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Fortnite Ace Pack: Is the Ace Starter Pack Worth It?

The Fortnite Ace Pack will soon be available for purchase, giving players the “Starter Pack 3” refresh that many have been hoping for. (It’s been over two months since the Wingman Starter Pack launched!) Epic Games is clearly using the Fortnite Ace Starter Pack to entice non-paying players into dropping a few dollars on a good deal. To be fair, it’s not a totally evil move, and it could be worth it if you play a lot. Here’s everything you need to know about the Fortnite Ace Pack, including whether it’s worth it!

Fortnite Ace Pack: What Is the Fortnite Ace Pack?

As mentioned earlier, the Fortnite Ace Pack is pretty much the Fortnite Starter Pack 3, as it’s the third refresh of Epic Games one-time purchase pack, designed to get new and non-paying players into the groove of dropping down some real-world dollars for in-game V-Bucks and skins.

As spotted by @FortniteBR on Twitter, the new Fortnite Ace Starter Pack is scheduled to launch on August 28, and will cost players $4.99. This is the same price as the previous two Starter Packs and, like those that came before, comes bundled with 600 V-Bucks and two skins. The first skin is the Ace Outfit, which customizes the player’s appearance. The second skin changes up the back bling, making it a Swag Bag.

Fortnite Ace Pack: Is the Ace Starter Pack Worth It?

Fortnite Ace Pack

Whether or not the Fortnite Ace Pack is worth it comes down to how much you play. If you don’t mind spending some real-world cash, the $4.99 asking price is good value, as you get 600 V-Bucks and two additional skins. However, do be wary that starting on the road to spending within Fortnite Battle Royale can quickly spin out of control. Yes, the skins are all very cool, but they are pretty damn expensive. Be wary!