Two Point Hospital Kudosh: How to Earn Kudosh In Two Point Hospital

The Two Point Hospital Kudosh currency is one of the many factors you will need to take into account when making your hospital. The currency (also called K Points) are hard to initially find but are also integral to improving the lives of your patients. Let’s dig into how you can get this rare currency.

What are the Two Point Hospital Kudosh?

Kudosh in Two Point Hospital is the game’s secondary currency that allows you to access new items. It is separate from cash which is used to build the items. See it as like a premium currency in a free-to-play game, however, do remember that Two Point Hospital does not have microtransactions in it. No matter which level or hospital you are at, your amount of Kudosh will carry through. You will most likely use them on more special items such as the arcade machine, rather than necessities such as toilets. The items unlocked will also be available in all future levels, so do not worry about letting your hard earned Kudosh go to waste.

How to get Two Point Hospital Kudosh

The easiest way to earn Kudosh is through naturally playing the game. When health inspectors visit and see that your hospital is in tip-top shape, you will earn Kudosh. Additionally, dealing with hospital emergencies will also earn you some Kudosh.

But there is a way to earn Kudosh a faster way: through completing career goals. These are various objectives for your playthrough such as earning a certain amount of money for example. The career goals can be found on the ‘Career’ tab of the map screen on the lower left. A lot of these career goals can be completed on the first level, so it should be easy to complete them before needing the special items for later levels.

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