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Pokemon Go Spinda: How to Catch Spinda in Pokemon Go

 The Pokemon Go Spinda hunt is on! Spinda is one of the last Pokemon in the game from Generation 3 to be included in the massively popular mobile game. It is also one of the few Pokemon that is only available exclusively through Field Research and it even has eight different obtainable forms. Let’s dig into how to catch the Normal-type rabbit Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Spinda: How to Catch It

As mentioned before, the Pokemon Go Spinda is only available through Field Research. These are the small missions you obtain from activating a Poke Stop during your travels. To obtain Spinda, you will need to first find the “Land three curveballs in a row” field research. There is no definite way to determine where to find this mission, but if you have found it at a specific Poke Stop before, completing it again will net you a chance to catch Spinda.

To complete the Field Research, you will need to be able to throw curveballs. To do this technique, simply start spinning the Pokeball until it starts sparkling. To land the throw properly, you will also need to get the Pokeball into the circle around the Pokemon. The easiest way to do this is to get a “Nice” throw, which you can get when the inner circle on the Pokemon is at its largest. Once you catch three Pokemon in a row this way, without missing or doing a different throw, you will complete the Field Research and get a chance to capture Spinda.

Since Spinda is only encounterable through Field Research, much like other Pokemon found this way, it will not try to escape. This will mean you have as many chances as you do Pokeballs to capture this elusive creature.

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