after you complete the game and load up that saved
data. They are all just more about the story and little bits of info you may
be curious about.

* 9. Cheats                                                                   *

These are taken straight from and I take no responsibility for 
disabled or glitched up achievements as a result of using them.

*NOTE: The cred and node cheats only work once per playthrough.*

PS3 Cheats



SQUX3 TRI SQU1,000 credits

SQUX3 TRIX22,000 credits

SQUX3 TRI SQU TRI5,000 credits

SQU TRIX3 SQUX2 TRI10,000 credits

SQUX2 TRIX3Refill Oxygen

TRI SQU TRIX2 SQU TRIRefill Stasis and Kinesis

XBox 360 Cheats
*NOTE: You can input these via a 360 controller on the PC.*

Y,X(3),Y+2 Nodes

Y,X,X,Y,X,X,Y+5 Nodes

X(3),Y,X+1,000 credits

X(3),Y(2)+2,000 credits

X(3),Y,X,Y+5,000 credits

X,Y(3),X(2),Y+10,000 credits

X,X,Y,Y,YRefill Oxygen

X,Y,Y,X,YRefill Stasis and Kinesis

* 10. Author Info / Copyright                                                 *


Ends February 1st 2009

No, I'm not plugging my blog, it's just easier to post there. So if you want
to enter a free contest to get a copy of Mirror's Edge and hear some free
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Dead Space Wiki - for enemy names



Q: How do I get the same stuff for my next game?

A: Load that completion file, and you can only be on the same difficulty. You
can read the extra text logs from chapter 12, you get 10 extra nodes, 50,000
creds, and a schematic for the Military Suit, level 6. 

Q: Did you know the first letter of each chapter spells out "Nicole is dead"?

A: Yes, doesn't everyone?

Q: Where is the Peng treasure?

A: It's in chapter 11, in the hangar after you take away gravity. Zip to the 
main walkways and toward the beginning and in between them is the treasure
you can kinesis.

Q: What's different about hard?

A: Not much. I believe there are more females and enemies are more aggressive,
aside from also being stronger and tougher to kill. I know they drop fewer
items, unless you need ammo or something, but items are in the same set places.

Q: Is it possible to beat the game with only the cutter?

A: Not only is it possible, it could very well be advantage you! The reason is
you don't have to worry about multiple ammo types, you don't need to waste 
space in your inventory on stuff you don't need, and there should be a ton of
stuff to sell. Not only that, it might be wise for the hard difficulty because
you'll have less money to spend and can focus funds toward ammo, which would
have been spent on guns and their ammo. Finally, you can buy more nodes and 
get your remaining upgrade trees completed real early and just spend your money
as you wish to finish the game.

Q: Could you explain the downloadable content?

A: Sure, they are basically over-priced packs of armor and weapon skins. Some
give your suit more health and stuff but they are more or less for visual-
appeal only. There is no reason to get them, especially when these kinds of 
things could be just as easily made into in-game unlockables. Oh no, what
a surprise, EA is greedy! Must break your heart huh?

Q: Why are some lockers locked when I know I won't be returning?

A: I believe they are skill based. Let's say you keep getting him. I believe
one of these normally locked lockers would be open for you to get health. Same
for ammo or whatever. I'm not sure, but that's my best guess.



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